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Northfield Mountain, Northfield, Mass.

Grooming: Skate and Classic
Lighted? N
Distance: 40k
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Description: 40k of trail up to a pumped-storage hydro reservoir, an 800 foot vertical climb. The 10th Mountain Trail along the power lines feels like 2k on the Birkie Trail.

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Poor2015-02-16KXzNice to meet you Keven
Poor2015-02-16KXzA financial advisor Alyssa
Poor2015-02-16KXzHello good day Heath
Poor2015-02-16KXzvery best job Alonzo
Poor2015-02-16KXzI enjoy travelling Mickey
Poor2015-02-16KXzI support Manchester United Colby
Poor2015-02-16KXzCould I order a new chequebook, please? Marshall
Poor2015-02-16KXzCould you tell me my balance, please? Kerry
Call in sick2014-02-0940Very excellent skiing out in Western Mass. Only 1:40 from Boston, to boot. Trails had a couple of dirty spots, but perfectly well groomed and not crowded at all. Also, hills!Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Fair2013-02-260Apparently, when they say they are closed on Monday and Tuesday, they are not only closed, but they pay someone to sit there and come out and accost you if you try to ski. Great. Not bitter at all.Ari (SkiTrailReport)

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