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Trail City Conditions KM Groomed Date Comments Submitter
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MaineExcellent2017-04-15Trails groomed for skate.
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MaineExcellent9km2017-04-15Trails groomed for skate.
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2017-04-03Excellent yellow glide wax skate conditions up to the top of Bangor Hill on the main trail if you were willing to walk past the pond. Might still be okay today.Susan
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2017-04-02A few bare spots but overall nice spring skiingEL
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2017-03-31No April Fool ! Great spring conditions on the trails beyond the pond. Walk past the pond. All trails here have total coverage, are solid w/ a soft surface. Classic track good. No grooming needed. Suggest buffed paste wax on skis. Sat and Sun. should be great! Ski Club mem. Andy N.
Timber CreekWest Dover, VermontExcellent152017-03-25A couple of inches of snow during the day kept the well-groomed trails in good shape for the day.David Ofsevit (STR Family)
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent202017-03-18DP groomed all regular loops for skating and set track for classic with help from DS. JW set track on the smith farm loop, across the bog and associated loops, and tied into the Bangor City Forest Outer loop trail. So there is groomed classic skiing from the Bangor City Forest all the way to the Taylor Road (CBCA) Trails. Enjoy!JW
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent2017-03-18All trails groomed and trackset. Still a little soft, but a gorgeous day and really nice skiing.
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2017-03-18We went out into the bog, and really appreciated the classic tracks. Thank you to all the groomers!!Rissa
WindblownNew Ipswich, N.H.Excellent2017-03-18All trails open, most groomed. Powder in morning, getting wet in afternoon. If they groom tonight, they should have another good day Sunday. David Ofsevit (STR family)
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2017-03-1840 deg but much cooler in the forest. Expected clumpy snow but tracks were just right. Big crowd. One of the best days of the season.Tooboats
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