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Osceola Tug HIll, Osceola, N.Y.

Grooming: Skate and Classic
Lighted? N
Distance: 40k
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Description: Rolling trails on the Tug Hill Plateau are in a prime location to catch feet of snow, often skiing from November to April.

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Good2018-11-25Very good skiing yesterday, not quite as good today with warmer temps and some light rain. Still, rock skis are unnecessary and forecast is for colder temps and heavy snow Tues-Wed.EL
Good2018-04-10Still plenty of snow for the most part, with a few thin and bare spots in the usual places. Groomed and trackset over the weekend.EL
Good2018-02-27Decent spring conditionsEL
Excellent2017-12-28All trails groomed and trackset. Very slow because of the cold, but great classic skiing.
Call in sick2017-12-17All trails on south side groomed and trackset. Outstanding classic skiing! Skateable too, but a little soft
Fair2017-12-10Osceola reports snow. Snow forecast all of this week.Tooboats
Fair2017-12-106" new snow on no base. All trails rolled; the snow is compacting nicely. Rock skis advisable.EL
Good2017-04-02A few bare spots but overall nice spring skiingEL
Excellent2017-03-18All trails groomed and trackset. Still a little soft, but a gorgeous day and really nice skiing.
Excellent2017-03-04Sunny,cold,and 10-12 cm new snow. Great skiing!EL
Good2017-02-2740 deg partly cloudy Still 13" base after warm spell. Surprisingly good conditions. Warm Wednesday with much cooler temps on the weekend.Tooboats
Excellent2017-02-20Still tons of snow. All trails groomed and trackset. Spring conditions yesterday, firmer and faster today.EL
Good2017-01-22Good spring skiing. Full coverage on all trails.EL
Excellent2017-01-16Loose granular slowly transitioning to sugar made for amazing skating and great klister skiing. All trails groomed and trackset this morning. EL
Good2017-01-14Good skating on a loose granular surface. Tracks were shallow but skied nicely with old Toko viola klister.EL
Good2017-01-05The lake effect band stayed well north so there was just a bit of new snow. But all trails were groomed and the skating was very nice. And fast! No tracks set today.EL
Call in sick2016-12-30Lots of new snow. South side freshly groomed and trackset.EL
Excellent2016-12-28A little new snow, all trails groomed and trackset. Silky smooth skating.EL
Good2016-12-21Very good skiing. Full coverage, all trails groomed and trackset. Fast!EL
Excellent2016-12-14Bright beautiful partly cloudy day today. Very few skiers. Big snow on the way tonight.Tooboats
Excellent2016-12-11All trails groomed and tracked. A fine extra blue day!EL
Good2016-12-09Lake effect snow in progress 8" - 10" trails groomed. High School Tournament today. Great weekend ahead.Tooboats
Good2016-11-20Snow reported today with 5" by tomorrow morning. Skiing tomorrow for sure. Closed Tue - Fri for holiday.Tooboats
Excellent2016-01-17A few additional inches overnight. Trails groomed track set. Took 6 beginners and Hugh was quite helpful getting them fitted with rental skis. I tried some wider and shorter skis which worked quite well. Big snow for the next few days.Tooboats
Good2016-01-0228 deg. More snow today. Nice crowd from youngest to oldest (me). Snow just a bit sticky. The onion soup and pizza at the Osceola Hotel was pretty good too.Tooboats
Good2016-01-0212" new snow last night. Still snowing. Good weekend ahead.Tooboats
Good2015-12-20About 30 deg today. 20" snow total. Groomed trails. Just a little bit sticky. Unfortunately warm weather with rain next week.Tooboats
Good2015-12-1913" so far. Still snowing. Packed trails. Hope to get up there tomorrow.Tooboats
Excellent2015-01-0340Beautiful day! All trails groomed, track set. It started snowing at 2:00 PM, making it a winter wonderland. Unfortunately it began raining at 4:00. It will be quite warm Sunday, in the 40's. Snow every day next week.Tooboats
Good2015-01-02Snowing now. 20 inches last three days. Packed powder. Tends to get too powdery when it is snowing, Saturday will be excellent. Sunday may get into the 40's Tooboats
Good2014-11-2240Blink. Welcome back to winter!! Lake effect snow usually results in a narrow band of intense snow. This week's storm in upstate New York dumped 30 inches of snow on Osceola. Trails were groomed for the weekend and we had a nice morning and early afternoon. Unfortunately temps rose and we got sleet and rain after 2. Warmer tomorrow and 65 deg Monday.Tooboats
Excellent2014-04-0640Bright sun, 40 deg. About 2 ft of base remains. Thin ice on surface in the AM makes the trails kind of slick. Melting as the day goes on creates excellent spring conditions.Tooboats Jake
Excellent2014-03-27Cloudy, 30 deg. Forecasted warm air did not arrive from the south until late in the day. Very nice skiing. good track and skate surface. A little slick in spots. Temperatures will be higher than freezing for at least the next week. Will be open for sure until 4/12, perhaps the 19 th. Depends on how long it takes the base to melt. Over 300" for the season.Tooboats Jake
Good2014-02-24Snow, heavy at times, 19 Deg. Lake effect snow predicted until Tuesday night. If you like powder, come and get it. 6" - 8" powder on all trails. Tooboats Jake
Excellent2014-02-0340Plenty of snow. Packed powder surface with set track and skating lane. Always well groomed. Small lodge with big wood stove and snacks available. Large stock of skis to rent and purchase. Nearby bar/restaurant and gas. Photo below is Malloy trail at the creek.
Excellent2014-01-044020 deg and sunny. Beautiful day. All trails groomed. Best day so far.Tooboats Jake
Excellent2014-01-0340What a beautiful day! All trails groomed, track set. It started snowing at 2:00 PM, making it a winter wonderland. Unfortunately it began raining at 4:00. It will be quite warm Sunday, in the 40'sTooboats
Excellent2013-12-2840Over 100 inches of snow this year. All trails groomed. Great day.Tooboats Jake
Good2013-04-150Last day that we are open for the ski season. 99% plus of the trails open. We close every year on the 15th of April regardless of the amount of snow that remains. Good conditions especially for 4/15. I want to thank all those who have skied here this year. Disc golf grand opening the weekend of June 1. for info go to www.uxcski.comHugh Quinn
Good2013-04-1303 days to our closing at the end of the day 04/15/13. Base is 3 to 8 inches, spring conditions where some of the snow in the shade is hard and exposed areas soft. southern exposure hills need a careful approach and I have at least 3 culverts that need to be stepped over. $5 trail fees - 30% chance of rain Sat - Sunday looks better - Monday looks great for weather.Hugh Quinn
Good2013-04-1040k still open. For the first time in months it is best to use an older pair of skis. All the trails have coverage, but some of the southern exposure hills are beginning to get icy and narrow.Hugh Quinn
Good2013-04-09still holding in there. spring conditions on a 8 to 12 inch base. Looks like no problem making our closing date of April 15th, but we might be getting to rock ski conditions in the next day or so. Currently you can still ski with new skisHugh Quinn
Good2013-04-06Excellent late winter skiing here on Saturday. With the rain coming this week, I am not sure how much longer he can hold the base. Get it while you can! nordicwoman
Good2013-04-044040k graded for skating with shallow set track. Spring skiing. Firmer in the morning. softer in the afternoon. 18 to 24 inch baseHugh Quinn
Excellent2013-04-0340Mid season snow and a 2 foot plus base. Winter weather for Wednesday and warmer for the end of the week into the weekendHugh Quinn
Excellent2013-03-31Remarkably good spring skiingToo Boats
Excellent2013-03-27Spring has finally arrived in the skiing. 3 to 4 foot base - set track and skating with the snow conditions changing hourly as the temperature rise and than fallHugh Quinn
Excellent2013-03-224031 inches of snow in the last 4 days. 40k open for classic and softer snow skatingHugh Quinn
Good2013-03-18We have a 18 to 28 inch base with new snow 3 of the last 4 days and snow predicted 4 of the next 5 days with upper 20's projected for daytime highs. I have run the Osceola XC Ski Ctr for 32 years and this has to rank in the top 10% for skiing conditions in mid to late march. We usually have skiable snow until our winter closing date of April 15th and this year it appears to be no problem for skiing into mid April.Hugh Quinn
Excellent2013-03-14405 inches of dry snow overnight and snow showers currently. 40k groomed for skate and set track. 18 to 28 inch base.Hugh Quinn
Good2013-03-1040Spring conditions on a 24 to 30 inch base. Predicted high Sunday is 46 and mostly cloudy before turning colder and snow mid week. 40k open for skate and classicHugh Quinn
Excellent2013-03-10These were excellent spring conditions. But with the temperature in the mid 50's, these were most definitely spring conditions. Coverage was excellent.
Excellent2013-03-064040k of set track and skate lanes. 30 inch plus baseHugh Quinn
Good2013-02-282 inches of high moisture snow overnight on a 30 inch plus base. Staying off the trails with the groomer until the snow dries out some. Snow showers and cooler temperatures in the hourly forecast for the next 36 hours. Weekend has the same forecast with highs in the mid 20's.Hugh Quinn
Excellent2013-02-2640excellent set track and skating south side of the road. north side is good skiing on packed trailsHugh Quinn
Good2013-02-24south side of the road is very good. skate and set track. North side still skied in tracks on 24 inches plus of powder. hard to get up if you fall because the snow is still to soft. Uneven from skiers who have ventured into the powder. Hope to be able to get up the hills Monday on the north side.Hugh Quinn
Excellent2013-02-214034 inches of snow in the last 36 hours. Lake effect has finally ended and you can see stars. Excellent snow conditions, trails are packed with skied in tracks. Way to soft for skating.Hugh Quinn
Excellent2013-02-1940great snow and a 20 to 28 inch base. Warming today with mixed precipitaion and lake effect overnight and into tomorrow. 40k set track and skatingHugh Quinn
Excellent2013-02-16Lots of snow, no ice, good base with some fresh topping. Nicely groomed near Wart Road... Winona Way. a beautiful day, even if it was Saturday. Thanks to the groomers and all support people. we drove 2.5 hours to get there, stayed in a motel,.... So we were psyched.Cathy Garrison
Excellent2013-02-144040k of trails on 12 to 20 inch base. north side a little soft for skating. excellent set track entire system.Hugh Quinn
Excellent2013-02-1140Trails are in excellent shape. mixed precipitation Monday AM before switching back to all snow later in the day. Snow in forecast 3 of the next 5 days. With a 12 to 24 inch base we are in good shape to make it to our normal April 15th closing date. High School section 3 races Wednesday and Friday starting at 3:30PMHugh Quinn
Good2013-02-0840Loose granular skate and set track on 40k. Weekend looks good with lots of snow on the trails and warmer spring like conditionsHugh Quinn
Call in sick2013-02-0640About 20 inches of dry snow over the last 4 days since the last warm spell. excellent set track and skating conditions on entire 40k groomed trail.Hugh Quinn
Excellent2013-02-0640correction - hit wrong general conditions comment - excellent conditions not call in sickHugh Quinn
Good2013-02-0440We have a 30 inch plus base with set track and skating lanes. All the trails are full width and fun but faster than normal due to the number of skiers over the weekend and 3 days of above normal temperatures last week and below normal over the weekend. Snow showers and mid 30's predicted first part of this week.Hugh Quinn
Excellent2013-02-0240We are caught up up the new snow and have 40k groomed for skate and classic. Section 3 High School skate race from 9:30AM to 11AM on south side of road. 50% of south side available for open skiing on the south side and 100% on the north side before 11AM. Everything open after 11AMHugh Quinn
Good2013-02-014016 inches of fresh snow overnight. soft conditions - should be good by tomorrow Hugh Quinn
Excellent2013-01-26404 nights is a row with double digit minus temperatures and 25 inches of snow in the last 4 days. Excellent conditions for skate and classic on whole 40k. 12 to 20 inch base. High of 19 today, similar for Sunday. Looks to be a good weekend coming up.Hugh Quinn
Good2013-01-2322 inches of snow yesterday, 28 inches over last 2 days. I left km groomed blank and will be trying to get whole 40k packed. At 20 below at the moment (6:21AM) and a high of around 5 predicted - its a case where I will get as much done as possible. no skating, no set track but lots of powderHugh Quinn
Good2013-01-2040windy and snowy for today. Starting in the mid 30's and dropping to the low 20's. will get faster as temperature drops. not the best day for weather, but a fair amount of snow predicted.Hugh Quinn
Excellent2013-01-1740After 2 days of grooming with an Alpina we are easily in the very good skiing range. Added a couple of inches of fresh snow overnight and we have excellent conditions of skate and set track on a 4 to 12 inch base on 40k.Hugh Quinn
Good2013-01-154040k groomed of skating and set track. loose granular on a 4 - 8 inch base. not virgin white snow with small twigs and pine needles, but still skiable with good skis.Hugh Quinn
Good2013-01-12warm conditions. still lots of snow. set track from yesterday. good conditions Saturday, expect some scattered showers Sunday before winter returns early next week. With mid 40's Saturday - waxless skis may be the choice vs klister.Hugh
Excellent2013-01-104015 inch base with snow that is still on the soft side. Excellent set tracks and very good skating on entire 40k of trails. 30 plus inches in the woodsHugh Quinn
Excellent2013-01-0612 to 15 inch packed base. Full 40k in operation with set track and skate lanesHugh
Good2013-01-03lake effect snow left 10 inches of dry fluffy snow in a matter of 2 1/2 hours after grooming yesterday. will pack everything this morning. Beautiful snow covered trees and soft snow. very fun for classic. A little more work for skatingHugh Quinn
Excellent2013-01-0140excellent track and very good skating on 40k. 8-12 inch base with 30 inches plus in the woodsHugh Quinn
Excellent2012-12-294040k in excellent shape. 6-8 inch base. set track and skating. with 30 inches of snow in the last 4 days - beautiful snow covered trees, so a few low hanging branches Hugh Quinn
Good2012-12-2740Osceola Tug Hill XC Ski: We have received 30 inches of snow in the last five days. Last nights "major storm" with 10 inches ranks third is 24 hour snowfalls for this season. 40k open. We will be on the soft side for skiing todayHugh Quinn
Excellent2012-12-2640Complete system is groomed. 40K with a 5 to 8 inch base. we are setting track with the exception of the downhills and under some evergreensHugh Quinn
Good2012-12-23Osceola Tug Hill XC: another 6-8 inches during the day yesterday and overnight. Still some downed trees to remove so we are staying with the 20k fully groomed and the remaining 20k skiable but more workHugh Quinn
Good2012-12-2315Lots of snow up in Osceola. It was mostly cloudy when we were there and the skate lanes were soft (no classic tracks). A couple of wet spots, but otherwise fine skiing, if a bit lumpy and uneven. It was slow in the morning and got a little faster in the afternoon. Trails north of the road were skier-tracked. Winter wonderland scenery, and more snow tonight!
Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Good2012-12-22we picked up 10 inches overnight and still snowing briskly. 20MPH winds. Will get as much of the trail system packed as possible. target is 20k, it may be as much as the full 40k. Weather Sunday looks the better of days for the weekend.Hugh Quinn
Poor2012-12-21we picked up an inch of snow overnight. not enough to ski yet but all forecast have snow starting again this afternoon and than snowing throughout the weekend. Several ? inches by forecast. I do expect to be open for early season skiing SaturdayHugh Quinn
Poor2012-12-030we have closed trails currently, reopen with some new snowHugh
Good2012-12-0139one inch dusting on top of a 1 to 4 inch base. 39 of 40k open with just a minimum of rocks that have melted through. Lower 30's and cloudy. No set tracks yet, but a nice ski.Hugh
Excellent2012-11-2839we picked up another 5 inches overnight. 39k packed and rolled. No set track yet but with a 2-5 inch base skiing is very good Hugh Quinn
Good2012-11-2720The Tug Hill got over a foot of snow and Hugh at OTH was out packing down his trails for the early season crowd. I skated with some young, enthusiastic skiers that I'm coaching and we had a great afternoon on the trails. The 15" of snow in the woods has packed down to a 2-4" base and it was good enough for me to be on my good skis. Its been quite warm so the base is a little soft but it should hold up for a few days and there is more snow in the forecast. Good November skiing!Jesse Crandall
Good2012-11-2739no tracks yet but nice skiing on a 1-4 inch base. 39 of 40k packed and rolledHugh
Fair2012-11-25I skied classic for about an hour and half on 2-4 in of fresh snow at Osceola Tug Hill Nordic Center. Hugh had the shop open and there were a few brave skiers there enjoying the early season conditions. We skied on the south side trails. There was grass poling through pretty much everywhere, and plenty of rocks, but the snow was gliding well and with just a few more inches, they can start packing the trails which are free of debris and ready for the winter. It was a great first ski of the year on fair early season conditions.Jesse Crandall
Poor2012-03-150last weekend of skiing for the diehards. I expect 25-30k skiable with spots where you will need to remove skis. All the hills are done. Expect to walk 15% of the time on the trails if you do the entire system. Sections where you should be able to ski up to 2k with no ground in sight. Closing for skiing after Sunday at 5PMHugh Quinn
Fair2012-03-13038k open for spring skiing. Most of the southern exposure hills are unskiabale. snow depths on trail run from 3-8 inches with some areas quite good and some areas (hills) bare or icy patches.Hugh Quinn
Excellent2012-03-09405 inches of new snow today on top of 6 to 10 inch base. 40k of skate and set tracks. Saturday partly cloudy and 30 degrees, Sunday mostly sunny and in the 50'sHugh Quinn
Excellent2012-03-0540Last 10 days like a normal winter with snow 5 out of the 10 days. 40k open for skate and set track. Warm mid week and cooling end of week. weekend looks sunny and warm. 8-12 inch base.Hugh Quinn
Excellent2012-03-02408-10 inches of new snow yesterday on a 10 to 14 inch base. 40k open for skate and classic. Wet weather overnight tonight(Friday) and drying up for Saturday. Some wind Saturday, but warmer and than snow Saturday night into Sunday. Looks to be a very nice weekend for skiingHugh Quinn
Excellent2012-02-2740good coverage on the entire 40k. set track and skating lanes are just like a normal winter. 6-12 inch baseHugh Quinn
Excellent2012-02-25406" new snow overnight, 10" in the last 48. excellent classic tracks. full 40k groomed for skate and classic. On the soft side for the skater's that like harder granular snow.Hugh Quinn
Excellent2012-02-23403 inches of snow each of the last 2 nights. 40k open with wet snow currently for skate and classic. lake effect and colder saturday (31 degrees) Sunny for Sunday. Looks to be an excellent weekend for skiingHugh Quinn
Excellent2012-02-2140all 40k open. 3 to 8 inch base. skating excellent, classic track good. hills are fast. 2 inches fresh snow came Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.Hugh Quinn
Excellent2012-02-1740entire 40k open and good conditions for skate and classic. 4-8 inch base, new snow overnight and snow predicted Saturday afternoon. Sunny for SundayHugh Quinn
Excellent2012-02-1540Fresh snow each of the last 3 days. a little soft for skating but still good and classic tracks are very nice. snow than rain and than snow predicted today and more snow Friday, & Saturday. Looks to be a great weekend for skiing.Hugh Quinn
Excellent2012-02-13407-8 inches fresh snow on 40k of groomed trails. 3 to 8 inch base before the new snow. classic is excellant, skating a little soft today- should be fine by tommorow.Hugh Quinn
Good2012-02-1040A dusting of snow overnight. Not enought to get the hills good yet. 40k open with loose granular and a few icy patches. good skating, fair classic, good coverage except the hills that have been snowplowed heavily. all hills skiable uphill. A few of the hills caution should be used going downhillHugh Quinn
Good2012-02-0840hanging in there. 40k open with a 2-8 inch base. good skating and set tracks at about half there normal depths. Hills are snowplowed heavilyHugh Quinn
Good2012-02-0640WOW - winter of weird. 40K still open with tracks and skating lane. a little soft with the warmer temperatures (38 to 40 while skiing). Still good coverage with some of the hills heavily snowplowed but skiable. Snow predicted for the end of the week and thankfully cooler temps.Hugh Quinn
Good2012-02-04402 inches fresh snow on a 3-10 inch base. 40k open with skate and set track. some hills are still hardpacked from skiers snowplowing. Hugh Quinn
Fair2012-02-0240100% of trails open (40k)- 70% quite good, 25% fairly good and 5% icy. Even trails that are good are loose granular, not the packed powder that is the norm. skate is the best option, but classic also availableHugh Quinn
Excellent2012-01-2940excellent set track and full 40k for skate and classic. 6-10 inch base. 1 inch fresh overnight mixed in with existing snow - packed powderHugh Quinn
Good2012-01-2740After rain all morning we have switched over to snow with 2-3 inches so far this afternoon and still snowing. good coverage with set track and skate lane on all 40kHugh Quinn
Good2012-01-2540skied to malloy on fresh set track, very nice. Good coverage with set track and skating lane on 40k of trails. Alpina groomer and Ginzu 84 do very nice job mixing new and old snow together. 6 to 10 inch base.Hugh Quinn
Excellent2012-01-2140All trails with 6 to 10 inch base, packed powder with skate lane and set tracks. 17 inches new snow in last 72 hours. all 40k open.Hugh Quinn
Excellent2012-01-194012 inches of fresh snow on an existing 6-12 graded base. 40k of set track and skate trails. excellent conditionsHugh Quinn
Excellent2012-01-1540cold temperature, great snow and perfect track - entire 40k was excellent for skate and classic.Hugh Quinn
Excellent2012-01-13lake effect snow at a rate of 2-3 inches an hour currently. so far 8 inches and still snowing briskly. 40k open set track and skate with no need for rock skis.Hugh Quinn
Excellent2012-01-1340about 20 inches of lake effect snow in the last 24 hours. Clear and brisk currently. 40k groomed for skate and classic.Hugh Quinn
Poor2012-01-11rain - rain go away. we have 20k open but raining at 34 degrees. hard pack trails and thin spots on hills. Lake effect predited for Friday during the day. Weekend looks ok but best to call first. today it would be best to wait a day or two.Hugh Quinn
Poor2012-01-09warm weather and than cool with not enough depth in the snow cover to get aggressive in breaking up the hardpack. 20k plus still open so even with a couple of inches of fresh snow, skiing should be good. Hills are thin.Hugh Quinn
Good2012-01-053 inches fresh on a 3 to 7 inch base. 40k open for skate and classic. 98% of trails excellant. a few of the hills are thin from skiers snowplowing. overall a very nice experienceHugh Quinn
Good2012-01-04still skiing on 40k - 95% of trails in very good condition. Thin spots under a few evergreens but skiable. Some of the hills are getting thin from all the skiers snowplowing.Hugh Quinn
Good2012-01-03Suprisingly good. 40k of trails open with set track on 60% of the system. www.uxcski.comHugh Quinn

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