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Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe, Vermont

Grooming: Skate and Classic
Lighted? N
Distance: 60k
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Description: The Von Trapp family's (of Sound of Music fame) lodge and ski center has some of the best trails in New England. Groomed connection to Stowe trails. Access to 100k of backcountry trails, including a connection to Bolton Valley through Nebraska Notch

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Good2015-03-27lhYHave you seen any good films recently? Justin
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Good2015-03-27lhYNice to meet you Pierre
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Good2015-03-27lhYExcellent work, Nice Design Megan
Excellent2014-12-2150Great day skiing at Trapps. There is a white snow line at about 1000 feet and above it it is very wintry. Powder of base, good grooming. One trail sketchy and missing a trail closed sign at one end, but the rest pretty great. Skied until dark.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Call in sick2014-03-2360Another foot of new snow in the past week, groomed to silk. Can't be better than this. Should be enough base to last a few more weeks.David O. (SkiTrailReport family)
Call in sick2014-03-14Excellent conditions at Trapps. Most of the course was embargoed for us ski orienteers, but what we raced and skied in the warm up was perfect. Lots and lots of snow!Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Excellent2013-12-2830 6-9 inches of snow over the last 48 hrs. 30 km open with excellent coverage and more trails will open soon.
Paul McNeil
Excellent2013-12-1965Beautiful clean snow with amazing tracks everywhere.
Paul McNeil
Good2013-12-0225We will have nearly 40K by the afternoon. Great skiing and you can use good skis if your careful to avoid a few rocks here and there.
Paul McNeil
Excellent2013-04-0345Super awesome day of skiing with cold temps and perfect grooming. It won't last long. Looking forward to a great weekend
Paul McNeil
Excellent2013-04-0245Mid winter conditions in April. Amazing!
Paul McNeil
Good2013-03-2945Spring conditions with some wet snow. Very good coverage on almost all the trails. Snowing hard at higher elevations.
Paul McNeil
Call in sick2013-03-2365Epic sunrise for a perfect day of skiing. 4-6 fell last night and the conditons are mid winter skiing.
Paul McNeil
Call in sick2013-03-2165Amazing skiing!
Paul McNeil
Call in sick2013-03-2165Deep snow everywhere. Check out this picture of the race course.
Paul McNeil
Good2013-03-16Thin areas on some of the lower trails but excellent skiing around the cabin with a 2 foot base.
Paul McNeil
Excellent2013-03-1542Conditions are getting better each day with snow showers. At higher elevations our 20K is skiing like mid winter conditons. Down lower it has a few thin spots but are easily avoided.
Paul McNeil
Good2013-03-1165Beautiful day on and off the trails!
Paul McNeil
Excellent2013-01-2952Perfect conditions with 4 inches of new snow groomed over hard pack powder.
Paul McNeil
Good2013-01-2752Only 5 days until Eastern Cup here. We have a strong base and more snow is on the way this week. Conditions today were epic if you waxed correctly for grip and glide.
Paul McNeil
Excellent2013-01-2252KCold temps have provided for excellent classic and skate skiing. We have survived the recent wind storm and the trails are clean.
Paul McNeil
Excellent2012-12-3060Epic day of skiing! Check out the view at the end of the day with this picture.
Paul McNeil
Excellent2012-12-2860Amazing conditions for classic, skate and backcountry.
Paul McNeil
Good2012-12-23Skate, good conditions though a bit icy in places. J & L Parke
Good2012-12-2230Despite 4 hours of rain the day before, the conditions were very good. Especially, when climbing up to the cabin conditions just got better. Sunday is looking awesome.
Paul McNeil
Fair2012-12-1730Great start to the season with thin coverage on most trails. But, higher in elevation I found some tracks and great conditions..
Paul McNeil
Excellent2012-01-2165K3"-5" of new snow on Thursday night. Groomers have worked dilegently packing, grooming, and tracking the entire trail system for the weekend. Surface: Machine Tilled/Packed Powder/Powder. Base: Frozen Granular. Wax: Swix Green. Classic stride or skate are both excellent.Jan D. Axtell
Good2012-01-1965k65K open and groomed. Fast and Firm. Excellent skate conditions. Surface: Machine Tilled/Loose and Frozen Granular. Base: Hard Packed/Frozen Granular Wax: Green Klister. "Groomer's Pick" Trail of the Day: Cabin TrailJan Axtell
Excellent2012-01-1465KTrapp Family Lodge's trail system is 100% open. Connector or Mt Mansfield Touring Center has been groomed. Surface: Powder/Packed Powder/Machine Tilled Base 12-18" Packed Powder/Frozen Granular. Coverage is excellent! 8"-12" of new snow over the last 48 hours.!!! The skiing is phenomenal.Jan Axtell
Excellent2012-01-1345K of open trail network. Snowing hard and accumulating coverage is excellent. Surface: Powder/Packed Powder Base: Frozen Granular/Hard Pack. Best classic kick and glide conditions of the season. "Groomer's Pick" Trail of the Day: Cabin Trail. Looks like tomorrow will be the best ski day of the season thus far. Come on out the skiing is great! Jan Axtell
Excellent2012-01-1245K of trail open. Surface: powder, loose granular, frozen granular Base 4"-12" frozen granular. Excellent coverage. Wax: Swix Blue. New snow falling as I type. Skiing is great. The Cabin is Open! Cabin Trail is skiing awesome; Classic and SkateJan Axtell
Excellent2012-01-11Surface: Loose and Frozen Granular. Base: Frozen Granular 45k of trail open. Wax: Swix blue over binder. Conditions firm and fast excellent skating. FIS homologated race course in excellent condition. 6-10" of new snow forecasted in the next 24-48 hours setting up the MLK weekend to be epic conditions.
Jan Axtell
Good2012-01-08Trapps has the best snow in New England, which is, sadly, only good. Most of their terrain is open and a lot is in very good shape. Avoid the lower trails (Skaters Waltz) and head for the cabin and higher up where there's been a bit more snow. You can use good skis with some caution and there are icy, snowplowed sections on downhills. There are classic tracks in places and people looked to be enjoying the striding.Ari Ofsevit,

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