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Four Seasons Trail, Madawaska, Maine

Grooming: Skate and Classic
Lighted? N
Distance: 20k
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Description: Trails in Madawaska on the Canadian Border have hosted high level ski races, in partnership with the MWSC

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Excellent2018-12-0114About 14km open with a 5" base. Trails open with very good conditions since Nov. 20. Another 3" to 6" on the way tonight. Classic track is excellent as well. No rock skis needed here!
Excellent2017-04-15Trails groomed for skate.
Excellent2017-04-159kmTrails groomed for skate.
Excellent2016-12-14Classic and Skate conditions are excellent.
Excellent2016-04-0210Survived the rain nicely. Mixed granular surface. Some branch debris from ice/snow, but overall excellent conditions. See webcam for visual.CVJ
Excellent2016-03-1710k4 inches of fresh powder from yesterday groomed to perfection. 12" base.
Excellent2016-03-018" of Fresh Powder. Groomed this morningCVJ
Excellent2016-03-018" of Fresh Powder. Groomed this morning
Excellent2016-02-2710kSkate Lane touched up this evening. Classic track is very good.
Excellent2016-02-0810kFreshly groomed this morning! Great classic track and skate lane.
Excellent2016-02-0210kSkate lane was scuffed up with the ginzu and very solid and fast. Classic track was icy. Probably a 6 to 8" base.CVJ
Poor2015-08-05BQUWould you like a receipt? Kaylee
Poor2015-08-05BQUWhere do you live? Buford
Poor2015-08-05BQUWhere do you live? Armando
Poor2015-08-05BQUHow long have you lived here? Claude
Poor2015-08-05BQUNice to meet you Rafael
Poor2015-08-05BQUYes, I play the guitar Roberto
Poor2015-08-05BQUI want to make a withdrawal Odell
Poor2015-08-05BQUIn tens, please (ten pound notes) Peter
Poor2015-08-05BQUYes, I play the guitar Trinidad
Excellent2012-01-10Outstanding conditions, fresh hard packed powder, great classic track and skate lane.CVJ

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