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Rangeley Lake XC, Rangeley, Maine

Grooming: Skate and Classic
Lighted? N
Distance: 55k
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Description: Trails located near Saddleback Mountain with views of the high peaks and Rangeley Lakes. Trails of varying difficulty with few big hills.

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Fair2015-10-29bWJWhich team do you support? Valentin
Fair2015-10-29bWJThanks funny site Rolando
Fair2015-10-29bWJWhat do you like doing in your spare time? Ervin
Fair2015-10-29bWJCould you tell me the number for ? Ryan
Fair2015-10-29bWJI support Manchester United Dominic
Fair2015-10-29bWJThis is your employment contract Johnie
Fair2015-10-29bWJWhat qualifications have you got? Branden
Excellent2013-04-06There is tons of snow everywhere. The temps stayed below freezing today so I skied everywhere, on trail, off trail, logging roads, edges of lakes, I even bushwacked through the woods. It was great skiing.Ann Speth
Call in sick2013-03-2230 Freshly groom trails with packed powder. There has been no transition of the snow in Rangeley yet. I could have used blue extra, but was skating instead. Fantastic mid-winter conditions. Don't miss out on 2-3 foot of packed powder. It is fantastic skiingAnn Speth
Excellent2013-03-1725Great conditions. 1/2"-1" of new snow with good tracks but I skated and it was great. A few ice spots but easy to avoid or negotiate.Ann Speth
Good2012-12-2620?Conditions were great. I skated but I could have used hard wax if I classical skied. The coverage was good in most areas with about 1-2% of the trails with ice and small drainage ditches that water created, but all are easily avoidable. The main trails are smooth and easy to ski with some of the side trail with raspberry whippers and other plant growth coming up through the snow. Grooming in most areas was adequate with some uneven sections and some piston bully tracks visible but for the most part it was good to excellent skiing. New snow will be greatly appreciated and take care of issues mentioned above.Ann Speth
Good2012-03-1118In the morning the skiing was great with temperatures below freezing and newly groomed trails. There was even an inch of new snow left from Friday night. The coverage was good with a few rocks and dirt showing through but all easy to avoid. The only real problem was about 4 patches of ice that covered the trail. They were mostly avoidable but a pain. By the afternoon the temperatures warmed up to about 45 and the sun beat down on the trails turning my skis into suction cups. Ah.....spring skiing.A Speth
Excellent2012-02-1830?The coverage at Rangeley Nordic Center was great with a few icey and thin spots but I classical skied using a hard wax for kick...enough said.Ann Speth
Excellent2012-02-1825Excellent grooming, solid tracks, hard wax conditions.Jim Reuter
Excellent2012-01-22Good base, wonderful skiing, fantastic grooming!Vicky

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