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Bait Hole Trails, Millinocket, Maine

Grooming: Classic only
Lighted? N
Distance: 15k
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Description: Part of a partnership between a snowmobile club and nordic skiers (really!), Bait Hill Trails are mostly flat and can be groomed with minimal snow cover. Additional map here

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Excellent2015-03-20pbjNice to meet you Tommy
Excellent2015-03-20pbjWhere do you come from? Antonio
Excellent2015-03-20pbjI wanted to live abroad Manual
Excellent2015-03-20pbjWhy did you come to ? Alejandro
Excellent2015-03-20pbjI support Manchester United Randy
Excellent2015-03-20pbjIs it convenient to talk at the moment? Mason
Fair2015-01-12mKbThanks for calling Paige
Fair2015-01-12mKbWhy did you come to ? Fidel
Fair2015-01-12mKbUntil August Leopoldo
Excellent2014-03-25Bait Hole Trail was groomed on Sunday. Some drifting along the lake's edge, but it did not present any difficulty. The track was fast!Melanie Halvachs
Good2014-02-28Conditions are Fair to Good - hills are fast. Ski the beginners trail to avoid the very fast hills. 16 km total - 10 groomed generally, 4k most recently.Don Nodine
Good2012-12-313 miles track set and another 2 miles broken out with snowsled.Jean Boddy
Good2012-03-019The North twin dam loop and the Beaver Pond Inlet Trails are better than the Bait Hole loop.Don Nodine
Excellent2012-02-0510Don Nodine
Excellent2012-01-307Most of the trails were groomed. A few others were broke out with the snowsled.Don Nodine
Poor2012-01-255Icy. If you make your own trail on the crust it is much better skiing.Don Nodine
Fair2012-01-19Fair skiing, not groomed yetJean
Poor2012-01-03Jean Boddy

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