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Indian Meadow, Glenville, N.Y.

Grooming: Skate and Classic
Lighted? N
Distance: 5k
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Description: Trails loop near and around playing fields at city park. More information from the AMC here

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Excellent2015-10-25ugaGo travelling Lincoln
Excellent2015-10-25ugaA packet of envelopes Fabian
Excellent2015-10-25ugaThrough friends Barry
Excellent2015-10-25ugaOther amount Emma
Excellent2015-10-25ugaCould I have a statement, please? Alonzo
Excellent2015-10-25ugaCould you tell me my balance, please? Moses
Good2014-02-144kmBig dump yesterday into this morning. Winds today caused heavy drifting especially on the east/south side. The trails are rolled but should be combed/leveled a bit better. The base is deeper than it has been in probably 4 years. Overall the skiing will be good and getting better. Will get back out again this weekend to improve the conditions. The Groomer
Excellent2014-02-084Today at 4pm the main loop was groomed including tracksetting for classic skiing. The surface is very nice, soft enough that the roller is taking out the post holes but still firm enough to skate. I think it will firm up nicely for tomorrow. It is supposed to be a great day!The Groomer
Excellent2014-02-064An inch of powder over the surface that was packed on Wednesday night. Conditions are great, if a little soft. Coverage is 100%. Will be groomed again on Saturday including tracksetting.The Groomer
Excellent2014-02-054The main loop was rolled and combed with two passes at about 6 PM last night (Feb 05). Coverage is excellent. The base was a bit soft but certainly firmed up overnight. Planning to set tracks by machine on Saturday. This report was mistakenly posted under Glenville Hills Nordic below. The Groomer

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