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Trail City Conditions KM Groomed Date Comments Submitter
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineExcellent3.52018-03-17Dragged both North and South loops for 3.5 hours this afternoon to re-grind and flatten all the new snow. Set a classic track on both loops. Should firm up again later this afternoon and should be very firm and fast in the morning. Walkers please stay to the edges.
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineExcellent3.52018-03-16Mats first Rolled and compacted the trails, and then followed up with the Ginzu on both North and South Loops. Enjoy! Walkers please stay to the edges. Planning to touch up again first thing in the morning when it has firmed up.MH
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2018-03-15About 5" compact snow. Track set. Hiking trails just rolled.JG
Greek PeakCortland, N.Y.Good2018-03-15Substantial snow south of Syracuse down to Binghamton. Best skiing at Greek Peak Nordic Center on Clute Road at Hope Lake Park. Rentals only open on Sat & Sun.JG
Caribou BogOrono, MaineFair2018-03-15Thank you to the groomer(s) that started packing down all that new snow! It was pretty tough skating tonight with an uneven and soft trail. No tracks set yet. With another pass or two with the groomer the skiing will be fantastic.Greg Harkay
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2018-03-11The main skate trail loop regroomed and in great shape this morning. Two passes on Porcupine as well. Existing classic tracks still good, except where I had to drive over them. Enjoy while the cool temps last!!!MS
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineExcellent3.52018-03-11Groomed both the North and South Loops with the ginzu drag. Mostly cleanup after a week or more w/o grooming. No track was set. Very good coverage but soft conditions. Walkers please try to stay to the edges, thanks.Peter
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2018-03-10We went by 8:00 AM - conditions very good, excellent. But, later in the day given the warmth?? Jonathan
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Good2018-03-03Report additional 20" wet snow. Trails groomed.JG
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Excellent2018-03-03I have to disagree with the previous report. Snow was not nearly as wet as expected, and skiing was beautiful.
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2018-03-026 inches new snow. Still snowing. Good weekend ahead. Pancake breakfast Saturday morning.JG
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