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Titcomb Mountain, West Farmington, Maine

Grooming: Skate and Classic
Lighted? N
Distance: 15k
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Description: Trails around and to the of small alpine hill near Farmington. Trails are wide and well-groomed and many are difficult, but there are easy trails as well.

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Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Poor2015-10-24zaBmagic story very thanks Joesph
Poor2015-10-24zaBWhere do you study? Raleigh
Poor2015-10-24zaBI never went to university Morris
Poor2015-10-24zaBI want to report a Ashley
Poor2015-10-24zaBA First Class stamp Wesley
Poor2015-05-07GlADo you like it here? Eric
Poor2015-05-07GlAWill I get paid for overtime? Rikky
Poor2015-05-07GlAI live in London Jayden
Poor2015-05-07GlAWhat sort of music do you like? Howard
Poor2015-05-07GlAGet a job Donovan
Poor2015-05-07GlAHave you got any ? Lester
Poor2015-05-07GlAAccountant supermarket manager Leslie
Excellent2014-03-0116 At $5 weekday and $10 weekend (adults only), Titcomb is the best value skiing anywhere around! With all 16K groomed for skate, and about 10K classic tracked, lots of terrain and variety in the trails, it's just a great deal. Some trails were firmer than others, but all were easy to edge, and so fast that had to plow some downhill turns, should be even better tomorrow after tonight's grooming.TR
Good2013-01-28Very good snow coverage. Skate lanes are being lightly scratched with Ginzugroomer for some very good skating. Tracks are good, some several days old, but solid and not too much debris. Only dirty snow is very occasional, under thick evergreens. For only $5 weekday pass, plenty of terrain and some beautiful woods, Titcomb Mtn. is great right now.Tony Ramsey

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