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Bangor Municipal Golf Course, Bangor, Maine

Grooming: Skate and Classic
Lighted? Y
Distance: 10k
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Description: Bangor Municipal Golf Couse is owned and groomed by the City of Bangor Parks and Recreation Department. Grooming equipment is provided by the Penobscot Valley Ski Club. Free and open to the public.

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Excellent2019-03-0514Completely groomed and tracked. Best conditions of the season. JK
Excellent2019-02-28All trails are groomed and tracked. No wind blowing- it is nice out there.JK
Excellent2019-02-1414All trails are groomed and numerous skiers are enjoying them today. The best conditions this evening are the trails on the right side of Webster Ave across from the pro shop or down the hill behind the maintenance facility (less drifting). JK
Fair2017-02-18There are groomeded trails but they are shared by people with snow shoes and people walking their dog, so the trails were bumpy and tough to pick up speed on. See picture.
Fair2015-03-19It looks like it has not been groomed in quit awhile. There is an icy crust on the trails. Needs some grooming and/or some above freezing weather to break up that crust.NCN
Fair2015-03-05Good solid and wide base for poling and skating. Surface is fast with a skim coat of ice today, but hard. Would be epic instead of fair if dragged with a heavy groomer to smoothe out the many bootholes and ruts.Wolfgang
Excellent2014-02-19Just got back from Bangor Muni. Conditions are excellent. The groomers did a great job!NCN
Fair2014-02-040The added snow from last week made more of the golf course ski-able for skate skiing but it is still icy and thin in patches. It's ungroomed so you have to go off trail which can be treacherous because hikers and dog walkers (no offense intended) have made the snow uneven. This new snow ought to help though.David Carter
Poor2014-01-270The warm weather today ruined the snow. There are ski-able patches off the trail but for the most part it's too thin and icy in between to make a loop. David Carter

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