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Jackson XC, Jackson, N.H.

Grooming: Skate and Classic
Lighted? N
Distance: 93k
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Description: Nearly 100k of groomed trail plus many more in to the backcountry. 5k homologated course rebuilt recently, as well as trails from the top of Wildcat.

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Good2018-12-09Pretty good conditions, all things considered. Keeney-Hall had been groomed out well but had several icy/dirty spots on the Keeney descent (be careful). Wave was excellent, but some gravel on connectors. Yodel was kind of a mess. Good base, and freezing down well (near 0 overnight), but needs a bit more on top to be perfect.Ari
Excellent2017-03-12All the trails around Eagle Mountain House and the race course were freshly groomed after the NCAA Nordic championships finished the day before. It was cold (10-15 degrees) but the wind died down in the morning. Fast skiing, easy control, beautiful day. New Hampshire should have several more weeks of skiing with the coming storm.David Ofsevit (STR Family)
Excellent2016-12-2455Quite good conditions at Jackson. Tracks were firm and fast to start, but mostly not icy, and not much debris or rocks sticking through. Skied everything on the Ellis side of things that was groomed. A couple rocks by the river out the Ellis, new Kellogg Trail quite a climb, as is Keeney. Last 400m at the top of Popple (from the south) was rocky, the rest not groomed. But better than 70˚ like last year in December!Ari
Excellent2016-01-17Excellent conditions at prospect farm. Sold tracks and skate lane, nothing thin, no debris.
Good2016-01-16Skies Ellis, South Hall and Wave. Everything has decent coverage with some thin and bumpy spots. Only about 2" of new snow. Much needed but more would be good.Ari
Good2016-01-03Spent the day at prospect farm which is quite nice. A couple iffy spots but mostly perfect. Striders seemed to be kicking in wax in tracks even. A few flurries, and some areas getting scraped off by snow plowing.
Good2016-01-02Update for Jackson. Ellis is pretty scratch through the hairpins and beyond. The first part is fine, as is the Whifferdill up towards the Hall Trail. Reports are that Hall is good, but the connector is sketchy. Plenty of decent skiing, anyway.Ari
Good2016-01-02Pretty decent conditions with a good if thin base. Best skiing was up at prospect farm, although the wave was fine too. Will check out the hall trail this afternoon.Ari
Good2016-00-16About 2" of new snow freshening up whatever is underneath. Mostly good coverage; new snow is very slow. Should shape up well tomorrow, and a bit more will be good for the race next week.
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Excellent2015-03-2180+Prospect Farm trails were in great shape. The Wave and other trails off the golf course were getting soft and a little mushy as the afternoon went on. The higher we went, the better. A very good grooming job.David O. (Ski Trail Report family)
Fair2014-12-27Not much snow but enough to ski. What's there is granular and very fast. Up and down the Hall Trail a few times was borderline scary once it started getting dark, but good fun.Ari
Good2014-12-2050Fun/pretty fast skiing. Fairly bulletproof surface but it was very skiable, especially when skiing >5k from the touring center. Some thin spots but the crew clearly shoveled a lot of snow last week in order to set the trails up for the weekend. Ellis to Winniweta Falls, S Hall, Wave/Eagle Mtn Fields were all open.Jess
Excellent2014-02-17>90East Pasture Loop (yesterday) and Hall/Ellis River trails (today) with excellent snow and grooming. David O. (SkiTrailReport family)
Excellent2014-01-26Cold at Jackson, but great skiing. Tracks were firm for the race, and skating was good on the race trails thereafter. An inch of snow overnight was particularly good where it hadn't been groomed in.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Good2014-01-1850Good considering the meltdown last week. There's still a base but dirty and thin spots. The race might be iffy next week although the main 5k course is good. South hall was very nice except for my major bonkage.Ari
Call in sick2014-01-0580Ooh excellent skiing! Everything groomed, only trouble spots a little dirt here and there, the north hall downhill (always rocky/moguly) and a bit along the river between Rocky Branch and Ellis. Otherwise, 55k of bliss. Should survive a little rain fine, more snow here than I saw the rest of my trip around New England, easily 2.5 feet.
Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Excellent2013-12-2968All open trails very well groomed, yesterday and today. New snow tonight should freshen things up, and colder weather is coming.David O. (Ski Trail Report family)
Good2013-12-2955While it's probably the best skiing in New England, it's not perfect. There are dirty areas and a few scattered rocks (up the south Ellis climb, and lots of dirt on the race trails). But Glen is now reporting 9" of new snow—the heavy, wet, base-building kind—so the skiing should wind up excellent.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Excellent2013-12-1655Excellent classic conditions as the soft snowfall had a day of good sun to settle and pack down. A little soft for polling so I would avoid double pole work outs. Still too soft for great skating as the trails are being groomed by small machines. It'll be another week until the big piston bully's are used and begin really packing the snow and giving the skate base we want.George Heinrichs
Good2013-02-0230Trails at Jackson were in decent shape given the meltdown. The Hall Connector had some debris but nothing unavoidable and the whole of the South Hall was in fine shape. Maple was a bit bumpy and had some thin spots by the open area (where it's flat) but you could ride the hills at full speed. The North Hall was skiable on the crust until the hill where there was a tree down across the trail. Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Excellent2013-01-2675Generally very good conditions at Jackson. The course for the race was good with a couple weird sections getting on to some of the fields. The Ellis trail was great in the afternoon for skating, and we didn't kill ourselves up the Hall Trail but apparently the whole loop is groomed.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Excellent2012-12-3055Winter wonderland conditions again at Jackson, a couple thin spots freezing up nicely and generally good grooming. Track was solid in the AM; skate lane because a bit hard-panned in the PM as temps dropped. Some blowing and drifting in open areas; woods were generally okay. East Pasture was skiable but not groomed since the overnight snow (4" and very light).Ari
Excellent2012-12-2970Probably better conditions than I saw last year at Jackson. A couple thin spots and a rock in the Hall Trail connector hairpin but otherwise great skiing. New snow will only improve it. Tomorrow!Ari
Fair2012-12-19The good news: there's a solid base. The bad news? It was wet and not very groomed. You could stride/double pole along the Ellis River trail with some degree of success and there were few wet or thin spots. Hopefully this will last tomorrow's weather and set up well for snow beyond.Ari
Good2012-02-1985Good skiing at Jackson, but showing a bit worse for wear, no new snow and some warmer temperatures. There were some thin spots on Yodel and the Wave. The Hall Trail was in fantastic shape, and apparently there is just the one sketchy section near the top of Popple. Good reports from East Pasture, too. Higher elevations may be better bets this week.Ari Ofsevit,
Good2012-02-1185Skiing at Jackson was very good, although noticeably deteriorated from last weekend. I skied the Hall Loop and the trail was in very good shape for the most part, although over Popple there were some rocky spots and some thin spots on the High Water trail. Other areas had widely scattered icy and thin sections, but it's still some of the best snow around this year.Ari Ofsevit,
Excellent2012-02-0485Conditions at Jackson were excellent. Enough snow with a little ice/rain mixed in made for fast conditions, especially skate, and especially when it cooled down in the afternoon. I skied the Ellis-Hall loop (a couple thin spots on High Water and over Popple, otherwise perfect), the Wave/race loop (great), Yodel (good air) and the East Pasture (great, especially tele turns in the Windy Fields). After 70k of skiing I was pretty cooked! Video of Windy Hills tele turnsAri Ofsevit,
Call in sick2012-01-3184JXN Skier
Excellent2012-01-1550+Conditions range from good to superb. A few trails have thin spots and bumps, but others, especially those on forest roads or the race trails, were in mid-winter shape. Good tracks and skate lanes with the cool temperatures overnight.
Ari Ofsevit,
Good2012-01-1450Lots groomed at Jackson. I skied everything groomed in the Ellis corridor. Most in good shape. A couple thin spots (particularly along the river past Winniweta Falls, good stone grind; take the upper trail, and on the Hall Connector). Hall in great shape, however, Maple was NOT groomed despite Jackson's report. Freezing up well as the temp dropped, should be great tomorrow.Ari Ofsevit,
Excellent2012-01-12Picture from the trails today during the storm.
Ari via Jess,
Good2012-01-11Despite not much snow conditions are good up high. With snow coming they should have good conditions down belowCory
Fair2011-12-27The skiing at Jackson saw a lot of rocks, but a lot of groomed trail as well. In addition to trails listed open, the connections from Eagle Mountain and the South Hall trail in to town were groomed, but sketchy, especially coming down. Still, it beats dryland.Ari Ofsevit

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