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Waterville Nordic, Waterville, N.H.

Grooming: Skate and Classic
Lighted? N
Distance: 70k
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Description: Trails two hours from Boston surrounded by high peaks. Tripoli Road and Livermore Road often have early snow and long climbs. Kris Freeman has been known to frequent the trails

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Excellent2018-01-17The north end that was PB groomed was superb. The rest was a bit scratchy with a cold dust over hardpack. But overall very good and ready for more!
Good2018-01-1420All things considered, pretty good conditions at Waterville. Some debris, some icy spots, a little dirt, but Livermore below Cascade and Tripoli ski pretty well. Fast!Ari
Excellent2017-03-0663Trails freshly groomed and in great condition. Fast but not icy. I did the easy trails on the north end and they were perfect for skating.David Ofsevit (STR Family)
Call in sick2017-02-0477Everything open, everything in great shape. Base keeps improving with frequent light snow. David Ofsevit (SkiTrailReport family)
Excellent2017-01-2970/North End has been outstanding lately, and Cascade Brook is open in great condition. South End is mostly open, with sllghtly softer snow. Getting colder, should hold up well.David Ofsevit (SkiTrailReport family)
Fair2016-01-09Looking to get some Ks before the rain. Livermore Road and Snows were groomed but some rocks got kicked up and some dirty sections. Tripoli was much better, with only two rocks, good for some hills. What will survive the rain? Sadly not much.Ari
Good2016-01-01Report for Tripoli. Only skied Tripoli in the afternoon (1:30-4:00) and no real ice but was hard as concrete and fast, better as you went up the climb. Light snow throughout the afternoon and intensifying when leaving improved the conditions over the afternoon to a very pleasurable ski.
Excellent2015-01-1135.well groomed packed powder. Not all trails open, but what there is, is fine. David O.
Good2014-12-0725Not bad! Never really got warm in Waterville (still snow on trees) so the snow wasn't too icy. Lots of small death cookies but nothing to keep you from snowing. Good coverage, nice hard base; what was groomed on the north side was good (but could use another pass). A few more inches of base would do wonders with some powder over it.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Excellent2014-01-0564Perfect snow and grooming. Back side of Cascade Brook not yet open. Where was everybody?David O.
Excellent2014-01-0145Pretty nice day up at Waterville. I started skating out Livermore, which had some dirty spots but nothing bad. Nice, gradual climb up Snows, then down with some great V2 intervals (just the right pitch for V2 when the snow is cold and powdery). Switched over to classic for Osceola and Tripoli. I passed the groomer on Tripoli (in the dark) and then had fresh tracks up and down Tripoli which were splendid. Lay down some tele turns on my 210cm classic skis, no easy feat.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Excellent2013-03-0375Spring conditions on the lowest lying trails near the XC center, but winter conditions with a nice coating of new powder everywhere else. Only complaint was that the new snow made the trails a little slow. If that's the only thing to worry worries! Cascade Brook and the whole Snows Mountain system were outstanding. Looks like a few more good weekends left, if it doesn't warm up too much. Great grooming job, too.David (SkiTrailReport parent)
Excellent2012-03-0475Lots of snow up at Waterville. All trails groomed and only a couple dirty spots. Not enough warming to transform the trails so they were wetting powder which should set up well with colder weather, and perhaps a bit of new snow overnight.Ari
Good2012-02-1130?Good skiing at Waterville on the north end trails. Icy base with a touch of powder over the top, not very deep but good coverage.Colin Reuter

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