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Grafton Ponds, Grafton, Vermont

Grooming: Skate and Classic
Lighted? N
Distance: 30k
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Description: 30k of skiing in the quaint town of Grafton (famous for covered bridges and cheese). 1.5 k of snowmaking

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Fair2013-03-1430kBill Salmon
Good2013-03-1230kBill Salmon
Good2013-03-0930kBill Salmon
Good2013-03-0830k2" of new snowBill Salmon
Good2013-03-0730kBill Salmon
Good2013-03-0630kvery light dustings of snow this am.Bill Salmon
Good2013-03-0530kAll groomed out and wonderful skiing, tubing, and snowshoeing.Bill Salmon
Good2013-02-282kvery wet snow, so we did not groom yet. We are waiting for it to get colder so it will groom out better.Bill Salmon
Good2013-02-2330kBill Salmon
Excellent2013-02-1830kBill Salmon
Excellent2013-02-1530kBill Salmon
Excellent2013-02-1330kBill Salmon
Excellent2013-02-1330kBill Salmon
Excellent2013-02-1230kBill Salmon
Excellent2013-02-072kBill Salmon
Excellent2013-02-062kBill Salmon
Excellent2013-02-042ksnowmaking trails are great. Natural snow trails are closed.Bill Salmon
Excellent2013-02-022kBill Salmon
Excellent2013-02-012kWe lost the natural snow trails, but thank goodness for the snowmaking! The 2k that we have of snowmaking are great skiing with a lot of terrain changes.Bill Salmon
Good2013-01-258kmWe have finished making snow and the piles are being pushed out and being readied for a final groom for Sat.Bill Salmon
Good2013-01-222kskiing only snowmaking trails. The natural snow trails are "dust on crust"!Bill Salmon
Good2013-01-1830ksnowmaking loop is great. Outer trails are basketed and very nice skate skiing with a few thin spots. We are making more snow and will continue al of next week.Bill Salmon
Good2013-01-1710ksnowmaking is groomed and a few of the "natural snow" trails are groomed with THIN cover. As the temps drop tonight, we will groom all of the trails in the am. We will also be kicking up the snow making at around 5 or 6pm tonight.Bill Salmon
Good2013-01-160nothing groomed yet.....It's SNOWING!!!!!! 2" now and snowing hard.Bill Salmon
Good2013-01-1020kTubing hill reshaped and will repoen on Sat. All the trails have been basketed and are a silky ski :)Bill Salmon
Good2013-01-0920kThe "natural" snow trails are getting a bit thin, but are fluffed up with our baskets to provide a very nice skiing surface. The snowmaking trails are basketed also. The tubing hill is closed today and tomorrow because of them being reworked. We hope to have them open by Sat.Bill Salmon
Good2013-01-0820kBill Salmon
Good2013-01-0520kgreat skiing with a couple of thin spots. 100% open. The tubing hill is now open from 9am-4pm, 7 days a week.Bill Salmon
Excellent2013-01-0420kBill Salmon
Excellent2013-01-0220kskiing is fantastic and the tubing hill will be up and running in a couple of days.Bill Salmon
Excellent2012-12-3120kfantastic skiing and we are 100% open for both classical and skate skiing, and snowshoeing. The tubing hill will be up and running in a couple of days.Bill Salmon
Excellent2012-12-2815We got up to 9-10" of new snow. It was packed yeswterday and is now groomed for both classical and skate skiing. The snowshoeing is fantastic also.Bill Salmon
Excellent2012-01-3015 Surprisingly great conditions for the year we've been having - a dusting atop a solid base. Skied Big Bear all the way to the cabin - a little bony but totally skiable over most of the trails. The groomed areas are super right now.Tim Weed
Excellent2012-01-11Great 2hr ski at Grafton on the snowmaking loop, good track, good terrain.neal graves
Excellent2012-01-11Great 2hr ski at Grafton on the snowmaking loop, good track, good terrain.neal graves

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