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NEOC Trails, Millinocket, Maine

Grooming: Skate and Classic
Lighted? N
Distance: 10k
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Description: New John Morton-designed ski trails at the New England Outdoor Center in Millinocket with trailside lodging

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Excellent2019-03-2718Excellent conditions - lots of snow on the ground, trails flat and wide with track set in places, Pic from today
Call in sick2019-03-08Conditions are excellent, groomed wide for skate and track set - about 20km groomed
Call in sick2019-01-21about 16 inches of new snow topped by a heavy sleet/snow base and then groomed wide and flat. excellent skate or classic skiing
Excellent2018-03-2120Trail conditions are excellent - skied the whole system yesterday and today. groomed, call in sick or get a replacement and come skiLiz
Excellent2018-02-2218Trails have been tilled and groomed iide, they are flat, fast and fun with a granular surface doe to the tilling. Groomed from Skate skiing and classic, great skiing today, we have plenty of snow, i wrote the word powder into the snow today in the picture before heading out.
Excellent2018-02-1517Trails are groomed wide for skate skiing and track is set for classic, trails are in excellent condition. Highly recommend a ski if you have time over 17 km groomed, interesting terrain, lots of views, hills and well worth the visit.
Excellent2018-01-2916Trails are groomed, track is set. Conditions are really good groomed about 10 ft wide. Full Moon ski at seven pm from the River Drivers on Tuesday evening all are welcome to join. the trails will be groomed again on Wednesday, bring a headlamp for the night ski
Call in sick2018-01-2617I just posted this again - this report is for NEOC and not Katahdin Nordic Center - I am sorry! Trails at NEOC are awesome - flat, wide, tilled, groomed, sweet, fast, fun, free. See the picture I just took it today at neoc. Track set in places, others groomed about 10 ft wide. the report for Katahdin nordic was in error. This report is for NEOC on Millinocket Lake
Excellent2018-01-2512Trails just were tilled and groomed, are flat and track is set - excellent skiing at neoc todat
Good2018-01-1820+ K groomed, 10 plus feet wide, hard and flat perfect for skating. Surface is loos snow with a hard base.Matthew Polstein
Call in sick2018-01-08All trails were groomed this past weekend we got 5 inches of new snow today and another 4 expected into tomorrow. about 15 miles of trails groomed including some nice long descents on the back side of Hammond Ridge. Saddle and Katahdin view loop were awesome. Should be groomed again tomorrow evening or Thursday after tomorrows snow.Liz
Excellent2017-01-3012Great skiing at the moment at the NEOC Trails - two new loops opened this year for about 12 miles of skiing total. In addition to the Black Cat Mountain trails, beautiful scenic overlook on Hammond Ridge and a great Cove Loop by the Lake
Excellent2016-03-2610Trails are really good - snow sleet compo yesterday covered up the few bare spots that were showing. Really good time on the trails 10-12ks groomed just this morning. Ski rentals available at the River Drivers - restaurant right at the trailhead
Excellent2016-01-1610Groomed trail underneath with soft granular snow coming in on top as it is snowing today, smooth, beautiful skiing - classic may be best today, no track laid.
Call in sick2016-01-0112Awesome conditions - Saddle Loop and new Hammond Ridge Loop Groomed this morning 1/1/16
Excellent2015-05-06MqbSorry, you must have the wrong number Matthew
Excellent2015-05-06MqbInsufficient funds Marcelino
Excellent2015-05-06MqbWhen do you want me to start? Damian
Excellent2015-05-06MqbI work for myself Wilmer
Excellent2015-05-06MqbWe need someone with experience Flyman
Excellent2015-05-06MqbI want to report a Alberto
Excellent2015-05-06MqbAccountant supermarket manager August
Excellent2015-01-2410Great conditions - trails have good snow, 1 leg up to Hammond Ridge groomed for skate skiing - great interval training and uphill climb. Saddle Loop and Black Cat mountain also groomed suitable for both - no track set yet, will set track tonight - Sat night after the snow, tomorrow will be beautiful alsoLizzy
Good2015-01-03I skied about 4-5 miles believe there is about 8 miles groomed total. Good coverage - groomed last night Jan 2nd. Wide grooming - for skate skiing. Skied up to Hammond Ridge, new trail opened just this year. Track set in places.
Call in sick2014-04-069Perfect - just groomed - call in sick!Lizzy Flynn
Call in sick2014-04-069Perfect - just groomed - call in sick!Lizzy Flynn
Excellent2014-04-044/3There is 2.5 ft of snow on the ground and NEOC is going to groom as temperatures permit into the middle of the month...Skied today - excellent, got out when temp were in the mid 30s. Great Ski.
Liz Flynn
Excellent2014-03-14All the snow NEOC got is making for the most fun this year. I skied yesterday at 3pm and they were just heading out to groom again when I finished. The snow was soft, fast and fun. Today may even be a "call in sick day!" Trails are graded in the traditional - green, blue and black - for easy, moderate and difficult. Going to head out there again today.
Lizzy Flynn
Excellent2014-03-0512Freshly groomed. Fast ball bearing broken up hard pack. Great climbs and reasonable descents on the blue and green trails. Only skate lane freshly groomed. J Graham
Excellent2014-02-0112Great skiing... well packed powder. tracks set all around. can't beat it.Dan P
Good2014-01-25Great skiing at NEOC! Hard and fairly clean base with 4" of new powder (as of 6pm & still falling). Not enough for tracks to be set, but great skating. All trails were open and enjoyable! Dan P
Good2012-03-1410Hard flat base with good coverage 3 or four inches of new snow in last 12 hours. Temps to remain below freezing into tomorrow so we will groom again in the am and possibly pm. you will be very pleasantly suprised if you come ski! Cabins still available for the weekend at Twin Pines www.neoc.comMatthew Polstein
Call in sick2012-03-0418Groomed and set track this am. Excellent coverage for both skate and classic skiers. Trails are a little soft this am. Cold weather tonight should set things up and the skiing this week should be outstanding!Matthew Polstein
Excellent2012-03-0210We are grooming and setting Track today. Snow and conditions are excellent. Groomed Grant Brook this am as well, call Twin Pines for access info. Trails are open to the public at no charge!
Matthew Polstein
Excellent2012-03-028Groomed the Grant Brook Trail this morning. This trial can be accessed from just above the parking lot by the North Woods Trading Post and follows the shore of Millinocket Lake and enters the Grant Brook wetland. It is an ideal, groomed but not track set back country ski.
Matthew Polstein
Excellent2012-02-0410Classic tracks set perfectly. Couldn't get a better day of skiing with powder snow, extra blue kick wax, and sunny skies.Emily Cartwright
Excellent2012-02-0318Groomed this morning in gently falling snow! Beautiful. conditions are fantastic and we have been spared the rain they talked about all week!Matthew Polstein

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