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Quarry Road Trails, Waterville, Maine

Grooming: Skate and Classic
Lighted? N
Distance: 5k
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Description: Part of the Kennebec-Messalonskee trail network near Colby College with a John Morton-designed trail along Messalonskee Stream.

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
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Good2016-02-021.5The 1.5K snow making loop is in great shape for both classic and skating. The loop is about 2 feet thick and should withstand the rain forecast for Wednesday. The other trails are thin and difficult to groom at this time. Caroline
Excellent2015-12-3010 Most trails groomed with track set. Man made section increased on Monday night to 1 K length and includes Hero Hill. Tuesday storm brought 6-8 inches allowing entire trail system skiable. Caroline
Good2015-12-090.5Quarry Road has a loop of about half a kilometer open on man-made snow. The turnarounds at either end are a bit thin, but overall the coverage is quite good.
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Excellent2015-03-31+10Still full coverage, excellent spring skiing. Last day of grooming will be Sat April 4th. but snow will continue for a long time!Caroline
Excellent2015-03-19+10Grooming is awesome and is promised until the end of March. Both skate and classic are excellent. Road has dried up and is open all the way to the yurt. Volunteers for Welcome Center have decreased so hours are 12-4 and occasionally closed. All trails are open.Caroline
Excellent2015-03-13+10Grooming on Friday and expected on Sat morning. Road is better. Welcome Center open 10-4pm.
Excellent2015-03-11+10Too soft to groom but still excellent slow snow. Trails have full coverage for skating and track. Grooming done 3/12 in AM with colder temps. Road is a bit muddy, so it was closed to the yurt but trail access from 1st parking lot is fine. Caroline
Excellent2015-03-06+10All groomed and excellent. Best to wait for grooming done by 10 am. Caroline
Excellent2015-02-20+10about 4 inches of new snow last night and the day before. Trails are well groomed for skating with tracks on all trails. Snowshoe trails are being used. Just beautiful!Caroline
Excellent2015-02-18+10The best day with blue sky and warmth, no wind. Trails are awesome with tracks and lots of room to skate.Caroline
Excellent2015-02-01+10I"m speechless. Its wonderful out on the trails.Caroline
Call in sick2015-01-29You guys are incredible up there! So much snow, and so much fun. Classic tracks were set, and looked great. Skate Skied tonight and hasn't quite set up but it is close. Go ski there now! Awesome! Scott
Excellent2015-01-28Today I skied the meadow and river loop. After the blizzard, the coverage is amazing. However, the trails have yet to set up and need to compact for skating to be smooth. Ski placement on the uphills caused the ski to sink into the snow a few inches which led to poor efficiency. With colder temperatures and a few sweeps by the groomers, the trails will be perfect! All trails are open and groomed.Matthew
Fair2015-01-21Snow was made last night in the main field and up Hero Hill. This area was groomed this afternoon. There is a decent loop of about 1 mile as follows: start at yurt, head up first climb of south Koons to Colby sprint cutoff, down through Tracey's Turn, up Hero Hill, through the field to the Maintenance Building; turn around in the small field at the Maintenance building, then head back the way you came out through the main field and back to start. Middle/river trails are extremely icy with some bare spots and are not worth skiing. I didn't attempt the North loop or the higher reaches of the South loop.Joe R.
Fair2015-01-20Icy conditions on River and North Koons, grooming helped but there are still areas of grey ice and thin spots. Ski with caution!. I avoided South Koons. Several of the meadow trails are gone. Snow making on 1/21/15 was successful to rejuvenate the snow making loop ~ 2 K. Caroline
Fair2015-01-19Trail was closed today ,too soft. It's planned to be open tomorrow. Caroline
Good2015-01-18AllToday I skied the Koons loop and combined it with the River Loop. The weather today was awful - freezing rain. The trails were groomed and tack-set. I skate skied. I should have waxed better as the uphills were too slow because the snow was sticky, but the downhills were fast and fun. The trail system has pretty good coverage overall and the Koons loop is best. The river loop has some thin spots and a lot of debris from the woods (i.e pine cones and small occasional rocks) but the coverage is still quite good. Quarry skis really well in all sorts of conditions. This place is a hidden gem! Matthew
Good2015-01-16very good. skated today but the classic tracks look better than ever. Stayed in the woods to avoid the wind.Caroline
Good2015-01-133 inches of new snow yesterday. All trails groomed last night for classic and skate (though not the north field); conditions are powder/packed powder throughout. Tracks now set closer to the center of the trail. Conditions are generally excellent, but there are still a few places with thin cover and a few places where the track is a bit ragged. Photo is of Koons South loop climb.
Joe R.
Good2015-01-09A light dusting slowed the skiing(ok with me). All trails are covered for fine skiing. Grooming planned for Saturday morning. Caroline
Good2015-01-08Trails were groomed (again) overnight and are now firmly packed powder snow. Most of the blown-down debris has been cleared. Track has been set on most of the system, with best track conditions on the middle/river trails. Snow coverage is generally good on all trails, with only a few thin spots where dirt shows through. Joe R.
Good2015-01-05You guys rock! Great job with the trails! The snow from yesterday helped give cover on the river loop and Koons is good. Windy so some debris on trails. Quarry Road crew deserves major kudos! Bundle up and enjoy!Scott
Good2015-01-046.53" of new snow last night makes for good coverage on all trails. The River/Middle trails, the field near the Yurt, and the North and South Koons trails have all been rolled, though the trails remain a bit soft for skating. No track has been set, but conditions looked good for classic. Yurt is open this afternoon.Joe R
Poor2014-12-28Lots of melt down Sunday. Monday grooming difficult with ice and holes in all trails. Snowmaking section will be marked and groomed for a 1.5K training loop. Best to start at Welcome Center Parking area. Discounts available. Caroline
Fair2014-12-278 KRemarkably good "rock " skiing for intermediate and advanced skiers. Grooming helped and above freezing temps softened it for a fine work out today. Sunday Grooming is questionable due to some higher temps and possible over night rain but all trails( River Loop, North and South Koons) are holding up well. Park at Kiosk or Maintenance Bldg. Caroline
Poor2014-12-25Several wash outs on river trail and pine tree connectors to meadow. Road closed from Maint to Welcome Center for the 25th and 26th. Grooming to resume on Saturday. caroline via Wally
Good2014-12-21Today, I skied the Koons loop. Despite the lack of snow, the coverage on the trails is quite good. The skiing is fast due to the hardpack (i.e. stable V1 and cautious and fast V2). The trails seem to have been groomed recently. It was a very enjoyable Sunday at Quarry. The trails were empty in the late afternoon. I can't wait to see a little more new snow as the trails will be amazing.Matthew
Fair2014-12-208Trails groomed again this morning (Saturday), skate only. Conditions are fast -- good on the North and South Koons loops, and good on the Middle and River trails between power-lines and the field, but a bit ragged under the hemlock trees between the power-lines and the first parking lot. Welcome center open today until 4pm.Joe R
Fair2014-12-19Trails groomed this morning - skate only (cover is too thin to set track). Best conditions on North Koons loop, but we have about 8K overall. Joe R
Fair2014-12-18The trails have held up surprisingly well through the rain and warm temps. There are a few small washouts, and the big field is rather icy, but the North competition loop is in good shape, as is the South loop. The Middle and River trails are mostly good, although they are rather thin under the hemlock trees near the first parking lot. The stream-side trail from the Maintenance Building to the big field is almost unskiable; the other trail to the field is ok.Joe R
Fair2014-12-13Extra three inches overnight really helped. Trails had just been groomed and snow was slow and crunchy. Colder temps tonight, and groomed again tomorrow, could make skiing pretty good. River loop has a few small washouts crossing the trail. Be careful of pole placement.Paul
Good2014-12-07I skied the river loop today. It's very icy and fast. High speed is unsafe due to the ice as it's easy to catch a ski - so on the downhills you must be cautious when you let the skis fly. I'd imagine that if the trails were groomed it would be very nice and a bit safer. Lets hope for fresh snow to build snowpack for better groomed trails.Matthew
Good2014-12-03The river-side trails are good. Fast skating due to the ice but w/warm temps means slush in some areas. The meadow is also good - fast skating and good to work on technique. I hope this snow lasts. It was good to get out there for my first day of the season. Matthew
Good2014-12-0110-12 inches of natural snow on 11/26/14. Snow made on Saturday 11/29/14. Snow making loop groomed this morning for much better skiing!Caroline
Fair2014-12-01Lots of melting. Poor conditions on river loop. Snowmaking area 1.5 K is ok for training purposes. Snow making planned for Thursday. Caroline
Poor2014-11-28Don't waste your time with skinny skis. Very poor effort grooming, very disappointing & a waste of time.Angry Skier
Excellent2014-03-2410kall trails groomed this morning. Track was not reset but is still quite usable with a recent dusting of snow. Groomers will be out daily all week. Great coverage. I prefer to go when the sun has warmed the snow for softer snow and warmth on my face!caroline
Excellent2014-03-1910All trails open and well groomed, very nice. Not all trails have a track set. About 4 inches of snow last night which will be groomed this evening as weather cools. No grooming planned for the weekend but skiing should still be sweet!Caroline
Excellent2014-03-14About a foot of new snow. The whole system was groomed today, with track set. Best conditions all year!Joe
Good2014-03-0210no track set. Hard packed with a small amount of tilling. Grooming repair on Monday should help alot. Caroline
Excellent2014-02-1110Groomed with tracks. Beautiful!Ben
Excellent2014-02-0710About 8 inches snow on Wed made for excellent skiing. Groomers working hard, setting tracks for upcoming Quarry Road Winter Carnival on the 8th. Lots happening at QR. Caroline
Good2014-01-2510All trails have full coverage. A light dusting slowed the speed down a little. Recent snow making in preparation of the Bill Koch Festival covered the ice in the stadium and improved the trail from Maintenance to Meadow. More snow making planned for Tuesday. Caroliine
Good2014-01-22An inch of snow last weekend plus the work of our great groomers, and the whole trail system is in good shape. No track set, though. Joe R
Good2014-01-22An inch of snow last weekend plus the work of our great groomers, and the whole trail system is in good shape. No track set, though. Joe R
Fair2014-01-157kSnow held up on most trails. Meadow is icy and best to start near maintenance building. North Koons ready for Colby Carnival. South Koons closed due to runway into stadium is too icy. River loop fast with loose granular. It may be too difficult for beginners, but Ski Club kids are loving it!Caroline
Good2014-01-129Skied today when temps were above freezing and it was like decent spring skiing, soft but not too soft. No track set at this time. All trails have full coverage. Puddles in the stadium area can be avoided. As temps get below freezing it will be icy but plan is to groom so it should be ok.Caroline
Fair2014-01-089All trails groomed yesterday. Base held up well through the weekend rain. Conditions are machine-pulverized ice, with some chunky bits. Further grooming was in progress this morning.Joe R
Fair2014-01-089All trails groomed yesterday. Base held up well through the weekend rain. Conditions are machine-pulverized ice, with some chunky bits. Further grooming was in progress this morning.Joe R
Good2014-01-089I would upgrade to Good due to continued grooming by afternoon. A fair amount of debris on River loop but Meadow and Koons are fast and fun. Conditions are fast, beginners should use caution but can find some "anywhere" skiing in the meadow with softer snow. Caroline
Excellent2014-01-04All trails groomed this morning. Packed powder. Joe R
Good2013-12-272" new snow yesterday. Groomed this morning. Packed powder with some icy spots.Joe
Good2013-12-219Coverage was good pre-ice storm. No rain here, just ice, so skiing should remain good. Trails not groomed Saturday morning; yurt not open and unsure of schedule for that. Trails had been groomed sometime Friday so skiing was reasonably good. FIS Loop and River Loop groomed to full width with track far off to one side.Pat
Good2013-12-17108-10 inches of new snow being groomed. Some tracks set. caroline
Good2013-12-1110 Meadow and Koons trail surprisingly good, watch for rocks. More bare spots on the River loop. No track set. Caroline
Fair2013-12-10Nice to be able to ski. Skiable in spots. some rocks. Snowmaking to start very soon!Caroline
Fair2013-03-24River loop had some bare spots and today may be its final day of the season. The North and South Loops were quite good with few bare spots. Maybe another day or two of skiing there as long as it stays cool at night.
Excellent2013-03-2110Beautiful, freshly groomed for skate and classic skiingSusan
Good2013-03-059KVery good coverage and well groomed in early morning. No track set but planned, weather permitting. Some thinness on the usual spots but overall a great ski in slow conditions. Get out there before the sun comes out!Caroline
Good2013-03-049K2 inches fresh snow. coverage on all trails. Grooming will be sporadic, only when temps go below freezing at night. Caroline
Excellent2013-02-259Kwell groomed trails after 8-10 inches of snow. Tracks set on entire system except the down hill switch backs of South Koons. Just Beautiful!Caroline
Good2013-02-217 KRiver Trail fair but the manmade snow areas in the Meadow and on the Koons trail are loose granular. Still need to use caution as the conditions are fast. Caroline
Excellent2013-02-12Great snow coverage on 10 km of trails. Groomed for both classic and skate skiing.Susan
Fair2013-02-05.5 Stadium and half of meadow with man made and groomed for skate and classic. More snow blowing on Tuesday night to complete the 1.1 K loop and the sprint trail. caroline
Poor2013-02-01No skiing on trails with natural snow. Snow making loop will be improved with snow making on Sunday(2/3) and Monday(2/4).caroline
Fair2013-01-307dirt spots on the river loop but skiable. manmade loop in meadow is good but thinned by the afternoon.caroline
Good2013-01-227Groomed later in the day which improved the trails greatly. The snow guns made first snow on Monday to prepare for Colby Carnival. Stadium area is fun, like a terrain park. Koons North is good with natural snow, Koons South needs the man made pushed and groomed still.Caroline
Fair2013-01-209Good coverage on the Koons North and South. Caroline
Fair2013-01-189Full system is groomed. Trails are actually pretty good for skating. No classic tracks.Pat
Fair2013-01-1210KRiver loop glazed with a few holes. Meadow is getting thin. Koons Trail North and South in good condition but intermediate to advanced skills are needed. No grooming over the weekend. Caroline
Excellent2012-12-3110Groomed with track this morning. Firmed up since yesterday's powder. About 12" of snow on the ground. Perhaps the best conditions ever at Quarry Road.Pat
Good2012-12-3010?Tons of snow--a little bit soft. Classic (tracked) is great--skating needs maybe another day to firm up more.Nat H
Fair2012-12-28Groomed with snowmobile and YTS Ginzugroomer. River loop (3K), John Koons Race Trail (5K) and Colby Sprint Loop(1.4K) all open. Not quite enough depth for a track.Pat
Fair2012-12-189Surprisingly good w rock skis but unlikely to survive Friday's predicted rain. Pat
Excellent2012-03-0581" new snow last night. Powder/packed powder conditions. Grooming in progress this morning, already completed (as of 10am) on Middle Trail, River Trail, field loop, and competition hill. Northern loop was open and in good shape. Assuming that trail is groomed today, conditions will be the best on the whole trail system I've seen all season. Coverage was excellent, with only a few icy spots. Joe
Excellent2012-02-269KWell groomed, with track set. First time on northern section of the new trail system, awesome. Very nice for intermediate level skiers. Caroline
Fair2012-02-253The skiing was ok today. 6+ inches of dense new snow. The groomer plans to groom everything for a total of 9K tonight. Sunday will be THE DAY of the winter to be at Quarry Road! (Photo from today)
Fair2012-02-194Kicy. some shoveling will be done on Monday to cover some spots.Caroline
Good2012-02-164A few bare spots on the river loop, some grey ice appearing. Fine skiing with the warmer temps to soften the snow. Caroline
Excellent2012-02-144River loop is in incredibly good shape for skating or classic without tracks. No bare spots, only one or two icy spots. Waterville Parks and Rec has done an awesome job maintaining this trail through a tough winter. As good of skiing as anywhere right now.Tracey Cote
Good2012-02-104All dirt spots and icy sections covered for upcoming paintball biathlon. Great skating. Cut offs are not groomed as often and not as wide as other trails. Caroline
Good2012-02-084Somehow we're hanging on. Coverage is quite good on the 3.5K river loop. Excellent skating. I did not ski the race loop today, but I assume it is getting even more thin with even more dirt spots.pat
Good2012-02-0463K River loop in great shape for skating. Classic would be fine, but they seemed to have groomed most of them out. Final 2.5K of race loop is skiable but a bit rough and for advanced skiers only. pat
Good2012-02-035.5River loop in good shape (see photo). Occasional track. Final 2.5K of new race loop is skiable but some dirt and probably for more advanced skiers.
Good2012-02-017KNicely groomed, track set on the River loop. Warmer temps have softened the snow for great skate skiing. Caroline
Good2012-01-304River trail and meadow trail groomed this morning. Frozen granular. Great for skate skiing. No tracks for classic. Sue Childs
Good2012-01-295River loop was loose granular. Decent skiing.Caroline
Fair2012-01-255Very thin coverage in the meadow. Grooming has helped but still icy in many spots and difficult skiing on the river loop for beginners. No track set.Caroline
Fair2012-01-247.5Trails closed today in hopes of preserving snow for a middle school race.Tracey Cote
Good2012-01-228Beautiful snow, groomed powder. New trails are coming along. River trail and fields are in great shape. Susan Childs
Excellent2012-01-228Kwell groomed for skate skiing. No track set. used my good skis for the first time. Get out today before the rain. caroline
Fair2012-01-184KDecent coverage on River loop and meadow but hard pack.Caroline
Fair2012-01-16River loop is treacherous for beginners, icy. Todays snow and grooming by city plus SNOW should make great improvements. Practice field by sheds are good for working on basics.Caroline
Fair2012-01-13The lower 3.5km loop is rolled. There are some rocks and rough areas, but it is skiable. Skating might be more difficult, but decent on classic skis (although there is no track set)Tracey Cote

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