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10th Mountain Ski Center, Fort Kent, Maine

Grooming: Skate and Classic
Lighted? Y
Distance: 25k
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Description: Trails in Fort Kent have hosted international biathlon competitions and have 25k of skiing from November to April. Lighted loops, and rollerskiing available in the summer.

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Excellent2015-10-28rqJreal beauty page Edmund
Excellent2015-10-28rqJWill I get travelling expenses? Dominic
Excellent2015-10-28rqJIs there ? Rupert
Excellent2015-10-28rqJDo you have any exams coming up? Dannie
Excellent2015-10-28rqJPhotography Wendell
Excellent2015-10-28rqJWe went to university together Alexandra
Excellent2015-10-28rqJHow do you do? Julio
Fair2013-12-124kmEarly season skiing but the roller-ski loop is excellent for skating. There are a few rough and icy spots in the stadium from the last freeze thaw but good coverage in the woods. There are a few decent sections off the roller-ski loop but its bumpy bc of the thin cover.Paul
Excellent2013-01-0626Dan Chasse
Excellent2012-12-3125All 25km of trails are in great shapeJeff D
Good2012-12-2926Dan Chasse
Good2012-12-2018-20 inches of fresh snow! By the X-mass weekend, this will be unbelievably good early season skiing!Dan Chasse
Excellent2012-01-19Groomed for North Amer. Biathlon championships. Unbelievable skate conditions. Should be excellent for next week's Frostbit 40/20 K marathon (citizen's race), especially after this week's fresh snow and a bit more forecast for thus weekend!Dan Chasse
Excellent2012-01-1220/25 K groomedExcellent skate conditions. Groomed packed powder. Classic tracks improving as snow depth increases. Still, the best snow in the East right now! Biathlon and Green bean loops are fantastic! Violette's loop still need s a bit more snow Another 4 in. promised for tonight.Dan Chasse

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