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Wild Wings, Peru, Vermont

Grooming: Classic only
Lighted? N
Distance: 25k
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Description: 25k of classic trails and yoga

Recently submitted reports

Conditions Date km groomed Comments Submitter
Good2013-01-1610We have 10 k open and will be opening 5 more today. I actually ground up pretty nicely! And the new snow will turn the loose granular into hard pack. Covered klister today, maybe hard wax by tomorrow.Tracy
Call in sick2012-12-282513.5 inches of snow, blue wax and sunshine. Doesn't get much better.Tracy
Call in sick2012-03-0225This is the day!Tracy
Excellent2012-02-2615Blue wax. It just doesn't get much better. And this year we know to appreciate the snow and the blue sky.Tracy
Good2012-02-1310Just enough snow to require covering your klister with blue.Tracy
Fair2012-02-0810Skiing is ok. Fast and if you can ski very skiable.Tracy
Good2012-02-0410Out tilling with the Piston Bully again. Lots of shoveling yesterday. Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Upper Blue Jay and Goshawk all open. Fast but very skiable.Tracy
Good2012-02-0210Open, Turkey, Woodcock and Snow Goose, Goshawk and Lower Blue Jay. The downhill is fast. You need to be quick on your feet.Tracy Black
Good2012-01-3110Another inch of new snow. Skiing is good.
Tracy Black
Good2012-01-2320Very fine lite snow right this minute. It us suppose to warm up! We will be open.Tracy Black
Good2012-01-2120Double tracked with Piston Bully. Tracy Black
Excellent2012-01-2020Sno-cat out grooming today! The fresh powder is so beautiful! Skiing on blue or extra blue wax is always a good day.Tracy Black
Good2012-01-1910Chuck took the Piston Bull, Sno-Cat, out and around the lower trails, with 2 to 4 inches of snow tonight we will be back to skiing!!Tracy Black
Good2012-01-152020Km groomed-single track. Nice skiing.Chuck Black
Good2012-01-142020 of 24 Km open. Single track, powder and windblown surfaceChuck Black
Good2012-01-1320Packed powder, wind blown. We are so happy to have snow! But, you still need to have rock skiis. Some skiing will be wonderful, and some will be a little scratchy!Tracy Black

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