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Orono Schools, Orono, Maine

Grooming: Skate and Classic
Lighted? N
Distance: 5k
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Description: Trails at Orono High School

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Good2019-03-063Re-set classic tracks. Groomed Asa Hill. Wind is blowing in tracks in the fields. Watch out for branches. Should be firm enough for bikes by morning.kpv
Good2019-03-053Good skiing. A little soft for bikes. Tracks all around. No Asa hill.kpv
Excellent2019-02-223Tracks set all around. No Asa hill.kpv
Fair2019-02-062+The fields are done for now but there is a skiable loop beginning on the far side of the baseball field. Some really hairball icy sections near the big blow down. Especially the sharp corner at the bottom of the second hill. No classic tracks Ski with care.kpv
Good2019-02-032.5Classic track are fair or maybe not even. Kpv
Good2019-02-032.5Classic track are fair or maybe not even. Kpv
Fair2019-02-033Between the random snowmobile driving on the tracks, horses, and boot traffic the loop is pretty beat down. Please remind other users to be kind to the tracks.kpv
Good2019-02-022.5Get it before it gets boot stomped. Skating is pretty good. Bikes should be fine. No classic tracks. Will try to set track tomorrow am.kpv
Fair2019-01-312No classic tracks set. Icy spots all over. Ski with care.kpv
Fair2019-01-213Better for classic in the woods . Still a bit soft and punchy.kpv
Fair2018-01-182Groomed 1-18 am. Packed powder over an ice layer, so keep that in mind. Still waiting for logging to finish before we can get in the woods.Dan P
Excellent2016-01-175Groomed for both skate and classic. Soft but great conditions. Marek Skacel
Good2015-03-161KGroomed just the oval behind the schools and out to the football field. After getting mired down I decided just to run over the oval several timesJSG
Fair2015-03-104.5Groomed the skate lanes; too hard for our simple drag, but cosmetically an improvement. Left the hard tracks for the classic klister lovers out there. Come on, blue hard wax conditions couldn't last forever! Asa playground is a bit of a mess, as expected, and lots of tree debris in the woods, but should be great spring skiing for a while.Eric
Excellent2015-03-055Groomed full loop with wide skate lane and classic track with Marek and Karen. Should be fast skatingJSG
Good2015-03-024.5Groomed for skate and classic. Wind was really blowing tonight so open fields will be blown in by morning, but the loop through the forest should stay very nice.Eric
Excellent2015-02-25allAll groomed 2/5/15 for skate and classic. Great everywhere! Enjoy!Dan P
Good2015-02-23The fields are pretty blown over and the woods have 1-2" of powder. Not much debris in the trails yet. Pretty decent skate skiing and I think classic would be pretty good in the powder as well.Jeremy
Good2015-02-236Agree with Jeremy. The couple of inches of new powder was no major hinderance to skating in the woods. It was a little wind-blown and deeper in the athletic fields so we stayed in the woods.JSG
Good2015-02-224.5Groomed all for skating. No tracks set. It was cold by the time I got out there so not packed as well as I'd hoped; likely a bit soft for a while.Eric
Good2015-02-18allGroomed everything out and did a bit of pruning along the edges. No major branches or sticks left in the trail. No classic tracks set. More snow tomorrow!Dan P.
Good2015-02-177KSkated the loop. The woods have a lot of small twigs and brush down but are pretty nice. There is a lot of drifting in the fields on the way to the woods, some of which is a little deep and may stop you. I just skated laps in the woods and had fun!JSG
Excellent2015-02-10allEverything groomed for skate and classic! Excellent says it all! Dan P.
Good2015-02-094Packed for skating and set classic tracks on lower open fields tonight; didn't make it across the football field or around the forest loop.Eric
Fair2015-02-08Needs some packing to firm up the base you sink in to much for skating.Skater
Call in sick2015-02-04allGroomed 2-4-14. Unbelievable - not much more to say. Skate and classic, tracks set everywhere. Enjoy!Dan P
Excellent2015-01-284Groomed 1-28. Awesome conditions all around. Set tracks everywhere. Only place to watch out is where the access road to the football field crosses the trail - most of the snow blew off in that area. Dan P
Fair2015-01-124Groomed 1/12/15. Conditions are almost "good" but snowpack is still a little low for the woods to be graded anything better than fair. Decent skiing all around, but you do need to watch for a few rocks, roots and twigs in the woods, particularly under the hemlocks. Enjoy!Dan P
Excellent2015-00-014Groomed for classic and skate 1-28. All good except use caution where trail crosses access road to football field as much of the snow was blown off by the wind. Enjoy! May reset tracks later on if wind dies down.Dan p
Fair2014-12-07<1Hey everyone! If you're dying to ski, there are 3 short (400m) loops on the fields. Rain this week sure to wash it away, but maybe sneak in a few after work laps on Monday?Dan
Excellent2014-03-154Freshly groomed for skating across the full width of the trail. Went out when it was raining this morning. Staying in the woods it was fairly well packed and good for skating. The fields were much softer and poles punched in deeply so be careful. Don't know how today's warm weather will leave things; it might be pretty firm or glazed with cold weather tonight.J Graham
Excellent2014-03-134Groomed 3-13-14 for skate only. BEAUTIFUL. A few branches and saplings bent over into the trail, but are avoidable.
Dan P.
Good2014-03-094Groomed 3-9-14. Pretty good. fast. excellent coverage, but a bit bumpy in places where walkers have been out. Overall quite decent.Dan P.
Fair2014-02-265KSkated the Orono HS loop 4 times. It is hard packed to very hard packed. You can get an edge to skate in most places but the trail is rutted in the direction of travel either from the sled or classic skiers making it interesting in places. The downhills are snow-plowable if necessary though. Hopefully some new snow and a re-groom will soften things up a bit. J Graham
Good2014-02-243.5Groomed 2-24-14. Lots of boot prints and the like from the recent warm weather and rain. The trails held up surprisingly well. Groomed everything except the Asa hill. Should be great skating - no classic tracks set. Will be fast, but good coverage.Dan P.
Excellent2014-02-17The whole Orono HS loop is excellent. We skated but the classic tracks looked perfect too. Conditions are just soft enough for old knees!J Graham
Call in sick2014-02-164Groomed 2-16-14 pm. Beautiful out there - best conditions of the season! Classic tracks set all around. Plenty of room to skate as well. Lots of snow makes it easier to groom wide. Enjoy!Dan P.
Good2014-02-154Groomed last night (2-14). Skate skiing is not good at all. Couldn't break up all the crusties from the rain yesterday. Classic skiing is quite good. Track set everywhere. Moonlight ski tonight 5-9pm - come join the fun! Dan P.
Good2014-02-074Groomed 2/7/14. Added classic tracks. Double tacked with skating land in fields and on Asa loop. Single track in woods loop. In a few places, coverage (and tracks) in the woods should be rated "fair". Everything else "excellent". All ready for our 4pm race today.Dan P.
Good2014-02-064Groomed everything 2-6-14. Pretty good conditions all around. A few places are a bit bumpy in the woods (generally under tight tree cover where it was icy before the most recent snow). Fields and Asa loop are great. Hope to set tracks tomorrow - probably only fields and Asa loop.Dan P.
Poor2014-02-032Fields and areas under hardwoods in the forest are great. Areas under softwoods in the forest are icy, rocky and covered in debris. Looking forward to snow on Wednesday!Dan P
Fair2014-01-273Groomed from the practice football field around the woods loop. Conditions are highly variable. Some sections are excellent, some have roots and dirt poking though. Definitely have to be careful - and I wouldn't use your good skis. I may try to get out and shovel snow on the worst patches tomorrow. The skiing will be very fast when the snow sets up. Asa loop and field near soccer rink are not groomed and generally unskiable. No tracks set anywhere. Dan P
Poor2014-01-20<1Thanks to everyone who came out and shoveled today at Orono Schools! The result is a fairly decent 800m section that has tracks set for classic skiing. However, you SHOULD NOT SKI DOWN the hill towards Asa Adams/ playground. The bottom is very dirty/icy/wet. You can walk to the bottom and ski up if you want to work on the hills. Other than this area, there's not great skiing yet. We need more snow before it's worth grooming.Dan P
Poor2014-01-06<1The rain wreaked havoc on the trails. Very icy in all open areas. Quite icy (and lots of debris) in the woods. Skiing generally not recommended until we get more snow. There is newly groomed 150m skate loop and 125m classic lane on the south side of the football stadium that are decent, but will really only be sufficient for the school teams to work on technique. No chance of getting an actual workout in. Dan P
Excellent2014-01-034Groomed tonight for skating only due to rain event predicted for Monday. Get out and enjoy the warmer temps this weekend! We plan to groom late Monday / early Tuesday to clean up after the rain. Please do your best (and encourage others) to stay off all of the trails on Monday so we don't get huge icy ruts.
Dan P
Excellent2013-12-314Groomed this morning. Probably a bit soft, but overall in great shape. Cut most of the limbs that would hit you in the face leftover from the ice storm, but a few may remain. Feel free to clip when you go ski.Dan P
Fair2013-12-274Coverage is good. However, lots of overhanging limbs are now at body level due to the ice. Also, lots of walkers during / shortly after the ice storm has made the base quite uneven.Dan P
Good2013-12-174All groomed out this morning. Only a few small sticks and rocks pointing out on the edges. Overall, very good for December. No tracks set... not quite enough white stuff yet.Dan P
Good2013-12-164/4Packed out 12/16/13... Will drag tomorrow morning. Pre-Xmas skiing in Bangor? Awesome!Dan P
Good2013-01-08All conditions updates will be done through or our facebook page "Penobscot Valley Ski Club"Dan
Poor2013-01-07The rain wreaked havoc on the trails. Very icy in all open areas. Quite icy (and lots of debris) in the woods. Skiing generally not recommended until we get more snow. There is newly groomed 150m skate loop and 125m classic lane on the south side of the football stadium that are decent, but will really only be sufficient for the school teams to work on technique. No chance of getting an actual workout in.Dan P

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