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Bond Brook, Augusta, Maine

Grooming: Skate and Classic
Lighted? N
Distance: 10k
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Description: New trail system in Augusta with competition trails. Best access (2012) is from Mount Hope Cemetery off of Winthrop Road; go through the cemetery to a parking lot and ski down the long hill to the left.

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Poor2015-07-02TDHI need to charge up my phone Chung
Poor2015-07-02TDHAbout a year Douglass
Poor2015-07-02TDHA pension scheme Ronny
Poor2015-07-02TDHPunk not dead Teodoro
Poor2015-07-02TDHI hate shopping Garry
Poor2015-07-02TDHHow long have you lived here? Napoleon
Poor2015-07-02TDHAnother year Errol
Poor2015-07-02TDHI never went to university Cristobal
Poor2015-07-02TDHDo you need a work permit? Berry
Fair2015-06-19jAFWhereabouts in are you from? Bryan
Fair2015-06-19jAFGloomy tales Savannah
Fair2015-06-19jAFInsufficient funds Wilfredo
Fair2015-06-19jAFWhat do you do for a living? Travis
Fair2015-06-19jAFA First Class stamp Mohamed
Fair2015-06-19jAFHello good day Williams
Fair2015-06-19jAFWhat do you study? Darnell
Fair2013-01-11We have closed the access road as it is softening. We have a good base but it would recommend not skiing here this weekend to protect it until the cold weather returns.Bill Rogers
Good2013-01-089k Good cover , holding off on regrooming until it gets cold again but base is well packed with 1-2" fluff on topBill
Good2013-01-029kAll 9k groomed, no track, good cover with some bumps, skating should be ideal todayBill Rogers
Fair2012-12-29Looks like it was rolled on Friday--decent skiing but only one pass by the snowmobile so a pretty narrow track, and quit thin cover. Classic would be better than skating, though there's no track.Nat H
Good2012-03-048Trails regroomed this AM. Soft but good cover and flat. With colds temps tomorrow, grooming should improve conditions substantially.Bill Rogers
Fair2012-02-167trails in the woods remain covered but bare spots under the powerline are getting bigger - B loop beyond the K4 post is not skiable - use the B loop extension and logging road to the waterlineBill Rogers
Fair2012-02-107Considering lack of new snow for three weeks and warm temps, skiing was surprising good. Bare spots showing on the powerline but in the woods there is good cover. The north face trail and logging road are very good. Groomed Thur so trails are fairly flat.
Bill Rogers
Good2012-02-038All trails groomed Friday Decent cover except for the return climb of the B loop extension.Bill Rogers
Fair2012-01-298kI'm being hard on my groomer as he did a wonderful job given the little snow and amt of rain we received. Frozen granular now in the wet spots and a few areas of thin cover but good skate conditions today. No track until we get more snow.Bill Rogers
Poor2012-01-27Wet snow and warm temps - no grooming yet. Will reevaluate tomorrow am.Bill Rogers
Fair2012-01-24YesSlushy with some puddles. There was still a track around the entire 5km loop. Great job by the groomers doing a lot with not much. Snow coverage is getting thin though.Tracey Cote
Poor2012-01-24The warm temps deteriorated trails further and freeze will make for tough skiing. We will try to preserve the base until the next snow.Bill Rogers
Good2012-01-23I classic skied this pm - soft but good cover and an excellent track set on the 5k loop. All 7.5k groomed including the new north face trail and the logging road. I will be out there tomorrow as well to look at the trail conditions after the rain. Bill Rogers
Good2012-01-218What nice trails! Conditions were good—there was a fine base and new snow on top of it, but a few sections with dirt and a couple of rocks and roots precluded the use of the best skis. The corkscrew section in the last k of the trail is tricky, but fun! The best access to these trails is via the cemetary; there's a parking lot at the end of the main entrance road, then a long hill down to the trails.
Ari Ofsevit,

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