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Beaver Lake Nature Center, Baldwinsville, N.Y.

Grooming: Classic only
Lighted? N
Distance: 5k
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Description: Nature center near Syracuse sometimes grooms trails for classic skiing.

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Good2018-04-0526 deg this AM. About 2 " last night. Not much but you can ski on it. Warmer tomorrow.JG
Excellent2018-03-15About 5" compact snow. Track set. Hiking trails just rolled.JG
Excellent2018-03-026 inches new snow. Still snowing. Good weekend ahead. Pancake breakfast Saturday morning.JG
Call in sick2018-02-07No need to call in sick, everything was closed today! 6" - 8" new powder. Additional snow next few days.JG
Excellent2018-02-03Plenty of snow yesterday. 5 - 6" of powder with a good track all around. Good for tomorrow as well.JG
Good2018-01-31Surprisingly decent. A mid-afternoon burst of snow helped. Skier set tracks.EL
Fair2018-01-30New 2-3 inches powder today. Not too many skiers. I cut my own trail. JG
Excellent2018-01-15Big crowd from 3-day weekend. Expect more snow tonight.Tooboats
Excellent2018-01-13Snow completely melted Friday. New snow last night. Nice powder. Looks good for the weekend.Tooboats
Good2018-01-0834 deg at noon. Trails pretty smooth, no clumping. Did lake Loop.Tooboats
Excellent2017-12-316 AM 1 deg 3-4 inches of powder overnight. Should be a great day today. Ski and snow shoe trails open. Snow shoe rentals but no ski rental.Tooboats
Excellent2017-12-31Great day today. Trails open tomorrow, New Years Day.Tooboats
Excellent2017-12-31This is for weekend Jan 6-7. Zero deg today. Had to turn back, whiteout conditions. Saturday brave. Sunday sane. You pick.Tooboats
Good2017-12-2429 deg. Snowed last evening.Tooboats
Excellent2017-12-15Tracks set, very nice skiing. Lake Loop boardwalk has some wet spots but they were frozen this morning.EL
Excellent2017-12-13Heavy snow this morning 18 deg, extra foot of powder. As good as it gets! Some trails with set track. Northern and Southern Exposure reserved for snow shoes and also some trails for hiking.Tooboats
Poor2017-12-1127 deg flurries today, about 1" - 2" Cut my own trail, very clumpy.Tooboats
Poor2017-12-10Hello everyone. Welcome to the new season. We had just a dusting of snow today. More forecast Tue and Wed.Tooboats
Excellent2017-03-1840 deg but much cooler in the forest. Expected clumpy snow but tracks were just right. Big crowd. One of the best days of the season.Tooboats
Good2017-03-1718" total 37 deg and bright sunshine. Groomed with track set. I did Lake Loop. Some soft spots. Snow shoe trails open as well.Tooboats
Excellent2017-03-1516 deg 12 " new powder still snowing. Beaver Lake closed. First time I have ever heard of ski trails closing because of snow!Tooboats
Good2017-02-1328 and snowing. Widespread snow south and north of Syracuse. We received 6" - 8". Trails marked for either snow shoe or ski.Tooboats
Good2017-02-113" of powder overnight Thursday. Skier made tracks but some hikers as well. Surprisingly good for so little snow. New snow Friday night and a bit warmer Saturday. Cooling and expect substantial snow Sunday.Tooboats
Fair2017-02-02Beaver Lake has not gotten much of the lake effect snow of the past few days. Snow has stayed further north in the Tug Hill region. There is about 3" of powder but the hikers rule right now. I cut a track on Pine Meadow. Cold but not much snow for the weekend.Tooboats
Fair2017-01-09 Cloudy. Some new powder overnite. Skier tracks. Some debris on lakeside trails Most of the big snow is north of here.Tooboats
Fair2017-01-08Lake effect snow clocked around to the south. Had a few inches this morning. Ski trails marked. Other trails still have hikers.Tooboats
Poor2017-01-0620 Clear Only 1 " powder coating today. I hiked Three Meadows.Tooboats
Good2016-12-1920 deg overcast. Still snow on the trails. Skier made tracks. Good for Tuesday but warming trend toward weekend. Tooboats
Good2016-12-1620 deg cloudy. Substantial lake snow last night. 3-5" powder. Skier made tracks. Warming Saturday. Probably OK in the morning but does not look good for Sunday.Tooboats
Poor2016-12-14No snow today. Possible 12" tonight and tomorrow.Tooboats
Poor2016-12-11Light snow for last few days not enough to ski on. Tooboats
Poor2016-12-09Fluries. There is a major lake effect event in progress. Snow bands are further north. Only 1" - 2" here. Tooboats
Fair2016-11-2232 deg 6" - 12" All trails open. Some designated for ski/ Some hiking or snow shoe. Skier made track. Still plenty of snow for Wednesday but temperatures creeping up. Rain Thursday. Stay home and eat. Happy holiday.Tooboats
Good2016-11-2128 deg light snow There is 6" - 8" on the ground. Trails open but not groomed. Poor driving conditions. Everything is closed. Might as well ski!Tooboats
Poor2016-11-20Back to winter!! Substantial lake effect snow yesterday and today. Temperature slightly above freezing today keeping accumulations down. No ski today but cooler tonight. More snow for at least 24 Hrs. Expect some skiing tomorrow.Tooboats
Poor2016-03-15No snow for a while. Best wishes to all for a happy summer!Tooboats
Fair2016-02-23Frozen granular. Generally decent coverage but dirty in the conifers. Thin to bare in the usual spots on Deep Woods and Woodland near the lake. Very fast. EL
Good2016-02-1933 deg. Substantial snow remaining. Divided into hiking, skiing and snow shoeing. Ski trails track set. Warm this weekend. Hope it lasts.Tooboats
Excellent2016-02-13-2 deg Occasional snow 6-8" new powder set track Great Day but too cold!Tooboats
Fair2016-02-0931 deg 2-3 inches by this morning big fat snowflakes. A little clumpy on the ground. We should have snow and much colder temperatures for the week.Tooboats
Poor2016-02-0533 deg No snow some icy patches. I hiked Three Meadows today. Expect snow all next week beginning Tuesday.Tooboats
Excellent2016-01-2023 deg about 10-12 inches since Sunday evening. Snow done for now until next Monday. Lots of pretty white powder. Trails groomed. Divided into Ski, Hike and snow shoe. Excellent day.Tooboats
Excellent2016-01-1421 deg 10" snowing right now at 10 PM. Nice day today Set track Trails divided between ski, hike, snow shoe. I did Northern Exposure with snow shoes. Tooboats
Excellent2016-01-1321 deg 8-10 inches first good snow of the season. Some trails for snow shoe, some ski and some hiking. Set track excellent conditions.Tooboats
Poor2016-01-04The lake effect event is over now. Not quite enough to ski here at Beaver Lake. The Lake effect band moved around enough this weekend so that all of the ski areas in the Tug Hill North of here received adequate snow. BREIA in Boonville, Winona in Pulaski, Osceola and Barnes Corners near Watertown all have excellent conditions. Very cold today. Tue and Wed better.Tooboats
Poor2016-01-0228 deg Cloudy. Some snow yesterday, but not enough to ski. Snow forecast for tomorrow.Tooboats
Poor2016-01-0228 deg Cloudy. Some snow yesterday, but not enough to ski. Snow forecast for tomorrow.Tooboats
Call in sick2015-02-03Plenty of powder. Bright sun. Nice track. Call in sick!Tooboats
Excellent2015-02-01Went to snowshoe party last night. Beautiful full moon and white snow. Today it was sunny with excellent conditions. Tooboats
Excellent2015-01-3027 deg and cloudy. Track set. Lots of powder. This will be a great weekend. Sat night skiing 'till 9 PM. Also Sat snowshoe dinner at 5:00 PM. After dinner snowshoe hike and return for dessert and entertainment.Tooboats
Good2015-01-2716 deg and Sunny. Received a few inches of snow as part of that coastal storm. Nice powder, good track. Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week night skiing until 9 PM.Tooboats
Good2015-01-2027 deg partly sunny. Each night we receive a small amount of snow, but it is enough to keep the trails skiable. Three meadows was pretty nice, but Deep Woods still has some bare spots near the lake.Tooboats
Fair2015-01-1527 deg and sunny today. No new snow 2" packed powder. Some bare spots where the trails run close to the lake.Tooboats
Good2015-01-09Finally received some snow here. Much warmer today in the 20's. Not groomed yet. 2 inches of packed powder in the tracks made by skiers. Three Meadows was pretty good. All of the trails in the Tug Hill region will be excellent this weekend.Tooboats
Poor2015-01-07The recent lake effect event is over for now. Not much snow this far south. Only a dusting, but I was able to ski on the Pine Meadow Trail. It was very cold, 7 deg F. It felt like my fingers were going to fall off! We received 3 more inches last night. Will try again later today or tomorrow. Tooboats
Poor2015-01-02There is a substantial lake effect snow event off of Lake Ontario, but it has not come this far south yet. I can still see grass here. Snowing in Fulton and Oswego just north of here. Forecast advisory extends until this evening. Maybe later today.Tooboats
Good2014-12-11We received about 8" powder in the recent coastal storm. Trails were not groomed bit the skiers made a nice track. All trails were open. Maybe some more light snow tomorrow. Expect Saturday best. May be warmer on Sunday. Plus the pancake breakfast is Sat 9-12!Tooboats
Fair2014-11-2816We have had continuous light snow for two days. It was cold last night and the skiing was fair at Beaver Lake this AM. 2"-3" base, not groomed. People were still hiking on the trails. It warmed up after lunch and the snow became very sticky. I think that it will be OK early in the AM tomorrow before it warms up again. Snow has been very uneven with some trails in Syracuse/Watertown/Tug Hill area open for skiing.Tooboats
Poor2014-03-2916Cloudy, 42 deg. Today was the last of the Saturday morning Pancake Breakfasts. Accompanying the pancakes were sausage, orange juice, coffee but no snow. I would rate the breakfast as excellent and the skiing as nonexistent. People were already hiking on the trails. Long live the winter !Tooboats
Fair2014-03-1816Bright sunshine, 42 deg. Full coverage but trails in bad condition in places and also snow is slippery in spots. The weather was great though.Tooboats Jake
Good2014-03-1316Sunny, 16 deg, windy near the lake. Big thaw last weekend, high of 55, nearly melted all the snow. 12 inch snowfall yesterday put it all back. Half of Deep Woods groomed. Forrest part deep tracks in powder. Looked like Lake Loop was all groomed. It will be nice this weekend. Saturday pancake breakfast again.Tooboats
Call in sick2014-02-2816Sunny, 18 Deg. Lake effect snow over for now. All trails groomed. Perfect day. Big crowd this weekend. Pancake breakfast at the lodge on Saturday!Tooboats Jake
Good2014-02-2516Sunny, 23 deg, Windy near the lake. Six inches of snow last night overcame the thaw of this past weekend. Skiers cut the trials today. Will be groomed tomorrow. Tooboats Jake
Good2014-02-20Cloudy, 41 deg. Enough base to support some melting. Getting slippery and some degradation of the trails.Tooboats
Excellent2014-02-19Sunny 39 deg. I thought that it was warm enough today for the snow to get clumpy, but it was smooth as silk. Great conditions and at noon the sun was high enough and the reflection off the snow was strong enough to keep you quite warm. Tooboats Jake
Excellent2014-02-051627 deg, 5" new snow, still snowing, no wind. Track set this morning. Filled in by powder in spots, Skiers have been reopening the tracks as they go around. Excellent day. Going to be a great weekend. New snow expected Sun and Mon.Tooboats Jake
Excellent2014-01-251625 deg and cloudy. Snow yesterday and today. We have pretty much recovered from the Great Thaw. Good track. Fine day Most of Syracuse to the Tug Hill area of NY State have excellent conditionsTooboats Jake
Excellent2014-01-2316Warmer today, 12 deg, partly cloudy, no wind, some snow past few days. Track set. Still not much base but one of the best days of the season so far.Tooboats Jake
Good2014-01-201621 deg partly cloudy. We had some additional snow the past 2 days. Not much base but the trails are groomed. Good skiing.Tooboats
Fair2014-01-180Most snow melted in recent warm spell. Received 6" of unexpected snow today. Not groomed but good skiing on powder.Tooboats Jake
Good2014-01-139 deg F and sunny About 4-5 " powder in the recent storm. 2" base in skier made tracks. Really nice if you have hand warmers. Warmer Wednesday.Tooboats
Good2014-01-0210Snowing now 10 deg. Not much base because of recent thaw. Plenty of powder. Very nice conditions.Tooboats
Fair2014-01-02The Lake Effect snow band finally shifted far enough south to give us some snow during the day on Friday. The was 2-3 inches on the open parts of the trail. Pine Meadow and Three Meadows trails were best. Trails with extensive tree cover did not get much snow. Because the trails are so smooth and carefully groomed here, you only need a little snow to ski. We received a dusting overnight, but I do not expect to improve things much. Driving up to the Tug Hill today. Will report back later.Tooboats
Good2013-12-18Snow a little firmer today. Up to 32 degrees. Nice skiing.Tooboats
Good2013-12-15About 8" of fresh powder. Beautiful day to ski.Tooboats Jake
Good2013-03-23About 6" snow in past two days. Full coverage. Some sticky spots.Too Boats

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