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Weston Ski Track, Weston, Mass.

Grooming: Skate and Classic
Lighted? Y
Distance: 15k
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Description: Golf course with 15k groomed over easy to moderate terrain on the banks of the Charles River. Snowmaking and night skiing. 15 minutes from downtown Boston, walk (or ungroomed ski) from Riverside MBTA station.

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Good2019-02-012.5Skiing only on man-made snow area. Skate was good, classical fair, only because loop had sizable breaks.Larry Berman
Poor2018-11-170Some snow on the fairways, mostly fast grass. Skiable and almost fun, but probably worth driving elsewhere if you want to go more than an hour. Stay off greens and tee boxes per Leo J employee.Ari
Excellent2017-02-1315Nice to see all the trails open with good base and grooming. Some windblown trash, but not enough to be in the way.David Ofsevit (STR Family)
Fair2016-01-060.5Some manmade with a few bare spots. They have some piles coming, but they still need more cold weather.Ari
Good2015-03-203If you stuck to the groomed trails, they made the best of spring conditions, turned frozen granular. Very good grooming. David O. (Ski Trail Report family)
Excellent2015-01-28Good skiing at Weston. Unfortunately MassDCR won't let them groom the hilliest quadrant well, quintant) of the course. Lots of powder!Ari
Good2015-01-2515All trails open and most well groomed after Saturday's snow. Some outer classic tracks were thin and slushy, to be expected on a warm-ish day. But a taste of better things to come if the upcoming forecast holds up.David (STR family)
Good2015-01-212After a day of snowmaking and grooming, the open trails were all in good shape.David (STR family)
Good2014-02-221.8The man made area at Weston was very nice early this morning. It was softening up by 10:30. The DCR has banned machine grooming of the natural snow, so the rest of the course is pretty tough to skate.Andrew H.
Good2014-02-221.8The man made area at Weston was very nice early this morning. It was softening up by 10:30. The DCR has banned machine grooming of the natural snow, so the rest of the course is pretty tough to skate.Andrew H.
Call in sick2014-02-18Wow. The best conditions I think I've ever seen at Weston. Soft, but what do you expect with six inches of new powder. 25˚, so no melt out there. Well packed by the groomer, and silky smooth, a pleasure to ski. Lots of snow, too—probably close to 18" of base.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Excellent2014-02-08Full course well groomed. No thaw since snow last Wed. Beautiful packed powder on the full course.Andrew H.
Excellent2014-02-08Full course well groomed. No thaw since snow last Wed. Beautiful packed powder on the full course.Andrew H.
Excellent2014-02-053Excellent conditions at Weston. Close to a foot of new snow which is dense but powdery and compacting well. Skating was soft but not bad; it should be great with cold weather and grooming.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Excellent2014-01-28Impressively good conditions at Weston for the race. Soft underfoot and very little ice; a new little loop added in. Very fast, but not scary fast.Ari
Good2014-01-262All 4 loops in good shape. Snow guns blazing on the main loop. Grooming on others has held up well.David O. (SkiTrailReport family)
Good2014-01-262All 4 loops in good shape. Snow guns blazing on the main loop. Grooming on others has held up well.David O. (SkiTrailReport family)
Excellent2014-01-232Skied around opening. They classic tracks were still being reset but the skate lanes were surprisingly good. Snowmaking is ongoing; it's getting deep.Ari
Excellent2014-01-0415Great cover and grooming.David O.
Good2013-12-311.7Snow guns are all running full blast. They're concentrating getting the water line covered so that they can complete the loop. It's mostly out-and-back, but the course is wide enough for today's traffic, and in pretty good condition. Snow is forecast starting Wednesday night.David O. (Ski Trail Report family)
Good2013-12-311Guns a-blazing and should go for the next five days. A nice Weston mix of ice and fake snow, but a good base. A couple of icy spots to deal with, but lots of snow being made!Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Fair2013-12-251The problem with a cold Christmas is that Weston missed a day of snowmaking. With the construction the manmade snow has an unusual flow to it and no "big" hill, but there is about a k if you ski the outside perimeter. A couple patches of dirt in the track on the left side going out; I stuck some cones on the track in this section.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Excellent2013-12-18Wow, snow. Weston has pretty darned nice conditions. Classic is probably better than skate, but the lanes were mostly firm and groomed pretty well, although surprisingly narrow in a few sections. It's weird with whatever construction is going on around the snowmaking loop to have no fence. They guns are running, best early conditions I've seen in a long time.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Fair2013-12-15Groomed by the road (few hundred m?). Hardpack, groomed while still quite wet. Classic tracks ok, but as per usual, no loop available. skate had the usual random ruts. Off-trail was unskiable, ice crust over wet snow that you break through. Full coverage of natural snow, and the guns were starting up the afternoon. If temperatures drop we may get decent grooming by tomorrow, hopefully a full loop soon.Alex
Poor2013-11-202013 testing, testing. Are you there?Ari
Good2013-02-123Good—barely. Once the trail was groomed and skied in a bit it was better. The timing for the race this evening was pretty bad, just as a rutted course froze up. Grooming off the manmade area has not taken place recently and it's well-covered, but very, very soft and postholey.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Good2013-02-042.5Pretty decent conditions at Weston, with more "snow" falling all night. Some groomer chunks and uneven grooming, and a few icy spots, but the full 2.5k course is groomed. Now hopefully the models are on to something for Friday!Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Excellent2013-01-282.2Really excellent conditions at Weston. For about five hours, since it's sleeting now and going to be a slushy and then icy mess. What have we done to deserve this? At least for a few hours tonight, despite some groomer mess, it was very, very nice.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Good2013-01-262Snowmaking around the clock for the past 4 days. The full snowmaking course is in good shape, and they are now blowing snow on the flats as well. David O.
Good2013-01-231Conditions at Weston are getting better. There are only a few icy spots and the snow guns are going strong with no signs of stopping.Ari (str)
Fair2013-01-122.5Spring conditions, turning soft and slushy. The short race loop is intact with a couple of thin spots. Here's hoping the base holds up until it turns cold later in the coming week.David O.
Good2013-01-08The natural snow is mostly melted out, so the manmade sections are seeing a lot of action. Some of the corners had some grooming issues, and there were some ridges, but overall the skate deck is pretty smooth. This is good because the course froze up for the 90-strong race Tuesday and there was only minimal carnage.Ari
Good2013-01-0415Still good skiing at Weston. The skate lanes are pretty hard packed and might not have the depth to be renovated. The classic tracks are thin in places. Temps above 30 won't be kind to either skate or especially classic skiing on the natural snow, but the guns were going so the manmade should be in good shape.Ari (skitrailreport)
Excellent2012-12-3115Excellent mainly because it is the best conditions at Weston since Feb 2011. Skate lanes are firm and well skied-in, classic tracks looked solid but with some thin spots. Three caveats. 1. The snowmaking area has not covered the pipes yet, so there are ungroomed and icy sections. 2. The area across the river from the lights has a low spot which flooded and is icy/wet. 3. No tripods and lights on the flats yet. Otherwise a good no-pole skate. My ankles hurt!Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Good2012-12-3015Full coverage, most tracks set except for the race course. That needs more depth to cover the water pipes. Even by afternoon, with lots of traffic, conditions were holding up nicely.David O.
Fair2012-12-23.25The snow machine team did an amazing job overnight of turning grass into a usable surface. Just up and down the first fairway, but good enough for practice. Forecast is for cold enough nights all week to build it up.David O.
Good2012-02-202Weston is hanging on, but the end is near. There are spots that look thin and narrow, and a few, warm, sunny or rainy days will wear it out. Still, to have skiing through February break in this excuse of a winter is not bad.Ari Ofsevit,
Good2012-02-142.1Each day of grooming improves conditions, and the temperatures didn't get high enough today to transform the manmade snow. Thanks to Weston for building up the base. Now, can we please have some real stuff? (Linked file is from a year ago, to remind us of good times.)
Ari Ofsevit,
Good2012-02-132.1What a difference a weekend of snowmaking makes. Weston is a lot better, and although there are still some hardpacked manmade snow sections, it's not nearly as gnarly as it was last week. A pleasurable ski around the track. I finally bothered to measure it and the "course" is 1.3 miles or 2.1 km—so if you skied 20 laps you'd ski a marathon. If anyone wants to do that, you're crazy.Ari Ofsevit,
Good2012-02-082Better than yesterday. There's new snow made widening and deepening the thin and narrow spots. And there's grooming, so it's not super squirrely.Ari Ofsevit,
Fair2012-02-072Somehow, Weston has survived. Barely. There are thin spots and narrow spots and sugary hills and rutted, hardpack straightaways. It's not fun when you want to go fast and your skis want you to fall down. Hopefully they can build up some base with some cold weather and start tilling a bit more.Ari Ofsevit,
Good2012-01-30227k (13 laps) of Weston was tolerable tonight. Conditions were fast, icy, and a bit rough in a few sections, but not half bad considering the pittance of a winter so far. Temperatures dipped to 24 and the snow guns were fired up to patch up some thin sections for the races tomorrow. It should be a slog tomorrow evening; tonight would have been lightning/scary fast.
Ari Ofsevit,
Fair2012-01-242All things considered, it's not bad. Still, there are some slushy spots, some wet spots, and, well, it's not really that great. Hopefully we'll get some cold for some more snowmaking. Ari Ofsevit,
Excellent2012-01-2215Almost as good as it gets. Get out today before it rains tomorrow. David Ofsevit
Excellent2012-01-2215Almost as good as it gets. Get out today before it rains tomorrow. David Ofsevit
Good2012-01-191.5Classic Weston conditions, icy with a significant layer of sugar tilled over the top of it. Best/worst skiing in Eastern Mass.Colin Reuter
Good2012-01-161.5Machine made loop is now complete. Mount Weston has minimal cover but you can climb it. There's enough cover elsewhere that it's actually slow in places.David Ofsevit
Excellent2012-01-10Really quite good. They have about 1k of continuous trail and it was holding up quite well despite warm temperatures and a lot of use. Some of the hills were mashed potatoes after a day of racing, but there was good purchase throughout. Let's hope for cold weather and more snow!Ari Ofsevit,
Good2012-01-08So, there's manmade base. That's the good part. It froze up when the temperature dropped tonight and was quite icy for the race. Good to get your shins in shape, not-so-good to stay upright, not fun when you fall on it. Hopefully it will groom up better in coming days.Ari
Good2012-01-04Getting better—the snow is blown in a loop around the "treeline" and is in generally good shape, although there are a couple of icy sections and a couple places where it gets pretty rutted. Nice to be there in the evening after the swarms of high schoolers.Ari Ofsevit,
Good2012-01-03The currently-skiable section at Weston has some icy patches and some sugary patches and is quite short, but they have six guns blazing and should have more "terrain" open tomorrow with the cold weather.Ari Ofsevit

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