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University of Maine, Orono, Maine

Grooming: Skate and Classic
Lighted? N
Distance: 10k
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Description: The University of Maine's Orono campus has several miles of multi-use trails in and around the campus and through the forest. This trail is south of Stillwater Avenue.

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Poor2018-01-21Snow was fast but trails were very rough, post-holed. Could definitely be groomed on a soft day like today (cough cough)James
Good2017-02-10Trails in woods were great. No tracks set for classic. Some debris blown on trail. Stay off corn field- really icy and wind blown.MBG
Fair2016-12-31A big thanks to the groomers for clearing all the trees that came down and working with tough conditions. That said, the trails are hard/icy and rutted from where where the snowmobile skids sunk in. Heart Attack Hill (watch out for the standing water near the bottom) and the big road are the best. Crust skating on the athletic fields is also great. Greg Harkay
Good2015-08-15usACould you ask her to call me? Zackary
Good2015-08-15usAInsufficient funds Diva
Good2015-08-15usAA book of First Class stamps Ryan
Good2015-08-15usAWhat part of do you come from? Conrad
Good2015-08-15usAThis is your employment contract Kristopher
Good2015-08-15usACould I make an appointment to see ? Cedrick
Good2015-08-15usADirectory enquiries Nicky
Poor2015-03-11SiDHow much will it cost to send this letter to ? Brian
Poor2015-03-11SiDAn accountancy practice Caden
Poor2015-03-11SiDSpecial Delivery Eva
Poor2015-03-11SiDI live in London Grant
Good2015-02-1610kVery good conditions for all the wind and blowing snow. Lots of small branches down many of which I tried to clear. The 1-2 inches of new snow were great to ski on. Stayed in the woods on 3,8,9,Pinkham Rd, and 7.JSG
Excellent2015-02-0610+Excellent skating on cold packed powder. Most of it has classic tracks set also. Slightly soft in places and a little slow from the cold snow. The race loop for Sunday is widely groomed and packed the best.JSG
Excellent2015-02-0110+Virtually all trails packed down for skating. Still a little soft because of all the snow this past week. They appear to be grooming the loop that will be raced this weekend (the Black Bear race) Suspect they will continue packing this down after today's storm tooJSG
Good2015-01-050Not grromed but lovely classic skiing. Great snow coverageFMS
Fair2014-02-26Skated a short way on 3 from the rec center. It is hard packed with a lot of foot traffic on it. Going straight (past the turn for 3) to the corn fields was treacherous and also had a lot of foot divots in it. The snow in the fields, off the trail was OK for "crust cruising" Would wait for more snow and/or grooming. JCG
Excellent2014-02-06>10The trails are nicely groomed after the recent snow in preparation for the race this Sunday. Almost all skate lanes are wide and much of it has packed classic tracks on one side although I didn't use them. Conditions are packed well enough to skate but not hard, so it is a joy to ski them. 3, 8, 9, Pinkam Rd, 7, and the cornfields were good to excellent. Another skier indicated the farm hill was still a bit narrow, but they may be widening that even later today. I suspect conditions will only get better as people ski on the trails and they continue to pack them with the groomer.J Graham
Poor2014-01-08Rock hard and treacherous. Pray for snow!BVicary
Good2013-12-28Conditions are fair to good including Pinkham Rd,3, 8,9 and the loop behind the credit union. It is newer snow on top of a firm base. There are no set classic tracks and the trails are best where they have been skate-skied. We skate-skied about 10K and had a good ski. Just stay were you see it has been groomed before or is flat.J Graham

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