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Hampden Schools, Hampden, Maine

Grooming: Skate and Classic
Lighted? N
Distance: 2k
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Description: New (in winter 2014) trails behind Hampden Schools. Plan to extend this loop for several more kilometers across Reeds Brook in future years. Grooming is provided by the Penobscot Valley Ski Club. Free and open to the public.

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Fair2019-02-073.5The North loop groomed today. Besides a couple of bare spots, the trail is in surprisingly good shape. All non skier traffic please stay to the edges. Please do not walk down the middle of the groomed trails. Mats
Excellent2018-03-173.5Dragged both North and South loops for 3.5 hours this afternoon to re-grind and flatten all the new snow. Set a classic track on both loops. Should firm up again later this afternoon and should be very firm and fast in the morning. Walkers please stay to the edges.
Excellent2018-03-163.5Mats first Rolled and compacted the trails, and then followed up with the Ginzu on both North and South Loops. Enjoy! Walkers please stay to the edges. Planning to touch up again first thing in the morning when it has firmed up.MH
Excellent2018-03-113.5Groomed both the North and South Loops with the ginzu drag. Mostly cleanup after a week or more w/o grooming. No track was set. Very good coverage but soft conditions. Walkers please try to stay to the edges, thanks.Peter
Excellent2018-02-08The Reeds Brook Trails are in great shape. A little soft on the surface but it will set up soon with colder temps. Rolled the new snow this morning and then finished with ginzu drag. The back connector was compacted but not dragged with the ginzu. No classic tracks were set today because of new snow sot conditions.MH
Excellent2018-01-313.5Groomed all trails this mid-day with Ginzu and laid a track. Best to let it set until after 2pm today. Excellent conditions now, but will be warmer tomorrow.
Excellent2018-01-283.5Groomed both North and South Loops, and the connector trail with Ginzu, and set a track on the 2 main loops. Good conditions, but getting warm and mushy after 1:00 pm
Good2017-02-15Groomed for skate only. Good snow coverage. Kinda choppy with a few soft spots.MBG
Excellent2017-01-073 kGroomed both loops Sunday from 10:30 to 1:30. Excellent skate conditions. Difficult to lay a good track due to hard under crust and not much new snow. Enjoy while the sund shines.Peter B & Mats
Good2017-01-023 kBoth major loops were groomed and cleared (hanging alders and birches from snow storm) in a two step process, rolling/compacting, then dragged flat on all 3 km. Conditions were good that day with many skiers out. Rain expected this week, but the cover is very good in almost all areas. After dragging with the Ginzu we expect continued good to excellent conditions.Peter B
Excellent2015-04-07Snowmobile trails off Kennebec road. Zero bare spots. 2" new snow. Mary P
Excellent2015-04-07Snowmobile trails off Kennebec road. Zero bare spots. 2" new snow. Mary P
Excellent2015-02-262.5Excellent freshly groomed classic tracks and wide enough for skating. The best snow we have had in years!Max T
Excellent2015-02-24allGroomed from 5:00 to 7:15, planning to groom again tomorrow after the fresh snow.Peter B
Excellent2015-02-16allWidened, groomed and trimmed both North and south loops. Set track on North loop, and nice wide skate lane. Drifts from wind filled in corduroy as s oon as we could lay it down. Conditions continue to be spectacular and now without pesky birches and alders in the way. Enjoy before the next storm.Peter B
Excellent2015-02-11allGroomed both N. and S. Loops Wed. evening, 2/11. Widened skate lane and set classic tracks on both loops. Tried to level and flatten, snow is still very soft. Should be nice and firm by morning. Enjoy!Peter B
Excellent2015-02-082.5The snow has started to firm up a bit which makes for great skiing. Tracks are very nice!Max T
Excellent2015-02-06allGroomed Fri 2/6 4pm, both North & South loops, skate lane and tracks set. Should be firm and great for skating on Sat. Best conditions ever for this new track. Enjoy!Peter B
Excellent2015-02-04Groomed Tues. 2/3 6pm and Wed. 2/4 4pm North Loop only. Fantastic conditions, Wide skate lane, no tracks yet. Will groom South Loop after Thurs. snow. Peter B & Ken M
Good2014-03-092Groomed 3-9-14. Set a track in places. Skiing is good, fast in places. The pipeline (snowmobile trail) is quite good right now.Dan P.
Good2014-03-02Not the PVSC school loop- Skating on the pipeline section of the Hampden snowmobile trail is fantastic right now. The loop at the schools is not groomed but the sled trail south to Winterport is groomed wide and they have been able to turn up the ice crystals=fast! Between Kennebec Rd and fancy subdivision (forest ave?) might be the best skiing in area right now. There are 2 classic loops (with tracks set)off this section as well. The snowmobilers in Hampden are courteous to skiers. Thank you Hampden Snowmoible Club, enjoy!JED
Fair2014-01-281Groomed today. Conditions on the south part of the loop (600m straightaway) are excellent! The snowmobile trail and north portion of the loop have some bare ground poking through. Dan P
Fair2014-01-08<1About 800m straightaway groomed for skating. Best right now in the bangor area that I know of. Lots of small twigs (from 100s of trees bent over with ice) and one 100 square foot icy section that is unavoidable. All in all not great but it's the best we have. Best access is via trail directly across from Reeds Brook MS. Initial hill is kinda icy, but after that its decent.
Dan P

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