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Gunstock, Gilford, N.H.

Grooming: Skate and Classic
Lighted? N
Distance: 50k
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Description: Trails below and around Gunstock's alpine trails. 1.5k of snowmaking as well.

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Good2017-01-02Trails freshly groomed had excellent conditions. Others required rock skis. Good skate deck and classic track: will they survive the rain?Ari
Fair2012-03-097Hey we are still here! Last two days of 60 degrees wiped out all of the natural snow trails. Our 7K of manmade is still here but we lost the other 25K. Today, it's dirty and groomed up fairly soft. No bare spots-just blowdown from wind and rain yesterday. Tomorrow is looking better with cooler temps for better grooming. Paul McNeil
Excellent2012-02-2910Perfect skiing! UNH and NH J2's are practicing here. Sprint loop is open and is really fun to ski. Skating is fast and tracks are perfect. Viola Klister with hard wax cover and double pole!!!Paul McNeil
Excellent2012-02-247Great fast skiing today with fine granular snow. Tracks are icy and fast. Coverage is strong with 1-3 foot base of manmade. Tomorrow is "Meet of Champions"--NH best high school skiers. Limited skiing for public on 2/25/12 only.Paul McNeil
Excellent2012-02-206Excellent fast skiing on a firm base with sugar granular coating. Much cooler today and the trails are in the North Facing woods and staying nice. No bare spots all manmade snow. Used Rex Universal klister with Rex Powergrip on top for good kick and fast glide.Sara Ellen Godek
Excellent2012-02-146Aim and Cobble are groomed adding to the terrain. It's new snowmaking and a little wavy but, after a few days it will flatten out. Classic skiing here today is off the hook with UNH and highschool teams training and the grooming is mint. Tracks are hard pack with fine granular and some ice. Toko Viola Klister is working great!Paul McNeil
Good2012-02-123.5Stopped off by Gunstock to check out the snowmaking. I'm not sure if it would be worth the drive from Boston to not have to ski at Weston, but it's certainly the best skiing within two hours. There is a nice almost-3k loop which is hilly and fun, and it looks like they're working on spreading more snow to lengthen it. Not 5k though. It was brutally cold though and I didn't last as long as I would have liked.Ari Ofsevit,
Excellent2012-02-105.5Take a look at these pictures. All trails are done with snowmaking and we are not done spreading snow yet.
Paul McNeil
Excellent2012-02-085The cold temps last night and the late grooming have produced a World Cup quality course. Deep track set and a firm base with fine granular on top. The snow is all clean with a 1-3 foot base from snowmaking and the Wednesday race series is underway with fast times coming in. All trails are homologated race trailsPaul McNeil
Good2012-02-035KSnow has dried out and the Pisten Bully did a nice job of grooming the snow into fine granular. Used blue Klister and had great kick and fast glide. Tracks are very nice.Paul McNeil
Excellent2012-01-315Two inches of new snow on top of a deep base on the race trails. neal graves
Excellent2012-01-305Super sick skiing. Feels like I am on a World Cup Course--snow is 1-3 feet all manmade. Some crazy turns and hills and the snow is hard pack with fine granular on top. Used race skis.Paul McNeil
Excellent2012-01-253.5Pisten Bully Groomed the snowmaking loop last night and the snow is hard park with sugar granular on top. The course is very fun and challenging with hills, turns, and flats. Our Wednesday time trial series is underway with race ski quality conditions.Paul McNeil
Fair2012-01-244Good skiing on snowmaking course as it survived the rain. The rest of the trails are closed. We have added Crossbow as a new trail with snowmaking and will finish Longbow by the weekend. This Saturday closed to the public as we host 600-800 racers for New Hampshire Series.Paul McNeil
Excellent2012-01-173Bring race skis for our snowmaking loop and ski them without a scratch. Wednesday is the 2nd race of Gunstock Nordic Cup. A weekly Wed time trial series. Pick your start time and use the race clock for timing. Course open 9-5 last time card sold at 4 or call us. Race classic or skate or both--same price.
Paul McNeil
Excellent2012-01-11The tracks this morning were in mint condition! Awesome skiing, best in NH by far (if not NE)! Great cover, had two sets of tracks going for a classic Wednesday, klister waxing was super easy. You won't believe how good the skiing is here, if you don't believe me look at the pictures or better yet come ski, promise it will be worth it!
Pics from Paul McNeil:
Sara Ellen Godek
Excellent2012-01-07Best conditions here yet. We did get a whopping 1 inch of snow--but don't worry we have 1-3 feet of machine made snow. Andy Howe polished out some of the sections by spreading more snow. The snow is staying cold and firm. We have a great loop with hills, turns, and flats. We are busiest every day around 3-7 with team training. Wednesday January 11th is classic skiing only. We will double track all trails and a race starts at 2:30.
Paul McNeil
Good2012-01-021k loop at Gunstock, short but good coverage and terrain.Frank Hurt
Excellent2011-12-31Nordic skied on 1-2 feet of machine made snow. Small loop, but very fun.
Paul Mcneil

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