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Highland Forest Park, Fabius, N.Y.

Grooming: Skate and Classic
Lighted? N
Distance: 30k
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Description: 18k of groomed trails not far from Syracuse with lots of elevation differential in an expansive forest park.

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Good2018-03-03Report additional 20" wet snow. Trails groomed.JG
Excellent2018-03-03I have to disagree with the previous report. Snow was not nearly as wet as expected, and skiing was beautiful.
Good2018-03-02Report 9" new snow. Still snowing. Groom tomorrow. Nice weekend ahead.JG
Excellent2018-01-17Freshly groomed and tracked, very nice skiingEL
Good2018-01-13Cold, new snow. Good weekend ahead.Tooboats
Call in sick2018-01-07Skate loops groomed; North, South, and West loops groomed and trackset (even the uphills!)EL
Excellent2017-12-31This is for weekend Jan 6-7. We finally have gotten some snow south of Syracuse. About 8 " new snow. Very cold Saturday. Better Sunday. Lodge open all weekend.Tooboats
Poor2017-12-24Not enough snow to ski. Report sleigh rides open.Tooboats
Fair2017-12-16Reported some trails open. More snow forecast for today. Lodge open with food and sleigh rides.Tooboats
Good2017-02-116" 12" south of Syracuse from the coastal storm and lake effect snow from lake Ontario. All trails groomed. Sledding hill and sleigh rides open. Should be a nice weekend.Tooboats
Good2017-02-03Good day today. About 6-8 inches groomed with set track. Good weekend ahead. Lodge serves food and sleigh rides all weekend.Tooboats
Good2016-11-2228 deg and snowing. Unusual lake effect snow band extending from Lake Ontario down to Fabius - Cortland. Calling for severe snow squals tonite. Most likely good conditions tomorrow and Wednesday.Tooboats
Poor2016-02-19Snow gone for now. Lodge open this weekend. I believe that hay rides will be available.Tooboats
Good2016-02-14A few more inches of powder overnight. Trails rolled. Lodge open. Horse drawn sleighs. Finally a good day!!Tooboats
Poor2016-02-13-2 deg 1-3 inches powder. No ski rentals today. Too far south of Syracuse to have gotten any accumulation of lake effect snow. Hot food in the lodge. Horse drawn sleigh rides Sunday and Monday.Tooboats
Good2016-01-19A big lake effect snow event in progress. Wind from the NW over Lake Ontario is directing snow to the south of Syracuse. 4" - 6" overnight and still snowing today. Trails rolled. No track yet. Expect good skiing through the weekend.Tooboats
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Poor2015-09-02xDUHave you got a telephone directory? Randall
Poor2015-09-02xDUHave you read any good books lately? Liam
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Excellent2015-01-30Finally some real snow! Trails groomed. Great weekend ahead.Tooboats
Poor2015-01-13Only about 1" of snow in recent stormtooboats
Poor2015-01-08No snow. Too far south. Need a frontal weather system to get snow in that part of Central New York. Great Trails. They need snow making equipment.Tooboats
Poor2015-01-02No snow. Too far south for lake effect.Tooboats
Good2014-12-1132Received about 18" snow. Maybe some light snow tomorrow. Highland Forest is a bit too far south for regular lake effect snow. Not as consistent as Tug Hill north of Syracuse. This is a good chance to to ski these beautiful trails. Groomed today. Probably best Saturday, warmer Sunday. Hot food in the lodge this weekend.Tooboats
Good2014-03-1432Wednesday's snow brought 10" - 12". Trails groomed. Some trails ungroomed for backwoods skiing. Its going to be a good weekend, warm today and tomorrow. This is the the last weekend for food service in the lodge. Also, last weekend for the horse drawn sleigh rides. And, on a really ominous note, they posted the hiking trail map for download on the website.Tooboats
Good2014-03-0532Light snow, 20 deg. Occasional snow has been keeping the trails covered. Track was a bit ragged today from the big crowds this past weekend. Usually pretty lonely on the trails on weekdays. Horse drawn sleigh rides and hot food at the lodge on weekends. Tooboats Jake
Excellent2014-02-1132Cloudy, 12 deg, light snow. Fabius is a little too far south to get lake effect snow from Lake Ontario, but there has been considerable snow from the coastal storms of the last few weeks. Wonderful skiing today today. Trails groomed and track set. Some trails left ungroomed to enjoy backwoods skiing. Conditions reported daily on the Facebook page, Really nice lodge. Hot food on weekends.Tooboats Jake

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