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Recently submitted reports

Trail City Conditions KM Groomed Date Comments Submitter
Split Cedar TrailsVan Buren, MainePoor2019-10-06Hello NO MATTER WHAT YOU WANT, WE HAVE - so do not hesitate to ask even if it is not listed below !! I provide the following mentioned services. * ADWORDS $100 coupon * BING $100 coupon - now you can use two bing ads coupons per account. * AWS Amazon $150 coupons * Digital ocean $50 coupon * WINDOWS keys lifetime license -version 7,8 and 10 * OFFICE 365 lifetime access * OFFICE 2016 AND 2019 Product Keys * NETFLIX Accounts with 6 months validity * ADWORDS Verified account with $500 credits + VPS * BING verified account with $100 credits + VPS * AMAZON AWS RDP/VPS Free Tier accounts * Google CLOUD accounts with $300 credits. * Accounts * DOMINOS & PIZZA HUT PIZZAS available(for USA) only * AZURE Accounts with $200 credits * ADSENSE Accounts with domain and Website * Quality NICHE Websites/Blogs * CPA Accounts Approval of any company * PAYPAL verified accounts with NO 21 days hold * ANY OTHER SERVICE you are looking for ....................................................................................... All this below I have NEW & AGED Accounts, minimum order: 100 acounts * Google Voice Accounts * Gmail Email Accounts * Yahoo Email Accounts * Hotmail Email Accounts * Outlook Email Accounts * Email Accounts * AOL Email Accounts * EDU Email Accounts * Facebook Accounts * LinkedIn Accounts * Twitter Accounts * Instagram Accounts * Reddit Accounts * Pinterest accounts If you are interested in the following services, please let me know here: ThanksArlen Meza
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent182019-03-27Excellent conditions - lots of snow on the ground, trails flat and wide with track set in places, Pic from today
Dublin School TrailsDublin, N.H.Call in sick152019-03-12Skiing is great and trails are empty and free! We have had three good storms since hosting the Eastern Cup.Brad
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2019-03-08Idyllic.
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2019-03-08Idyllic.
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineCall in sick2019-03-08Conditions are excellent, groomed wide for skate and track set - about 20km groomed
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2019-03-07Skied the bog with the fireflies. Beautiful crisp night with perfect tracks throughout bog to old railroad bed and back to Forest Ave. Excellent skiing! Thank you groomers!smc
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2019-03-07Perfect. Call in well!Susan
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood32019-03-06Re-set classic tracks. Groomed Asa Hill. Wind is blowing in tracks in the fields. Watch out for branches. Should be firm enough for bikes by morning.kpv
Bangor Municipal Golf CourseBangor, MaineExcellent142019-03-05Completely groomed and tracked. Best conditions of the season. JK
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood32019-03-05Good skiing. A little soft for bikes. Tracks all around. No Asa hill.kpv
Caribou BogOrono, MaineCall in sick2019-03-05All trails, including the bog itself, are packed and tracked. Enjoy!JWhite
Carter's XC BethelBethel, MaineExcellent2019-03-04All trails groomed Great skiing.JG
Bangor Municipal Golf CourseBangor, MaineExcellent2019-02-28All trails are groomed and tracked. No wind blowing- it is nice out there.JK
Caribou BogOrono, MaineCall in sick2019-02-22All trails, except the bog itself, are packed and tracked. Enjoy!JWhite
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineExcellent32019-02-22Tracks set all around. No Asa hill.kpv
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineCall in sick2019-02-19Hello there, My name is Aly and I would like to know if you would have any interest to have your website here at promoted as a resource on our blog ? We are in the midst of updating our broken link resources to include current and up to date resources for our readers. Our resource links are manually approved allowing us to mark a link as a do-follow link as well . If you may be interested please in being included as a resource on our blog, please let me know. Thanks, Aly Aly Chiman
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2019-02-14All trails, except the bog itself, are packed and tracked. Enjoy!JWhite
Bangor Municipal Golf CourseBangor, MaineExcellent142019-02-14All trails are groomed and numerous skiers are enjoying them today. The best conditions this evening are the trails on the right side of Webster Ave across from the pro shop or down the hill behind the maintenance facility (less drifting). JK
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineFair3.52019-02-07The North loop groomed today. Besides a couple of bare spots, the trail is in surprisingly good shape. All non skier traffic please stay to the edges. Please do not walk down the middle of the groomed trails. Mats
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineFair2+2019-02-06The fields are done for now but there is a skiable loop beginning on the far side of the baseball field. Some really hairball icy sections near the big blow down. Especially the sharp corner at the bottom of the second hill. No classic tracks Ski with care.kpv
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood2.52019-02-03Classic track are fair or maybe not even. Kpv
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood2.52019-02-03Classic track are fair or maybe not even. Kpv
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineFair32019-02-03Between the random snowmobile driving on the tracks, horses, and boot traffic the loop is pretty beat down. Please remind other users to be kind to the tracks.kpv
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood2.52019-02-02Get it before it gets boot stomped. Skating is pretty good. Bikes should be fine. No classic tracks. Will try to set track tomorrow am.kpv
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good2.52019-02-01Skiing only on man-made snow area. Skate was good, classical fair, only because loop had sizable breaks.Larry Berman
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Excellent222019-01-31powder , 12 inch base, views , classical only!jes
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2019-01-31Most inner trails packed, and some tracked. Some areas have good conditions, others fair. JWhite
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineFair22019-01-31No classic tracks set. Icy spots all over. Ski with care.kpv
Caribou BogOrono, MainePoor2019-01-26Icy, rutted, some bare ground. Not worth wear and tear on machines to groom. Go do some ice skating. JWhite
Libby HillGray, MaineGood2019-01-22Skate skiing was really good, only complaint is that they set the classic track in the center of the trail. MBK
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineCall in sick2019-01-21about 16 inches of new snow topped by a heavy sleet/snow base and then groomed wide and flat. excellent skate or classic skiing
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineFair32019-01-21Better for classic in the woods . Still a bit soft and punchy.kpv
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2018-12-18JWhite
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2018-12-18Trying again. Most trails packed, except Heron bypass. Could still be soft, and more snow would be nice. Enjoy the next couple days.JWhite
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2018-12-18Trying again. Most trails packed, except Heron bypass. Could still be soft, and more snow would be nice. Enjoy the next couple days.JWhite
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Fair32018-12-17Good cover Trail open is wooded mostly flat but tracked. Deep base waiting for powder to open more. .Jes
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Good2018-12-09Pretty good conditions, all things considered. Keeney-Hall had been groomed out well but had several icy/dirty spots on the Keeney descent (be careful). Wave was excellent, but some gravel on connectors. Yodel was kind of a mess. Good base, and freezing down well (near 0 overnight), but needs a bit more on top to be perfect.Ari
Dublin School TrailsDublin, N.H.Call in sick2018-12-01Not bad for December 1 … not bad at all! The main course groomed with extensions, 8k in all, but could ski those 8k all day. And nearly did! Not for beginners, and it slicked up in the afternoon. Hope the base survives the weather.Ari
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MaineExcellent142018-12-01About 14km open with a 5" base. Trails open with very good conditions since Nov. 20. Another 3" to 6" on the way tonight. Classic track is excellent as well. No rock skis needed here!
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2018-11-25Very good skiing yesterday, not quite as good today with warmer temps and some light rain. Still, rock skis are unnecessary and forecast is for colder temps and heavy snow Tues-Wed.EL
Caribou BogOrono, MaineFair2018-11-23What a treat to be able to ski at Thanksgiving time. Thank you, groomers! The snow was pretty fast today. The wider trails are well covered and stable under foot for skate. Narrower trails up the Bangor Bakken a bit lumpy with not much snow, but what a treat to ski in November.
CraftsburyCraftsbury Common, VermontCall in sick2018-11-23Drop everything and come up to Craftsbury. Pretty much perfect, maybe half a dozen dirty spots. Powder skiing, blue wax, blue skies. Get it while it is not raining.Ari
CraftsburyCraftsbury Common, VermontCall in sick2018-11-17Just a fantastic day of skiing at craftsbury. Warm day but lots of snow. Great grooming for any time of year. A few pine needles and sticks here and there and a couple damp spots. What a start to the season. I skated today in the warm conditions and HF10 ran well. I will classic tomorrow.
Jesse Crandall
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Poor02018-11-17Some snow on the fairways, mostly fast grass. Skiable and almost fun, but probably worth driving elsewhere if you want to go more than an hour. Stay off greens and tee boxes per Leo J employee.Ari
Prospect MountainWoodford, VermontCall in sick352018-04-22Not excellent for April. Excellent. Have to ski before about 11, it gets real sloggy once the sun hits. A couple trails will probably melt out in the next few of days, but there is tons of snow. They seem to be grooming in the morning but if you are in the area go hit it from 7 to 10 if it freezes overnight.Ari
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2018-04-10Still plenty of snow for the most part, with a few thin and bare spots in the usual places. Groomed and trackset over the weekend.EL
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good2018-04-0526 deg this AM. About 2 " last night. Not much but you can ski on it. Warmer tomorrow.JG
Winona ForestPulaski, N.Y.Good2018-03-28Good spring conditions. Still tons of snow, tracks holding up well.
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2018-03-25The main skate loop has been smoothed out, like we have done every day the past week. Again, good fast skate skiing till about 11 am, then spring conditions. Enjoy! P.s. If you see the person who walked all the way past the Black pond yesterday and essentially ruined the trail for all of us, please yell at him for me!MS
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2018-03-25The main skate loop has been smoothed out, like we have done every day the past week. Again, good fast skate skiing till about 11 am, then spring conditions. Enjoy! P.s. If you see the person who walked all the way past the Black pond yesterday and essentially ruined the trail for all of us, please yell at him for me!MS
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent202018-03-21Trail conditions are excellent - skied the whole system yesterday and today. groomed, call in sick or get a replacement and come skiLiz
Winona ForestPulaski, N.Y.Excellent2018-03-20Groomed and trackset. Maybe best skiing of the seasonEL
Caribou BogOrono, MaineFair2018-03-18Skied Sunday, could tell there had been a lot of traffic Saturday. Icy. Looked like it had been groomed with a side-by-side instead of a snowmobile which made for a raised area between 2 low tracks. Could be excellent with a fresh grooming!Jenny
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineExcellent3.52018-03-17Dragged both North and South loops for 3.5 hours this afternoon to re-grind and flatten all the new snow. Set a classic track on both loops. Should firm up again later this afternoon and should be very firm and fast in the morning. Walkers please stay to the edges.
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineExcellent3.52018-03-16Mats first Rolled and compacted the trails, and then followed up with the Ginzu on both North and South Loops. Enjoy! Walkers please stay to the edges. Planning to touch up again first thing in the morning when it has firmed up.MH
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2018-03-15About 5" compact snow. Track set. Hiking trails just rolled.JG
Greek PeakCortland, N.Y.Good2018-03-15Substantial snow south of Syracuse down to Binghamton. Best skiing at Greek Peak Nordic Center on Clute Road at Hope Lake Park. Rentals only open on Sat & Sun.JG
Caribou BogOrono, MaineFair2018-03-15Thank you to the groomer(s) that started packing down all that new snow! It was pretty tough skating tonight with an uneven and soft trail. No tracks set yet. With another pass or two with the groomer the skiing will be fantastic.Greg Harkay
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2018-03-11The main skate trail loop regroomed and in great shape this morning. Two passes on Porcupine as well. Existing classic tracks still good, except where I had to drive over them. Enjoy while the cool temps last!!!MS
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineExcellent3.52018-03-11Groomed both the North and South Loops with the ginzu drag. Mostly cleanup after a week or more w/o grooming. No track was set. Very good coverage but soft conditions. Walkers please try to stay to the edges, thanks.Peter
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2018-03-10We went by 8:00 AM - conditions very good, excellent. But, later in the day given the warmth?? Jonathan
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Good2018-03-03Report additional 20" wet snow. Trails groomed.JG
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Excellent2018-03-03I have to disagree with the previous report. Snow was not nearly as wet as expected, and skiing was beautiful.
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2018-03-026 inches new snow. Still snowing. Good weekend ahead. Pancake breakfast Saturday morning.JG
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Good2018-03-02Report 9" new snow. Still snowing. Groom tomorrow. Nice weekend ahead.JG
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2018-02-27Decent spring conditionsEL
Caribou BogOrono, MainePoor2018-02-22Trails re-opened after being closed for a couple days, due to soft conditions, but are basically not ski-able. We need more snow. JWh
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent182018-02-22Trails have been tilled and groomed iide, they are flat, fast and fun with a granular surface doe to the tilling. Groomed from Skate skiing and classic, great skiing today, we have plenty of snow, i wrote the word powder into the snow today in the picture before heading out.
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent172018-02-15Trails are groomed wide for skate skiing and track is set for classic, trails are in excellent condition. Highly recommend a ski if you have time over 17 km groomed, interesting terrain, lots of views, hills and well worth the visit.
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2018-02-13Most areas, except Bog and Smith Farm have been groomed and tracked. Conditions fast. Track is sketchy in places.JWh
Bretton WoodsBretton Woods, N.H.Good2018-02-12Good fast skating on limited number of trails groomed today after miserable wet weekend. Bonus: Free Powerade and snacks leftover from the races this weekend ;)Mark
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent182018-02-09All trails open and groomed for skate and classic. Groomed bog trail out to the outer loop at the Bangor city forest this morning.JW
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Excellent222018-02-09great skiing for classical skierjes
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineExcellent2018-02-08The Reeds Brook Trails are in great shape. A little soft on the surface but it will set up soon with colder temps. Rolled the new snow this morning and then finished with ginzu drag. The back connector was compacted but not dragged with the ginzu. No classic tracks were set today because of new snow sot conditions.MH
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Call in sick2018-02-07No need to call in sick, everything was closed today! 6" - 8" new powder. Additional snow next few days.JG
Winona ForestPulaski, N.Y.Excellent2018-02-04trackset and lots of new snowEL
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent162018-02-03All trails open and groomed with classic track set with the exception of the bog trail. Skating is excellent, classic tracks are full depth and should be good and firm by morning. Thanks to JW, JW, and AC.JW
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2018-02-03Plenty of snow yesterday. 5 - 6" of powder with a good track all around. Good for tomorrow as well.JG
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineExcellent3.52018-01-31Groomed all trails this mid-day with Ginzu and laid a track. Best to let it set until after 2pm today. Excellent conditions now, but will be warmer tomorrow.
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2018-01-31Good to excellent. The powder from last night covered the ice and is sticking well to the base. Even the road along the pond, which has been icy and rocky, was covered except for a very few tufts of grass sticking up. Trails beautifully groomed for skate ~3pm, and it looked good for classical, too. Thanks so much to the groomers. Susan
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good2018-01-31Surprisingly decent. A mid-afternoon burst of snow helped. Skier set tracks.EL
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2018-01-30Good with qualifications. Do not be put off by the first 200 yards and RR Bed by pond is icy. However the hill trails still have good coverage and are very flat. I should probably add even my dog was having a bit trouble staying out of the trees on the downhills. It is a little slick! No set track.kpv
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Fair2018-01-30New 2-3 inches powder today. Not too many skiers. I cut my own trail. JG
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2018-01-30Good with qualifications. Do not be put off by the first 200 yards and RR Bed by pond is icy. However the hill trails still have good coverage and are very flat. I should probably add even my dog was having a bit trouble staying out of the trees on the downhills. It is a little slick! No set track.kpv
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent162018-01-29Trails are groomed, track is set. Conditions are really good groomed about 10 ft wide. Full Moon ski at seven pm from the River Drivers on Tuesday evening all are welcome to join. the trails will be groomed again on Wednesday, bring a headlamp for the night ski
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineExcellent3.52018-01-28Groomed both North and South Loops, and the connector trail with Ginzu, and set a track on the 2 main loops. Good conditions, but getting warm and mushy after 1:00 pm
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood82018-01-27Groomed the main loop: Dump to RR to Hedgehog to Upper Beaver to Caribou to Caribou Connector for Skate. No classic tracks set. Bunny and Steep Hill also groomed flat with no classic tracks. Conditions look good!JW
Katahdin Nordic CenterMillinocket, MaineCall in sick152018-01-26Conditions are awesome - flat, wide, tilled, groomed, sweet, fast, fun, free. See the picture I just took it today. Track set in places, others groomed about 10 ft wide
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineCall in sick172018-01-26I just posted this again - this report is for NEOC and not Katahdin Nordic Center - I am sorry! Trails at NEOC are awesome - flat, wide, tilled, groomed, sweet, fast, fun, free. See the picture I just took it today at neoc. Track set in places, others groomed about 10 ft wide. the report for Katahdin nordic was in error. This report is for NEOC on Millinocket Lake
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent122018-01-25Trails just were tilled and groomed, are flat and track is set - excellent skiing at neoc todat
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood82018-01-24All main loops groomed for Skate skiing except for Newman Hill/Dorion Road. No classic tracks were set as there is not enough fresh snow above the ice layer (base) to set classic track. Note that the section of the RR bed along the Bait pond is icy but the remote trails beyond the pond are worth it. Thanks Ali!! Should be fast and fun skating tomorrow and friday!!JW
University of MaineOrono, MainePoor2018-01-21Snow was fast but trails were very rough, post-holed. Could definitely be groomed on a soft day like today (cough cough)James
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineFair22018-01-18Groomed 1-18 am. Packed powder over an ice layer, so keep that in mind. Still waiting for logging to finish before we can get in the woods.Dan P
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent10+2018-01-18Main skate loop (Hedhehog, Beaver, Caribou/Caribou Connector) groomed wide early this morning and in perfect shape for skating. Porcupine narrow due to holes and bumps at the bottom. Some classic track set on the flats, not holding too well in the fresh snow. Railroad bed, lower Beaver and Bunny trails tracked for classic. Enjoy the beautiful sunny day out there!MS, DS
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineGood2018-01-1820+ K groomed, 10 plus feet wide, hard and flat perfect for skating. Surface is loos snow with a hard base.Matthew Polstein
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Excellent2018-01-17Freshly groomed and tracked, very nice skiingEL
Waterville NordicWaterville, N.H.Excellent2018-01-17The north end that was PB groomed was superb. The rest was a bit scratchy with a cold dust over hardpack. But overall very good and ready for more!
Caribou BogOrono, MaineFair2018-01-16Bring your rock skate skis. The light snow over water ice hides dirt and rocks. Probably a wise idea to walk on side of the road, along the icy section of the railroad bed. (about 100 yards) Much better skiing once past that rough section. Hills are fast and fun.kpv
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2018-01-15Big crowd from 3-day weekend. Expect more snow tonight.Tooboats
Waterville NordicWaterville, N.H.Good202018-01-14All things considered, pretty good conditions at Waterville. Some debris, some icy spots, a little dirt, but Livermore below Cascade and Tripoli ski pretty well. Fast!Ari
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Good2018-01-13Cold, new snow. Good weekend ahead.Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2018-01-13Snow completely melted Friday. New snow last night. Nice powder. Looks good for the weekend.Tooboats
Winona ForestPulaski, N.Y.Excellent2018-01-13Event loop and all of Hiscock groomed and tracked. Great classic skiing!
Winona ForestPulaski, N.Y.Excellent2018-01-13Event loop and all of Hiscock groomed and tracked. Great classic skiing!
Caribou BogOrono, MainePoor2018-01-10The bog trail system will be closed to all users on Friday January 12 & Saturday January 13 due to the forecast warm rain. Please help to minimize damage to the ski trail surface by staying off the trails for these two days. Grooming will be scheduled for the morning of Sunday January 14 if conditions allow.JW
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2018-01-08Regular loops groomed for skate and classic. Smith Farm Loop and Bog Trail not groomed and will not be until after this coming weekend.JW
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good2018-01-0834 deg at noon. Trails pretty smooth, no clumping. Did lake Loop.Tooboats
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Excellent232018-01-08powder skiing rolling terrain. Mostly classical grooming. great caricatures of Moose (15) on trails.john
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2018-01-08Classic tracks set on most trails although a little thin in places. No track set along RR bed past Beaver. kpv
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineCall in sick2018-01-08All trails were groomed this past weekend we got 5 inches of new snow today and another 4 expected into tomorrow. about 15 miles of trails groomed including some nice long descents on the back side of Hammond Ridge. Saddle and Katahdin view loop were awesome. Should be groomed again tomorrow evening or Thursday after tomorrows snow.Liz
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Call in sick2018-01-07Skate loops groomed; North, South, and West loops groomed and trackset (even the uphills!)EL
Crocker Family FarmExeter, MaineGood2018-01-05Trails were freshly groomed, good conditions, a little scratchy in a few spots.
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2018-01-03Main skate loop packed by DSJWhite
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2017-12-316 AM 1 deg 3-4 inches of powder overnight. Should be a great day today. Ski and snow shoe trails open. Snow shoe rentals but no ski rental.Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2017-12-31Great day today. Trails open tomorrow, New Years Day.Tooboats
Greek PeakCortland, N.Y.Good2017-12-31This is for weekend Jan 6-7. Nordic trail closed Saturday Jan 6th due to cold weather. Open Sunday 7th.Tooboats
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Excellent2017-12-31This is for weekend Jan 6-7. We finally have gotten some snow south of Syracuse. About 8 " new snow. Very cold Saturday. Better Sunday. Lodge open all weekend.Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2017-12-31This is for weekend Jan 6-7. Zero deg today. Had to turn back, whiteout conditions. Saturday brave. Sunday sane. You pick.Tooboats
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent182017-12-30All trails are now groomed with the exception of the the Forest Ave crossing and RR bed to the Bangor City Forest. The Heron Pond Loop and Smith Farm Loop were groomed last night and the trail across the bog was groomed today. Enjoy!JW
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2017-12-29Classic trails are well groomed all the way around both loops. Did not do the Steep Hill Trail, so cannot report on that. Thank you to the groomers!KRM
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2017-12-29Classic trails are well groomed all the way around both loops. Did not do the Steep Hill Trail, so cannot report on that. Thank you to the groomers!KRM
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent2017-12-28All trails groomed and trackset. Very slow because of the cold, but great classic skiing.
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2017-12-28Trails were amazing groomed great for classic and skating. I skied the classic trails today!
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2017-12-27Everything in the Taylor Rd area has been groomed, skating trails are wide and packed with perfect corduroy and the classic trails have been tracked meticulously as well. If you can withstand the cold weather, it is well worth a ski!!!MS, DS, JW
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good2017-12-2429 deg. Snowed last evening.Tooboats
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Poor2017-12-24Not enough snow to ski. Report sleigh rides open.Tooboats
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent102017-12-21Set classic track on previously groomed trails including Dump, RR Bed, Hedgehog, Beaver, Caribou, Caribou Connector, & Bunny. Also broke out the Heron Pond Loop and Smith Farm Loop but both these trails could use a little more snow.JW
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent72017-12-20JW & BH groomed Dump, RR Bed, Hedgehog, Beaver, Caribou, Caribou Connector, & Bunny for skating. Some classic track set. Should be excellent skiing tomorrow!JW
Canal TrailBoonville, N.Y.Good2017-12-20Set tracks have held up well after the brief warmup and re-freeze. Good double poling.EL
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Call in sick2017-12-17All trails on south side groomed and trackset. Outstanding classic skiing! Skateable too, but a little soft
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Fair2017-12-16Reported some trails open. More snow forecast for today. Lodge open with food and sleigh rides.Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2017-12-15Tracks set, very nice skiing. Lake Loop boardwalk has some wet spots but they were frozen this morning.EL
Caribou BogOrono, MaineFair52017-12-14Groomed RR Bed, Hedgehog, Upper Beaver, Caribou, and Caribou Connector for skating. Thanks to Ali for driving the PVSC Skandic. Might be able to get a classic track in this weekend.JW
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2017-12-13Heavy snow this morning 18 deg, extra foot of powder. As good as it gets! Some trails with set track. Northern and Southern Exposure reserved for snow shoes and also some trails for hiking.Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Poor2017-12-1127 deg flurries today, about 1" - 2" Cut my own trail, very clumpy.Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Poor2017-12-10Hello everyone. Welcome to the new season. We had just a dusting of snow today. More forecast Tue and Wed.Tooboats
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Fair2017-12-10Osceola reports snow. Snow forecast all of this week.Tooboats
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Fair2017-12-106" new snow on no base. All trails rolled; the snow is compacting nicely. Rock skis advisable.EL
Rodman Barnes CornersRodman, N.Y.Good2017-12-09Not all trails broken out but pretty decent skiing considering the late start to winter. Wet spots easily avoided.EL
Rodman Barnes CornersRodman, N.Y.Good2017-12-09Not all trails broken out but pretty decent skiing considering the late start to winter. Wet spots easily avoided.EL
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MaineExcellent2017-04-15Trails groomed for skate.
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MaineExcellent9km2017-04-15Trails groomed for skate.
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2017-04-03Excellent yellow glide wax skate conditions up to the top of Bangor Hill on the main trail if you were willing to walk past the pond. Might still be okay today.Susan
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2017-04-02A few bare spots but overall nice spring skiingEL
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2017-03-31No April Fool ! Great spring conditions on the trails beyond the pond. Walk past the pond. All trails here have total coverage, are solid w/ a soft surface. Classic track good. No grooming needed. Suggest buffed paste wax on skis. Sat and Sun. should be great! Ski Club mem. Andy N.
Timber CreekWest Dover, VermontExcellent152017-03-25A couple of inches of snow during the day kept the well-groomed trails in good shape for the day.David Ofsevit (STR Family)
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent202017-03-18DP groomed all regular loops for skating and set track for classic with help from DS. JW set track on the smith farm loop, across the bog and associated loops, and tied into the Bangor City Forest Outer loop trail. So there is groomed classic skiing from the Bangor City Forest all the way to the Taylor Road (CBCA) Trails. Enjoy!JW
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent2017-03-18All trails groomed and trackset. Still a little soft, but a gorgeous day and really nice skiing.
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2017-03-18We went out into the bog, and really appreciated the classic tracks. Thank you to all the groomers!!Rissa
WindblownNew Ipswich, N.H.Excellent2017-03-18All trails open, most groomed. Powder in morning, getting wet in afternoon. If they groom tonight, they should have another good day Sunday. David Ofsevit (STR family)
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2017-03-1840 deg but much cooler in the forest. Expected clumpy snow but tracks were just right. Big crowd. One of the best days of the season.Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good2017-03-1718" total 37 deg and bright sunshine. Groomed with track set. I did Lake Loop. Some soft spots. Snow shoe trails open as well.Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2017-03-1516 deg 12 " new powder still snowing. Beaver Lake closed. First time I have ever heard of ski trails closing because of snow!Tooboats
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Excellent2017-03-12All the trails around Eagle Mountain House and the race course were freshly groomed after the NCAA Nordic championships finished the day before. It was cold (10-15 degrees) but the wind died down in the morning. Fast skiing, easy control, beautiful day. New Hampshire should have several more weeks of skiing with the coming storm.David Ofsevit (STR Family)
Waterville NordicWaterville, N.H.Excellent632017-03-06Trails freshly groomed and in great condition. Fast but not icy. I did the easy trails on the north end and they were perfect for skating.David Ofsevit (STR Family)
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent2017-03-04Sunny,cold,and 10-12 cm new snow. Great skiing!EL
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2017-02-2740 deg partly cloudy Still 13" base after warm spell. Surprisingly good conditions. Warm Wednesday with much cooler temps on the weekend.Tooboats
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2017-02-23I was pleasantly surprised to find the ski trails in such good condition despite the warm temperature lately. Beautiful place to XC ski!
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood122017-02-22Groomed out across the bog and associated loops. Set track on all newly groomed trail. Reset some track on regular loops.JW & White
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent102017-02-20Regular loops groomed, tracks set.JW & JWhite
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent2017-02-20Still tons of snow. All trails groomed and trackset. Spring conditions yesterday, firmer and faster today.EL
Bangor Municipal Golf CourseBangor, MaineFair2017-02-18There are groomeded trails but they are shared by people with snow shoes and people walking their dog, so the trails were bumpy and tough to pick up speed on. See picture.
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2017-02-17All main trails groomed. No tracks set.JWhite
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineGood2017-02-15Groomed for skate only. Good snow coverage. Kinda choppy with a few soft spots.MBG
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Excellent152017-02-13Nice to see all the trails open with good base and grooming. Some windblown trash, but not enough to be in the way.David Ofsevit (STR Family)
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good2017-02-1328 and snowing. Widespread snow south and north of Syracuse. We received 6" - 8". Trails marked for either snow shoe or ski.Tooboats
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent82017-02-12Groomed all of the "normal" trails. The Smith Farm Loop is still a bit bumpy, but skiable. Same with the Bog itself. No tracks set. Otherwise everything is excellent. Gobs of snow tonight and tomorrow!Dan P.
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good2017-02-113" of powder overnight Thursday. Skier made tracks but some hikers as well. Surprisingly good for so little snow. New snow Friday night and a bit warmer Saturday. Cooling and expect substantial snow Sunday.Tooboats
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Good2017-02-116" 12" south of Syracuse from the coastal storm and lake effect snow from lake Ontario. All trails groomed. Sledding hill and sleigh rides open. Should be a nice weekend.Tooboats
University of MaineOrono, MaineGood2017-02-10Trails in woods were great. No tracks set for classic. Some debris blown on trail. Stay off corn field- really icy and wind blown.MBG
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Excellent152017-02-07rolling terrain; fine cover and sweet powder
Bristol MountainCanandaigua, N.Y.Excellent32017-02-05Located at the top of the Bristol Mtn downhill ski area. Good day today. Skate lane and tracks set. I skied both the red and blue trail.Tooboats
Waterville NordicWaterville, N.H.Call in sick772017-02-04Everything open, everything in great shape. Base keeps improving with frequent light snow. David Ofsevit (SkiTrailReport family)
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Good2017-02-03Good day today. About 6-8 inches groomed with set track. Good weekend ahead. Lodge serves food and sleigh rides all weekend.Tooboats
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2017-02-02Groomed the road out to the Bangor Hill Trails for skate. Coverage is really good and the only place to avoid is the railroad bed. We did not groom over Newman Hill since it looked like a decent classic track was forming. DC
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Fair2017-02-02Beaver Lake has not gotten much of the lake effect snow of the past few days. Snow has stayed further north in the Tug Hill region. There is about 3" of powder but the hikers rule right now. I cut a track on Pine Meadow. Cold but not much snow for the weekend.Tooboats
Winona ForestPulaski, N.Y.Excellent2017-01-31Lots of freshly groomed lake effect and more on the way
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent122017-01-30Great skiing at the moment at the NEOC Trails - two new loops opened this year for about 12 miles of skiing total. In addition to the Black Cat Mountain trails, beautiful scenic overlook on Hammond Ridge and a great Cove Loop by the Lake
Maine Wilderness LodgesGreenville, MaineExcellent2017-01-30Excellent conditions at West Branch Pond Camps, NE of Greenville Maine 36" base with topping of 6-8 of powder. Good for backcountry, some local wood cuts good for Tele or Alpine Touring descentsDan Cassidy
Waterville NordicWaterville, N.H.Excellent70/2017-01-29North End has been outstanding lately, and Cascade Brook is open in great condition. South End is mostly open, with sllghtly softer snow. Getting colder, should hold up well.David Ofsevit (SkiTrailReport family)
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2017-01-22Good spring skiing. Full coverage on all trails.EL
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent2017-01-16Loose granular slowly transitioning to sugar made for amazing skating and great klister skiing. All trails groomed and trackset this morning. EL
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2017-01-14Good skating on a loose granular surface. Tracks were shallow but skied nicely with old Toko viola klister.EL
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Fair2017-01-09 Cloudy. Some new powder overnite. Skier tracks. Some debris on lakeside trails Most of the big snow is north of here.Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Fair2017-01-08Lake effect snow clocked around to the south. Had a few inches this morning. Ski trails marked. Other trails still have hikers.Tooboats
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineExcellent3 k2017-01-07Groomed both loops Sunday from 10:30 to 1:30. Excellent skate conditions. Difficult to lay a good track due to hard under crust and not much new snow. Enjoy while the sund shines.Peter B & Mats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Poor2017-01-0620 Clear Only 1 " powder coating today. I hiked Three Meadows.Tooboats
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2017-01-05The lake effect band stayed well north so there was just a bit of new snow. But all trails were groomed and the skating was very nice. And fast! No tracks set today.EL
GunstockGilford, N.H.Good2017-01-02Trails freshly groomed had excellent conditions. Others required rock skis. Good skate deck and classic track: will they survive the rain?Ari
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineGood3 k2017-01-02Both major loops were groomed and cleared (hanging alders and birches from snow storm) in a two step process, rolling/compacting, then dragged flat on all 3 km. Conditions were good that day with many skiers out. Rain expected this week, but the cover is very good in almost all areas. After dragging with the Ginzu we expect continued good to excellent conditions.Peter B
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood122017-01-01Groomed regular loops. Classic tracks set on all trails. Classic tracks became a little glazed by the end of the day with the warm temps. No additional grooming planned until after the storm on tuesday.JW
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Good202017-01-01js
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2017-01-01Great tracks! Red hardwax worked most places, but a covered klister would have been helpful in the more transformed areas. A bit soft for skating.
Greg Harkay
University of MaineOrono, MaineFair2016-12-31A big thanks to the groomers for clearing all the trees that came down and working with tough conditions. That said, the trails are hard/icy and rutted from where where the snowmobile skids sunk in. Heart Attack Hill (watch out for the standing water near the bottom) and the big road are the best. Crust skating on the athletic fields is also great. Greg Harkay
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2016-12-31Really good skating! Firm and fast but smooth. Nice job with the grooming, JW! Getting it done before all that wet stuff froze solid seems to have been key.Greg Harkay
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Call in sick2016-12-30Lots of new snow. South side freshly groomed and trackset.EL
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood122016-12-30Groomed regular loops for skating. No classic tracks set although we should have plenty of snow to set them after the next storm on saturday night.JW
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent2016-12-28A little new snow, all trails groomed and trackset. Silky smooth skating.EL
Winona ForestPulaski, N.Y.Good2016-12-25Tracks have held up through the thaw and freeze. Frozen and fast! EL
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Excellent552016-12-24Quite good conditions at Jackson. Tracks were firm and fast to start, but mostly not icy, and not much debris or rocks sticking through. Skied everything on the Ellis side of things that was groomed. A couple rocks by the river out the Ellis, new Kellogg Trail quite a climb, as is Keeney. Last 400m at the top of Popple (from the south) was rocky, the rest not groomed. But better than 70˚ like last year in December!Ari
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2016-12-21Very good skiing. Full coverage, all trails groomed and trackset. Fast!EL
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood102016-12-20Groomed all regular loops. No track set, we need a little more snow. Good skating!JW
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood52016-12-19Groomed Dump trl, RR Bed Trl, Hedgehog, Upper Beaver, Caribou, Porcupine, and Bunny trail. No track set just groomed it flat for skating. Will try to groom out other trails tomorrow night.JW
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good2016-12-1920 deg overcast. Still snow on the trails. Skier made tracks. Good for Tuesday but warming trend toward weekend. Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good2016-12-1620 deg cloudy. Substantial lake snow last night. 3-5" powder. Skier made tracks. Warming Saturday. Probably OK in the morning but does not look good for Sunday.Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Poor2016-12-14No snow today. Possible 12" tonight and tomorrow.Tooboats
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent2016-12-14Bright beautiful partly cloudy day today. Very few skiers. Big snow on the way tonight.Tooboats
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MaineExcellent2016-12-14Classic and Skate conditions are excellent.
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent2016-12-11All trails groomed and tracked. A fine extra blue day!EL
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Poor2016-12-11Light snow for last few days not enough to ski on. Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Poor2016-12-09Fluries. There is a major lake effect event in progress. Snow bands are further north. Only 1" - 2" here. Tooboats
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2016-12-09Lake effect snow in progress 8" - 10" trails groomed. High School Tournament today. Great weekend ahead.Tooboats
Jackson Hill TrailsBoonville, N.Y.Good2016-12-09Lake effect ongoing until Saturday. 12" new snow. Trails groomed. Good weekend ahead. Jackson Hill usually has more snow than trails in town.Tooboats
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Good2016-11-2228 deg and snowing. Unusual lake effect snow band extending from Lake Ontario down to Fabius - Cortland. Calling for severe snow squals tonite. Most likely good conditions tomorrow and Wednesday.Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Fair2016-11-2232 deg 6" - 12" All trails open. Some designated for ski/ Some hiking or snow shoe. Skier made track. Still plenty of snow for Wednesday but temperatures creeping up. Rain Thursday. Stay home and eat. Happy holiday.Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good2016-11-2128 deg light snow There is 6" - 8" on the ground. Trails open but not groomed. Poor driving conditions. Everything is closed. Might as well ski!Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Poor2016-11-20Back to winter!! Substantial lake effect snow yesterday and today. Temperature slightly above freezing today keeping accumulations down. No ski today but cooler tonight. More snow for at least 24 Hrs. Expect some skiing tomorrow.Tooboats
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2016-11-20Snow reported today with 5" by tomorrow morning. Skiing tomorrow for sure. Closed Tue - Fri for holiday.Tooboats
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MaineExcellent102016-04-02Survived the rain nicely. Mixed granular surface. Some branch debris from ice/snow, but overall excellent conditions. See webcam for visual.CVJ
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent102016-03-26Trails are really good - snow sleet compo yesterday covered up the few bare spots that were showing. Really good time on the trails 10-12ks groomed just this morning. Ski rentals available at the River Drivers - restaurant right at the trailhead
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MaineExcellent10k2016-03-174 inches of fresh powder from yesterday groomed to perfection. 12" base.
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Poor2016-03-15No snow for a while. Best wishes to all for a happy summer!Tooboats
Katahdin WoodsPatten, MaineExcellent25+2016-03-05Grooming was a pleasure today with 5-6 inches of nice powder, we have packed powder conditions with track set and double track around the old River Road Loop. Try ski to Haskell Rock for a picnic! Blue sky , great trails along a world class river. Now is the weekend to come up and check out the Proposed National Park Lands!
Susan Adams
Katahdin WoodsPatten, MaineExcellent25+2016-03-05Grooming was a pleasure today with 5-6 inches of nice powder, we have packed powder conditions with track set and double track around the old River Road Loop. Try ski to Haskell Rock for a picnic! Blue sky , great trails along a world class river. Now is the weekend to come up and check out the Proposed National Park Lands!
Susan Adams
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MaineExcellent2016-03-018" of Fresh Powder. Groomed this morningCVJ
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MaineExcellent2016-03-018" of Fresh Powder. Groomed this morning
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MaineExcellent10k2016-02-27Skate Lane touched up this evening. Classic track is very good.
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Fair2016-02-23Frozen granular. Generally decent coverage but dirty in the conifers. Thin to bare in the usual spots on Deep Woods and Woodland near the lake. Very fast. EL
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2016-02-21Freshened up the grooming 1/21 pm. Generally similar conditions to earlier in the week, so skiers will still need to be on the lookout for the occasional root, rock, and patches of near-bare ground. The road bed is in excellent shape, and is the only place a classic track is set. No grooming was done on the RR bed, as the snow coverage is poor in the sunny areas. All in all, decent skiing considering the amount of snow and bone-dry forecast.Dan P.
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Good202016-02-202 " new snow warming during day. 40. 9 trails open. get it while you can. nancy
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good2016-02-1933 deg. Substantial snow remaining. Divided into hiking, skiing and snow shoeing. Ski trails track set. Warm this weekend. Hope it lasts.Tooboats
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Poor2016-02-19Snow gone for now. Lodge open this weekend. I believe that hay rides will be available.Tooboats
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Fair122016-02-19Granular mix. some thin spots under pines. great in open stretches thin in tight cover. Flatter trails (5 trails open). Expecting light powder tonight. 10 km open.
Winona ForestPulaski, N.Y.Excellent2016-02-14Event loop and Winona-Sallys-Winona-Bills-P1 groomed and trackset 2/12. 4-5" new snow since then. Very cold and slow but blue sky and no wind made for a delightful ski.EL
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Good2016-02-14A few more inches of powder overnight. Trails rolled. Lodge open. Horse drawn sleighs. Finally a good day!!Tooboats
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Poor2016-02-13-2 deg 1-3 inches powder. No ski rentals today. Too far south of Syracuse to have gotten any accumulation of lake effect snow. Hot food in the lodge. Horse drawn sleigh rides Sunday and Monday.Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2016-02-13-2 deg Occasional snow 6-8" new powder set track Great Day but too cold!Tooboats
Viking NordicLondonderry, VermontGood2k2016-02-11Not a lot of skiing open yet, but the guys are working hard to get more coverage in places where the snow is still really thin. The snow is delicate so trails will be open to classic skiing but not skate. Skate skiers will go right through to the ice or bare ground. Just not that nice an experience. All trails open for snowshoeing.
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Fair122016-02-11thin but powder, flatter terrain,try Perro Pond or Moon. nancy
Katahdin WoodsPatten, MaineExcellent30K2016-02-108-10 inches of fresh powder groomed and set classic track . The Orin Falls Messer Pond Road , apps 4 miles one way was also packed for skate skiing . We will have free hot chocolate and Somemores riverside this sunday from 10 am till 2 pm. Please join us! Snow shoe or ski in. One hut still has a night or two with space over vacation week. Bowlin Camps and Matagamon have a few cabins a few nights still open.
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Fair2016-02-0931 deg 2-3 inches by this morning big fat snowflakes. A little clumpy on the ground. We should have snow and much colder temperatures for the week.Tooboats
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MaineExcellent10k2016-02-08Freshly groomed this morning! Great classic track and skate lane.
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood102016-02-07Refreshed surface this morning. Classic track set on driveway only.JW
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2016-02-06Groomed 2/6 am. Most trails had no snow prior to this last storm, so we are essentially restarting - winter 2.0. Everything is groomed for skating - no classic tracks set (will need more snow...). The ground is not frozen well, so there are a few spots where the snow melted, but generally everything is skiable without concern for rocks, roots and debris. Enjoy!Dan P.
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Poor2016-02-0533 deg No snow some icy patches. I hiked Three Meadows today. Expect snow all next week beginning Tuesday.Tooboats
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MaineExcellent10k2016-02-02Skate lane was scuffed up with the ginzu and very solid and fast. Classic track was icy. Probably a 6 to 8" base.CVJ
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood1.52016-02-02The 1.5K snow making loop is in great shape for both classic and skating. The loop is about 2 feet thick and should withstand the rain forecast for Wednesday. The other trails are thin and difficult to groom at this time. Caroline
Caribou BogOrono, MaineFair2016-01-25Conditions are deteriorating and likely to continue the backwards slide with two days of 40+ degree weather. Road bed is holding up well, and some of the wider trails are all right, but dirt is popping up for sure. The RR bed will probably be unskiable by tomorrow due to lack of snow. Not much we can do about it grooming-wise.Dan P
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood102016-01-24Freshened up the surface this morning. Classic still only set on the driveway.JW
Katahdin WoodsPatten, MaineExcellent152016-01-22Packed powder. Double track set yesterday down along the river on the old river road loop. Single on the IAT to allow for some skate skiing. Some we areas have started to freeze up but many on our engrossed trails, ponds and the river may still not be solid . Use common sense. Stay on the groomed trails otherwise. Mark groomed all the way to Haskell Rock yesterday and in to Stair falls. Should be set up perfectly this morning. come ski. For directions and winter ski maps go to .
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2016-01-2023 deg about 10-12 inches since Sunday evening. Snow done for now until next Monday. Lots of pretty white powder. Trails groomed. Divided into Ski, Hike and snow shoe. Excellent day.Tooboats
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Good232016-01-1911 trails. New trail Zipper just opened . For better skiers . All tracked, thin in spots but overall good powder. Hut open Sat non-2 pm.Nancy
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Good2016-01-19A big lake effect snow event in progress. Wind from the NW over Lake Ontario is directing snow to the south of Syracuse. 4" - 6" overnight and still snowing today. Trails rolled. No track yet. Expect good skiing through the weekend.Tooboats
Katahdin WoodsPatten, MaineExcellent10+2016-01-18Perfectly groomed and double track set on the Old River Road Loop , with an extension in towards the Oxbow Picnic Area on the north end of the Yellow Loop. The rest of the Yellow Loop is still engrossed and there are multiple wet areas, where the water has still not frozen. Use caution on any engrossed trails and when off trail. Track was also set into Stair Falls and to Haskell Hut. We are still working on a wet section after Haskell Hut , so trail is only broken after that , no grooming.
Pineland FarmsNew Gloucester, MaineExcellent302016-01-18Close to perfect conditions at pinelands. Light snow freshening things up, good tracks and skate lanes. A little debris and a couple of rocks I tossed on the valley farm loop. Did not even ski oak hill but assume it is excellent as well.
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent2016-01-17A few additional inches overnight. Trails groomed track set. Took 6 beginners and Hugh was quite helpful getting them fitted with rental skis. I tried some wider and shorter skis which worked quite well. Big snow for the next few days.Tooboats
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Excellent202016-01-17fresh powder 5 " on top of 4 inch base; skate 3km ; tracked 20. Day passes welcome $15nancy
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Excellent2016-01-17Excellent conditions at prospect farm. Sold tracks and skate lane, nothing thin, no debris.
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineExcellent52016-01-17Groomed for both skate and classic. Soft but great conditions. Marek Skacel
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent102016-01-17All usual loops groomed by Dan P this morning. No grooming on smith farm trail or out in the bog yet. No track set on classic trails, still need a little more snow, but double classic track set on the sides of most skate trails. Skiing is excellent.JW
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Fair162016-01-16with 4 inches of new snow on 3 inch hardpan base skiing was thin in spots but overall sweet. Flatter terrain is best.nancy
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Good2016-01-16Skies Ellis, South Hall and Wave. Everything has decent coverage with some thin and bumpy spots. Only about 2" of new snow. Much needed but more would be good.Ari
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent102016-01-16Groomed trail underneath with soft granular snow coming in on top as it is snowing today, smooth, beautiful skiing - classic may be best today, no track laid.
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Fair152016-01-16finally some snow cover on top of 4 inch base. go to for update as snow continuesNancy
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2016-01-1421 deg 10" snowing right now at 10 PM. Nice day today Set track Trails divided between ski, hike, snow shoe. I did Northern Exposure with snow shoes. Tooboats
Katahdin WoodsPatten, MaineCall in sick2016-01-1420-22 inches of powder received at Matagamon in the last storm. Packed about 15 miles and groomed and set track on the entire old river road loop which gives you app 5 miles of blissful skiing , much of it along the East Branch of the Penobscot River. Tomorrow we will head back and groom to Haskell Rock which will offer set track for over another 10 + miles .
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2016-01-1321 deg 8-10 inches first good snow of the season. Some trails for snow shoe, some ski and some hiking. Set track excellent conditions.Tooboats
Jackson Hill TrailsBoonville, N.Y.Good2016-01-1228 deg snowing 6-8 inches of powder. We have had major snow in the region from north of Watertown to Cortland. We got to Boonville while it was snowing and skied Into the Woods breaking trail all the way. Some icy spots under the snow.Tooboats
Katahdin WoodsPatten, MaineFair2016-01-12This is more of a damage report and we should have an awesome trail report by thursday after receiving 1.75 inches of rain this past weekend and seeing 10-12 inches of snow predicted for tonight ! Today we checked on the Old River Road Loop , the IAT Trail into Haskell Hut and the MPOF Trail into Big Spring Brook Hut from Matagamon. We could not get all the way into Bowlin Bridge on the K Comp trail due to an area not refrozen yet and a very large tree down at the other end. The Good News is that We managed to maintain at least 95% coverage on the trails . There is a very firm packed base, too hard to set track. We are set for the snow predicted tonight. The plan is to start grooming first thing thursday morning beginning with the Old River Loop Trail and moving on to Haskell Hut and then to Haskell Rock on to Big Spring Brook Hut . We will also be able to groom into Stair Falls now that the wet areas have frozen . There are still a few wet areas, including a beaver flow just after Haskell Hut entrance. Caution should be exercised to keep from getting wet feet! If anyone would like to come up for some skate skiing , please connect with us in advance and we may be able to help you out with most of the old river road loop and beyond . Maps can be found at See you on the trails! Susan and MarkSusan
Waterville NordicWaterville, N.H.Fair2016-01-09Looking to get some Ks before the rain. Livermore Road and Snows were groomed but some rocks got kicked up and some dirty sections. Tripoli was much better, with only two rocks, good for some hills. What will survive the rain? Sadly not much.Ari
Katahdin WoodsPatten, MaineGood2016-01-06Groomed 10k on the 6th. The skiing is great ! Waiting on the weather on Sunday and will groom more trails when it gets cold again.
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Fair0.52016-01-06Some manmade with a few bare spots. They have some piles coming, but they still need more cold weather.Ari
Rodman Barnes CornersRodman, N.Y.Excellent2016-01-05They have a snowmobile with a 2-3 foot wide roller which they roll quickly over the trails. There is no track and certainly no wide trails for skating. Right now there is about 24 inches of new powder and trails made by the skiers. We did Snowbird Loop today with one skier, one really wide skies and one snow shoes. The snow shoes did best. Very pretty though. We ran along the gorge for some distance and areas of different stands of trees.Tooboats
Rodman Barnes CornersRodman, N.Y.Excellent2016-01-05They have a snowmobile with a 2-3 foot wide roller which they roll quickly over the trails. There is no track and certainly no wide trails for skating. Right now there is about 24 inches of new powder and trails made by the skiers. We did Snowbird Loop today with one skier, one really wide skies and one snow shoes. The snow shoes did best. Very pretty though. We ran along the gorge for some distance and areas of different stands of trees.Tooboats
Rodman Barnes CornersRodman, N.Y.Excellent2016-01-04Out of curiosity, what does "roughly groomed" mean? Is someone pulling a drag down the trails to compact the snow? Or are they "groomed" by previous skiers leaving ski tracks behind?Mitch
Katahdin WoodsPatten, MaineGood25 2016-01-04Grooming again tomorrow. Packed powder. 14 inches of new snow in the past 10 days. For up to date trail conditions and hut info contact us at and directions at Come ski the Northwoods and check out some of the lands of the proposed National Park. Guided ski and stays at Mt.Chase Lodge ,Mt.Chase Maine.Susan
Rodman Barnes CornersRodman, N.Y.Excellent2016-01-04Tons of snow. Keep in mind that these trails are roughly groomed. Well marked. Download the map from the web site. Beautiful scenery.Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Poor2016-01-04The lake effect event is over now. Not quite enough to ski here at Beaver Lake. The Lake effect band moved around enough this weekend so that all of the ski areas in the Tug Hill North of here received adequate snow. BREIA in Boonville, Winona in Pulaski, Osceola and Barnes Corners near Watertown all have excellent conditions. Very cold today. Tue and Wed better.Tooboats
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Good2016-01-03Spent the day at prospect farm which is quite nice. A couple iffy spots but mostly perfect. Striders seemed to be kicking in wax in tracks even. A few flurries, and some areas getting scraped off by snow plowing.
Caribou BogOrono, MaineFair2016-01-03First grooming of the season 1/3 PM. Newman and Bangor Hills and road bed groomed for skating. Railroad bed and connector to road bed ungroomed due to beaver activity. Not enough snow to set classic tracks yet. Watch out for the occasional dirt clod or root. All around decent conditions for the amount of snow we have. Thanks to Penobscot Valley Ski Club for the new grooming equipment - more efficient to do and better results! Dan P.
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Poor2016-01-0228 deg Cloudy. Some snow yesterday, but not enough to ski. Snow forecast for tomorrow.Tooboats
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2016-01-0228 deg. More snow today. Nice crowd from youngest to oldest (me). Snow just a bit sticky. The onion soup and pizza at the Osceola Hotel was pretty good too.Tooboats
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Good2016-01-02Update for Jackson. Ellis is pretty scratch through the hairpins and beyond. The first part is fine, as is the Whifferdill up towards the Hall Trail. Reports are that Hall is good, but the connector is sketchy. Plenty of decent skiing, anyway.Ari
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2016-01-0212" new snow last night. Still snowing. Good weekend ahead.Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Poor2016-01-0228 deg Cloudy. Some snow yesterday, but not enough to ski. Snow forecast for tomorrow.Tooboats
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Good2016-01-02Pretty decent conditions with a good if thin base. Best skiing was up at prospect farm, although the wave was fine too. Will check out the hall trail this afternoon.Ari
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineCall in sick122016-01-01Awesome conditions - Saddle Loop and new Hammond Ridge Loop Groomed this morning 1/1/16
Rodman Barnes CornersRodman, N.Y.Good2016-01-0128 deg snowing 6-8" new powder Not groomed yet. Skier made tracks. Major lake effect event until Sunday. Best conditions seem to be north of Pulaski, though there has been snow as far south as Syracuse.Tooboats
Waterville NordicWaterville, N.H.Good2016-01-01Report for Tripoli. Only skied Tripoli in the afternoon (1:30-4:00) and no real ice but was hard as concrete and fast, better as you went up the climb. Light snow throughout the afternoon and intensifying when leaving improved the conditions over the afternoon to a very pleasurable ski.
Katahdin WoodsPatten, MaineExcellent12 2016-00-27We made it thru the recent weather events with flying colors . Mark worked his magic and the old river road loop was awesome with a nice set track . Warm weather will soften things up even more . It was groomed into the KComp trailhead but no track set yet . Come enjoy. I skied about 6 K today around the old river road loop and it was one of my best skis so far this season. Sun,snow, great glide, beautiful views of the next national park in Maine !(fingers crossed) come check it out. Hut openings weekdays and a few weekends still .
Susan Adam
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Good2016-00-16About 2" of new snow freshening up whatever is underneath. Mostly good coverage; new snow is very slow. Should shape up well tomorrow, and a bit more will be good for the race next week.
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent10 2015-12-30Most trails groomed with track set. Man made section increased on Monday night to 1 K length and includes Hero Hill. Tuesday storm brought 6-8 inches allowing entire trail system skiable. Caroline
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2015-12-20About 30 deg today. 20" snow total. Groomed trails. Just a little bit sticky. Unfortunately warm weather with rain next week.Tooboats
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2015-12-1913" so far. Still snowing. Packed trails. Hope to get up there tomorrow.Tooboats
Winona ForestPulaski, N.Y.Good2015-12-18Lake effect snow event expected Friday through Sunday AM. Narrow band of snow now from Pulaski to Osceola. Numerous ski areas possible, Depends on the band movement. More Info Sat nite. YAHOO!Tooboats
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood0.52015-12-09Quarry Road has a loop of about half a kilometer open on man-made snow. The turnarounds at either end are a bit thin, but overall the coverage is quite good.
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Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.ExcellentAGq2015-09-04I work here Wilbur
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.ExcellentAGq2015-09-04A jiffy bag Vincent
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.ExcellentAGq2015-09-04Gloomy tales Grover
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.PoorxDU2015-09-02Directory enquiries Everett
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.PoorxDU2015-09-02Where do you live? Aidan
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.PoorxDU2015-09-02Have you got a telephone directory? Randall
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.PoorxDU2015-09-02Have you read any good books lately? Liam
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.PoorxDU2015-09-02Have you got a current driving licence? Julio
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.PoorxDU2015-09-02I stay at home and look after the children Isreal
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.PoorxDU2015-09-02An accountancy practice Jamaal
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.PoorxDU2015-09-02What line of work are you in? Damian
Katahdin Nordic CenterMillinocket, MaineGooduwX2015-08-28In a meeting Tony
Katahdin Nordic CenterMillinocket, MaineGooduwX2015-08-28Lost credit card Louis
Katahdin Nordic CenterMillinocket, MaineGooduwX2015-08-28I work for myself Peyton
Katahdin Nordic CenterMillinocket, MaineGooduwX2015-08-28Could I have an application form? Leandro
Katahdin Nordic CenterMillinocket, MaineGooduwX2015-08-28An accountancy practice Elbert
Maple Corner FarmGranville, Mass.FairToj2015-08-19Wonderfull great site Leandro
Maple Corner FarmGranville, Mass.FairToj2015-08-19Have you got any ? Makayla
Maple Corner FarmGranville, Mass.FairToj2015-08-19Some First Class stamps Matthew
Maple Corner FarmGranville, Mass.FairToj2015-08-19Punk not dead Moises
Maple Corner FarmGranville, Mass.FairToj2015-08-19I like watching TV Norman
Maple Corner FarmGranville, Mass.FairToj2015-08-19Could you transfer $1000 from my current account to my deposit account? Dario
Maple Corner FarmGranville, Mass.FairToj2015-08-19We went to university together Elias
Frost Valley YMCAClaryville, N.Y.ExcellenttvZ2015-08-18A few months Augustus
Frost Valley YMCAClaryville, N.Y.ExcellenttvZ2015-08-18What do you like doing in your spare time? Jonas
Frost Valley YMCAClaryville, N.Y.ExcellenttvZ2015-08-18I live in London Brayden
Frost Valley YMCAClaryville, N.Y.ExcellenttvZ2015-08-18Please wait Edwin
Frost Valley YMCAClaryville, N.Y.ExcellenttvZ2015-08-18How long have you lived here? Jackson
Frost Valley YMCAClaryville, N.Y.ExcellenttvZ2015-08-18A Second Class stamp Cliff
Frost Valley YMCAClaryville, N.Y.ExcellenttvZ2015-08-18Excellent work, Nice Design Emily
The BalsamsDixville Notch, N.H.Excellentgjm2015-08-18I work for myself Lionel
The BalsamsDixville Notch, N.H.Excellentgjm2015-08-18Wonderfull great site Seth
The BalsamsDixville Notch, N.H.Excellentgjm2015-08-18How would you like the money? Julia
The BalsamsDixville Notch, N.H.Excellentgjm2015-08-18The United States Quentin
The BalsamsDixville Notch, N.H.Excellentgjm2015-08-18Have you got any qualifications? Getjoy
The BalsamsDixville Notch, N.H.Excellentgjm2015-08-18Could you give me some smaller notes? Francisco
The BalsamsDixville Notch, N.H.Excellentgjm2015-08-18Have you got a telephone directory? Wyatt
The BalsamsDixville Notch, N.H.Excellentgjm2015-08-18Best Site Good Work Mauricio
Mount Van HoevenbergLake Placid, N.Y.PoorJDR2015-08-17Languages Jefferey
Mount Van HoevenbergLake Placid, N.Y.PoorJDR2015-08-17US dollars Earnest
Mount Van HoevenbergLake Placid, N.Y.PoorJDR2015-08-17I like it a lot Aidan
Mount Van HoevenbergLake Placid, N.Y.PoorJDR2015-08-17Can I use your phone? Thomas
University of MaineOrono, MaineGoodusA2015-08-15Could you ask her to call me? Zackary
University of MaineOrono, MaineGoodusA2015-08-15Insufficient funds Diva
University of MaineOrono, MaineGoodusA2015-08-15A book of First Class stamps Ryan
University of MaineOrono, MaineGoodusA2015-08-15What part of do you come from? Conrad
University of MaineOrono, MaineGoodusA2015-08-15This is your employment contract Kristopher
University of MaineOrono, MaineGoodusA2015-08-15Could I make an appointment to see ? Cedrick
University of MaineOrono, MaineGoodusA2015-08-15Directory enquiries Nicky
Gore MountainNorth Creek, N.Y.ExcellentNru2015-08-13Get a job Crazyivan
Gore MountainNorth Creek, N.Y.ExcellentNru2015-08-13Will I be paid weekly or monthly? Mickey
Gore MountainNorth Creek, N.Y.ExcellentNru2015-08-13I support Manchester United Keenan
Gore MountainNorth Creek, N.Y.ExcellentNru2015-08-13Could I order a new chequebook, please? Keenan
Gore MountainNorth Creek, N.Y.ExcellentNru2015-08-13I work for a publishers Coolman
Gore MountainNorth Creek, N.Y.ExcellentNru2015-08-13I want to report a Gavin
Split Cedar TrailsVan Buren, MaineGoodlKc2015-08-12International directory enquiries Brendon
Split Cedar TrailsVan Buren, MaineGoodlKc2015-08-12What do you like doing in your spare time? Rueben
Split Cedar TrailsVan Buren, MaineGoodlKc2015-08-12Insufficient funds Lionel
Split Cedar TrailsVan Buren, MaineGoodlKc2015-08-12Do you need a work permit? Arnoldo
Split Cedar TrailsVan Buren, MaineGoodlKc2015-08-12I want to make a withdrawal Damon
Split Cedar TrailsVan Buren, MaineGoodlKc2015-08-12How much were you paid in your last job? Alfred
Split Cedar TrailsVan Buren, MaineGoodlKc2015-08-12Is there ? Prince
Gurney LaneQueensbury, N.Y.GoodDGp2015-08-12Wonderfull great site Landon
Gurney LaneQueensbury, N.Y.GoodDGp2015-08-12Whereabouts in are you from? Daren
Gurney LaneQueensbury, N.Y.GoodDGp2015-08-12Can I call you back? Wilbert
Gurney LaneQueensbury, N.Y.GoodDGp2015-08-12Other amount Dewey
Gurney LaneQueensbury, N.Y.GoodDGp2015-08-12Can I take your number? Archie
Gurney LaneQueensbury, N.Y.GoodDGp2015-08-12How much were you paid in your last job? Dominic
Gurney LaneQueensbury, N.Y.GoodDGp2015-08-12How much is a First Class stamp? Raphael
Gurney LaneQueensbury, N.Y.GoodDGp2015-08-12How do I get an outside line? Sierra
Frost Valley YMCAClaryville, N.Y.GoodEDQ2015-08-09What do you like doing in your spare time? best drugstore foundation for acne combination skin U.S. fiscal uncertainty "combined with other sources ofvolatility in the global economy could do great damage toemerging markets and developing countries in Africa, Asia, andLatin America that have lifted millions of people out of povertyin recent years," he said. Haywood
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MainePoorBQU2015-08-05Would you like a receipt? Kaylee
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MainePoorBQU2015-08-05Where do you live? Buford
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MainePoorBQU2015-08-05Where do you live? Armando
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MainePoorBQU2015-08-05How long have you lived here? Claude
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MainePoorBQU2015-08-05Nice to meet you Rafael
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MainePoorBQU2015-08-05Yes, I play the guitar Roberto
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MainePoorBQU2015-08-05I want to make a withdrawal Odell
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MainePoorBQU2015-08-05In tens, please (ten pound notes) Peter
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MainePoorBQU2015-08-05Yes, I play the guitar Trinidad
Leavitt Area High SchoolTurner, MaineExcellentRiG2015-08-04What do you study? Caleb
Leavitt Area High SchoolTurner, MaineExcellentRiG2015-08-04Sorry, I ran out of credit Ricardo
Leavitt Area High SchoolTurner, MaineExcellentRiG2015-08-04Could I have a statement, please? Katelyn
Leavitt Area High SchoolTurner, MaineExcellentRiG2015-08-04Will I get paid for overtime? Preston
Leavitt Area High SchoolTurner, MaineExcellentRiG2015-08-04What company are you calling from? Romeo
Leavitt Area High SchoolTurner, MaineExcellentRiG2015-08-04Do you know the number for ? Antwan
Leavitt Area High SchoolTurner, MaineExcellentRiG2015-08-04Could you tell me my balance, please? Kristopher
Leavitt Area High SchoolTurner, MaineExcellentRiG2015-08-04What line of work are you in? Clyde
Blueberry LakeEast Warren, VermontExcellentBks2015-08-02I love the theatre Travis
Blueberry LakeEast Warren, VermontExcellentBks2015-08-02Where do you live? Stanford
Blueberry LakeEast Warren, VermontExcellentBks2015-08-02I was made redundant two months ago Trenton
Blueberry LakeEast Warren, VermontExcellentBks2015-08-02Go travelling Billy
Blueberry LakeEast Warren, VermontExcellentBks2015-08-02A few months Jenna
Blueberry LakeEast Warren, VermontExcellentBks2015-08-02Could I make an appointment to see ? Mathew
Blueberry LakeEast Warren, VermontExcellentBks2015-08-02How long have you lived here? Alden
Blueberry LakeEast Warren, VermontExcellentBks2015-08-02A Second Class stamp Victor
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellentRxG2015-07-24Until August Carmine
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellentRxG2015-07-24Have you seen any good films recently? Jaime
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellentRxG2015-07-24I really like swimming Trenton
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellentRxG2015-07-24A financial advisor Elbert
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellentRxG2015-07-24Have you read any good books lately? Truman
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellentRxG2015-07-24The National Gallery Walter
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellentRxG2015-07-24Could you ask him to call me? Ashley
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellentRxG2015-07-24real beauty page Tyrone
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellentRxG2015-07-24Withdraw cash Ricky
Ole'sWarren, VermontPoorfvd2015-07-21I do some voluntary work Buddy
Ole'sWarren, VermontPoorfvd2015-07-21perfect design thanks Lindsey
Ole'sWarren, VermontPoorfvd2015-07-21What university do you go to? Jarvis
Ole'sWarren, VermontPoorfvd2015-07-21Your cash is being counted Stephan
Ole'sWarren, VermontPoorfvd2015-07-21How many more years do you have to go? Horace
Smugglers Notch XCJeffersonville, VermontExcellentMiX2015-07-21What do you do for a living? Chance
Smugglers Notch XCJeffersonville, VermontExcellentMiX2015-07-21I live in London Herman
Smugglers Notch XCJeffersonville, VermontExcellentMiX2015-07-21Do you know the number for ? Katherine
Smugglers Notch XCJeffersonville, VermontExcellentMiX2015-07-21Is there ? Stanton
Smugglers Notch XCJeffersonville, VermontExcellentMiX2015-07-21A pension scheme Freelove
Smugglers Notch XCJeffersonville, VermontExcellentMiX2015-07-21Insert your card Zachary
Smugglers Notch XCJeffersonville, VermontExcellentMiX2015-07-21Could you tell me the number for ? Curtis
Inn at Starlight LakeStarlight, Penna.GoodSpr2015-07-19Where are you from? Buster
Inn at Starlight LakeStarlight, Penna.GoodSpr2015-07-19perfect design thanks Eldridge
Inn at Starlight LakeStarlight, Penna.GoodSpr2015-07-19Could I have a statement, please? Jerald
Inn at Starlight LakeStarlight, Penna.GoodSpr2015-07-19I went to Lowell
Inn at Starlight LakeStarlight, Penna.GoodSpr2015-07-19Best Site good looking Willis
Inn at Starlight LakeStarlight, Penna.GoodSpr2015-07-19How many would you like? Mohammad
Inn at Starlight LakeStarlight, Penna.GoodSpr2015-07-19What sort of work do you do? Keven
Inn at Starlight LakeStarlight, Penna.GoodSpr2015-07-19I live in London Geraldo
Inn at Starlight LakeStarlight, Penna.GoodSpr2015-07-19On another call Freddy
Inn at Starlight LakeStarlight, Penna.GoodSpr2015-07-19Are you a student? Leroy
Ole'sWarren, VermontFaircko2015-07-15I enjoy travelling Leland
Ole'sWarren, VermontFaircko2015-07-15Do you need a work permit? Hilario
Ole'sWarren, VermontFaircko2015-07-15The manager Rachel
Ole'sWarren, VermontFaircko2015-07-15I saw your advert in the paper Ezequiel
Ole'sWarren, VermontFaircko2015-07-15Will I have to work on Saturdays? Monte
Ole'sWarren, VermontFaircko2015-07-15Whereabouts are you from? Garland
Ole'sWarren, VermontFaircko2015-07-15A packet of envelopes Valentine
Ole'sWarren, VermontFaircko2015-07-15Could I have a statement, please? Rocky
Ole'sWarren, VermontFaircko2015-07-15This is your employment contract Seth
Aroostook Ski TouringAshland, MaineExcellentgmL2015-07-15Will I be paid weekly or monthly? Cooper
Aroostook Ski TouringAshland, MaineExcellentgmL2015-07-15How much does the job pay? Myles
Aroostook Ski TouringAshland, MaineExcellentgmL2015-07-15Will I get travelling expenses? Rigoberto
Aroostook Ski TouringAshland, MaineExcellentgmL2015-07-15How do you do? Flyman
Aroostook Ski TouringAshland, MaineExcellentgmL2015-07-15Just over two years Eliseo
Aroostook Ski TouringAshland, MaineExcellentgmL2015-07-15Do you play any instruments? Heyjew
Aroostook Ski TouringAshland, MaineExcellentgmL2015-07-15This is your employment contract Isidro
Aroostook Ski TouringAshland, MaineExcellentgmL2015-07-15A law firm Spencer
SugarloafCarrabassett Valley, MaineGoodWJo2015-07-11We were at school together Natalie
SugarloafCarrabassett Valley, MaineGoodWJo2015-07-11This site is crazy :) Wilbur
SugarloafCarrabassett Valley, MaineGoodWJo2015-07-11I study here Korey
SugarloafCarrabassett Valley, MaineGoodWJo2015-07-11Sorry, you must have the wrong number Hayden
SugarloafCarrabassett Valley, MaineGoodWJo2015-07-11magic story very thanks Linwood
SugarloafCarrabassett Valley, MaineGoodWJo2015-07-11Could you tell me the dialing code for ? German
SugarloafCarrabassett Valley, MaineGoodWJo2015-07-11Which university are you at? Jarred
SugarloafCarrabassett Valley, MaineGoodWJo2015-07-11International directory enquiries Wilber
Countryside XCPalmyra, MainePoorbOw2015-07-11magic story very thanks Federico
Countryside XCPalmyra, MainePoorbOw2015-07-11Will I have to work on Saturdays? Morris
Countryside XCPalmyra, MainePoorbOw2015-07-11Hello good day Monroe
Countryside XCPalmyra, MainePoorbOw2015-07-11Where do you live? Dante
Countryside XCPalmyra, MainePoorbOw2015-07-11I read a lot Elizabeth
Countryside XCPalmyra, MainePoorbOw2015-07-11What do you do for a living? Tyler
Countryside XCPalmyra, MainePoorbOw2015-07-11Do you know the number for ? Jack
Countryside XCPalmyra, MainePoorbOw2015-07-11Whereabouts in are you from? Edmond
Countryside XCPalmyra, MainePoorbOw2015-07-11Hold the line, please Unlove
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.ExcellentsDO2015-07-07I quite like cooking Alex
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.ExcellentsDO2015-07-07A First Class stamp Heyjew
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.ExcellentsDO2015-07-07How long are you planning to stay here? Cesar
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.ExcellentsDO2015-07-07Sorry, I ran out of credit Emmitt
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.ExcellentsDO2015-07-07I want to report a Herbert
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.ExcellentsDO2015-07-07Why did you come to ? Kylie
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.ExcellentsDO2015-07-07Very interesting tale Stevie
Vermont AcademySaxtons Falls, VermontExcellentvbK2015-07-04Will I get paid for overtime? Cristobal
Vermont AcademySaxtons Falls, VermontExcellentvbK2015-07-04Have you got any ? Earle
Vermont AcademySaxtons Falls, VermontExcellentvbK2015-07-04Other amount Virgil
Vermont AcademySaxtons Falls, VermontExcellentvbK2015-07-04Who would I report to? Johnson
Vermont AcademySaxtons Falls, VermontExcellentvbK2015-07-04Nice to meet you Norris
Bond BrookAugusta, MainePoorTDH2015-07-02I need to charge up my phone Chung
Bond BrookAugusta, MainePoorTDH2015-07-02About a year Douglass
Bond BrookAugusta, MainePoorTDH2015-07-02A pension scheme Ronny
Bond BrookAugusta, MainePoorTDH2015-07-02Punk not dead Teodoro
Bond BrookAugusta, MainePoorTDH2015-07-02I hate shopping Garry
Bond BrookAugusta, MainePoorTDH2015-07-02How long have you lived here? Napoleon
Bond BrookAugusta, MainePoorTDH2015-07-02Another year Errol
Bond BrookAugusta, MainePoorTDH2015-07-02I never went to university Cristobal
Bond BrookAugusta, MainePoorTDH2015-07-02Do you need a work permit? Berry
Telstar High SchoolBethel, MaineFairQim2015-06-28History Harold
Telstar High SchoolBethel, MaineFairQim2015-06-28Enter your PIN Darrin
Telstar High SchoolBethel, MaineFairQim2015-06-28I enjoy travelling Lucio
Telstar High SchoolBethel, MaineFairQim2015-06-28A jiffy bag Danilo
Telstar High SchoolBethel, MaineFairQim2015-06-28Insert your card Antwan
TopnotchStowe, VermontFairNod2015-06-23Nice to meet you Elroy
TopnotchStowe, VermontFairNod2015-06-23Which university are you at? Terence
TopnotchStowe, VermontFairNod2015-06-23Three years Mikel
TopnotchStowe, VermontFairNod2015-06-23magic story very thanks Fernando
TopnotchStowe, VermontFairNod2015-06-23The manager Brain
TopnotchStowe, VermontFairNod2015-06-23What line of work are you in? Dalton
TopnotchStowe, VermontFairNod2015-06-23How do you know each other? Oscar
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.Goodmym2015-06-21Could you ask him to call me? Malcolm
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.Goodmym2015-06-21I wanted to live abroad Michale
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.Goodmym2015-06-21Could you ask him to call me? Edwin
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.Goodmym2015-06-21US dollars Tanner
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.Goodmym2015-06-21Is there ? Boyce
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.Goodmym2015-06-21I went to Dominique
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.Goodmym2015-06-21What sort of music do you listen to? Laverne
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.Goodmym2015-06-21A few months Jasper
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.Goodmym2015-06-21this is be cool 8) Salvador
Bond BrookAugusta, MaineFairjAF2015-06-19Whereabouts in are you from? Bryan
Bond BrookAugusta, MaineFairjAF2015-06-19Gloomy tales Savannah
Bond BrookAugusta, MaineFairjAF2015-06-19Insufficient funds Wilfredo
Bond BrookAugusta, MaineFairjAF2015-06-19What do you do for a living? Travis
Bond BrookAugusta, MaineFairjAF2015-06-19A First Class stamp Mohamed
Bond BrookAugusta, MaineFairjAF2015-06-19Hello good day Williams
Bond BrookAugusta, MaineFairjAF2015-06-19What do you study? Darnell
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFairCqE2015-06-15A First Class stamp Leroy
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFairCqE2015-06-15Whereabouts are you from? Sean
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFairCqE2015-06-15What sort of music do you listen to? Augustine
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFairCqE2015-06-15An accountancy practice Brenton
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFairCqE2015-06-15How much will it cost to send this letter to ? Harold
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFairCqE2015-06-15Do you play any instruments? Ernie
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFairCqE2015-06-15What sort of music do you listen to? Jeffery
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFairCqE2015-06-15How do you do? Ramiro
Legacy ParkBedford, N.H.Fairuyk2015-06-12Looking for a job Melissa
Legacy ParkBedford, N.H.Fairuyk2015-06-12Could I have an application form? Adolfo
Legacy ParkBedford, N.H.Fairuyk2015-06-12Could you transfer $1000 from my current account to my deposit account? Gregorio
Legacy ParkBedford, N.H.Fairuyk2015-06-12Which university are you at? Milford
Legacy ParkBedford, N.H.Fairuyk2015-06-12Lost credit card Kraig
Legacy ParkBedford, N.H.Fairuyk2015-06-12US dollars Austin
Legacy ParkBedford, N.H.Fairuyk2015-06-12What company are you calling from? William
Legacy ParkBedford, N.H.Fairuyk2015-06-12Free medical insurance William
Loon XCLincoln, N.H.PoortgO2015-06-11A few months Vince
Loon XCLincoln, N.H.PoortgO2015-06-11I saw your advert in the paper Elvin
Loon XCLincoln, N.H.PoortgO2015-06-11Stolen credit card Donny
Loon XCLincoln, N.H.PoortgO2015-06-11What line of work are you in? Felton
Loon XCLincoln, N.H.PoortgO2015-06-11Do you need a work permit? Isaac
Trafton TrailsLimestone, MaineFairBkK2015-06-10I quite like cooking Rusty
Trafton TrailsLimestone, MaineFairBkK2015-06-10Gloomy tales Dusty
Trafton TrailsLimestone, MaineFairBkK2015-06-10Whereabouts in are you from? Brent
Trafton TrailsLimestone, MaineFairBkK2015-06-10Will I have to work shifts? Simon
Trafton TrailsLimestone, MaineFairBkK2015-06-10Where are you from? Heriberto
Viking NordicLondonderry, VermontFairadB2015-06-08Is it convenient to talk at the moment? Nickolas
Viking NordicLondonderry, VermontFairadB2015-06-08Have you got any qualifications? Erich
Viking NordicLondonderry, VermontFairadB2015-06-08A First Class stamp Gerardo
Viking NordicLondonderry, VermontFairadB2015-06-08How many are there in a book? Rocky
Viking NordicLondonderry, VermontFairadB2015-06-08Sorry, you must have the wrong number Floyd
Wilderness LodgeWattsburg, Penna.FaireQC2015-05-29Can you put it on the scales, please? Abraham
Wilderness LodgeWattsburg, Penna.FaireQC2015-05-29Until August Clinton
Wilderness LodgeWattsburg, Penna.FaireQC2015-05-29Who do you work for? Isiah
Wilderness LodgeWattsburg, Penna.FaireQC2015-05-29Not available at the moment Lawrence
Wilderness LodgeWattsburg, Penna.FaireQC2015-05-29Do you know the address? Judson
Wilderness LodgeWattsburg, Penna.FaireQC2015-05-29Could you please repeat that? Wilbert
Wilderness LodgeWattsburg, Penna.FaireQC2015-05-29Insert your card Cordell
Wilderness LodgeWattsburg, Penna.FaireQC2015-05-29Please wait Antwan
Wilderness LodgeWattsburg, Penna.FaireQC2015-05-29I stay at home and look after the children Lucius
Hilltop OrchardsRichmond, Mass.PoorUew2015-05-29How much will it cost to send this letter to ? Buford
Hilltop OrchardsRichmond, Mass.PoorUew2015-05-29I quite like cooking Chris
Hilltop OrchardsRichmond, Mass.PoorUew2015-05-29Could I take your name and number, please? Deandre
Hilltop OrchardsRichmond, Mass.PoorUew2015-05-29Yes, I play the guitar Hilton
Hilltop OrchardsRichmond, Mass.PoorUew2015-05-29I like watching TV Ahmad
Hilltop OrchardsRichmond, Mass.PoorUew2015-05-29Will I get paid for overtime? Benny
Clear Fork ResortButler, OhioGoodDqm2015-05-28Sorry, I ran out of credit Donnie
Clear Fork ResortButler, OhioGoodDqm2015-05-28I went to Eli
Clear Fork ResortButler, OhioGoodDqm2015-05-28How many days will it take for the cheque to clear? Javier
Clear Fork ResortButler, OhioGoodDqm2015-05-28Have you seen any good films recently? Terrell
Clear Fork ResortButler, OhioGoodDqm2015-05-28Get a job Robby
Clear Fork ResortButler, OhioGoodDqm2015-05-28Will I get paid for overtime? Casey
Clear Fork ResortButler, OhioGoodDqm2015-05-28I work for a publishers Thomas
Clear Fork ResortButler, OhioGoodDqm2015-05-28This site is crazy :) Zackary
Woodstock NordicWoodstock, VermontGoodGHq2015-05-26How do you do? Whitney
Woodstock NordicWoodstock, VermontGoodGHq2015-05-26Enter your PIN Clifford
Woodstock NordicWoodstock, VermontGoodGHq2015-05-26this is be cool 8) Robbie
Woodstock NordicWoodstock, VermontGoodGHq2015-05-26A book of First Class stamps Isaiah
Woodstock NordicWoodstock, VermontGoodGHq2015-05-26Could I have an application form? Columbus
Blueberry LakeEast Warren, VermontFairVWc2015-05-21Withdraw cash Anderson
Blueberry LakeEast Warren, VermontFairVWc2015-05-21Can I call you back? Sergio
Blueberry LakeEast Warren, VermontFairVWc2015-05-21Have you read any good books lately? Elias
Blueberry LakeEast Warren, VermontFairVWc2015-05-21Could you tell me my balance, please? Curt
Blueberry LakeEast Warren, VermontFairVWc2015-05-21We work together Douglass
Blueberry LakeEast Warren, VermontFairVWc2015-05-21A packet of envelopes Hassan
Blueberry LakeEast Warren, VermontFairVWc2015-05-21I study here Humberto
Blueberry LakeEast Warren, VermontFairVWc2015-05-21International directory enquiries Leah
Lake Region High SchoolBridgton, MaineFairDcA2015-05-19Very Good Site Winfred
Lake Region High SchoolBridgton, MaineFairDcA2015-05-19We went to university together Gonzalo
Lake Region High SchoolBridgton, MaineFairDcA2015-05-19I was made redundant two months ago Leonel
Lake Region High SchoolBridgton, MaineFairDcA2015-05-19Enter your PIN Maria
Lake Region High SchoolBridgton, MaineFairDcA2015-05-19Could you please repeat that? Barton
Lake Region High SchoolBridgton, MaineFairDcA2015-05-19A law firm Gayle
Jay Peak NordicJay, VermontExcellenttnD2015-05-17How much is a Second Class stamp? Fredrick
Jay Peak NordicJay, VermontExcellenttnD2015-05-17How much will it cost to send this letter to ? Galen
Jay Peak NordicJay, VermontExcellenttnD2015-05-17One moment, please Evan
Jay Peak NordicJay, VermontExcellenttnD2015-05-17Could I take your name and number, please? Roscoe
Jay Peak NordicJay, VermontExcellenttnD2015-05-17Where do you come from? Stefan
Jay Peak NordicJay, VermontExcellenttnD2015-05-17Looking for work Lightsoul
Jay Peak NordicJay, VermontExcellenttnD2015-05-17What do you like doing in your spare time? Isiah
Jay Peak NordicJay, VermontExcellenttnD2015-05-17Can I take your number? Leah
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.FairwqX2015-05-08Insert your card Lifestile
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.FairwqX2015-05-08very best job Jerold
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.FairwqX2015-05-08magic story very thanks Eugenio
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.FairwqX2015-05-08US dollars Damon
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.FairwqX2015-05-08Where do you live? Mohammed
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.FairwqX2015-05-08I was made redundant two months ago Terence
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.FairwqX2015-05-08Would you like a receipt? Gerald
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.FairwqX2015-05-08What line of work are you in? Grace
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.FairwqX2015-05-08Is there ? Alexa
Cooks Forest State ParkCooksburg, Penna.GoodiOm2015-05-08Thanks funny site Daryl
Cooks Forest State ParkCooksburg, Penna.GoodiOm2015-05-08I want to report a Berry
Cooks Forest State ParkCooksburg, Penna.GoodiOm2015-05-08I love the theatre Marissa
Cooks Forest State ParkCooksburg, Penna.GoodiOm2015-05-08How many more years do you have to go? Gonzalo
Cooks Forest State ParkCooksburg, Penna.GoodiOm2015-05-08How much will it cost to send this letter to ? Connie
Kents Hill SchoolReadfield, MaineExcellentcdn2015-05-07What part of do you come from? Isabelle
Kents Hill SchoolReadfield, MaineExcellentcdn2015-05-07When can you start? Johnathan
Kents Hill SchoolReadfield, MaineExcellentcdn2015-05-07What do you study? Ethan
Kents Hill SchoolReadfield, MaineExcellentcdn2015-05-07Pleased to meet you Jackson
Kents Hill SchoolReadfield, MaineExcellentcdn2015-05-07Just over two years Daron
Kents Hill SchoolReadfield, MaineExcellentcdn2015-05-07How many would you like? Ruben
Titcomb MountainWest Farmington, MainePoorGlA2015-05-07Do you like it here? Eric
Titcomb MountainWest Farmington, MainePoorGlA2015-05-07Will I get paid for overtime? Rikky
Titcomb MountainWest Farmington, MainePoorGlA2015-05-07I live in London Jayden
Titcomb MountainWest Farmington, MainePoorGlA2015-05-07What sort of music do you like? Howard
Titcomb MountainWest Farmington, MainePoorGlA2015-05-07Get a job Donovan
Titcomb MountainWest Farmington, MainePoorGlA2015-05-07Have you got any ? Lester
Titcomb MountainWest Farmington, MainePoorGlA2015-05-07Accountant supermarket manager Leslie
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellentMqb2015-05-06Sorry, you must have the wrong number Matthew
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellentMqb2015-05-06Insufficient funds Marcelino
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellentMqb2015-05-06When do you want me to start? Damian
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellentMqb2015-05-06I work for myself Wilmer
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellentMqb2015-05-06We need someone with experience Flyman
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellentMqb2015-05-06I want to report a Alberto
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellentMqb2015-05-06Accountant supermarket manager August
CascadeLake Placid, N.Y.GoodCvl2015-05-03This is your employment contract Alphonso
CascadeLake Placid, N.Y.GoodCvl2015-05-03Directory enquiries Porfirio
CascadeLake Placid, N.Y.GoodCvl2015-05-03Are you a student? Larry
CascadeLake Placid, N.Y.GoodCvl2015-05-03I work here Kurtis
CascadeLake Placid, N.Y.GoodCvl2015-05-03Can you hear me OK? Nathanael
CascadeLake Placid, N.Y.GoodCvl2015-05-03What qualifications have you got? Samuel
Savage River LodgeFrostburg, Md.FairXUz2015-04-27Do you play any instruments? Ismael
Savage River LodgeFrostburg, Md.FairXUz2015-04-27History Martin
Savage River LodgeFrostburg, Md.FairXUz2015-04-27Who would I report to? Brain
Savage River LodgeFrostburg, Md.FairXUz2015-04-27I like watching football Rayford
Savage River LodgeFrostburg, Md.FairXUz2015-04-27A packet of envelopes Walter
Savage River LodgeFrostburg, Md.FairXUz2015-04-27I love the theatre Ferdinand
Savage River LodgeFrostburg, Md.FairXUz2015-04-27We were at school together Horace
Savage River LodgeFrostburg, Md.FairXUz2015-04-27A Second Class stamp Rosario
Nordic SkierWolfeboro, N.H.GoodNsE2015-04-26Photography Micah
Nordic SkierWolfeboro, N.H.GoodNsE2015-04-26Could you tell me my balance, please? Derek
Nordic SkierWolfeboro, N.H.GoodNsE2015-04-26Enter your PIN Rogelio
Nordic SkierWolfeboro, N.H.GoodNsE2015-04-26Is this a temporary or permanent position? Toney
Nordic SkierWolfeboro, N.H.GoodNsE2015-04-26Is this a temporary or permanent position? Kidrock
Nordic SkierWolfeboro, N.H.GoodNsE2015-04-26Special Delivery Brian
WhitegrassDavis, W. Va.ExcellentARa2015-04-16Which university are you at? Grady
WhitegrassDavis, W. Va.ExcellentARa2015-04-16US dollars Osvaldo
WhitegrassDavis, W. Va.ExcellentARa2015-04-16An accountancy practice Paris
WhitegrassDavis, W. Va.ExcellentARa2015-04-16Best Site good looking Lamar
WhitegrassDavis, W. Va.ExcellentARa2015-04-16What do you study? Hollis
WhitegrassDavis, W. Va.ExcellentARa2015-04-16Directory enquiries Broderick
WhitegrassDavis, W. Va.ExcellentARa2015-04-16Are you a student? Mohamed
WhitegrassDavis, W. Va.ExcellentARa2015-04-16Some First Class stamps Herschel
Smugglers Notch XCJeffersonville, VermontFairZEx2015-04-15Who do you work for? Lily
Smugglers Notch XCJeffersonville, VermontFairZEx2015-04-15Can you put it on the scales, please? Buster
Smugglers Notch XCJeffersonville, VermontFairZEx2015-04-15I work for a publishers Demetrius
Smugglers Notch XCJeffersonville, VermontFairZEx2015-04-15A book of First Class stamps Antone
Smugglers Notch XCJeffersonville, VermontFairZEx2015-04-15Do you need a work permit? Eddie
Smugglers Notch XCJeffersonville, VermontFairZEx2015-04-15Sorry, I ran out of credit Terrell
Smugglers Notch XCJeffersonville, VermontFairZEx2015-04-15What line of work are you in? Darrick
Smugglers Notch XCJeffersonville, VermontFairZEx2015-04-15Three years Lavern
Smugglers Notch XCJeffersonville, VermontFairZEx2015-04-15Can I call you back? Kasey
Lost ValleyAuburn, MainePoorQjX2015-04-11Lost credit card Willis
Lost ValleyAuburn, MainePoorQjX2015-04-11I came here to work Alfonzo
Lost ValleyAuburn, MainePoorQjX2015-04-11Some First Class stamps Sergio
Lost ValleyAuburn, MainePoorQjX2015-04-11Where do you come from? Garrett
Lost ValleyAuburn, MainePoorQjX2015-04-11Free medical insurance Ernie
Lost ValleyAuburn, MainePoorQjX2015-04-11How much does the job pay? Valentine
Lost ValleyAuburn, MainePoorQjX2015-04-11Some First Class stamps Orval
Lost ValleyAuburn, MainePoorQjX2015-04-11What are the hours of work? Alden
Langdon ParkPlymouth, N.H.FairrOt2015-04-08Looking for work Jamey
Langdon ParkPlymouth, N.H.FairrOt2015-04-08I need to charge up my phone Willian
Langdon ParkPlymouth, N.H.FairrOt2015-04-08I love this site Maxwell
Langdon ParkPlymouth, N.H.FairrOt2015-04-08How much notice do you have to give? Jarrett
Langdon ParkPlymouth, N.H.FairrOt2015-04-08I live in London Kylie
Langdon ParkPlymouth, N.H.FairrOt2015-04-08I went to Florentino
Langdon ParkPlymouth, N.H.FairrOt2015-04-08I went to Rafael
Langdon ParkPlymouth, N.H.FairrOt2015-04-08A company car Lionel
Langdon ParkPlymouth, N.H.FairrOt2015-04-08Gloomy tales Rusty
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineExcellent2015-04-07Snowmobile trails off Kennebec road. Zero bare spots. 2" new snow. Mary P
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineExcellent2015-04-07Snowmobile trails off Kennebec road. Zero bare spots. 2" new snow. Mary P
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2015-04-05Coverage still good. There are a few spots that receive a lot of sun that have burned through but the majority of the trail system still has a foot+ of solid base with 2 inches of new snow on top. Good classic skiing today.JW
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent+102015-03-31Still full coverage, excellent spring skiing. Last day of grooming will be Sat April 4th. but snow will continue for a long time!Caroline
Split Cedar TrailsVan Buren, MaineGoodYXd2015-03-29Sorry, you must have the wrong number Jerrell
Split Cedar TrailsVan Buren, MaineGoodYXd2015-03-29Why did you come to ? Warren
Split Cedar TrailsVan Buren, MaineGoodYXd2015-03-29What part of do you come from? Connor
Split Cedar TrailsVan Buren, MaineGoodYXd2015-03-29An estate agents Oscar
Split Cedar TrailsVan Buren, MaineGoodYXd2015-03-29I have my own business Mikel
Split Cedar TrailsVan Buren, MaineGoodYXd2015-03-29How much is a First Class stamp? Gabrielle
Split Cedar TrailsVan Buren, MaineGoodYXd2015-03-29What qualifications have you got? Margarito
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2015-03-28Still great snowcover. Trails on the hill side are firm but not icey. Classic track still there. Used worn-down fish scale skis that worked great. Should be great on a cool day like Sunday.AN
Dewey MountainHarrietstown, N.Y.GoodHAs2015-03-28Where are you from? Tyson
Dewey MountainHarrietstown, N.Y.GoodHAs2015-03-28How much does the job pay? Jewell
Dewey MountainHarrietstown, N.Y.GoodHAs2015-03-28Could you ask him to call me? Arlen
Dewey MountainHarrietstown, N.Y.GoodHAs2015-03-28I stay at home and look after the children Porter
Dewey MountainHarrietstown, N.Y.GoodHAs2015-03-28I do some voluntary work Rikky
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontGoodlhY2015-03-27Have you seen any good films recently? Justin
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontGoodlhY2015-03-27How much will it cost to send this letter to ? Andreas
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontGoodlhY2015-03-27Nice to meet you Pierre
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontGoodlhY2015-03-27Could I have , please? Harlan
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontGoodlhY2015-03-27Cool site goodluck :) Fausto
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontGoodlhY2015-03-27Excellent work, Nice Design Megan
Purity Spring ResortEast Madison, N.H.FairvTx2015-03-24this is be cool 8) Ahmed
Purity Spring ResortEast Madison, N.H.FairvTx2015-03-24Enter your PIN Mitchell
Purity Spring ResortEast Madison, N.H.FairvTx2015-03-24The United States Chance
Purity Spring ResortEast Madison, N.H.FairvTx2015-03-24Could I borrow your phone, please? Dorsey
Purity Spring ResortEast Madison, N.H.FairvTx2015-03-24How much is a First Class stamp? Carson
Purity Spring ResortEast Madison, N.H.FairvTx2015-03-24Go travelling Anderson
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood82015-03-23Groomed the bog out to the railroad grade beyond forest ave. Set track, it looked pretty good. Ski it while its fresh! Did not groom regular loops.JW
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Excellent80+2015-03-21Prospect Farm trails were in great shape. The Wave and other trails off the golf course were getting soft and a little mushy as the afternoon went on. The higher we went, the better. A very good grooming job.David O. (Ski Trail Report family)
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good32015-03-20If you stuck to the groomed trails, they made the best of spring conditions, turned frozen granular. Very good grooming. David O. (Ski Trail Report family)
Bait Hole TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellentpbj2015-03-20Nice to meet you Tommy
Bait Hole TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellentpbj2015-03-20Where do you come from? Antonio
Bait Hole TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellentpbj2015-03-20I wanted to live abroad Manual
Bait Hole TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellentpbj2015-03-20Why did you come to ? Alejandro
Bait Hole TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellentpbj2015-03-20I support Manchester United Randy
Bait Hole TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellentpbj2015-03-20Is it convenient to talk at the moment? Mason
Bangor Municipal Golf CourseBangor, MaineFair2015-03-19It looks like it has not been groomed in quit awhile. There is an icy crust on the trails. Needs some grooming and/or some above freezing weather to break up that crust.NCN
Caribou BogOrono, MaineCall in sick162015-03-19Conditions are firm & fast. Plenty of base! Best skiing all year!!JW
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent+102015-03-19Grooming is awesome and is promised until the end of March. Both skate and classic are excellent. Road has dried up and is open all the way to the yurt. Volunteers for Welcome Center have decreased so hours are 12-4 and occasionally closed. All trails are open.Caroline
Caribou BogOrono, MaineCall in sick15+2015-03-18Groomed 3/18 am. Unreal out there! Everything is groomed for skate and classic. Groomed all the way past Forest Ave... tracks will probably blow in a little from the wind in the open areas. Grab your friends and family and bring them out - conditions are spectacular - ENJOY!!!Dan P.
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood1K2015-03-16Groomed just the oval behind the schools and out to the football field. After getting mired down I decided just to run over the oval several timesJSG
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent+102015-03-13Grooming on Friday and expected on Sat morning. Road is better. Welcome Center open 10-4pm.
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood122015-03-13Regular loops groomed for skate and classic. Its quite hard out there, could have used a tiller to grind things up a little. Did not groom bog. Fresh snow due over the weekend. Will be Groomed again early next week.JW
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent+102015-03-11Too soft to groom but still excellent slow snow. Trails have full coverage for skating and track. Grooming done 3/12 in AM with colder temps. Road is a bit muddy, so it was closed to the yurt but trail access from 1st parking lot is fine. Caroline
University of MaineOrono, MainePoorSiD2015-03-11How much will it cost to send this letter to ? Brian
University of MaineOrono, MainePoorSiD2015-03-11An accountancy practice Caden
University of MaineOrono, MainePoorSiD2015-03-11Special Delivery Eva
University of MaineOrono, MainePoorSiD2015-03-11I live in London Grant
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineFair4.52015-03-10Groomed the skate lanes; too hard for our simple drag, but cosmetically an improvement. Left the hard tracks for the classic klister lovers out there. Come on, blue hard wax conditions couldn't last forever! Asa playground is a bit of a mess, as expected, and lots of tree debris in the woods, but should be great spring skiing for a while.Eric
Mountain MeadowsKillington, VermontFairJen2015-03-10Cool site goodluck :) Louie
Mountain MeadowsKillington, VermontFairJen2015-03-10A few months Benito
Mountain MeadowsKillington, VermontFairJen2015-03-10Could I order a new chequebook, please? Millard
Mountain MeadowsKillington, VermontFairJen2015-03-10What do you study? Roberto
Mountain MeadowsKillington, VermontFairJen2015-03-10Which team do you support? Carey
Mountain MeadowsKillington, VermontFairJen2015-03-10Could you send me an application form? Patrick
Mountain MeadowsKillington, VermontFairJen2015-03-10Did you go to university? Sara
Mountain MeadowsKillington, VermontFairJen2015-03-10What sort of music do you like? Xavier
Mountain MeadowsKillington, VermontFairJen2015-03-10Will I get paid for overtime? Cecil
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2015-03-09Skate lanes were great when they had softened up around noon. Great sunny day outJSG
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent+102015-03-06All groomed and excellent. Best to wait for grooming done by 10 am. Caroline
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineExcellent52015-03-05Groomed full loop with wide skate lane and classic track with Marek and Karen. Should be fast skatingJSG
Bangor Municipal Golf CourseBangor, MaineFair2015-03-05Good solid and wide base for poling and skating. Surface is fast with a skim coat of ice today, but hard. Would be epic instead of fair if dragged with a heavy groomer to smoothe out the many bootholes and ruts.Wolfgang
Caribou BogOrono, MaineCall in sick15+2015-03-05Groomed 3/5 am. Everything is awesome. Classic tracks across the bog, across Forest Ave all the way to the railroad bed. All other trails are groomed as well. Skate lanes set in all of the normal places. You better get out and enjoy it - better skiing than we've had for years! Get your friends and neighbors to dust off their skis tucked in the corner of the garage and show them what a beautiful trails we have!Dan P.
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2015-03-02Good skating even with the new layer of snow.JSG
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood4.52015-03-02Groomed for skate and classic. Wind was really blowing tonight so open fields will be blown in by morning, but the loop through the forest should stay very nice.Eric
Caribou BogOrono, MaineCall in sick2015-03-01Unreal tracks Dan! 10 miles of double poling bliss this afternoon. Amazingly fast. Full parking lot...a lot people enjoying the outstanding grooming.Eric
Mount Van HoevenbergLake Placid, N.Y.GoodHtF2015-02-28I was made redundant two months ago Jamar
Mount Van HoevenbergLake Placid, N.Y.GoodHtF2015-02-28I enjoy travelling Byron
Mount Van HoevenbergLake Placid, N.Y.GoodHtF2015-02-28How much notice do you have to give? Edison
Mount Van HoevenbergLake Placid, N.Y.GoodHtF2015-02-28How many more years do you have to go? Seth
Mount Van HoevenbergLake Placid, N.Y.GoodHtF2015-02-28What are the hours of work? Ismael
Tree Haven TrailsWest Galway, N.Y.Fairodr2015-02-28good material thanks Sonny
Tree Haven TrailsWest Galway, N.Y.Fairodr2015-02-28Which team do you support? Richie
Tree Haven TrailsWest Galway, N.Y.Fairodr2015-02-28Do you know the address? Parker
Tree Haven TrailsWest Galway, N.Y.Fairodr2015-02-28I went to Jonas
Tree Haven TrailsWest Galway, N.Y.Fairodr2015-02-28Thanks funny site Jesus
Tree Haven TrailsWest Galway, N.Y.Fairodr2015-02-28Go travelling Harland
Memphremagog: Eastern TrailsNewport, VermontGoodIeY2015-02-27International directory enquiries generic drugs in india rajasthan Grow things and pass on your growing skills. Bite the bullet – take an allotment, plant something in a window box, feel the earth run through your fingers and prove, as another recent survey showed, that gardeners are considerably happier than the rest of the population. Blaine
Caribou BogOrono, MaineCall in sickall2015-02-26Groomed 2/26. All the normal stuff is groomed for skate and classic. Classic tracks set across the bog and across Forest Ave. to the railroad bed. Conditions are unreal - I have never seen them better. Enjoy!Dan P.
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineExcellent2.52015-02-26Excellent freshly groomed classic tracks and wide enough for skating. The best snow we have had in years!Max T
Lake Region High SchoolBridgton, MaineFairDco2015-02-26I want to report a Vince
Lake Region High SchoolBridgton, MaineFairDco2015-02-26Thanks funny site Audrey
Lake Region High SchoolBridgton, MaineFairDco2015-02-26Yes, I play the guitar Zoey
Lake Region High SchoolBridgton, MaineFairDco2015-02-26Directory enquiries Eldon
Lake Region High SchoolBridgton, MaineFairDco2015-02-26Nice to meet you Damien
Lake Region High SchoolBridgton, MaineFairDco2015-02-26I wanted to live abroad Donovan
Lake Region High SchoolBridgton, MaineFairDco2015-02-26I came here to study Johnson
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineExcellentall2015-02-25All groomed 2/5/15 for skate and classic. Great everywhere! Enjoy!Dan P
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineExcellentall2015-02-24Groomed from 5:00 to 7:15, planning to groom again tomorrow after the fresh snow.Peter B
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood2015-02-23The fields are pretty blown over and the woods have 1-2" of powder. Not much debris in the trails yet. Pretty decent skate skiing and I think classic would be pretty good in the powder as well.Jeremy
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood62015-02-23Agree with Jeremy. The couple of inches of new powder was no major hinderance to skating in the woods. It was a little wind-blown and deeper in the athletic fields so we stayed in the woods.JSG
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood4.52015-02-22Groomed all for skating. No tracks set. It was cold by the time I got out there so not packed as well as I'd hoped; likely a bit soft for a while.Eric
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent162015-02-21Groomed all loops for skate and classic. Bog trail is groomed with set track through to the railroad grade to the Bangor City Forest. The railroad grade has some trees leaning into it, but has been packed by snowmobiles. It is possible to ski from the city forest to the Orono Land Trust Newman Hill/Taylor Road Trail system.JW
Mount Van HoevenbergLake Placid, N.Y.PoorYmK2015-02-21Insert your card Booker
Mount Van HoevenbergLake Placid, N.Y.PoorYmK2015-02-21Directory enquiries Lenny
Mount Van HoevenbergLake Placid, N.Y.PoorYmK2015-02-21I work here Willard
Mount Van HoevenbergLake Placid, N.Y.PoorYmK2015-02-21Have you read any good books lately? Micheal
Mount Van HoevenbergLake Placid, N.Y.PoorYmK2015-02-21Why did you come to ? Darrel
Mount Van HoevenbergLake Placid, N.Y.PoorYmK2015-02-21How many would you like? Jamal
Mount Van HoevenbergLake Placid, N.Y.PoorYmK2015-02-21In tens, please (ten pound notes) Delbert
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent+102015-02-20about 4 inches of new snow last night and the day before. Trails are well groomed for skating with tracks on all trails. Snowshoe trails are being used. Just beautiful!Caroline
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood82015-02-20Packed skate lanes. Will set classic tracks in the morning including across the bog out to Forest Ave. Tracks will be ready by noon.JW
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGoodall2015-02-18Groomed everything out and did a bit of pruning along the edges. No major branches or sticks left in the trail. No classic tracks set. More snow tomorrow!Dan P.
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent+102015-02-18The best day with blue sky and warmth, no wind. Trails are awesome with tracks and lots of room to skate.Caroline
Viking NordicLondonderry, VermontCall in sick352015-02-17Over two feet of new snow since February 1st makes for great skiing. Classic is better than skate right now as the snow is still a little soft. But the classic skiing is really, really wonderful.
Viking NordicLondonderry, VermontCall in sick352015-02-17Over two feet of new snow since February 1st makes for great skiing. Classic is better than skate right now as the snow is still a little soft. But the classic skiing is really, really wonderful.
Viking NordicLondonderry, VermontCall in sick352015-02-17Over two feet of new snow since February 1st makes for great skiing. Classic is better than skate right now as the snow is still a little soft. But the classic skiing is really, really wonderful.
Viking NordicLondonderry, VermontCall in sick352015-02-17Over two feet of new snow since February 1st makes for great skiing. Classic is better than skate right now as the snow is still a little soft. But the classic skiing is really, really wonderful.
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood7K2015-02-17Skated the loop. The woods have a lot of small twigs and brush down but are pretty nice. There is a lot of drifting in the fields on the way to the woods, some of which is a little deep and may stop you. I just skated laps in the woods and had fun!JSG
Cranwell ResortLenox, Mass.ExcellentFop2015-02-17What do you study? Hunter
Cranwell ResortLenox, Mass.ExcellentFop2015-02-17Yes, I love it! Terrell
Cranwell ResortLenox, Mass.ExcellentFop2015-02-17Whereabouts in are you from? Quinton
Cranwell ResortLenox, Mass.ExcellentFop2015-02-17This is your employment contract Florencio
Cranwell ResortLenox, Mass.ExcellentFop2015-02-17Sorry, you must have the wrong number Diego
Cranwell ResortLenox, Mass.ExcellentFop2015-02-17Have you got a current driving licence? Elbert
University of MaineOrono, MaineGood10k2015-02-16Very good conditions for all the wind and blowing snow. Lots of small branches down many of which I tried to clear. The 1-2 inches of new snow were great to ski on. Stayed in the woods on 3,8,9,Pinkham Rd, and 7.JSG
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood162015-02-16Packed Bog trail out to Forest Ave. Will try to connect to Bangor City Forest Trails next weekend if weather permits. Regular loops have drifted in places with a skied in track. Skating is patchy owing to drifting.JW
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineExcellentall2015-02-16Widened, groomed and trimmed both North and south loops. Set track on North loop, and nice wide skate lane. Drifts from wind filled in corduroy as s oon as we could lay it down. Conditions continue to be spectacular and now without pesky birches and alders in the way. Enjoy before the next storm.Peter B
Northfield MountainNorthfield, Mass.PoorKXz2015-02-16Nice to meet you Keven
Northfield MountainNorthfield, Mass.PoorKXz2015-02-16A financial advisor Alyssa
Northfield MountainNorthfield, Mass.PoorKXz2015-02-16Hello good day Heath
Northfield MountainNorthfield, Mass.PoorKXz2015-02-16very best job Alonzo
Northfield MountainNorthfield, Mass.PoorKXz2015-02-16I enjoy travelling Mickey
Northfield MountainNorthfield, Mass.PoorKXz2015-02-16I support Manchester United Colby
Northfield MountainNorthfield, Mass.PoorKXz2015-02-16Could I order a new chequebook, please? Marshall
Northfield MountainNorthfield, Mass.PoorKXz2015-02-16Could you tell me my balance, please? Kerry
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent122015-02-13Groomed regular loops for skate and classic. Ski it before it snows!JW
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineExcellentall2015-02-11Groomed both N. and S. Loops Wed. evening, 2/11. Widened skate lane and set classic tracks on both loops. Tried to level and flatten, snow is still very soft. Should be nice and firm by morning. Enjoy!Peter B
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineExcellentall2015-02-10Everything groomed for skate and classic! Excellent says it all! Dan P.
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood42015-02-09Packed for skating and set classic tracks on lower open fields tonight; didn't make it across the football field or around the forest loop.Eric
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineExcellent2.52015-02-08The snow has started to firm up a bit which makes for great skiing. Tracks are very nice!Max T
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineFair2015-02-08Needs some packing to firm up the base you sink in to much for skating.Skater
Acadia Carriage RoadsBar Harbor, MaineGood2015-02-08Trails were groomed after the last big storm with some light snow filling in some of the tracks. Those were cleared out today. Great skiing!Kate
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent132015-02-08Packed out across the bog. Track is set. Didn't make it too far out into the IF&W land due to blow downs, will try to push things out further next weekend. The bog skiing is excellent, best conditions out there in years.JW
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent102015-02-07Groomed for skate and classic. Skate lanes are little uneven in places. Classic track will probably be a little soft today but should set up for tomorrow.JW
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineExcellentall2015-02-06Groomed Fri 2/6 4pm, both North & South loops, skate lane and tracks set. Should be firm and great for skating on Sat. Best conditions ever for this new track. Enjoy!Peter B
University of MaineOrono, MaineExcellent10+2015-02-06Excellent skating on cold packed powder. Most of it has classic tracks set also. Slightly soft in places and a little slow from the cold snow. The race loop for Sunday is widely groomed and packed the best.JSG
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2015-02-05Groomed 2-5-15 pm. Looks great out there! Track set everywhere. Started o widen out for skate lanes but they're not ready yet. Enjoy!Dan P
Great Glen TrailsGorham, N.H.Excellent202015-02-05Lots of snow here actually they claim 100" so far. Very scenic trail system with meticulously groomed terrain. We skated but tracks were deep and well set. Going to bring the kids next times as they seem to have lots of fun activities for themDan
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineCall in sickall2015-02-04Groomed 2-4-14. Unbelievable - not much more to say. Skate and classic, tracks set everywhere. Enjoy!Dan P
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineExcellent2015-02-04Groomed Tues. 2/3 6pm and Wed. 2/4 4pm North Loop only. Fantastic conditions, Wide skate lane, no tracks yet. Will groom South Loop after Thurs. snow. Peter B & Ken M
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellentall2015-02-03Groomed 2-3-15 pm. Everything is set with classic tracks. Fantastic conditions! No skate lanes yet (maybe later this week assuming we don't get dumped on again, which appears to be a possibility!) Enjoy!!!Dan P
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Call in sick2015-02-03Plenty of powder. Bright sun. Nice track. Call in sick!Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2015-02-01Went to snowshoe party last night. Beautiful full moon and white snow. Today it was sunny with excellent conditions. Tooboats
WindblownNew Ipswich, N.H.Call in sick402015-02-01Call in sick--says it all. A perfect day. The new outdoor pizza oven is a great addition.David (STR family)
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent+102015-02-01I"m speechless. Its wonderful out on the trails.Caroline
University of MaineOrono, MaineExcellent10+2015-02-01Virtually all trails packed down for skating. Still a little soft because of all the snow this past week. They appear to be grooming the loop that will be raced this weekend (the Black Bear race) Suspect they will continue packing this down after today's storm tooJSG
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Excellent2015-01-30Finally some real snow! Trails groomed. Great weekend ahead.Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2015-01-3027 deg and cloudy. Track set. Lots of powder. This will be a great weekend. Sat night skiing 'till 9 PM. Also Sat snowshoe dinner at 5:00 PM. After dinner snowshoe hike and return for dessert and entertainment.Tooboats
BogburnPomfret, VermontGoodZmR2015-01-30I need to charge up my phone Addison
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BogburnPomfret, VermontGoodZmR2015-01-30I do some voluntary work Britt
BogburnPomfret, VermontGoodZmR2015-01-30Could you send me an application form? Cedrick
BogburnPomfret, VermontGoodZmR2015-01-30Just over two years Freeman
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineCall in sick2015-01-29You guys are incredible up there! So much snow, and so much fun. Classic tracks were set, and looked great. Skate Skied tonight and hasn't quite set up but it is close. Go ski there now! Awesome! Scott
Fahnestock Winter ParkCold Spring, N.Y.Good182015-01-29Very nice! All trails open & groomed. Track set were possible. 6 to 4" p/p snow base. Some thin/icy spots and drifts were wind transported snow.Paul Kuznia
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Excellent2015-01-28Good skiing at Weston. Unfortunately MassDCR won't let them groom the hilliest quadrant well, quintant) of the course. Lots of powder!Ari
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineExcellent42015-01-28Groomed 1-28. Awesome conditions all around. Set tracks everywhere. Only place to watch out is where the access road to the football field crosses the trail - most of the snow blew off in that area. Dan P
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2015-01-28Groomed everything for classic skiing except the Bog itself. Double tracked the road bed. No skate lanes anywhere. More snow Friday, so we'll try to get out this weekend, and maybe get some skating options. Going to scout out the Bog itself tonight - no guarantees, though.Dan P.
Acadia Carriage RoadsBar Harbor, MaineExcellent2015-01-28Trails are packed with plenty of snow. Most trails have tracks but the groomers haven't tracked the trails yet. Kate
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent2015-01-28Today I skied the meadow and river loop. After the blizzard, the coverage is amazing. However, the trails have yet to set up and need to compact for skating to be smooth. Ski placement on the uphills caused the ski to sink into the snow a few inches which led to poor efficiency. With colder temperatures and a few sweeps by the groomers, the trails will be perfect! All trails are open and groomed.Matthew
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent102015-01-28Pushed out the groomed area from where dan left off this afternoon. Now the skate lanes have been opened up. They are little rough in places, but get out there and ski it! I apologize to the many skiers that had their night ski interrupted by my grooming activities.JW
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good2015-01-2716 deg and Sunny. Received a few inches of snow as part of that coastal storm. Nice powder, good track. Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week night skiing until 9 PM.Tooboats
Kingdom Valley NordicChester, VermontGoodOFm2015-01-26A financial advisor Sylvester
Kingdom Valley NordicChester, VermontGoodOFm2015-01-26Which university are you at? Arnulfo
Kingdom Valley NordicChester, VermontGoodOFm2015-01-26Where do you study? Geoffrey
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Kingdom Valley NordicChester, VermontGoodOFm2015-01-26Through friends Ellsworth
Caribou BogOrono, MainePoor62015-01-25Groomed main loops. Very thin coverage. Bring your rock skis. Let us hope we get a big dump on tues-weds.JW
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good152015-01-25All trails open and most well groomed after Saturday's snow. Some outer classic tracks were thin and slushy, to be expected on a warm-ish day. But a taste of better things to come if the upcoming forecast holds up.David (STR family)
Winona ForestPulaski, N.Y.Good2015-01-25We skied on some private land near the Winona Forest. There hasn't been any substantial snow for the past week, but there is plenty of packed snow to ski on. Winona reported good conditions.Tooboats
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent102015-01-24Great conditions - trails have good snow, 1 leg up to Hammond Ridge groomed for skate skiing - great interval training and uphill climb. Saddle Loop and Black Cat mountain also groomed suitable for both - no track set yet, will set track tonight - Sat night after the snow, tomorrow will be beautiful alsoLizzy
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Maine Wilderness LodgesGreenville, MaineExcellentjin2015-01-22How many are there in a book? Harris
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Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good22015-01-21After a day of snowmaking and grooming, the open trails were all in good shape.David (STR family)
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair2015-01-21Snow was made last night in the main field and up Hero Hill. This area was groomed this afternoon. There is a decent loop of about 1 mile as follows: start at yurt, head up first climb of south Koons to Colby sprint cutoff, down through Tracey's Turn, up Hero Hill, through the field to the Maintenance Building; turn around in the small field at the Maintenance building, then head back the way you came out through the main field and back to start. Middle/river trails are extremely icy with some bare spots and are not worth skiing. I didn't attempt the North loop or the higher reaches of the South loop.Joe R.
BryncliffVarysburg, N.Y.GoodkNV2015-01-21Will I be paid weekly or monthly? Warner
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Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good2015-01-2027 deg partly sunny. Each night we receive a small amount of snow, but it is enough to keep the trails skiable. Three meadows was pretty nice, but Deep Woods still has some bare spots near the lake.Tooboats
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair2015-01-20Icy conditions on River and North Koons, grooming helped but there are still areas of grey ice and thin spots. Ski with caution!. I avoided South Koons. Several of the meadow trails are gone. Snow making on 1/21/15 was successful to rejuvenate the snow making loop ~ 2 K. Caroline
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair2015-01-19Trail was closed today ,too soft. It's planned to be open tomorrow. Caroline
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGoodAll2015-01-18Today I skied the Koons loop and combined it with the River Loop. The weather today was awful - freezing rain. The trails were groomed and tack-set. I skate skied. I should have waxed better as the uphills were too slow because the snow was sticky, but the downhills were fast and fun. The trail system has pretty good coverage overall and the Koons loop is best. The river loop has some thin spots and a lot of debris from the woods (i.e pine cones and small occasional rocks) but the coverage is still quite good. Quarry skis really well in all sorts of conditions. This place is a hidden gem! Matthew
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2015-01-16Skate skied the whole hill loop and everything was great with adequate coverage everywhere and broad groomed track. Didn't have to dodge any roots or obstacles. Lots of folks taking advantage of the nice sunny day.JSG
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood2015-01-16very good. skated today but the classic tracks look better than ever. Stayed in the woods to avoid the wind.Caroline
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Fair2015-01-1527 deg and sunny today. No new snow 2" packed powder. Some bare spots where the trails run close to the lake.Tooboats
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGoodall2015-01-15Everything was groomed 1/15/15 evening (excluding the Bog, of course). Generally pretty good conditions, but still beware of a few shallow spots that remain. Not quite enough snow to set tracks. Enjoy before the warm-up and rain that is forecasted!Dan P.
SugarloafCarrabassett Valley, MaineExcellentRTs2015-01-15Do you have any exams coming up? Bradley
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Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Poor2015-01-13Only about 1" of snow in recent stormtooboats
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood2015-01-133 inches of new snow yesterday. All trails groomed last night for classic and skate (though not the north field); conditions are powder/packed powder throughout. Tracks now set closer to the center of the trail. Conditions are generally excellent, but there are still a few places with thin cover and a few places where the track is a bit ragged. Photo is of Koons South loop climb.
Joe R.
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineFair42015-01-12Groomed 1/12/15. Conditions are almost "good" but snowpack is still a little low for the woods to be graded anything better than fair. Decent skiing all around, but you do need to watch for a few rocks, roots and twigs in the woods, particularly under the hemlocks. Enjoy!Dan P
Bait Hole TrailsMillinocket, MaineFairmKb2015-01-12Thanks for calling Paige
Bait Hole TrailsMillinocket, MaineFairmKb2015-01-12Why did you come to ? Fidel
Bait Hole TrailsMillinocket, MaineFairmKb2015-01-12Until August Leopoldo
Waterville NordicWaterville, N.H.Excellent352015-01-11.well groomed packed powder. Not all trails open, but what there is, is fine. David O.
Fahnestock Winter ParkCold Spring, N.Y.GoodsfW2015-01-10I wanted to live abroad Cyril
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Jackson Hill TrailsBoonville, N.Y.Excellent2015-01-09OK. Here goes Tooboats' picks of the weekend. The northern areas of the Tug Hill received more than 2 feet of snow in the last three days. It subsided today with all areas reporting excellent conditions. But another monster is brewing on the lake with advisories for Watertown and Pulaski calling for 35 mph gusts and zero visibility. Stay south on Saturday. The Boonville trails will be fantastic. Go to Osceola on Sunday and if they manage to groom the trails, call in sick on Monday and go up to the Winona State Forest in Pulaski.Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good2015-01-09Finally received some snow here. Much warmer today in the 20's. Not groomed yet. 2 inches of packed powder in the tracks made by skiers. Three Meadows was pretty good. All of the trails in the Tug Hill region will be excellent this weekend.Tooboats
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood2015-01-09A light dusting slowed the skiing(ok with me). All trails are covered for fine skiing. Grooming planned for Saturday morning. Caroline
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood2015-01-08Trails were groomed (again) overnight and are now firmly packed powder snow. Most of the blown-down debris has been cleared. Track has been set on most of the system, with best track conditions on the middle/river trails. Snow coverage is generally good on all trails, with only a few thin spots where dirt shows through. Joe R.
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Poor2015-01-08No snow. Too far south. Need a frontal weather system to get snow in that part of Central New York. Great Trails. They need snow making equipment.Tooboats
Jackson Hill TrailsBoonville, N.Y.Excellent2015-01-08Recent lake effect event dropped less snow in Boonville than further north. But conditions are quite good with about 5-10 inches. Trails in the Black River Environmental system are all groomed. Jackson Hill is a few hundred feet higher than Egypt Road and the Canal trails in town and usually has better conditions. Don't forget the two warming huts on Egypt Road and Jackson Hill. My wife bought me a picnic backpack for our wine and cheese parties there. It used to be hard to carry our picknick basket and ski at the same time! Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Poor2015-01-07The recent lake effect event is over for now. Not much snow this far south. Only a dusting, but I was able to ski on the Pine Meadow Trail. It was very cold, 7 deg F. It felt like my fingers were going to fall off! We received 3 more inches last night. Will try again later today or tomorrow. Tooboats
Caribou BogOrono, MainePoor2km2015-01-06Only place worth skiing is road bed. Other areas have too many rocks poking through snow. Road bed is decent but still risk of hitting dirt on bumps. Groomer tried woods trails but didn't work. Road bed dragged out. Need more snow!Dan P.
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Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood2015-01-05You guys rock! Great job with the trails! The snow from yesterday helped give cover on the river loop and Koons is good. Windy so some debris on trails. Quarry Road crew deserves major kudos! Bundle up and enjoy!Scott
University of MaineOrono, MaineGood02015-01-05Not grromed but lovely classic skiing. Great snow coverageFMS
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood6.52015-01-043" of new snow last night makes for good coverage on all trails. The River/Middle trails, the field near the Yurt, and the North and South Koons trails have all been rolled, though the trails remain a bit soft for skating. No track has been set, but conditions looked good for classic. Yurt is open this afternoon.Joe R
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineGood2015-01-03I skied about 4-5 miles believe there is about 8 miles groomed total. Good coverage - groomed last night Jan 2nd. Wide grooming - for skate skiing. Skied up to Hammond Ridge, new trail opened just this year. Track set in places.
CraftsburyCraftsbury Common, VermontExcellent342015-01-03All trails open on central layout, well groomed for skate and classic. It was cold (high in teens during the day) and should hold up well.David O. (Ski Trail Report family)
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402015-01-03Beautiful day! All trails groomed, track set. It started snowing at 2:00 PM, making it a winter wonderland. Unfortunately it began raining at 4:00. It will be quite warm Sunday, in the 40's. Snow every day next week.Tooboats
Wilderness LodgeWattsburg, Penna.GoodiDl2015-01-03The manager Jessica
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Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Poor2015-01-02There is a substantial lake effect snow event off of Lake Ontario, but it has not come this far south yet. I can still see grass here. Snowing in Fulton and Oswego just north of here. Forecast advisory extends until this evening. Maybe later today.Tooboats
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Poor2015-01-02No snow. Too far south for lake effect.Tooboats
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2015-01-02Snowing now. 20 inches last three days. Packed powder. Tends to get too powdery when it is snowing, Saturday will be excellent. Sunday may get into the 40's Tooboats
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineExcellent42015-00-01Groomed for classic and skate 1-28. All good except use caution where trail crosses access road to football field as much of the snow was blown off by the wind. Enjoy! May reset tracks later on if wind dies down.Dan p
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MainePoor2014-12-28Lots of melt down Sunday. Monday grooming difficult with ice and holes in all trails. Snowmaking section will be marked and groomed for a 1.5K training loop. Best to start at Welcome Center Parking area. Discounts available. Caroline
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Fair2014-12-27Not much snow but enough to ski. What's there is granular and very fast. Up and down the Hall Trail a few times was borderline scary once it started getting dark, but good fun.Ari
Great Glen TrailsGorham, N.H.Fair152014-12-27Slushy but mostly good coverage at Great Glen. A couple of closed loops, and thin spots in the open, but mostly skiable.Ari
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair8 K2014-12-27Remarkably good "rock " skiing for intermediate and advanced skiers. Grooming helped and above freezing temps softened it for a fine work out today. Sunday Grooming is questionable due to some higher temps and possible over night rain but all trails( River Loop, North and South Koons) are holding up well. Park at Kiosk or Maintenance Bldg. Caroline
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MainePoor2014-12-25Several wash outs on river trail and pine tree connectors to meadow. Road closed from Maint to Welcome Center for the 25th and 26th. Grooming to resume on Saturday. caroline via Wally
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood2014-12-21Today, I skied the Koons loop. Despite the lack of snow, the coverage on the trails is quite good. The skiing is fast due to the hardpack (i.e. stable V1 and cautious and fast V2). The trails seem to have been groomed recently. It was a very enjoyable Sunday at Quarry. The trails were empty in the late afternoon. I can't wait to see a little more new snow as the trails will be amazing.Matthew
Strafford NordicStrafford, VermontGood2014-12-21Skied most of the outer loop and pink loop. Felt like mid-winter, a but icy under the groomed snow, but that's under the ski surface. an inch of fresh powder to boot.Anne
Viking NordicLondonderry, VermontGood2014-12-21Only 5k open for skiing, but the cover is good and groomed nicely. Loose granular snow with a single track set. Skate skiing was fast and fun. Trails are all two way so there is plenty of skiing for early season. Dana
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontExcellent502014-12-21Great day skiing at Trapps. There is a white snow line at about 1000 feet and above it it is very wintry. Powder of base, good grooming. One trail sketchy and missing a trail closed sign at one end, but the rest pretty great. Skied until dark.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Good502014-12-20Fun/pretty fast skiing. Fairly bulletproof surface but it was very skiable, especially when skiing >5k from the touring center. Some thin spots but the crew clearly shoveled a lot of snow last week in order to set the trails up for the weekend. Ellis to Winniweta Falls, S Hall, Wave/Eagle Mtn Fields were all open.Jess
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair82014-12-20Trails groomed again this morning (Saturday), skate only. Conditions are fast -- good on the North and South Koons loops, and good on the Middle and River trails between power-lines and the field, but a bit ragged under the hemlock trees between the power-lines and the first parking lot. Welcome center open today until 4pm.Joe R
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair2014-12-19Trails groomed this morning - skate only (cover is too thin to set track). Best conditions on North Koons loop, but we have about 8K overall. Joe R
Kingdom Valley NordicChester, VermontFair32014-12-19Skate groomed. Cover solid, but early season thin.Ken W
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair2014-12-18The trails have held up surprisingly well through the rain and warm temps. There are a few small washouts, and the big field is rather icy, but the North competition loop is in good shape, as is the South loop. The Middle and River trails are mostly good, although they are rather thin under the hemlock trees near the first parking lot. The stream-side trail from the Maintenance Building to the big field is almost unskiable; the other trail to the field is ok.Joe R
Strafford NordicStrafford, VermontExcellent2014-12-14Lovely conditions throughout on the trails that were open. Mostly groomed for skating with a few classic tracks. Fabulous first ski of the season. Nancy Mazonson
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair2014-12-13Extra three inches overnight really helped. Trails had just been groomed and snow was slow and crunchy. Colder temps tonight, and groomed again tomorrow, could make skiing pretty good. River loop has a few small washouts crossing the trail. Be careful of pole placement.Paul
Prospect MountainWoodford, VermontExcellent2014-12-12Amazing early season conditions- had a great afternoon skate. Did a great job grooming- the trails are amazing for December.HONEST ABE
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good2014-12-11We received about 8" powder in the recent coastal storm. Trails were not groomed bit the skiers made a nice track. All trails were open. Maybe some more light snow tomorrow. Expect Saturday best. May be warmer on Sunday. Plus the pancake breakfast is Sat 9-12!Tooboats
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Good322014-12-11Received about 18" snow. Maybe some light snow tomorrow. Highland Forest is a bit too far south for regular lake effect snow. Not as consistent as Tug Hill north of Syracuse. This is a good chance to to ski these beautiful trails. Groomed today. Probably best Saturday, warmer Sunday. Hot food in the lodge this weekend.Tooboats
Sleepy HollowHuntington, VermontExcellent202014-12-10Great skiing! Molly
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood2014-12-07I skied the river loop today. It's very icy and fast. High speed is unsafe due to the ice as it's easy to catch a ski - so on the downhills you must be cautious when you let the skis fly. I'd imagine that if the trails were groomed it would be very nice and a bit safer. Lets hope for fresh snow to build snowpack for better groomed trails.Matthew
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineFair<12014-12-07Hey everyone! If you're dying to ski, there are 3 short (400m) loops on the fields. Rain this week sure to wash it away, but maybe sneak in a few after work laps on Monday?Dan
Waterville NordicWaterville, N.H.Good252014-12-07Not bad! Never really got warm in Waterville (still snow on trees) so the snow wasn't too icy. Lots of small death cookies but nothing to keep you from snowing. Good coverage, nice hard base; what was groomed on the north side was good (but could use another pass). A few more inches of base would do wonders with some powder over it.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood2014-12-03The river-side trails are good. Fast skating due to the ice but w/warm temps means slush in some areas. The meadow is also good - fast skating and good to work on technique. I hope this snow lasts. It was good to get out there for my first day of the season. Matthew
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood2014-12-0110-12 inches of natural snow on 11/26/14. Snow made on Saturday 11/29/14. Snow making loop groomed this morning for much better skiing!Caroline
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair2014-12-01Lots of melting. Poor conditions on river loop. Snowmaking area 1.5 K is ok for training purposes. Snow making planned for Thursday. Caroline
CraftsburyCraftsbury Common, VermontExcellent2014-11-29Snow making loop was perfection at Craftsbury Outdoor center.David
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MainePoor2014-11-28Don't waste your time with skinny skis. Very poor effort grooming, very disappointing & a waste of time.Angry Skier
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Fair162014-11-28We have had continuous light snow for two days. It was cold last night and the skiing was fair at Beaver Lake this AM. 2"-3" base, not groomed. People were still hiking on the trails. It warmed up after lunch and the snow became very sticky. I think that it will be OK early in the AM tomorrow before it warms up again. Snow has been very uneven with some trails in Syracuse/Watertown/Tug Hill area open for skiing.Tooboats
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good402014-11-22Blink. Welcome back to winter!! Lake effect snow usually results in a narrow band of intense snow. This week's storm in upstate New York dumped 30 inches of snow on Osceola. Trails were groomed for the weekend and we had a nice morning and early afternoon. Unfortunately temps rose and we got sleet and rain after 2. Warmer tomorrow and 65 deg Monday.Tooboats
Clear Fork ResortButler, OhioPoorgof2014-06-10xgfbgfbgbgabahey
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineCall in sick92014-04-06Perfect - just groomed - call in sick!Lizzy Flynn
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402014-04-06Bright sun, 40 deg. About 2 ft of base remains. Thin ice on surface in the AM makes the trails kind of slick. Melting as the day goes on creates excellent spring conditions.Tooboats Jake
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineCall in sick92014-04-06Perfect - just groomed - call in sick!Lizzy Flynn
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent4/32014-04-04There is 2.5 ft of snow on the ground and NEOC is going to groom as temperatures permit into the middle of the month...Skied today - excellent, got out when temp were in the mid 30s. Great Ski.
Liz Flynn
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Poor162014-03-29Cloudy, 42 deg. Today was the last of the Saturday morning Pancake Breakfasts. Accompanying the pancakes were sausage, orange juice, coffee but no snow. I would rate the breakfast as excellent and the skiing as nonexistent. People were already hiking on the trails. Long live the winter !Tooboats
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent2014-03-27Cloudy, 30 deg. Forecasted warm air did not arrive from the south until late in the day. Very nice skiing. good track and skate surface. A little slick in spots. Temperatures will be higher than freezing for at least the next week. Will be open for sure until 4/12, perhaps the 19 th. Depends on how long it takes the base to melt. Over 300" for the season.Tooboats Jake
Bait Hole TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent2014-03-25Bait Hole Trail was groomed on Sunday. Some drifting along the lake's edge, but it did not present any difficulty. The track was fast!Melanie Halvachs
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent10k2014-03-24all trails groomed this morning. Track was not reset but is still quite usable with a recent dusting of snow. Groomers will be out daily all week. Great coverage. I prefer to go when the sun has warmed the snow for softer snow and warmth on my face!caroline
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontCall in sick602014-03-23Another foot of new snow in the past week, groomed to silk. Can't be better than this. Should be enough base to last a few more weeks.David O. (SkiTrailReport family)
Caribou BogOrono, MaineFair102014-03-22Will groom sunday morning. Most loops should be ready by noon, skate & classic.JW
Viking NordicLondonderry, VermontExcellent2014-03-21Super fine loose granular snow, turning to spring skiing later on. There is great cover in the woods still. Skiing today should be similar as temperatures warm up. Dana
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent102014-03-19All trails open and well groomed, very nice. Not all trails have a track set. About 4 inches of snow last night which will be groomed this evening as weather cools. No grooming planned for the weekend but skiing should still be sweet!Caroline
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Fair162014-03-18Bright sunshine, 42 deg. Full coverage but trails in bad condition in places and also snow is slippery in spots. The weather was great though.Tooboats Jake
Caribou BogOrono, MaineFair2014-03-17We skated today. The classic tracks are bomber, but the skate track is rutted, hard-packed and narrow in many places. Very fast but would avoid the steeper hill sections because of the above. J Graham
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood182014-03-16Grooming in progress. Will groom Skate and classic lanes. Most loops should be completed by noon.JW
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineExcellent42014-03-15Freshly groomed for skating across the full width of the trail. Went out when it was raining this morning. Staying in the woods it was fairly well packed and good for skating. The fields were much softer and poles punched in deeply so be careful. Don't know how today's warm weather will leave things; it might be pretty firm or glazed with cold weather tonight.J Graham
Rodman Barnes CornersRodman, N.Y.Good2014-03-15Cloudy, 34 deg. Plenty of snow. Trails as usual roughly groomed, No track set. Trails well marked though. Backwoods skiing at its best. It is remarkable how quiet it is on these trails. The snow is piled so high along the highway that you can easily miss the entrance to the parking lot. If you are traveling there from Rte 81 to Rte 177 and you get to the Sunoco station, go back about a mile.Tooboats Jake
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Good322014-03-14Wednesday's snow brought 10" - 12". Trails groomed. Some trails ungroomed for backwoods skiing. Its going to be a good weekend, warm today and tomorrow. This is the the last weekend for food service in the lodge. Also, last weekend for the horse drawn sleigh rides. And, on a really ominous note, they posted the hiking trail map for download on the website.Tooboats
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent2014-03-14About a foot of new snow. The whole system was groomed today, with track set. Best conditions all year!Joe
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontCall in sick2014-03-14Excellent conditions at Trapps. Most of the course was embargoed for us ski orienteers, but what we raced and skied in the warm up was perfect. Lots and lots of snow!Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent92014-03-14Tons of snow... Unfortunately the heavy snow has resulted in more leaning grey birches so bring your clippers. There is a classic track set on most of the usual stuff. There are no skate lanes. The bog was not groomed but there is a skied in track. Rain is forecast for saturday. We'll see what happens and probably groom again on sunday morning. Hopefully the snow reserves left on the sides of the trail won't crust up too much and can be pulled in to freshen up the surface.JW
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent2014-03-14All the snow NEOC got is making for the most fun this year. I skied yesterday at 3pm and they were just heading out to groom again when I finished. The snow was soft, fast and fun. Today may even be a "call in sick day!" Trails are graded in the traditional - green, blue and black - for easy, moderate and difficult. Going to head out there again today.
Lizzy Flynn
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good162014-03-13Sunny, 16 deg, windy near the lake. Big thaw last weekend, high of 55, nearly melted all the snow. 12 inch snowfall yesterday put it all back. Half of Deep Woods groomed. Forrest part deep tracks in powder. Looked like Lake Loop was all groomed. It will be nice this weekend. Saturday pancake breakfast again.Tooboats
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineExcellent42014-03-13Groomed 3-13-14 for skate only. BEAUTIFUL. A few branches and saplings bent over into the trail, but are avoidable.
Dan P.
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood42014-03-09Groomed 3-9-14. Pretty good. fast. excellent coverage, but a bit bumpy in places where walkers have been out. Overall quite decent.Dan P.
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineGood22014-03-09Groomed 3-9-14. Set a track in places. Skiing is good, fast in places. The pipeline (snowmobile trail) is quite good right now.Dan P.
WindblownNew Ipswich, N.H.Excellent2014-03-08Very excellent at Windblown. Firm in the morning but softening in the sun, especially south-facing hills. Full coverage. The trails on the mountain were a lot easier to go down than usual, and taking turns down the open slope was superb. Got pretty slow as the snow heated up, but should be wicked fast tomorrow.
Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Colby CollegeWaterville, MaineGood102014-03-07The groomer was repaired today. The whole system was groomed today. The hard pack was broken up, and conditions are definitely softer than earlier in the week, but today's grooming left soft, quarter-sized chunks in places, which made for some challenging conditions in spots. Even so, the trails through the fields are much improved since yesterday. Expecting more grooming this weekend. No track set. Note that there will be dog sled races at Quarry Road on Sunday, March 9, from 10-3, on portions of the River and North trails.Joe R
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Good322014-03-05Light snow, 20 deg. Occasional snow has been keeping the trails covered. Track was a bit ragged today from the big crowds this past weekend. Usually pretty lonely on the trails on weekdays. Horse drawn sleigh rides and hot food at the lodge on weekends. Tooboats Jake
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent122014-03-05Freshly groomed. Fast ball bearing broken up hard pack. Great climbs and reasonable descents on the blue and green trails. Only skate lane freshly groomed. J Graham
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood102014-03-02no track set. Hard packed with a small amount of tilling. Grooming repair on Monday should help alot. Caroline
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineGood2014-03-02Not the PVSC school loop- Skating on the pipeline section of the Hampden snowmobile trail is fantastic right now. The loop at the schools is not groomed but the sled trail south to Winterport is groomed wide and they have been able to turn up the ice crystals=fast! Between Kennebec Rd and fancy subdivision (forest ave?) might be the best skiing in area right now. There are 2 classic loops (with tracks set)off this section as well. The snowmobilers in Hampden are courteous to skiers. Thank you Hampden Snowmoible Club, enjoy!JED
Titcomb MountainWest Farmington, MaineExcellent16 2014-03-01At $5 weekday and $10 weekend (adults only), Titcomb is the best value skiing anywhere around! With all 16K groomed for skate, and about 10K classic tracked, lots of terrain and variety in the trails, it's just a great deal. Some trails were firmer than others, but all were easy to edge, and so fast that had to plow some downhill turns, should be even better tomorrow after tonight's grooming.TR
Jackson Hill TrailsBoonville, N.Y.Excellent202014-03-01Cloudy, 28 Deg. Towards the eastern end of the Tug Hill and was not getting the usual snow. Finally received sufficient snow for excellent conditions. This is part of the Black River Environmental Improvement Association system in Boonville, NY with a total of 80 km of trails. We skied and had a snack in the palatial warming hut near the parking lot. Tooboats Jake
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Call in sick162014-02-28Sunny, 18 Deg. Lake effect snow over for now. All trails groomed. Perfect day. Big crowd this weekend. Pancake breakfast at the lodge on Saturday!Tooboats Jake
Bait Hole TrailsMillinocket, MaineGood2014-02-28Conditions are Fair to Good - hills are fast. Ski the beginners trail to avoid the very fast hills. 16 km total - 10 groomed generally, 4k most recently.Don Nodine
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineFair5K2014-02-26Skated the Orono HS loop 4 times. It is hard packed to very hard packed. You can get an edge to skate in most places but the trail is rutted in the direction of travel either from the sled or classic skiers making it interesting in places. The downhills are snow-plowable if necessary though. Hopefully some new snow and a re-groom will soften things up a bit. J Graham
University of MaineOrono, MaineFair2014-02-26Skated a short way on 3 from the rec center. It is hard packed with a lot of foot traffic on it. Going straight (past the turn for 3) to the corn fields was treacherous and also had a lot of foot divots in it. The snow in the fields, off the trail was OK for "crust cruising" Would wait for more snow and/or grooming. JCG
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good162014-02-25Sunny, 23 deg, Windy near the lake. Six inches of snow last night overcame the thaw of this past weekend. Skiers cut the trials today. Will be groomed tomorrow. Tooboats Jake
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2014-02-24Snow, heavy at times, 19 Deg. Lake effect snow predicted until Tuesday night. If you like powder, come and get it. 6" - 8" powder on all trails. Tooboats Jake
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood3.52014-02-24Groomed 2-24-14. Lots of boot prints and the like from the recent warm weather and rain. The trails held up surprisingly well. Groomed everything except the Asa hill. Should be great skating - no classic tracks set. Will be fast, but good coverage.Dan P.
Clubhouse TrailsMillinocket, MaineFair10k2014-02-24Fair condition - total of 10 kilometers groomed in the past two weeks. Track set. Conditions - cold, etc are keeping the tracks set well. Don Nodine
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2014-02-22Grooming in progress on the Taylor Road Trails. Should be done by noon. Turning out much better than expected. KL
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good1.82014-02-22The man made area at Weston was very nice early this morning. It was softening up by 10:30. The DCR has banned machine grooming of the natural snow, so the rest of the course is pretty tough to skate.Andrew H.
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good1.82014-02-22The man made area at Weston was very nice early this morning. It was softening up by 10:30. The DCR has banned machine grooming of the natural snow, so the rest of the course is pretty tough to skate.Andrew H.
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good2014-02-20Cloudy, 41 deg. Enough base to support some melting. Getting slippery and some degradation of the trails.Tooboats
Bangor Municipal Golf CourseBangor, MaineExcellent2014-02-19Just got back from Bangor Muni. Conditions are excellent. The groomers did a great job!NCN
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2014-02-19Sunny 39 deg. I thought that it was warm enough today for the snow to get clumpy, but it was smooth as silk. Great conditions and at noon the sun was high enough and the reflection off the snow was strong enough to keep you quite warm. Tooboats Jake
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2014-02-18We skated the loop and the hill. The broader trail leading up to the upper loop is very skateable but the upper loop is softer and narrow for skating. The classic track looks very nicely set all around. If you are skating I would recommend staying on the areas that are clearly groomed firmer and wider for skating or consider the Orono HS trails that were wide, packed and great yesterday.J Graham
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Call in sick2014-02-18Wow. The best conditions I think I've ever seen at Weston. Soft, but what do you expect with six inches of new powder. 25˚, so no melt out there. Well packed by the groomer, and silky smooth, a pleasure to ski. Lots of snow, too—probably close to 18" of base.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent202014-02-17Groomed this morning out across the bog, IF&W, across Forest Ave, and connected to the Veazie Railroad Bed. Set track the whole way. This will allow skiers to ski from the Bangor City Forest ski trails to the Caribou Bog ski trails. Note: the Veazie railroad bed is packed but not groomed/no set track.JW
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineExcellent2014-02-17The whole Orono HS loop is excellent. We skated but the classic tracks looked perfect too. Conditions are just soft enough for old knees!J Graham
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Excellent>902014-02-17East Pasture Loop (yesterday) and Hall/Ellis River trails (today) with excellent snow and grooming. David O. (SkiTrailReport family)
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2014-02-16Groomed this morning for both classic and skate over the Bangor hill. Newman hill was groomed for classic only. Get out and enjoy the fresh snow.Dave C
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineCall in sick42014-02-16Groomed 2-16-14 pm. Beautiful out there - best conditions of the season! Classic tracks set all around. Plenty of room to skate as well. Lots of snow makes it easier to groom wide. Enjoy!Dan P.
Caribou BogOrono, MaineFair122014-02-15Freshly groomed! Rain crust was difficult to break up but there is a set track to ski on all Taylor Road Trails. The bog and IF&W trail was packed with the machine but not groomed. Ski it now before the next storm moves in. Plenty more snow in the forecast. Trails will be groomed again tomorrow morning. Should be ready to ski again by noon on sunday.JW
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood42014-02-15Groomed last night (2-14). Skate skiing is not good at all. Couldn't break up all the crusties from the rain yesterday. Classic skiing is quite good. Track set everywhere. Moonlight ski tonight 5-9pm - come join the fun! Dan P.
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.Excellent152014-02-15Nice snow out in Carlisle. It was warm and wet (it was nice and cold and fast the night before) but the new snow is piling on top of it. Probably 18" of base, too.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Indian MeadowGlenville, N.Y.Good4km2014-02-14Big dump yesterday into this morning. Winds today caused heavy drifting especially on the east/south side. The trails are rolled but should be combed/leveled a bit better. The base is deeper than it has been in probably 4 years. Overall the skiing will be good and getting better. Will get back out again this weekend to improve the conditions. The Groomer
Rodman Barnes CornersRodman, N.Y.Call in sick252014-02-13Cloudy, 24 deg. Be careful not to miss the parking lot on the north side of Rte 177 between Rodman and Barnes Corners. It is about 2 miles west of Tuggers Restaurant and Camp Ground. The sign up box has nice maps inside. The trails are a bit rougher than other areas, but they are very clearly marked and described on the map. Very nice scenery - at least 3 feet of powder in the woods. Conditions great everywhere!! Its time to call in sick for a few weeks at least.Tooboats Jake
Highland Forest ParkFabius, N.Y.Excellent322014-02-11Cloudy, 12 deg, light snow. Fabius is a little too far south to get lake effect snow from Lake Ontario, but there has been considerable snow from the coastal storms of the last few weeks. Wonderful skiing today today. Trails groomed and track set. Some trails left ungroomed to enjoy backwoods skiing. Conditions reported daily on the Facebook page, Really nice lodge. Hot food on weekends.Tooboats Jake
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent102014-02-11Groomed with tracks. Beautiful!Ben
Northfield MountainNorthfield, Mass.Call in sick402014-02-09Very excellent skiing out in Western Mass. Only 1:40 from Boston, to boot. Trails had a couple of dirty spots, but perfectly well groomed and not crowded at all. Also, hills!Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Excellent2014-02-08Full course well groomed. No thaw since snow last Wed. Beautiful packed powder on the full course.Andrew H.
Indian MeadowGlenville, N.Y.Excellent42014-02-08Today at 4pm the main loop was groomed including tracksetting for classic skiing. The surface is very nice, soft enough that the roller is taking out the post holes but still firm enough to skate. I think it will firm up nicely for tomorrow. It is supposed to be a great day!The Groomer
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Excellent2014-02-08Full course well groomed. No thaw since snow last Wed. Beautiful packed powder on the full course.Andrew H.
WindblownNew Ipswich, N.H.Excellent402014-02-08Very good conditions at Windblown. A couple areas where there was some grass and debris, especially up on the mountain, but good overall. I skied late which was great because a) they were open for night skiing (bring a headlamp) and b) it meant that in 20 minutes of intervals on the Main Trail I saw one other guy. Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood42014-02-07Groomed 2/7/14. Added classic tracks. Double tacked with skating land in fields and on Asa loop. Single track in woods loop. In a few places, coverage (and tracks) in the woods should be rated "fair". Everything else "excellent". All ready for our 4pm race today.Dan P.
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent182014-02-07Skiing excellent, both skate & classic. Great caribou bog trail was groomed this morning with track set through as far as Forest Ave. Bog portions of the trail are quite rough and require additional snow. The IF&W portion of the bog trail is fantastic.JW
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent102014-02-07About 8 inches snow on Wed made for excellent skiing. Groomers working hard, setting tracks for upcoming Quarry Road Winter Carnival on the 8th. Lots happening at QR. Caroline
University of MaineOrono, MaineExcellent>102014-02-06The trails are nicely groomed after the recent snow in preparation for the race this Sunday. Almost all skate lanes are wide and much of it has packed classic tracks on one side although I didn't use them. Conditions are packed well enough to skate but not hard, so it is a joy to ski them. 3, 8, 9, Pinkam Rd, 7, and the cornfields were good to excellent. Another skier indicated the farm hill was still a bit narrow, but they may be widening that even later today. I suspect conditions will only get better as people ski on the trails and they continue to pack them with the groomer.J Graham
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent122014-02-06Everything was groomed 2/6/14. Tracks set everywhere except RR bed where the snow was a bit too shallow. For the rest of the trails, there are only a couple areas where sticks poke through - nothing serious. Beautiful conditions - sunny and 20s for the foreseeable future - should be great skiing!Dan P.
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood42014-02-06Groomed everything 2-6-14. Pretty good conditions all around. A few places are a bit bumpy in the woods (generally under tight tree cover where it was icy before the most recent snow). Fields and Asa loop are great. Hope to set tracks tomorrow - probably only fields and Asa loop.Dan P.
Indian MeadowGlenville, N.Y.Excellent42014-02-06An inch of powder over the surface that was packed on Wednesday night. Conditions are great, if a little soft. Coverage is 100%. Will be groomed again on Saturday including tracksetting.The Groomer
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent162014-02-0527 deg, 5" new snow, still snowing, no wind. Track set this morning. Filled in by powder in spots, Skiers have been reopening the tracks as they go around. Excellent day. Going to be a great weekend. New snow expected Sun and Mon.Tooboats Jake
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Excellent32014-02-05Excellent conditions at Weston. Close to a foot of new snow which is dense but powdery and compacting well. Skating was soft but not bad; it should be great with cold weather and grooming.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Glenville Hills NordicGlenville, N.Y.Excellent42014-02-05The main loop was rolled and combed with two passes at about 6 PM last night (Feb 05). Coverage is excellent. The base was a bit soft but certainly firmed up overnight. Planning to set tracks by machine on Saturday.
The Groomer
Indian MeadowGlenville, N.Y.Excellent42014-02-05The main loop was rolled and combed with two passes at about 6 PM last night (Feb 05). Coverage is excellent. The base was a bit soft but certainly firmed up overnight. Planning to set tracks by machine on Saturday. This report was mistakenly posted under Glenville Hills Nordic below. The Groomer
Rodman Barnes CornersRodman, N.Y.Excellent2014-02-04The three NY ski areas reported below are on the Tug Hill Plateau, 50-100 miles north and east of Syracuse. This is a region about 50 x 50 miles off of the eastern end of Lake Ontario. It is about 1000 - 1500 ft above sea level and prevailing westerly winds over the lake go up the hill and dump huge quantities of snow over a narrow area. It is not unusual to get 300 inches of snow in a winter. These three areas are my favorites. There are at least 10 others. Excellent conditions all around.Tooboats Jake
Bangor Municipal Golf CourseBangor, MaineFair02014-02-04The added snow from last week made more of the golf course ski-able for skate skiing but it is still icy and thin in patches. It's ungroomed so you have to go off trail which can be treacherous because hikers and dog walkers (no offense intended) have made the snow uneven. This new snow ought to help though.David Carter
Orono SchoolsOrono, MainePoor22014-02-03Fields and areas under hardwoods in the forest are great. Areas under softwoods in the forest are icy, rocky and covered in debris. Looking forward to snow on Wednesday!Dan P
Rodman Barnes CornersRodman, N.Y.Excellent2014-02-0323 deg, cloudy, two feet of fresh snow. More to come. This is the Tug Hill State Park ski trails on NY Rte 177 near Rodman, NY. Wide track set on all trails. Great skiing. Tuggers restaurant and cabins are about two miles east on Rte 177.Tooboats Jake
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402014-02-03Plenty of snow. Packed powder surface with set track and skating lane. Always well groomed. Small lodge with big wood stove and snacks available. Large stock of skis to rent and purchase. Nearby bar/restaurant and gas. Photo below is Malloy trail at the creek.
Jackson Hill TrailsBoonville, N.Y.Excellent2014-02-03This is part of the Black River Environmental Improvement Association, It was created and is maintained by a private foundation. There are three trail systems in Boonville, NY. I believe that the Jackson Hill trails are the best. 6-8 inches new snow. more to come Tue and Wed. Nice warming hut with woodstove and tables inside.Tooboats
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent122014-02-01Great skiing... well packed powder. tracks set all around. can't beat it.Dan P
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineFair12014-01-28Groomed today. Conditions on the south part of the loop (600m straightaway) are excellent! The snowmobile trail and north portion of the loop have some bare ground poking through. Dan P
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Excellent2014-01-28Impressively good conditions at Weston for the race. Soft underfoot and very little ice; a new little loop added in. Very fast, but not scary fast.Ari
Bangor Municipal Golf CourseBangor, MainePoor02014-01-27The warm weather today ruined the snow. There are ski-able patches off the trail but for the most part it's too thin and icy in between to make a loop. David Carter
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineFair32014-01-27Groomed from the practice football field around the woods loop. Conditions are highly variable. Some sections are excellent, some have roots and dirt poking though. Definitely have to be careful - and I wouldn't use your good skis. I may try to get out and shovel snow on the worst patches tomorrow. The skiing will be very fast when the snow sets up. Asa loop and field near soccer rink are not groomed and generally unskiable. No tracks set anywhere. Dan P
Caribou BogOrono, MaineFair82014-01-26Freshly groomed. Despite additional snow, trails are still patchy in places. Conditions are worst nearest the trailhead. Track set on all groomed trails except access trail. Groomed: hog hill, bangor hill, pink trail, driveway, access road (except along bait pond), & newman hill. Not groomed: Piney Knoll, RR Bed, & the trail out to & across the bog.JW
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good22014-01-26All 4 loops in good shape. Snow guns blazing on the main loop. Grooming on others has held up well.David O. (SkiTrailReport family)
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Excellent2014-01-26Cold at Jackson, but great skiing. Tracks were firm for the race, and skating was good on the race trails thereafter. An inch of snow overnight was particularly good where it hadn't been groomed in.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good22014-01-26All 4 loops in good shape. Snow guns blazing on the main loop. Grooming on others has held up well.David O. (SkiTrailReport family)
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent162014-01-2525 deg and cloudy. Snow yesterday and today. We have pretty much recovered from the Great Thaw. Good track. Fine day Most of Syracuse to the Tug Hill area of NY State have excellent conditionsTooboats Jake
Caribou BogOrono, MainePoor2014-01-25Not unexpected but the trails with the new snow were very spongy and slow for skating and there wasn't any set track for classic. There are places now hidden under the new snow that are little more than a thin sheet of ice that can break under the pressure of your poles. The weather was perfect and the landscape was beautiful. I hope to go out again tomorrow despite the conditions.David Carter
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.Good2014-01-25Still some rocks above the surface, particularly in the tree-ed areas, but the fields are looking great!Dave
Caribou BogOrono, MainePoor2014-01-25Not unexpected but the trails with the new snow were very spongy and slow for skating and there wasn't any set track for classic. There are places now hidden under the new snow that are little more than a thin sheet of ice that can break under the pressure of your poles. The weather was perfect and the landscape was beautiful. I hope to go out again tomorrow despite the conditions.David Carter
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood102014-01-25All trails have full coverage. A light dusting slowed the speed down a little. Recent snow making in preparation of the Bill Koch Festival covered the ice in the stadium and improved the trail from Maintenance to Meadow. More snow making planned for Tuesday. Caroliine
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineGood2014-01-25Great skiing at NEOC! Hard and fairly clean base with 4" of new powder (as of 6pm & still falling). Not enough for tracks to be set, but great skating. All trails were open and enjoyable! Dan P
CraftsburyCraftsbury Common, VermontExcellent2014-01-25Great conditions on Saturday. Only a couple of thin and icy spots, mostly perfect. Race loops were in particularly good shape with new snow falling.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Caribou BogOrono, MainePoor82014-01-24The Taylor Road Trails certainly took a hit from the warm weather and rain showers. Trails were groomed this afternoon (friday) with mixed results. Portions of the trails are in good/excellent shape and the skating should be decent, however there are many areas where water flowed across or along the trail and melted areas that refroze into uneven blocks. With some additional snow these areas can be shoveled and smoothed out. The forecast is calling for snow on saturday and we could get as much as four inches. This should be enough to smooth things out so look for better skiing in the coming week. In the mean time, bring your rock skis. There is no set track, but all the trails have been groomed wide with the exception of the railroad bed and portions of the road along the bait pond where the trail gets considerable southern exposure. The trailhead access trail is very thin, skiers should consider walking to where the trail enters the woods on Newman Hill before putting on their skis. Be careful on Piney Knoll as the trail is very rough on both sides of the hill.JW
Caribou BogOrono, MainePoor82014-01-24The Taylor Road Trails certainly took a hit from the warm weather and rain showers. Trails were groomed this afternoon (friday) with mixed results. Portions of the trails are in good/excellent shape and the skating should be decent, however there are many areas where water flowed across or along the trail and melted areas that refroze into uneven blocks. With some additional snow these areas can be shoveled and smoothed out. The forecast is calling for snow on saturday and we could get as much as four inches. This should be enough to smooth things out so look for better skiing in the coming week. In the mean time, bring your rock skis. There is no set track, but all the trails have been groomed wide with the exception of the railroad bed and portions of the road along the bait pond where the trail gets considerable southern exposure. The trailhead access trail is very thin, skiers should consider walking to where the trail enters the woods on Newman Hill before putting on their skis. Be careful on Piney Knoll as the trail is very rough on both sides of the hill.JW
Zealand RoadCarroll, N.H.Fair2014-01-24Still a thin layer of snow, but tracked and with a packed center from hikers. Definitely better than previously. No longer plowed. Zealand Trail still too torn up by icy bootprints and protruding rocks to ski the whole way.Beowulf
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent162014-01-23Warmer today, 12 deg, partly cloudy, no wind, some snow past few days. Track set. Still not much base but one of the best days of the season so far.Tooboats Jake
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Excellent22014-01-23Skied around opening. They classic tracks were still being reset but the skate lanes were surprisingly good. Snowmaking is ongoing; it's getting deep.Ari
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood2014-01-22An inch of snow last weekend plus the work of our great groomers, and the whole trail system is in good shape. No track set, though. Joe R
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood2014-01-22An inch of snow last weekend plus the work of our great groomers, and the whole trail system is in good shape. No track set, though. Joe R
Nordic Heritage CenterPresque Isle, MaineGood2014-01-21A few trails are closed because of the upcoming Junior World Championships but all the trails have good coverage and the skiing is excellent. There is a good track on the Gallagher Loop and the rest of the terrain is groomed for skating.Paul Stone
Orono SchoolsOrono, MainePoor<12014-01-20Thanks to everyone who came out and shoveled today at Orono Schools! The result is a fairly decent 800m section that has tracks set for classic skiing. However, you SHOULD NOT SKI DOWN the hill towards Asa Adams/ playground. The bottom is very dirty/icy/wet. You can walk to the bottom and ski up if you want to work on the hills. Other than this area, there's not great skiing yet. We need more snow before it's worth grooming.Dan P
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good162014-01-2021 deg partly cloudy. We had some additional snow the past 2 days. Not much base but the trails are groomed. Good skiing.Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Fair02014-01-18Most snow melted in recent warm spell. Received 6" of unexpected snow today. Not groomed but good skiing on powder.Tooboats Jake
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Good502014-01-18Good considering the meltdown last week. There's still a base but dirty and thin spots. The race might be iffy next week although the main 5k course is good. South hall was very nice except for my major bonkage.Ari
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair7k2014-01-15Snow held up on most trails. Meadow is icy and best to start near maintenance building. North Koons ready for Colby Carnival. South Koons closed due to runway into stadium is too icy. River loop fast with loose granular. It may be too difficult for beginners, but Ski Club kids are loving it!Caroline
Franconia VillageFranconia, N.H.GoodpPa2014-01-14And what do you write?, PizrOViWYRH
Franconia VillageFranconia, N.H.GoodpPa2014-01-14And what do you write?, PizrOViWYRH
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good2014-01-139 deg F and sunny About 4-5 " powder in the recent storm. 2" base in skier made tracks. Really nice if you have hand warmers. Warmer Wednesday.Tooboats
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood92014-01-12Skied today when temps were above freezing and it was like decent spring skiing, soft but not too soft. No track set at this time. All trails have full coverage. Puddles in the stadium area can be avoided. As temps get below freezing it will be icy but plan is to groom so it should be ok.Caroline
Sprague Brook ParkGlenwood, N.Y.ExcellentZGr2014-01-10Gloomy tales Blair
Sprague Brook ParkGlenwood, N.Y.ExcellentZGr2014-01-10It's funny goodluck Malik
Sprague Brook ParkGlenwood, N.Y.ExcellentZGr2014-01-10I like watching TV Clarence
Sprague Brook ParkGlenwood, N.Y.ExcellentZGr2014-01-10I'm in a band Santo
Sprague Brook ParkGlenwood, N.Y.ExcellentZGr2014-01-10What do you want to do when you've finished? Autumn
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair92014-01-08All trails groomed yesterday. Base held up well through the weekend rain. Conditions are machine-pulverized ice, with some chunky bits. Further grooming was in progress this morning.Joe R
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair92014-01-08All trails groomed yesterday. Base held up well through the weekend rain. Conditions are machine-pulverized ice, with some chunky bits. Further grooming was in progress this morning.Joe R
Nordic Heritage CenterPresque Isle, MaineGood2014-01-08About 10km groomed. Still a deep base on the trails. Conditions are hard, fast, and fun. Most of what is groomed has an excellent classic track. Paul
University of MaineOrono, MainePoor2014-01-08Rock hard and treacherous. Pray for snow!BVicary
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineFair<12014-01-08About 800m straightaway groomed for skating. Best right now in the bangor area that I know of. Lots of small twigs (from 100s of trees bent over with ice) and one 100 square foot icy section that is unavoidable. All in all not great but it's the best we have. Best access is via trail directly across from Reeds Brook MS. Initial hill is kinda icy, but after that its decent.
Dan P
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood92014-01-08I would upgrade to Good due to continued grooming by afternoon. A fair amount of debris on River loop but Meadow and Koons are fast and fun. Conditions are fast, beginners should use caution but can find some "anywhere" skiing in the meadow with softer snow. Caroline
Legacy ParkBedford, N.H.Good52014-01-08considering the rain we recieved earlier in the week the sking is good. an inch or two of transformed icy snow with a thick hard base underneath Peter Goedecke
Orono SchoolsOrono, MainePoor<12014-01-06The rain wreaked havoc on the trails. Very icy in all open areas. Quite icy (and lots of debris) in the woods. Skiing generally not recommended until we get more snow. There is newly groomed 150m skate loop and 125m classic lane on the south side of the football stadium that are decent, but will really only be sufficient for the school teams to work on technique. No chance of getting an actual workout in. Dan P
Waterville NordicWaterville, N.H.Excellent642014-01-05Perfect snow and grooming. Back side of Cascade Brook not yet open. Where was everybody?David O.
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Call in sick802014-01-05Ooh excellent skiing! Everything groomed, only trouble spots a little dirt here and there, the north hall downhill (always rocky/moguly) and a bit along the river between Rocky Branch and Ellis. Otherwise, 55k of bliss. Should survive a little rain fine, more snow here than I saw the rest of my trip around New England, easily 2.5 feet.
Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Zealand RoadCarroll, N.H.Good2014-01-05Excellent conditions—skier-packed and -tracked—to the trailhead, then mostly skiable with a couple rocky/sketchy areas to the Doozy.
Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Viles ArboretumAugusta, MainePoor02014-01-04Scott what you described has been the norm. at viles. due to the continued abuse of the trails and lack of any help the trails are no longer groomed I returned the tidd groomer to the arboretum after being threatend by walkers .viles does not have a snomobile and has requested help good luck with this.david simard x groomer
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent2014-01-04All trails groomed this morning. Packed powder. Joe R
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402014-01-0420 deg and sunny. Beautiful day. All trails groomed. Best day so far.Tooboats Jake
Stump SproutsHawley, Mass.Good12?2014-01-04Full coverage, everything was open. Narrow, lumpy trails. Great for a relaxed tour, not so much for a workout.Colin Reuter
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Excellent152014-01-04Great cover and grooming.David O.
BogburnPomfret, VermontExcellent72014-01-04Great conditions for the race at Bogburn. Nothing really thin or sketchy, and good track all around. Nice for them to have a good, powdery base.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Sleepy HollowHuntington, VermontExcellent152014-01-03Great skiing today. Fresh 5 inches of powder. Molly
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2014-01-03All trails other than the trail across the bog are groomed (No grooming on IF&W trail, Forest Ave Xing, Railroad bed to the Bangor City Forest, etc.). There are still some trees/shrubs/branches leaning into the trail, so feel free to bring some clippers out with you and do a little clean up on your ski. Trails groomed for both skating and classic although skate lanes are narrow. Weather looks good for skiing this weekend. Get out before the rain on monday!JW
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineExcellent42014-01-03Groomed tonight for skating only due to rain event predicted for Monday. Get out and enjoy the warmer temps this weekend! We plan to groom late Monday / early Tuesday to clean up after the rain. Please do your best (and encourage others) to stay off all of the trails on Monday so we don't get huge icy ruts.
Dan P
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2014-01-03All trails other than the trail across the bog are groomed (No grooming on IF&W trail, Forest Ave Xing, Railroad bed to the Bangor City Forest, etc.). There are still some trees/shrubs/branches leaning into the trail, so feel free to bring some clippers out with you and do a little clean up on your ski. Trails groomed for both skating and classic although skate lanes are narrow. Weather looks good for skiing this weekend. Get out before the rain on monday!JW
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402014-01-03What a beautiful day! All trails groomed, track set. It started snowing at 2:00 PM, making it a winter wonderland. Unfortunately it began raining at 4:00. It will be quite warm Sunday, in the 40'sTooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good102014-01-02Snowing now 10 deg. Not much base because of recent thaw. Plenty of powder. Very nice conditions.Tooboats
Jackson Hill TrailsBoonville, N.Y.Good2014-01-02As the lake effect snow band moved south last night and today, Boonville received 5" of snow. The Black River trails are open and will be rolled tomorrow AM. Still snowing in the area. Saturday will be a good day with more snow forecast Sat night. Sunday will be in the 40's, then cold and snow all week. This counts for Egypt RD and Canal trails as well.Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Fair2014-01-02The Lake Effect snow band finally shifted far enough south to give us some snow during the day on Friday. The was 2-3 inches on the open parts of the trail. Pine Meadow and Three Meadows trails were best. Trails with extensive tree cover did not get much snow. Because the trails are so smooth and carefully groomed here, you only need a little snow to ski. We received a dusting overnight, but I do not expect to improve things much. Driving up to the Tug Hill today. Will report back later.Tooboats
CraftsburyCraftsbury Common, VermontExcellent652014-01-01Excellent conditions; all trails you'd be interested in are open and have good cover. Cold today, never much over mid teens. Swix HF blue ran very fast.kadley
Waterville NordicWaterville, N.H.Excellent452014-01-01Pretty nice day up at Waterville. I started skating out Livermore, which had some dirty spots but nothing bad. Nice, gradual climb up Snows, then down with some great V2 intervals (just the right pitch for V2 when the snow is cold and powdery). Switched over to classic for Osceola and Tripoli. I passed the groomer on Tripoli (in the dark) and then had fresh tracks up and down Tripoli which were splendid. Lay down some tele turns on my 210cm classic skis, no easy feat.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2014-01-01 Best classic track in years; outside loop is clear and well groomed; thanks Dan!!!!!!!!!!Bucky Owen
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineExcellent42013-12-31Groomed this morning. Probably a bit soft, but overall in great shape. Cut most of the limbs that would hit you in the face leftover from the ice storm, but a few may remain. Feel free to clip when you go ski.Dan P
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good1.72013-12-31Snow guns are all running full blast. They're concentrating getting the water line covered so that they can complete the loop. It's mostly out-and-back, but the course is wide enough for today's traffic, and in pretty good condition. Snow is forecast starting Wednesday night.David O. (Ski Trail Report family)
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood82013-12-31Lots of dedicated folks out with clippers and loppers today - thanks! We have a hole punched through the ice storm damage all the way up Newman and Bangor Hills, and down to the RR bed. That whole loop has classic tracks set. It's going to be a while before we get to grooming for skate skiing - lots more icy branches to prune!Dan P
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good12013-12-31Guns a-blazing and should go for the next five days. A nice Weston mix of ice and fake snow, but a good base. A couple of icy spots to deal with, but lots of snow being made!Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Excellent682013-12-29All open trails very well groomed, yesterday and today. New snow tonight should freshen things up, and colder weather is coming.David O. (Ski Trail Report family)
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Good552013-12-29While it's probably the best skiing in New England, it's not perfect. There are dirty areas and a few scattered rocks (up the south Ellis climb, and lots of dirt on the race trails). But Glen is now reporting 9" of new snow—the heavy, wet, base-building kind—so the skiing should wind up excellent.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontExcellent30 2013-12-286-9 inches of snow over the last 48 hrs. 30 km open with excellent coverage and more trails will open soon.
Paul McNeil
University of MaineOrono, MaineGood2013-12-28Conditions are fair to good including Pinkham Rd,3, 8,9 and the loop behind the credit union. It is newer snow on top of a firm base. There are no set classic tracks and the trails are best where they have been skate-skied. We skate-skied about 10K and had a good ski. Just stay were you see it has been groomed before or is flat.J Graham
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402013-12-28Over 100 inches of snow this year. All trails groomed. Great day.Tooboats Jake
Viles ArboretumAugusta, MainePoor2013-12-28Very icy conditions, too many people snow shoeing and just walking in general right down the middle of where people have tried to ski. While it is nice to see many people out enjoying the outdoors snow shoeing, etc, skiing is very challenging. The Arboretum used to be a wonderful place to ski, however not so enjoyable anymore!Scott
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood2013-12-272" new snow yesterday. Groomed this morning. Packed powder with some icy spots.Joe
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineFair42013-12-27Coverage is good. However, lots of overhanging limbs are now at body level due to the ice. Also, lots of walkers during / shortly after the ice storm has made the base quite uneven.Dan P
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Fair12013-12-25The problem with a cold Christmas is that Weston missed a day of snowmaking. With the construction the manmade snow has an unusual flow to it and no "big" hill, but there is about a k if you ski the outside perimeter. A couple patches of dirt in the track on the left side going out; I stuck some cones on the track in this section.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Sunday River Outdoor CenterNewry, MaineGood2013-12-24The conditions were great. After the recent wet and cold weather I never thought that we would be skiing again so soon and with such good conditions. The conditions were frozen granular snow that was well broken up and easy to ski. No tracks but a well manicured trailAnn Speth
Fahnestock Winter ParkCold Spring, N.Y.Poor2013-12-23Closed - plan to reopen when conditions permitPaul Kuznia
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood92013-12-21Coverage was good pre-ice storm. No rain here, just ice, so skiing should remain good. Trails not groomed Saturday morning; yurt not open and unsure of schedule for that. Trails had been groomed sometime Friday so skiing was reasonably good. FIS Loop and River Loop groomed to full width with track far off to one side.Pat
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontExcellent652013-12-19Beautiful clean snow with amazing tracks everywhere.
Paul McNeil
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good2013-12-18Snow a little firmer today. Up to 32 degrees. Nice skiing.Tooboats
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.Good152013-12-18Skate lanes were pretty soft and slow after 3" of unconsolidated new snow last night, but classic tracks are still in passable condition. If everything gets re-groomed overnight, conditions will be excellent tomorrow.Scott
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Excellent2013-12-18Wow, snow. Weston has pretty darned nice conditions. Classic is probably better than skate, but the lanes were mostly firm and groomed pretty well, although surprisingly narrow in a few sections. It's weird with whatever construction is going on around the snowmaking loop to have no fence. They guns are running, best early conditions I've seen in a long time.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
WindblownNew Ipswich, N.H.Call in sick402013-12-18Un-friggin-believable. Night skiing at Windblown was well worth the slog through traffic. Half the trails were groomed fresh, the others were all nicely packed with a good skate deck. Open Slope was fully groomed, although some of the mountain trails were only half-width. So great of the Jenks to have us out at night. Hopefully the 18" base will survive the weekend meltdown/ice storm.
Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood42013-12-17All groomed out this morning. Only a few small sticks and rocks pointing out on the edges. Overall, very good for December. No tracks set... not quite enough white stuff yet.Dan P
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood102013-12-178-10 inches of new snow being groomed. Some tracks set. caroline
Viking NordicLondonderry, VermontExcellent2013-12-17Lots of snow on the trails. Rob was out grooming the outer trail system so all trails will be open and groomed by Thursday. Classic skiing is really nice with all this new snow. Snowing hard this afternoon, with 3 more inches expected overnight. Dana
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Excellent552013-12-16Excellent classic conditions as the soft snowfall had a day of good sun to settle and pack down. A little soft for polling so I would avoid double pole work outs. Still too soft for great skating as the trails are being groomed by small machines. It'll be another week until the big piston bully's are used and begin really packing the snow and giving the skate base we want.George Heinrichs
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood4/42013-12-16Packed out 12/16/13... Will drag tomorrow morning. Pre-Xmas skiing in Bangor? Awesome!Dan P
WindblownNew Ipswich, N.H.Excellent35K2013-12-15Great powder conditions on their beautiful Pisten Bully grooming. I'm betting it's the best conditions in New England today. I skied here yesterday before the big snow storm on a decent firm base. 80% of the trails were open and groomed before last night's stormIrene Jenks
WindblownNew Ipswich, N.H.Excellent302013-12-15Excellent conditions at Windblown. Got there a bit after 1 and skied until dark. Classic tracks were quite firm, and the skate lane solidified as the day got colder. Pretty much midwinter on the non-mountain trails. Up the hill Zig Zag is groomed narrow; you need real tele stuff to get any kind of turns. Or at least not 210cm classic skis!
Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Fair2013-12-15Groomed by the road (few hundred m?). Hardpack, groomed while still quite wet. Classic tracks ok, but as per usual, no loop available. skate had the usual random ruts. Off-trail was unskiable, ice crust over wet snow that you break through. Full coverage of natural snow, and the guns were starting up the afternoon. If temperatures drop we may get decent grooming by tomorrow, hopefully a full loop soon.Alex
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good2013-12-15About 8" of fresh powder. Beautiful day to ski.Tooboats Jake
10th Mountain Ski CenterFort Kent, MaineFair4km2013-12-12Early season skiing but the roller-ski loop is excellent for skating. There are a few rough and icy spots in the stadium from the last freeze thaw but good coverage in the woods. There are a few decent sections off the roller-ski loop but its bumpy bc of the thin cover.Paul
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood10 2013-12-11Meadow and Koons trail surprisingly good, watch for rocks. More bare spots on the River loop. No track set. Caroline
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair2013-12-10Nice to be able to ski. Skiable in spots. some rocks. Snowmaking to start very soon!Caroline
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontGood252013-12-02We will have nearly 40K by the afternoon. Great skiing and you can use good skis if your careful to avoid a few rocks here and there.
Paul McNeil
Mountain Top Inn & ResortChittenden, VermontPoor2013-11-27We are making snow and getting ready to open for the season on Saturday, December 14, 2013. Hope to see you then! Call for conditions: 802.483.6089
Diane (Mountain Top Inn)
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Poor2013-11-202013 testing, testing. Are you there?Ari
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good02013-04-15Last day that we are open for the ski season. 99% plus of the trails open. We close every year on the 15th of April regardless of the amount of snow that remains. Good conditions especially for 4/15. I want to thank all those who have skied here this year. Disc golf grand opening the weekend of June 1. for info go to www.uxcski.comHugh Quinn
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good02013-04-133 days to our closing at the end of the day 04/15/13. Base is 3 to 8 inches, spring conditions where some of the snow in the shade is hard and exposed areas soft. southern exposure hills need a careful approach and I have at least 3 culverts that need to be stepped over. $5 trail fees - 30% chance of rain Sat - Sunday looks better - Monday looks great for weather.Hugh Quinn
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2013-04-1040k still open. For the first time in months it is best to use an older pair of skis. All the trails have coverage, but some of the southern exposure hills are beginning to get icy and narrow.Hugh Quinn
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2013-04-09still holding in there. spring conditions on a 8 to 12 inch base. Looks like no problem making our closing date of April 15th, but we might be getting to rock ski conditions in the next day or so. Currently you can still ski with new skisHugh Quinn
Rangeley Lake XCRangeley, MaineExcellent2013-04-06There is tons of snow everywhere. The temps stayed below freezing today so I skied everywhere, on trail, off trail, logging roads, edges of lakes, I even bushwacked through the woods. It was great skiing.Ann Speth
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2013-04-06Excellent late winter skiing here on Saturday. With the rain coming this week, I am not sure how much longer he can hold the base. Get it while you can! nordicwoman
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good402013-04-0440k graded for skating with shallow set track. Spring skiing. Firmer in the morning. softer in the afternoon. 18 to 24 inch baseHugh Quinn
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402013-04-03Mid season snow and a 2 foot plus base. Winter weather for Wednesday and warmer for the end of the week into the weekendHugh Quinn
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontExcellent452013-04-03Super awesome day of skiing with cold temps and perfect grooming. It won't last long. Looking forward to a great weekend
Paul McNeil
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontExcellent452013-04-02Mid winter conditions in April. Amazing!
Paul McNeil
WindblownNew Ipswich, N.H.Excellent352013-03-31Tremendous! I woke up early to get the best conditions at Windblown. It was groomed overnight and the temperature was down in the 20s, so it was fast. I went to the Open Slope, and then skied round and round on what could be the last ski of the year. On March 31! Only a couple of the back mountain trails were ungroomed, and coverage was excellent. Whether they'll make it to next weekend is up in the air, but for the last day of March it was fabulous. I left at 9:30 and it was softening some, but still quite good.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent2013-03-31Remarkably good spring skiingToo Boats
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontGood452013-03-29Spring conditions with some wet snow. Very good coverage on almost all the trails. Snowing hard at higher elevations.
Paul McNeil
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent2013-03-27Spring has finally arrived in the skiing. 3 to 4 foot base - set track and skating with the snow conditions changing hourly as the temperature rise and than fallHugh Quinn
Lapland LakeNorthville, N.Y.Excellent2013-03-26Excellent conditions! Perfect for skating on Monday, March 25. Warmed up a bit on Tuesday, March 26 and was perfect for waxless classic skiing. Get out and enjoy. Fantastic grooming by Olavi. All terrain was open, including the upper advanced areas. We had the place to ourselves practically. Nordicwoman
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair2013-03-24River loop had some bare spots and today may be its final day of the season. The North and South Loops were quite good with few bare spots. Maybe another day or two of skiing there as long as it stays cool at night.
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontCall in sick652013-03-23Epic sunrise for a perfect day of skiing. 4-6 fell last night and the conditons are mid winter skiing.
Paul McNeil
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Good2013-03-23About 6" snow in past two days. Full coverage. Some sticky spots.Too Boats
WindblownNew Ipswich, N.H.Call in sick2013-03-23What a treat! Even better than last weekend.David O. (Ski Trail Report lackey)
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402013-03-2231 inches of snow in the last 4 days. 40k open for classic and softer snow skatingHugh Quinn
Rangeley Lake XCRangeley, MaineCall in sick30 2013-03-22Freshly groom trails with packed powder. There has been no transition of the snow in Rangeley yet. I could have used blue extra, but was skating instead. Fantastic mid-winter conditions. Don't miss out on 2-3 foot of packed powder. It is fantastic skiingAnn Speth
Hammond HillsDryden, N.Y.Excellent2013-03-22About 6 inches of powder on top of a good base. Excellent mid-winter conditions. Get out while you can. Nordic Woman
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontCall in sick652013-03-21Amazing skiing!
Paul McNeil
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent102013-03-21Beautiful, freshly groomed for skate and classic skiingSusan
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontCall in sick652013-03-21Deep snow everywhere. Check out this picture of the race course.
Paul McNeil
WindblownNew Ipswich, N.H.Call in sick402013-03-21Exemplary skiing at Windblown. Two things stand out. 1) the sheer amount of snow. There is probably 24-30 inches packed on the trails, and a foot of powder over everything. 2) Two days after the storm, in late March, most everything is still powder. It's not going anywhere, or even melting in the afternoon sun. Clouds rolled in today and should keep it powdery for the weekend. What a treat to ski in March. Next year, let's move everything a month earlier.ota
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2013-03-18We have a 18 to 28 inch base with new snow 3 of the last 4 days and snow predicted 4 of the next 5 days with upper 20's projected for daytime highs. I have run the Osceola XC Ski Ctr for 32 years and this has to rank in the top 10% for skiing conditions in mid to late march. We usually have skiable snow until our winter closing date of April 15th and this year it appears to be no problem for skiing into mid April.Hugh Quinn
Sleepy HollowHuntington, VermontGood102013-03-17Great skiing again at Sleepy Hollow. Molly
WindblownNew Ipswich, N.H.Excellent352013-03-17Excellent conditions with only a couple of bare/icy spots. Bright sun, but cold enough to have only mild transition. Kudos to the crew! Rumor has it they are anticipating at least 2 more weeks.David O. (Ski Trail Report family)
Rangeley Lake XCRangeley, MaineExcellent252013-03-17Great conditions. 1/2"-1" of new snow with good tracks but I skated and it was great. A few ice spots but easy to avoid or negotiate.Ann Speth
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontGood2013-03-16Thin areas on some of the lower trails but excellent skiing around the cabin with a 2 foot base.
Paul McNeil
SugarloafCarrabassett Valley, MaineCall in sick702013-03-16Excellent conditions at Sugarloaf during and after the marathon. An inch of fresh powder over a hard but not very icy base. A couple corners got scraped off during the race, but nothing that won't be solved by a fresh groom. More cold followed by more snow should see skiing through the rest of the month if not in to April. Even in the sun in the afternoon conditions didn't deteriorate.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontExcellent422013-03-15Conditions are getting better each day with snow showers. At higher elevations our 20K is skiing like mid winter conditons. Down lower it has a few thin spots but are easily avoided.
Paul McNeil
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402013-03-145 inches of dry snow overnight and snow showers currently. 40k groomed for skate and set track. 18 to 28 inch base.Hugh Quinn
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontFair30k2013-03-14Bill Salmon
Pineland FarmsNew Gloucester, MainePoor02013-03-14Sorry everybody, Pineland is closed. If enough snow comes next Monday, we may open for a last hoorah. Jess
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontGood30k2013-03-12Bill Salmon
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontGood652013-03-11Beautiful day on and off the trails!
Paul McNeil
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good402013-03-10Spring conditions on a 24 to 30 inch base. Predicted high Sunday is 46 and mostly cloudy before turning colder and snow mid week. 40k open for skate and classicHugh Quinn
WindblownNew Ipswich, N.H.Call in sick402013-03-10Very excellent and certainly worth waking up early. Trails ranged, based on aspect, from transformed to powder, with full grooming this morning. Conditions were superb until about 10 and then deteriorated some as the sun came out, but it was still firm—if not fast—at noon. The open slope at 9 a.m. was beyond superb. Lots of skiers out enjoying the trails!Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent2013-03-10These were excellent spring conditions. But with the temperature in the mid 50's, these were most definitely spring conditions. Coverage was excellent.
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontGood30k2013-03-09Bill Salmon
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontGood30k2013-03-082" of new snowBill Salmon
Pineland FarmsNew Gloucester, MaineGood252013-03-08Was hard and fast this morning, now is slower and soft but in the woods skiing is still good. Fields are getting dirty/thin; River Loop will probably not be skiable after this weekend. Oak Hill snow is good. Accumulation last night was only about an inch of snow.Jess
NotchviewWindsor, Mass.Good2013-03-08 10" of new snow overnight. trails are all packed and we will do the final grooming and tracking early Saturday morning. Packed powder with a base above 25 inches.39km of 40 km open . Lessons each Sat. and Sun. at 1 PM.; Moonlight ski March 23.Larry K
NotchviewWindsor, Mass.Excellent2013-03-07Snow today, snow tonight, snow tomorow Updated on Thurs, march 7 8:28 by Jim Caffrey New snow falling this morning. We have a 12-21 inch base with a packed powder fine granular surface. Surface softens in the afternoon due to spring temperatures. We are regrooming 10 km this morning (skating and inner trails). Total of 25 groomed 15 tracked. 39 of 40 km open. larryk
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontGood30k2013-03-07Bill Salmon
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Excellent252013-03-07ski out to robb's warming hut . 2 miles from trailhead. rushing brook at hut. Ski and a Scone treat and hot coco. sweet trail!juan
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402013-03-0640k of set track and skate lanes. 30 inch plus baseHugh Quinn
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontGood30k2013-03-06very light dustings of snow this am.Bill Salmon
NotchviewWindsor, Mass.Call in sick2013-03-06best of season... I skated and it was sensational... classical reported equally good...great snow... fast, good purchase.... ahhhhhh.... yes call in sick....Larry K
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontGood30k2013-03-05All groomed out and wonderful skiing, tubing, and snowshoeing.Bill Salmon
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood9K2013-03-05Very good coverage and well groomed in early morning. No track set but planned, weather permitting. Some thinness on the usual spots but overall a great ski in slow conditions. Get out there before the sun comes out!Caroline
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood9K2013-03-042 inches fresh snow. coverage on all trails. Grooming will be sporadic, only when temps go below freezing at night. Caroline
Waterville NordicWaterville, N.H.Excellent752013-03-03Spring conditions on the lowest lying trails near the XC center, but winter conditions with a nice coating of new powder everywhere else. Only complaint was that the new snow made the trails a little slow. If that's the only thing to worry worries! Cascade Brook and the whole Snows Mountain system were outstanding. Looks like a few more good weekends left, if it doesn't warm up too much. Great grooming job, too.David (SkiTrailReport parent)
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2013-02-282 inches of high moisture snow overnight on a 30 inch plus base. Staying off the trails with the groomer until the snow dries out some. Snow showers and cooler temperatures in the hourly forecast for the next 36 hours. Weekend has the same forecast with highs in the mid 20's.Hugh Quinn
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontGood2k2013-02-28very wet snow, so we did not groom yet. We are waiting for it to get colder so it will groom out better.Bill Salmon
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402013-02-26excellent set track and skating south side of the road. north side is good skiing on packed trailsHugh Quinn
Northfield MountainNorthfield, Mass.Fair02013-02-26Apparently, when they say they are closed on Monday and Tuesday, they are not only closed, but they pay someone to sit there and come out and accost you if you try to ski. Great. Not bitter at all.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Sleepy HollowHuntington, VermontGood252013-02-25Great skiing today at Sleepy Hollow! Molly
Aroostook State ParkPresque Isle, MaineGood2013-02-25Great classic skiing today. Took the kds out to the maze trail and started a fire at the leanto. Set tracks beside each other-great for holding hands of little skiers. About a foot of packed powder and icy under trees with all this sun melting the snow on branches. Skied Nordic Heritage on weekend and it was similar but with super wide trails and set track to the side. Realy enjoyable skiing with recent temps rising and snow piling up.
J Griffiths
Aroostook State ParkPresque Isle, MaineGood2013-02-25Great classic skiing today. Took the kds out to the maze trail and started a fire at the leanto. Set tracks beside each other-great for holding hands of little skiers. About a foot of packed powder and icy under trees with all this sun melting the snow on branches. Skied Nordic Heritage on weekend and it was similar but with super wide trails and set track to the side. Realy enjoyable skiing with recent temps rising and snow piling up.
J Griffiths
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent9K2013-02-25well groomed trails after 8-10 inches of snow. Tracks set on entire system except the down hill switch backs of South Koons. Just Beautiful!Caroline
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2013-02-24south side of the road is very good. skate and set track. North side still skied in tracks on 24 inches plus of powder. hard to get up if you fall because the snow is still to soft. Uneven from skiers who have ventured into the powder. Hope to be able to get up the hills Monday on the north side.Hugh Quinn
Mohonk Mountain HouseNew Paltz, N.Y.Poor2013-02-24Icy, bare spots, needs more snowNS
Crystal LakeHughesville, Penna.Fair2013-02-24Icy with bare spots. Groomed on most trails. Needs more snow. Still a beautiful placeLisa
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontGood30k2013-02-23Bill Salmon
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontGood30k2013-02-21b
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood7 K2013-02-21River Trail fair but the manmade snow areas in the Meadow and on the Koons trail are loose granular. Still need to use caution as the conditions are fast. Caroline
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402013-02-2134 inches of snow in the last 36 hours. Lake effect has finally ended and you can see stars. Excellent snow conditions, trails are packed with skied in tracks. Way to soft for skating.Hugh Quinn
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402013-02-19great snow and a 20 to 28 inch base. Warming today with mixed precipitaion and lake effect overnight and into tomorrow. 40k set track and skatingHugh Quinn
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontExcellent30k2013-02-18Bill Salmon
Great BrookCarlisle, Mass.Good152013-02-18Pretty nice conditions at Great Brook Farm. Definitely not your best skis, as there are exposed roots and rocks (generally visible and avoidable). A few icy sections as well, particularly going in to the woods towards the East Farm from #7. The Woodchuck Trail was in decent shape for some climbs, although the black section has some rocks on the downhills. Woods skiing better than the open areas.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Pineland FarmsNew Gloucester, MaineGood2013-02-17Conditions on the Oak Hill Trails were very good, Campus was mostly good. There are a few windblown sections and it was blizzarding pretty well. The new snow should combine with the packed and icy base, hopefully.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent2013-02-16Lots of snow, no ice, good base with some fresh topping. Nicely groomed near Wart Road... Winona Way. a beautiful day, even if it was Saturday. Thanks to the groomers and all support people. we drove 2.5 hours to get there, stayed in a motel,.... So we were psyched.Cathy Garrison
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontExcellent30k2013-02-15Bill Salmon
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402013-02-1440k of trails on 12 to 20 inch base. north side a little soft for skating. excellent set track entire system.Hugh Quinn
Pineland FarmsNew Gloucester, MaineGood262013-02-14Snow is going fast in the sun but Oak Hill and Campus Loop will remain good skiing at least until the weekend. Trail system has thin/dirty spots, but the crews shoveled snow onto the spots on Oak Hill today. Spring skiing conditions! Hopefully it will snow Saturday night. Jess
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontExcellent30k2013-02-13Bill Salmon
WindblownNew Ipswich, N.H.Good152013-02-13Variable conditions at Windblown. About half the trails had been groomed and most were good but there were some dirty spots. It cooled down a bit later and the skiing got better. The previously-groomed trails were either soft or luge tracks. The Zig Zag and Open Slope were pretty treacherous.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontExcellent30k2013-02-13Bill Salmon
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontExcellent30k2013-02-12Bill Salmon
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent2013-02-12Great snow coverage on 10 km of trails. Groomed for both classic and skate skiing.Susan
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good32013-02-12Good—barely. Once the trail was groomed and skied in a bit it was better. The timing for the race this evening was pretty bad, just as a rutted course froze up. Grooming off the manmade area has not taken place recently and it's well-covered, but very, very soft and postholey.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402013-02-11Trails are in excellent shape. mixed precipitation Monday AM before switching back to all snow later in the day. Snow in forecast 3 of the next 5 days. With a 12 to 24 inch base we are in good shape to make it to our normal April 15th closing date. High School section 3 races Wednesday and Friday starting at 3:30PMHugh Quinn
Pineland FarmsNew Gloucester, MaineExcellent292013-02-10Nice conditions at Pinelands. Soft and powdery but with two-plus feet of snow that is to be expected. A couple blown-off sections going down to the River Loop and some dirty spots. Some liquid might help the snow stick together; Gloucester Hill was actually closed to keep people from snowplowing off all the powder.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good402013-02-08Loose granular skate and set track on 40k. Weekend looks good with lots of snow on the trails and warmer spring like conditionsHugh Quinn
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontExcellent2k2013-02-07Bill Salmon
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Call in sick402013-02-06About 20 inches of dry snow over the last 4 days since the last warm spell. excellent set track and skating conditions on entire 40k groomed trail.Hugh Quinn
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402013-02-06correction - hit wrong general conditions comment - excellent conditions not call in sickHugh Quinn
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontExcellent2k2013-02-06Bill Salmon
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair.5 2013-02-05Stadium and half of meadow with man made and groomed for skate and classic. More snow blowing on Tuesday night to complete the 1.1 K loop and the sprint trail. caroline
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontExcellent2k2013-02-04snowmaking trails are great. Natural snow trails are closed.Bill Salmon
Viking NordicLondonderry, VermontGood2013-02-04Hours of grooming has produced a nice loose frozen granular snow. 20km open for skiing. 35 for snowshoeing. Dana
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good2.52013-02-04Pretty decent conditions at Weston, with more "snow" falling all night. Some groomer chunks and uneven grooming, and a few icy spots, but the full 2.5k course is groomed. Now hopefully the models are on to something for Friday!Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good402013-02-04We have a 30 inch plus base with set track and skating lanes. All the trails are full width and fun but faster than normal due to the number of skiers over the weekend and 3 days of above normal temperatures last week and below normal over the weekend. Snow showers and mid 30's predicted first part of this week.Hugh Quinn
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402013-02-02We are caught up up the new snow and have 40k groomed for skate and classic. Section 3 High School skate race from 9:30AM to 11AM on south side of road. 50% of south side available for open skiing on the south side and 100% on the north side before 11AM. Everything open after 11AMHugh Quinn
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontExcellent2k2013-02-02Bill Salmon
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Good302013-02-02Trails at Jackson were in decent shape given the meltdown. The Hall Connector had some debris but nothing unavoidable and the whole of the South Hall was in fine shape. Maple was a bit bumpy and had some thin spots by the open area (where it's flat) but you could ride the hills at full speed. The North Hall was skiable on the crust until the hill where there was a tree down across the trail. Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good402013-02-0116 inches of fresh snow overnight. soft conditions - should be good by tomorrow Hugh Quinn
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontExcellent2k2013-02-01We lost the natural snow trails, but thank goodness for the snowmaking! The 2k that we have of snowmaking are great skiing with a lot of terrain changes.Bill Salmon
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MainePoor2013-02-01No skiing on trails with natural snow. Snow making loop will be improved with snow making on Sunday(2/3) and Monday(2/4).caroline
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Excellent172013-02-00jo
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair72013-01-30dirt spots on the river loop but skiable. manmade loop in meadow is good but thinned by the afternoon.caroline
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontExcellent522013-01-29Perfect conditions with 4 inches of new snow groomed over hard pack powder.
Paul McNeil
Titcomb MountainWest Farmington, MaineGood2013-01-28Very good snow coverage. Skate lanes are being lightly scratched with Ginzugroomer for some very good skating. Tracks are good, some several days old, but solid and not too much debris. Only dirty snow is very occasional, under thick evergreens. For only $5 weekday pass, plenty of terrain and some beautiful woods, Titcomb Mtn. is great right now.Tony Ramsey
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Excellent2.22013-01-28Really excellent conditions at Weston. For about five hours, since it's sleeting now and going to be a slushy and then icy mess. What have we done to deserve this? At least for a few hours tonight, despite some groomer mess, it was very, very nice.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontGood522013-01-27Only 5 days until Eastern Cup here. We have a strong base and more snow is on the way this week. Conditions today were epic if you waxed correctly for grip and glide.
Paul McNeil
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402013-01-264 nights is a row with double digit minus temperatures and 25 inches of snow in the last 4 days. Excellent conditions for skate and classic on whole 40k. 12 to 20 inch base. High of 19 today, similar for Sunday. Looks to be a good weekend coming up.Hugh Quinn
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good22013-01-26Snowmaking around the clock for the past 4 days. The full snowmaking course is in good shape, and they are now blowing snow on the flats as well. David O.
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Excellent752013-01-26Generally very good conditions at Jackson. The course for the race was good with a couple weird sections getting on to some of the fields. The Ellis trail was great in the afternoon for skating, and we didn't kill ourselves up the Hall Trail but apparently the whole loop is groomed.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontGood8km2013-01-25We have finished making snow and the piles are being pushed out and being readied for a final groom for Sat.Bill Salmon
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2013-01-2322 inches of snow yesterday, 28 inches over last 2 days. I left km groomed blank and will be trying to get whole 40k packed. At 20 below at the moment (6:21AM) and a high of around 5 predicted - its a case where I will get as much done as possible. no skating, no set track but lots of powderHugh Quinn
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good12013-01-23Conditions at Weston are getting better. There are only a few icy spots and the snow guns are going strong with no signs of stopping.Ari (str)
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontGood2k2013-01-22skiing only snowmaking trails. The natural snow trails are "dust on crust"!Bill Salmon
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood72013-01-22Groomed later in the day which improved the trails greatly. The snow guns made first snow on Monday to prepare for Colby Carnival. Stadium area is fun, like a terrain park. Koons North is good with natural snow, Koons South needs the man made pushed and groomed still.Caroline
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontExcellent52K2013-01-22Cold temps have provided for excellent classic and skate skiing. We have survived the recent wind storm and the trails are clean.
Paul McNeil
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good402013-01-20windy and snowy for today. Starting in the mid 30's and dropping to the low 20's. will get faster as temperature drops. not the best day for weather, but a fair amount of snow predicted.Hugh Quinn
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair92013-01-20Good coverage on the Koons North and South. Caroline
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontGood30k2013-01-18snowmaking loop is great. Outer trails are basketed and very nice skate skiing with a few thin spots. We are making more snow and will continue al of next week.Bill Salmon
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair92013-01-18Full system is groomed. Trails are actually pretty good for skating. No classic tracks.Pat
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402013-01-17After 2 days of grooming with an Alpina we are easily in the very good skiing range. Added a couple of inches of fresh snow overnight and we have excellent conditions of skate and set track on a 4 to 12 inch base on 40k.Hugh Quinn
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontGood10k2013-01-17snowmaking is groomed and a few of the "natural snow" trails are groomed with THIN cover. As the temps drop tonight, we will groom all of the trails in the am. We will also be kicking up the snow making at around 5 or 6pm tonight.Bill Salmon
Wild WingsPeru, VermontGood102013-01-16We have 10 k open and will be opening 5 more today. I actually ground up pretty nicely! And the new snow will turn the loose granular into hard pack. Covered klister today, maybe hard wax by tomorrow.Tracy
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontGood02013-01-16nothing groomed yet.....It's SNOWING!!!!!! 2" now and snowing hard.Bill Salmon
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good402013-01-1540k groomed of skating and set track. loose granular on a 4 - 8 inch base. not virgin white snow with small twigs and pine needles, but still skiable with good skis.Hugh Quinn
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2013-01-12warm conditions. still lots of snow. set track from yesterday. good conditions Saturday, expect some scattered showers Sunday before winter returns early next week. With mid 40's Saturday - waxless skis may be the choice vs klister.Hugh
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Fair2.52013-01-12Spring conditions, turning soft and slushy. The short race loop is intact with a couple of thin spots. Here's hoping the base holds up until it turns cold later in the coming week.David O.
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair10K2013-01-12River loop glazed with a few holes. Meadow is getting thin. Koons Trail North and South in good condition but intermediate to advanced skills are needed. No grooming over the weekend. Caroline
Pineland FarmsNew Gloucester, MaineGood202013-01-11Thinning trails but still good skiing available. Oak Hill system has the best snow. All trails are groomed well for skating, but the classic tracks were removed for snow conservation. Trails lost some depth yesterday in the warm temps and wind, but still good skiing. Jess
Maine Wilderness LodgesGreenville, MaineGood2013-01-11Hard packed groomed trails. New snow and warm temps have slowed the track a touch. Road plowed to winter lot, watch for drifting. Josh (AMC)
Maine Wilderness LodgesGreenville, MaineGood2013-01-11Hard packed groomed trails. New snow and warm temps have slowed the track a touch. Road plowed to winter lot, watch for drifting. Josh (AMC)
Bond BrookAugusta, MaineFair2013-01-11We have closed the access road as it is softening. We have a good base but it would recommend not skiing here this weekend to protect it until the cold weather returns.Bill Rogers
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402013-01-1015 inch base with snow that is still on the soft side. Excellent set tracks and very good skating on entire 40k of trails. 30 plus inches in the woodsHugh Quinn
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontGood20k2013-01-10Tubing hill reshaped and will repoen on Sat. All the trails have been basketed and are a silky ski :)Bill Salmon
Mountain Top Inn & ResortChittenden, VermontExcellent2013-01-10Our trails are groomed and ready! Welcome to the Nordic TD Bank Eastern Cup Series participants, families and friends this weekend! It will be a weekend of exciting cross-country ski racing. Come watch, cheer them on or grab your xc skis or snowshoes and enjoy our lower trails.Diane (Mountain Top Inn)
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontGood20k2013-01-09The "natural" snow trails are getting a bit thin, but are fluffed up with our baskets to provide a very nice skiing surface. The snowmaking trails are basketed also. The tubing hill is closed today and tomorrow because of them being reworked. We hope to have them open by Sat.Bill Salmon
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontGood20k2013-01-08Bill Salmon
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2013-01-08All conditions updates will be done through or our facebook page "Penobscot Valley Ski Club"Dan
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood2013-01-08All conditions updates will be done through or our facebook page "Penobscot Valley Ski Club"Dan
Bond BrookAugusta, MaineGood9k 2013-01-08Good cover , holding off on regrooming until it gets cold again but base is well packed with 1-2" fluff on topBill
Nordic Heritage CenterPresque Isle, MaineCall in sick20+2013-01-08Fresh piston bully corduroy and tracks. 6-10 inch packed base on all trails.Paul Stone
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good2013-01-08The natural snow is mostly melted out, so the manmade sections are seeing a lot of action. Some of the corners had some grooming issues, and there were some ridges, but overall the skate deck is pretty smooth. This is good because the course froze up for the 90-strong race Tuesday and there was only minimal carnage.Ari
Orono SchoolsOrono, MainePoor2013-01-07The rain wreaked havoc on the trails. Very icy in all open areas. Quite icy (and lots of debris) in the woods. Skiing generally not recommended until we get more snow. There is newly groomed 150m skate loop and 125m classic lane on the south side of the football stadium that are decent, but will really only be sufficient for the school teams to work on technique. No chance of getting an actual workout in.Dan P
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent2013-01-0612 to 15 inch packed base. Full 40k in operation with set track and skate lanesHugh
WindblownNew Ipswich, N.H.Excellent352013-01-06Great grooming, all powder, just a couple of thin spots on the Zig-Zag turns. One more good snowfall will set things up for the season.David O.
10th Mountain Ski CenterFort Kent, MaineExcellent262013-01-06Dan Chasse
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontGood20k2013-01-05great skiing with a couple of thin spots. 100% open. The tubing hill is now open from 9am-4pm, 7 days a week.Bill Salmon
Viking NordicLondonderry, VermontExcellent352013-01-05Skiing is great! All trails open and groomed for classic or skate. Snow is good for skate. Today was a mild just below freezing day with lots of blue sky. Skiing out to the big farm was really great. Probably the best skate day since opening day.Dana
Viking NordicLondonderry, VermontExcellent352013-01-05Skiing is great! All trails open and groomed for classic or skate. Snow is good for skate. Today was a mild just below freezing day with lots of blue sky. Skiing out to the big farm was really great. Probably the best skate day since opening day.Dana
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good152013-01-04Still good skiing at Weston. The skate lanes are pretty hard packed and might not have the depth to be renovated. The classic tracks are thin in places. Temps above 30 won't be kind to either skate or especially classic skiing on the natural snow, but the guns were going so the manmade should be in good shape.Ari (skitrailreport)
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontExcellent20k2013-01-04Bill Salmon
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2013-01-03lake effect snow left 10 inches of dry fluffy snow in a matter of 2 1/2 hours after grooming yesterday. will pack everything this morning. Beautiful snow covered trees and soft snow. very fun for classic. A little more work for skatingHugh Quinn
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontExcellent20k2013-01-02skiing is fantastic and the tubing hill will be up and running in a couple of days.Bill Salmon
Bond BrookAugusta, MaineGood9k2013-01-02All 9k groomed, no track, good cover with some bumps, skating should be ideal todayBill Rogers
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402013-01-01excellent track and very good skating on 40k. 8-12 inch base with 30 inches plus in the woodsHugh Quinn
WindblownNew Ipswich, N.H.Good302013-01-01Pretty darned good conditions at Windblown. There are definitely thin spots in places—so I'd be reticent to use my best skis as it is a little scratchy in places. But it's good skiing all around, a solid skate lane and track and big hills as always. You can loop up and over Barrett if you want a 500 foot climb and some of the steepest XC terrain in New England, and it's 1:20 from my house in Cambridge! Great views of Monadnock to boot, and it got real cold as we left.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Abbott ParkWinterport, MaineGood42013-01-01Trails are set for classic skiing only this week. Double tracked in some areas. New trails are great fun to ski! Good conditions. Emily
Bait Hole TrailsMillinocket, MaineGood2012-12-313 miles track set and another 2 miles broken out with snowsled.Jean Boddy
Clubhouse TrailsMillinocket, MainePoor2012-12-31Not ready to ski yetJean Boddy
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent102012-12-31Groomed with track this morning. Firmed up since yesterday's powder. About 12" of snow on the ground. Perhaps the best conditions ever at Quarry Road.Pat
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontExcellent20k2012-12-31fantastic skiing and we are 100% open for both classical and skate skiing, and snowshoeing. The tubing hill will be up and running in a couple of days.Bill Salmon
10th Mountain Ski CenterFort Kent, MaineExcellent252012-12-31All 25km of trails are in great shapeJeff D
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Excellent152012-12-31Excellent mainly because it is the best conditions at Weston since Feb 2011. Skate lanes are firm and well skied-in, classic tracks looked solid but with some thin spots. Three caveats. 1. The snowmaking area has not covered the pipes yet, so there are ungroomed and icy sections. 2. The area across the river from the lights has a low spot which flooded and is icy/wet. 3. No tripods and lights on the flats yet. Otherwise a good no-pole skate. My ankles hurt!Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Brattleboro Outing ClubBrattleboro, VermontExcellent252012-12-30Excellent groomed powder. Tracks on about 1/2 of classic trails. Skating lanes open on major trails. Grooming in progress. Outlook for next several days is for fine weather, great snow and perfect XC conditions. Come out and enjoy the best trails in So. VT.Gerry Sears
Morse FarmMontpelier, VermontExcellent25K2012-12-30Conditions are excellent. All trails are groomed fro classic and skating. MORSE FARM WILL ALSO BE OPEN ON NEW YEAR'S DAY 10AM-4PMSusan Stone
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood10?2012-12-30Tons of snow--a little bit soft. Classic (tracked) is great--skating needs maybe another day to firm up more.Nat H
Hidden Valley NordicJefferson, MaineExcellent102012-12-306" new powder! 20K ungroomed for snowshoeing and back country skiing. Bambi
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good152012-12-30Full coverage, most tracks set except for the race course. That needs more depth to cover the water pipes. Even by afternoon, with lots of traffic, conditions were holding up nicely.David O.
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontExcellent602012-12-30Epic day of skiing! Check out the view at the end of the day with this picture.
Paul McNeil
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Excellent552012-12-30Winter wonderland conditions again at Jackson, a couple thin spots freezing up nicely and generally good grooming. Track was solid in the AM; skate lane because a bit hard-panned in the PM as temps dropped. Some blowing and drifting in open areas; woods were generally okay. East Pasture was skiable but not groomed since the overnight snow (4" and very light).Ari
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Excellent242012-12-30js
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402012-12-2940k in excellent shape. 6-8 inch base. set track and skating. with 30 inches of snow in the last 4 days - beautiful snow covered trees, so a few low hanging branches Hugh Quinn
Bond BrookAugusta, MaineFair2012-12-29Looks like it was rolled on Friday--decent skiing but only one pass by the snowmobile so a pretty narrow track, and quit thin cover. Classic would be better than skating, though there's no track.Nat H
Mountain Top Inn & ResortChittenden, VermontExcellent452012-12-29This is what we have been waiting for; a real snowy season. Thursday's storm dropped 18" and today we got another 6"+. What are you waiting for? Come ski or snowshoe our 45 km of wooded trails. Diane (Mountain Top Inn)
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Excellent702012-12-29Probably better conditions than I saw last year at Jackson. A couple thin spots and a rock in the Hall Trail connector hairpin but otherwise great skiing. New snow will only improve it. Tomorrow!Ari
10th Mountain Ski CenterFort Kent, MaineGood262012-12-29Dan Chasse
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontExcellent602012-12-28Amazing conditions for classic, skate and backcountry.
Paul McNeil
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontExcellent152012-12-28We got up to 9-10" of new snow. It was packed yeswterday and is now groomed for both classical and skate skiing. The snowshoeing is fantastic also.Bill Salmon
Wild WingsPeru, VermontCall in sick252012-12-2813.5 inches of snow, blue wax and sunshine. Doesn't get much better.Tracy
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair2012-12-28Groomed with snowmobile and YTS Ginzugroomer. River loop (3K), John Koons Race Trail (5K) and Colby Sprint Loop(1.4K) all open. Not quite enough depth for a track.Pat
CraftsburyCraftsbury Common, VermontExcellent2012-12-28Foot of new snow last couple of days. 70 km packed and 50 km tracked. Connector trail and Highland Lodge trails open tooJohn Brodhead
Hidden Valley NordicJefferson, MaineExcellent62012-12-28a few places where there is still water on the trails, but mostly awesome. Expecting more snow this weekend. Bambi
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Fair142012-12-28powder , easier trails, thin in spots. but ok for beginning of season.js
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good402012-12-27Osceola Tug Hill XC Ski: We have received 30 inches of snow in the last five days. Last nights "major storm" with 10 inches ranks third is 24 hour snowfalls for this season. 40k open. We will be on the soft side for skiing todayHugh Quinn
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Good02012-12-275 inches new snow . Will open for skiing on Dec 28. 9 amjohn
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402012-12-26Complete system is groomed. 40K with a 5 to 8 inch base. we are setting track with the exception of the downhills and under some evergreensHugh Quinn
Rangeley Lake XCRangeley, MaineGood20?2012-12-26Conditions were great. I skated but I could have used hard wax if I classical skied. The coverage was good in most areas with about 1-2% of the trails with ice and small drainage ditches that water created, but all are easily avoidable. The main trails are smooth and easy to ski with some of the side trail with raspberry whippers and other plant growth coming up through the snow. Grooming in most areas was adequate with some uneven sections and some piston bully tracks visible but for the most part it was good to excellent skiing. New snow will be greatly appreciated and take care of issues mentioned above.Ann Speth
Great Glen TrailsGorham, N.H.Good152012-12-24Good mix of powder in with the icy granular at Great Glen. Good coverage, too. All their carriage road trails were open, so 80% of the network or so. Thin but workable tracks.Colin Reuter
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2012-12-23Osceola Tug Hill XC: another 6-8 inches during the day yesterday and overnight. Still some downed trees to remove so we are staying with the 20k fully groomed and the remaining 20k skiable but more workHugh Quinn
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good152012-12-23Lots of snow up in Osceola. It was mostly cloudy when we were there and the skate lanes were soft (no classic tracks). A couple of wet spots, but otherwise fine skiing, if a bit lumpy and uneven. It was slow in the morning and got a little faster in the afternoon. Trails north of the road were skier-tracked. Winter wonderland scenery, and more snow tonight!
Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Bethel Nordic Ski CenterBethel, MaineFair62012-12-23Decent skating on the golf course at the Bethel Inn on 4-6ish inches of icy granular. Nothing spectacular but good for a workout!Colin Reuter
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Fair.252012-12-23The snow machine team did an amazing job overnight of turning grass into a usable surface. Just up and down the first fairway, but good enough for practice. Forecast is for cold enough nights all week to build it up.David O.
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontGood2012-12-23Skate, good conditions though a bit icy in places. J & L Parke
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2012-12-22we picked up 10 inches overnight and still snowing briskly. 20MPH winds. Will get as much of the trail system packed as possible. target is 20k, it may be as much as the full 40k. Weather Sunday looks the better of days for the weekend.Hugh Quinn
Mountain Top Inn & ResortChittenden, VermontGood12012-12-22Opening day! It's been snowing lightly all day. The man-made snow on the base has held and everyone is having a great time. Be sure to try the vegetarian chili and a slice of multi-grain bread when you are in the Nordic Center. It's delicious!
Diane (Mountain Top Inn)
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontGood302012-12-22Despite 4 hours of rain the day before, the conditions were very good. Especially, when climbing up to the cabin conditions just got better. Sunday is looking awesome.
Paul McNeil
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Poor2012-12-21we picked up an inch of snow overnight. not enough to ski yet but all forecast have snow starting again this afternoon and than snowing throughout the weekend. Several ? inches by forecast. I do expect to be open for early season skiing SaturdayHugh Quinn
Maine Wilderness LodgesGreenville, MaineGood2012-12-21We're currently grooming trails for our December 27th opening. See you then!Josh (AMC)
10th Mountain Ski CenterFort Kent, MaineGood2012-12-2018-20 inches of fresh snow! By the X-mass weekend, this will be unbelievably good early season skiing!Dan Chasse
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Fair2012-12-19The good news: there's a solid base. The bad news? It was wet and not very groomed. You could stride/double pole along the Ellis River trail with some degree of success and there were few wet or thin spots. Hopefully this will last tomorrow's weather and set up well for snow beyond.Ari
CraftsburyCraftsbury Common, VermontExcellent202012-12-19Outstanding manmade 2 km and very thin but no scratches skiing additional 10-15 km including full Ruthie's.....Phil Lawson
Franconia VillageFranconia, N.H.Fair02012-12-18Bike path in Franconia Notch reasonable with 3" heavy snow on pavement not going through. Rock skis. Phil
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair92012-12-18Surprisingly good w rock skis but unlikely to survive Friday's predicted rain. Pat
Carter's XC BethelBethel, MaineFair2012-12-18Dave Skied out a nice loop yesterday. We plan to have at least a 10km loop groomed by this weekend! No tracks yet, we could use a little more snow!Jesse
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontFair302012-12-17Great start to the season with thin coverage on most trails. But, higher in elevation I found some tracks and great conditions..
Paul McNeil
Mountain Top Inn & ResortChittenden, VermontGood2012-12-15We are making snow on 2.5km and hope to open on Friday 12/21.Diane (Mountain Top Inn)
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Poor02012-12-03we have closed trails currently, reopen with some new snowHugh
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good392012-12-01one inch dusting on top of a 1 to 4 inch base. 39 of 40k open with just a minimum of rocks that have melted through. Lower 30's and cloudy. No set tracks yet, but a nice ski.Hugh
Fahnestock Winter ParkCold Spring, N.Y.Call in sick02012-11-28XC Ski & Snowshoe Fundraiser Swap, Sun. Dec 2. Do you have gear gathering dust in the garage or interested in purchasing new or used gear for the upcoming season? All proceeds benefit the Park's winter trails. For event details contact or call 845.265.3773. Paul Kuznia
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent392012-11-28we picked up another 5 inches overnight. 39k packed and rolled. No set track yet but with a 2-5 inch base skiing is very good Hugh Quinn
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good202012-11-27The Tug Hill got over a foot of snow and Hugh at OTH was out packing down his trails for the early season crowd. I skated with some young, enthusiastic skiers that I'm coaching and we had a great afternoon on the trails. The 15" of snow in the woods has packed down to a 2-4" base and it was good enough for me to be on my good skis. Its been quite warm so the base is a little soft but it should hold up for a few days and there is more snow in the forecast. Good November skiing!Jesse Crandall
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good392012-11-27no tracks yet but nice skiing on a 1-4 inch base. 39 of 40k packed and rolledHugh
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Fair2012-11-25I skied classic for about an hour and half on 2-4 in of fresh snow at Osceola Tug Hill Nordic Center. Hugh had the shop open and there were a few brave skiers there enjoying the early season conditions. We skied on the south side trails. There was grass poling through pretty much everywhere, and plenty of rocks, but the snow was gliding well and with just a few more inches, they can start packing the trails which are free of debris and ready for the winter. It was a great first ski of the year on fair early season conditions.Jesse Crandall
Cricket Hill TrailsHyde Park, VermontGood2012-06-14Trails are in good shape. Grass and Ferns are about shin high in some places. Great Spot !!!Jeremiah Johnson
SugarloafCarrabassett Valley, MaineFair302012-03-17Conditions ranged from poor to very good, but were deteriorating fast. The race trails had better coverage, but they might melt off by the end of the day; there were a few rocks poking through by early afternoon. And once the sun hit it was slow.Ari Ofsevit,
Maine Huts and TrailsCarrabassett Valley, MainePoor52012-03-17Trails were not recently groomed but mostly skate-able, with lots of footprints and a few bare sections. Rock ski conditions for sure, with some sketchy, ice- rock- and mud-filled downhills. But it was so slow it barely mattered.Ari Ofsevit,
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Poor02012-03-15last weekend of skiing for the diehards. I expect 25-30k skiable with spots where you will need to remove skis. All the hills are done. Expect to walk 15% of the time on the trails if you do the entire system. Sections where you should be able to ski up to 2k with no ground in sight. Closing for skiing after Sunday at 5PMHugh Quinn
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineGood102012-03-14Hard flat base with good coverage 3 or four inches of new snow in last 12 hours. Temps to remain below freezing into tomorrow so we will groom again in the am and possibly pm. you will be very pleasantly suprised if you come ski! Cabins still available for the weekend at Twin Pines www.neoc.comMatthew Polstein
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Fair02012-03-1338k open for spring skiing. Most of the southern exposure hills are unskiabale. snow depths on trail run from 3-8 inches with some areas quite good and some areas (hills) bare or icy patches.Hugh Quinn
Rangeley Lake XCRangeley, MaineGood182012-03-11In the morning the skiing was great with temperatures below freezing and newly groomed trails. There was even an inch of new snow left from Friday night. The coverage was good with a few rocks and dirt showing through but all easy to avoid. The only real problem was about 4 patches of ice that covered the trail. They were mostly avoidable but a pain. By the afternoon the temperatures warmed up to about 45 and the sun beat down on the trails turning my skis into suction cups. Ah.....spring skiing.A Speth
Lapland LakeNorthville, N.Y.Good352012-03-09Conditions are very good for both classic and skate skiing. 33km are snowcat groomed with trackset and skating lanes. 12km of snowshoe trails and our junior tubing hills are also open. Surface is power-tilled loose granular snow. Compacted base averages 6 - 12" with 10 - 12" in our woods.
Ann Hirvonen
GunstockGilford, N.H.Fair72012-03-09Hey we are still here! Last two days of 60 degrees wiped out all of the natural snow trails. Our 7K of manmade is still here but we lost the other 25K. Today, it's dirty and groomed up fairly soft. No bare spots-just blowdown from wind and rain yesterday. Tomorrow is looking better with cooler temps for better grooming. Paul McNeil
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402012-03-095 inches of new snow today on top of 6 to 10 inch base. 40k of skate and set tracks. Saturday partly cloudy and 30 degrees, Sunday mostly sunny and in the 50'sHugh Quinn
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent82012-03-051" new snow last night. Powder/packed powder conditions. Grooming in progress this morning, already completed (as of 10am) on Middle Trail, River Trail, field loop, and competition hill. Northern loop was open and in good shape. Assuming that trail is groomed today, conditions will be the best on the whole trail system I've seen all season. Coverage was excellent, with only a few icy spots. Joe
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402012-03-05Last 10 days like a normal winter with snow 5 out of the 10 days. 40k open for skate and set track. Warm mid week and cooling end of week. weekend looks sunny and warm. 8-12 inch base.Hugh Quinn
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Excellent202012-03-04granular powder mix. Robbs Hut Chile Fest Sunday 4th. 11-2. plenty base. js
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineCall in sick182012-03-04Groomed and set track this am. Excellent coverage for both skate and classic skiers. Trails are a little soft this am. Cold weather tonight should set things up and the skiing this week should be outstanding!Matthew Polstein
Bond BrookAugusta, MaineGood82012-03-04Trails regroomed this AM. Soft but good cover and flat. With colds temps tomorrow, grooming should improve conditions substantially.Bill Rogers
Waterville NordicWaterville, N.H.Excellent752012-03-04Lots of snow up at Waterville. All trails groomed and only a couple dirty spots. Not enough warming to transform the trails so they were wetting powder which should set up well with colder weather, and perhaps a bit of new snow overnight.Ari
Nordic Heritage CenterPresque Isle, MaineCall in sick20+2012-03-04Unbelievable packed powder with temps in 30's. Played quidditch it was rough and awesome and fortunately no one was hurt.
Paul Stone
Lapland LakeNorthville, N.Y.Excellent352012-03-03We received an inch+ of snow overnight for a storm total of a foot of snow. We have excellent conditions and 100% operation with all 50km of trails open. 35km are snowcat groomed with trackset and skate lanes; 12 km snowshoe trails. 3km on Woods Lake open but ungroomed. Surface is powder and packed powder. Our compacted base averages 10 - 16" with over a foot-and-a-half of snow, 20 - 22", in our woods. Ann Hirvonen
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Excellent242012-03-0314 inches new snow. 10 trails. packed powder. Warming Hut open 30 minute ski from Trailhead. enjoyjs
Lapland LakeNorthville, N.Y.Excellent352012-03-02This may very well be the best ski and snowshoe day of the season! We have excellent conditions with 11" of fresh powder snow waiting for you. We are at 100% operation with all 50km of trails open. 35km are snowcat groomed with trackset & skate lanes. The snow we received was a perfect packing snow. Surface is powder and packed powder. Our compacted base averages 10 - 16" with over a foot-and-a-half of snow, 20 - 22", in our woods. Ann Hirvonen
Wild WingsPeru, VermontCall in sick252012-03-02This is the day!Tracy
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402012-03-028-10 inches of new snow yesterday on a 10 to 14 inch base. 40k open for skate and classic. Wet weather overnight tonight(Friday) and drying up for Saturday. Some wind Saturday, but warmer and than snow Saturday night into Sunday. Looks to be a very nice weekend for skiingHugh Quinn
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Excellent202012-03-02All trails open with 12" new snow. Warming hut open Sat 12-2 Sunday (Chili Fest) 11-2. js
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent102012-03-02We are grooming and setting Track today. Snow and conditions are excellent. Groomed Grant Brook this am as well, call Twin Pines for access info. Trails are open to the public at no charge!
Matthew Polstein
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent82012-03-02Groomed the Grant Brook Trail this morning. This trial can be accessed from just above the parking lot by the North Woods Trading Post and follows the shore of Millinocket Lake and enters the Grant Brook wetland. It is an ideal, groomed but not track set back country ski.
Matthew Polstein
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Excellent62012-03-01Mid snow storm; 6 inches new snow expect another 8" today (Thurs). will have 2 trails open by noon. Rest open as storm abates. js
Lapland LakeNorthville, N.Y.Excellent352012-03-01Finn-tastic (super excellent) classic ski conditions! Snow is falling with 6" so far and with an additional 4 - 9" and possibly up to a foot of snow expected by the time the storm ends later today. Snow will fall steadily and heavily at times, especially this afternoon. We are at 100% operation with 50km of trails open. Olavi and his powerful partner, our Prinoth Husky snowcat, are in their usual fine form grooming and setting beautiful track and skate lanes on 35km of trails. Classic is the technique of choice today. This is a nice packing snow. Surface is powder and packed powder. Our compacted base averages 7 - 12" with up to a foot-and-a-half of snow, 16 - 18", in our woods. Ann Hirvonen
Bait Hole TrailsMillinocket, MaineGood92012-03-01The North twin dam loop and the Beaver Pond Inlet Trails are better than the Bait Hole loop.Don Nodine
GunstockGilford, N.H.Excellent102012-02-29Perfect skiing! UNH and NH J2's are practicing here. Sprint loop is open and is really fun to ski. Skating is fast and tracks are perfect. Viola Klister with hard wax cover and double pole!!!Paul McNeil
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Good2012-02-2918 km open, packed powder. Tracked. Robb's Hut open this Sunday 11 am- 2pm for Chile Fest. Try out killer chile. By donation.
Clubhouse TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent82012-02-29Another 4 km was broken out with a snowsledDon Nodine
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402012-02-27good coverage on the entire 40k. set track and skating lanes are just like a normal winter. 6-12 inch baseHugh Quinn
Wild WingsPeru, VermontExcellent152012-02-26Blue wax. It just doesn't get much better. And this year we know to appreciate the snow and the blue sky.Tracy
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent9K2012-02-26Well groomed, with track set. First time on northern section of the new trail system, awesome. Very nice for intermediate level skiers. Caroline
Lapland LakeNorthville, N.Y.Good352012-02-25We received 4 - 5" of new snow overnight. Today's high will be near 29. Sunday is expected to be sunny with a high of 27. 100% of our trail system is open. 35km are being groomed by Olavi with trackset and skating lanes. This is a nice packing snow, so tracks and skate lanes are expected to come out well. Woods Lake is open for skiing, and we will check it soon for grooming. Our compacted base averages 4 - 9" with up to a foot of snow, 10 - 12" in our woods. Surface is packed powder. 12km of trails are open and dedicated for snowshoeing. Come enjoy a wonderful day in the gorgeous, easily accessible Southern Adirondacks!
Ann Hirvonen
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair32012-02-25The skiing was ok today. 6+ inches of dense new snow. The groomer plans to groom everything for a total of 9K tonight. Sunday will be THE DAY of the winter to be at Quarry Road! (Photo from today)
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402012-02-256" new snow overnight, 10" in the last 48. excellent classic tracks. full 40k groomed for skate and classic. On the soft side for the skater's that like harder granular snow.Hugh Quinn
GunstockGilford, N.H.Excellent72012-02-24Great fast skiing today with fine granular snow. Tracks are icy and fast. Coverage is strong with 1-3 foot base of manmade. Tomorrow is "Meet of Champions"--NH best high school skiers. Limited skiing for public on 2/25/12 only.Paul McNeil
Lapland LakeNorthville, N.Y.Good372012-02-23We received three inches of snow Tuesday night then some on and off rain showers late Wednesday afternoon and evening. Today clouds will give way to breaks of sun with a high of 36. After midnight tonight snow is expected, continuing into Friday with accumulations of 3 - 7" likely. The weekend looks terrific with a chance of some snow showers Saturday and sunshine Sunday with a high of 29 each day. 99% of our trail system is open, 49km. 37km are groomed with trackset and skating lanes, including Woods Lake. Conditions are quite good. Tracks have come out well, and it is not as slow as yesterday and not too fast. Our compacted base averages 4 - 7" with 8 - 10" in our woods. Surface is wet snow. 12km of trails are open and dedicated for snowshoeing.Ann Hirvonen
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402012-02-233 inches of snow each of the last 2 nights. 40k open with wet snow currently for skate and classic. lake effect and colder saturday (31 degrees) Sunny for Sunday. Looks to be an excellent weekend for skiingHugh Quinn
Lapland LakeNorthville, N.Y.Excellent37k2012-02-22Conditions are excellent! We received three inches of snow overnight. 99% of our trail system is open, 49km. 37km are groomed with trackset and skating lanes, including Woods Lake. Our compacted base averages 4 - 7" with up to a foot of snow, 10 - 12" in our woods. Surface is packed powder. 12km of peaceful trails are open and dedicated for snowshoeing.
Ann Hirvonen
Nordic Heritage CenterPresque Isle, MaineCall in sick20+2012-02-21Packed powder, extra blue classic skiing, hard-packed and fast skate skiing, just awesome for the Maine Class B state meet.Paul Stone
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402012-02-21all 40k open. 3 to 8 inch base. skating excellent, classic track good. hills are fast. 2 inches fresh snow came Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.Hugh Quinn
GunstockGilford, N.H.Excellent62012-02-20Excellent fast skiing on a firm base with sugar granular coating. Much cooler today and the trails are in the North Facing woods and staying nice. No bare spots all manmade snow. Used Rex Universal klister with Rex Powergrip on top for good kick and fast glide.Sara Ellen Godek
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good22012-02-20Weston is hanging on, but the end is near. There are spots that look thin and narrow, and a few, warm, sunny or rainy days will wear it out. Still, to have skiing through February break in this excuse of a winter is not bad.Ari Ofsevit,
Maine Huts and TrailsCarrabassett Valley, MaineFair10?2012-02-20They are doing the best they can with the snow they have. Nearly complete cover from Guide TH to N of Grand Falls, but very icy throughout. Many folks are walking the hills, up and down. Good skating and classic grooming in places, rough tracks in others. Great huts, crew and food!Sam Bartlett
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Good852012-02-19Good skiing at Jackson, but showing a bit worse for wear, no new snow and some warmer temperatures. There were some thin spots on Yodel and the Wave. The Hall Trail was in fantastic shape, and apparently there is just the one sketchy section near the top of Popple. Good reports from East Pasture, too. Higher elevations may be better bets this week.Ari Ofsevit,
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair4K2012-02-19icy. some shoveling will be done on Monday to cover some spots.Caroline
Rangeley Lake XCRangeley, MaineExcellent30?2012-02-18The coverage at Rangeley Nordic Center was great with a few icey and thin spots but I classical skied using a hard wax for kick...enough said.Ann Speth
Rangeley Lake XCRangeley, MaineExcellent252012-02-18Excellent grooming, solid tracks, hard wax conditions.Jim Reuter
Timber CreekWest Dover, VermontGood92012-02-18They are shoveling and hauling in snow for the thin spots, and grooming it out for good classic and skate skiing.Sam Bartlett
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402012-02-17entire 40k open and good conditions for skate and classic. 4-8 inch base, new snow overnight and snow predicted Saturday afternoon. Sunny for SundayHugh Quinn
Bond BrookAugusta, MaineFair72012-02-16trails in the woods remain covered but bare spots under the powerline are getting bigger - B loop beyond the K4 post is not skiable - use the B loop extension and logging road to the waterlineBill Rogers
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood42012-02-16A few bare spots on the river loop, some grey ice appearing. Fine skiing with the warmer temps to soften the snow. Caroline
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402012-02-15Fresh snow each of the last 3 days. a little soft for skating but still good and classic tracks are very nice. snow than rain and than snow predicted today and more snow Friday, & Saturday. Looks to be a great weekend for skiing.Hugh Quinn
GunstockGilford, N.H.Excellent62012-02-14Aim and Cobble are groomed adding to the terrain. It's new snowmaking and a little wavy but, after a few days it will flatten out. Classic skiing here today is off the hook with UNH and highschool teams training and the grooming is mint. Tracks are hard pack with fine granular and some ice. Toko Viola Klister is working great!Paul McNeil
Nordic Heritage CenterPresque Isle, MaineCall in sick20+2012-02-14Everything is groomed, high school race today, trails are immaculate with hard packed powder skiing.Paul Stone
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent42012-02-14River loop is in incredibly good shape for skating or classic without tracks. No bare spots, only one or two icy spots. Waterville Parks and Rec has done an awesome job maintaining this trail through a tough winter. As good of skiing as anywhere right now.Tracey Cote
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good2.12012-02-14Each day of grooming improves conditions, and the temperatures didn't get high enough today to transform the manmade snow. Thanks to Weston for building up the base. Now, can we please have some real stuff? (Linked file is from a year ago, to remind us of good times.)
Ari Ofsevit,
Wild WingsPeru, VermontGood102012-02-13Just enough snow to require covering your klister with blue.Tracy
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402012-02-137-8 inches fresh snow on 40k of groomed trails. 3 to 8 inch base before the new snow. classic is excellant, skating a little soft today- should be fine by tommorow.Hugh Quinn
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good2.12012-02-13What a difference a weekend of snowmaking makes. Weston is a lot better, and although there are still some hardpacked manmade snow sections, it's not nearly as gnarly as it was last week. A pleasurable ski around the track. I finally bothered to measure it and the "course" is 1.3 miles or 2.1 km—so if you skied 20 laps you'd ski a marathon. If anyone wants to do that, you're crazy.Ari Ofsevit,
GunstockGilford, N.H.Good3.52012-02-12Stopped off by Gunstock to check out the snowmaking. I'm not sure if it would be worth the drive from Boston to not have to ski at Weston, but it's certainly the best skiing within two hours. There is a nice almost-3k loop which is hilly and fun, and it looks like they're working on spreading more snow to lengthen it. Not 5k though. It was brutally cold though and I didn't last as long as I would have liked.Ari Ofsevit,
Waterville NordicWaterville, N.H.Good30?2012-02-11Good skiing at Waterville on the north end trails. Icy base with a touch of powder over the top, not very deep but good coverage.Colin Reuter
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Good852012-02-11Skiing at Jackson was very good, although noticeably deteriorated from last weekend. I skied the Hall Loop and the trail was in very good shape for the most part, although over Popple there were some rocky spots and some thin spots on the High Water trail. Other areas had widely scattered icy and thin sections, but it's still some of the best snow around this year.Ari Ofsevit,
GunstockGilford, N.H.Excellent5.52012-02-10Take a look at these pictures. All trails are done with snowmaking and we are not done spreading snow yet.
Paul McNeil
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood42012-02-10All dirt spots and icy sections covered for upcoming paintball biathlon. Great skating. Cut offs are not groomed as often and not as wide as other trails. Caroline
Bond BrookAugusta, MaineFair72012-02-10Considering lack of new snow for three weeks and warm temps, skiing was surprising good. Bare spots showing on the powerline but in the woods there is good cover. The north face trail and logging road are very good. Groomed Thur so trails are fairly flat.
Bill Rogers
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good402012-02-10A dusting of snow overnight. Not enought to get the hills good yet. 40k open with loose granular and a few icy patches. good skating, fair classic, good coverage except the hills that have been snowplowed heavily. all hills skiable uphill. A few of the hills caution should be used going downhillHugh Quinn
Wild WingsPeru, VermontFair102012-02-08Skiing is ok. Fast and if you can ski very skiable.Tracy
GunstockGilford, N.H.Excellent52012-02-08The cold temps last night and the late grooming have produced a World Cup quality course. Deep track set and a firm base with fine granular on top. The snow is all clean with a 1-3 foot base from snowmaking and the Wednesday race series is underway with fast times coming in. All trails are homologated race trailsPaul McNeil
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good22012-02-08Better than yesterday. There's new snow made widening and deepening the thin and narrow spots. And there's grooming, so it's not super squirrely.Ari Ofsevit,
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood42012-02-08Somehow we're hanging on. Coverage is quite good on the 3.5K river loop. Excellent skating. I did not ski the race loop today, but I assume it is getting even more thin with even more dirt spots.pat
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good402012-02-08hanging in there. 40k open with a 2-8 inch base. good skating and set tracks at about half there normal depths. Hills are snowplowed heavilyHugh Quinn
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Fair22012-02-07Somehow, Weston has survived. Barely. There are thin spots and narrow spots and sugary hills and rutted, hardpack straightaways. It's not fun when you want to go fast and your skis want you to fall down. Hopefully they can build up some base with some cold weather and start tilling a bit more.Ari Ofsevit,
Great Glen TrailsGorham, N.H.Excellent202012-02-07Nordic Meisters was a good time. Nice to be on natural snow with good coverage.neal graves
CraftsburyCraftsbury Common, VermontGood2012-02-06Really good coverage and grooming. Everything was open.Colin Reuter
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good402012-02-06WOW - winter of weird. 40K still open with tracks and skating lane. a little soft with the warmer temperatures (38 to 40 while skiing). Still good coverage with some of the hills heavily snowplowed but skiable. Snow predicted for the end of the week and thankfully cooler temps.Hugh Quinn
Bait Hole TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent102012-02-05Don Nodine
Clubhouse TrailsMillinocket, MaineGood152012-02-05K trail groomed to the warming hut (4.5 miles) Another 3 miles broken out with the snowsled.Don Nodine
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good402012-02-042 inches fresh snow on a 3-10 inch base. 40k open with skate and set track. some hills are still hardpacked from skiers snowplowing. Hugh Quinn
Wild WingsPeru, VermontGood102012-02-04Out tilling with the Piston Bully again. Lots of shoveling yesterday. Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Upper Blue Jay and Goshawk all open. Fast but very skiable.Tracy
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood62012-02-043K River loop in great shape for skating. Classic would be fine, but they seemed to have groomed most of them out. Final 2.5K of race loop is skiable but a bit rough and for advanced skiers only. pat
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Excellent852012-02-04Conditions at Jackson were excellent. Enough snow with a little ice/rain mixed in made for fast conditions, especially skate, and especially when it cooled down in the afternoon. I skied the Ellis-Hall loop (a couple thin spots on High Water and over Popple, otherwise perfect), the Wave/race loop (great), Yodel (good air) and the East Pasture (great, especially tele turns in the Windy Fields). After 70k of skiing I was pretty cooked! Video of Windy Hills tele turnsAri Ofsevit,
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent102012-02-04Classic tracks set perfectly. Couldn't get a better day of skiing with powder snow, extra blue kick wax, and sunny skies.Emily Cartwright
GunstockGilford, N.H.Good5K2012-02-03Snow has dried out and the Pisten Bully did a nice job of grooming the snow into fine granular. Used blue Klister and had great kick and fast glide. Tracks are very nice.Paul McNeil
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood5.52012-02-03River loop in good shape (see photo). Occasional track. Final 2.5K of new race loop is skiable but some dirt and probably for more advanced skiers.
Bond BrookAugusta, MaineGood82012-02-03All trails groomed Friday Decent cover except for the return climb of the B loop extension.Bill Rogers
Maine Huts and TrailsCarrabassett Valley, MaineCall in sick2012-02-03Trails were excellently groomed and snow was powder/packed powder. Beautiful!Patricia Kenny
Maine Huts and TrailsCarrabassett Valley, MaineFairyes2012-02-03Going out on the 7th the XC grooves were good; coming back on the 5th they were not. They were packed down, slick and slippery. Polly Knox
Maine Huts and TrailsCarrabassett Valley, MaineFairyes2012-02-03Going out on the 3rd the XC grooves were good; coming back on the 5th they were not. They were packed down, slick and slippery. Polly Knox
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent182012-02-03Groomed this morning in gently falling snow! Beautiful. conditions are fantastic and we have been spared the rain they talked about all week!Matthew Polstein
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Fair402012-02-02100% of trails open (40k)- 70% quite good, 25% fairly good and 5% icy. Even trails that are good are loose granular, not the packed powder that is the norm. skate is the best option, but classic also availableHugh Quinn
Wild WingsPeru, VermontGood102012-02-02Open, Turkey, Woodcock and Snow Goose, Goshawk and Lower Blue Jay. The downhill is fast. You need to be quick on your feet.Tracy Black
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Fair152012-02-01mix powder/granular, thin base but decent skiing. Mostly easier trails machine groomed. Moonlight tour Sat john
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood7K2012-02-01Nicely groomed, track set on the River loop. Warmer temps have softened the snow for great skate skiing. Caroline
Colby CollegeWaterville, MaineGood102012-02-01Groomed for skate skiing, no track. Good coverage, some icy chunks but not bad.Tracey Cote
Wild WingsPeru, VermontGood102012-01-31Another inch of new snow. Skiing is good.
Tracy Black
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Call in sick842012-01-31JXN Skier
Lapland LakeNorthville, N.Y.Good36k2012-01-31We received two inches of new snow overnight - a total of four inches since Saturday night. A total of 48km of trails are open. 36km are groomed, including the loop directly on Woods Lake. 33km are trackset with skating lanes. Only the three upper double diamond, expert loops on Karhu (2km) are closed. Our lovely 12km snowshoe trail network is open and waiting for you! Surface is powder and packed powder. Our compacted base is 4 - 8" with over a foot of snow, 12 - 14", in our woods.Ann Hirvonen
GunstockGilford, N.H.Excellent52012-01-31Two inches of new snow on top of a deep base on the race trails. neal graves
Bait Hole TrailsMillinocket, MaineExcellent72012-01-30Most of the trails were groomed. A few others were broke out with the snowsled.Don Nodine
GunstockGilford, N.H.Excellent52012-01-30Super sick skiing. Feels like I am on a World Cup Course--snow is 1-3 feet all manmade. Some crazy turns and hills and the snow is hard pack with fine granular on top. Used race skis.Paul McNeil
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood42012-01-30River trail and meadow trail groomed this morning. Frozen granular. Great for skate skiing. No tracks for classic. Sue Childs
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good22012-01-3027k (13 laps) of Weston was tolerable tonight. Conditions were fast, icy, and a bit rough in a few sections, but not half bad considering the pittance of a winter so far. Temperatures dipped to 24 and the snow guns were fired up to patch up some thin sections for the races tomorrow. It should be a slog tomorrow evening; tonight would have been lightning/scary fast.
Ari Ofsevit,
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontExcellent15 2012-01-30Surprisingly great conditions for the year we've been having - a dusting atop a solid base. Skied Big Bear all the way to the cabin - a little bony but totally skiable over most of the trails. The groomed areas are super right now.Tim Weed
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402012-01-29excellent set track and full 40k for skate and classic. 6-10 inch base. 1 inch fresh overnight mixed in with existing snow - packed powderHugh Quinn
Bond BrookAugusta, MaineFair8k2012-01-29I'm being hard on my groomer as he did a wonderful job given the little snow and amt of rain we received. Frozen granular now in the wet spots and a few areas of thin cover but good skate conditions today. No track until we get more snow.Bill Rogers
Bethel Nordic Ski CenterBethel, MaineGood152012-01-29Nice new snow, good grooming, trails not on golf course could have used a little more mowing in the fall.neal graves
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood52012-01-29River loop was loose granular. Decent skiing.Caroline
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Fair2012-01-28granular to corn. thin base. 10 km open and machine groomed. some wet spots. spring skiing in january!js
Maine Huts and TrailsCarrabassett Valley, MaineCall in sick2012-01-28Perfect conditions
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good402012-01-27After rain all morning we have switched over to snow with 2-3 inches so far this afternoon and still snowing. good coverage with set track and skate lane on all 40kHugh Quinn
Bond BrookAugusta, MainePoor2012-01-27Wet snow and warm temps - no grooming yet. Will reevaluate tomorrow am.Bill Rogers
GunstockGilford, N.H.Excellent3.52012-01-25Pisten Bully Groomed the snowmaking loop last night and the snow is hard park with sugar granular on top. The course is very fun and challenging with hills, turns, and flats. Our Wednesday time trial series is underway with race ski quality conditions.Paul McNeil
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good402012-01-25skied to malloy on fresh set track, very nice. Good coverage with set track and skating lane on 40k of trails. Alpina groomer and Ginzu 84 do very nice job mixing new and old snow together. 6 to 10 inch base.Hugh Quinn
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair52012-01-25Very thin coverage in the meadow. Grooming has helped but still icy in many spots and difficult skiing on the river loop for beginners. No track set.Caroline
Bait Hole TrailsMillinocket, MainePoor52012-01-25Icy. If you make your own trail on the crust it is much better skiing.Don Nodine
GunstockGilford, N.H.Fair42012-01-24Good skiing on snowmaking course as it survived the rain. The rest of the trails are closed. We have added Crossbow as a new trail with snowmaking and will finish Longbow by the weekend. This Saturday closed to the public as we host 600-800 racers for New Hampshire Series.Paul McNeil
Bond BrookAugusta, MaineFairYes2012-01-24Slushy with some puddles. There was still a track around the entire 5km loop. Great job by the groomers doing a lot with not much. Snow coverage is getting thin though.Tracey Cote
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair7.52012-01-24Trails closed today in hopes of preserving snow for a middle school race.Tracey Cote
Bond BrookAugusta, MainePoor2012-01-24The warm temps deteriorated trails further and freeze will make for tough skiing. We will try to preserve the base until the next snow.Bill Rogers
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Fair22012-01-24All things considered, it's not bad. Still, there are some slushy spots, some wet spots, and, well, it's not really that great. Hopefully we'll get some cold for some more snowmaking. Ari Ofsevit,
Wild WingsPeru, VermontGood202012-01-23Very fine lite snow right this minute. It us suppose to warm up! We will be open.Tracy Black
Bond BrookAugusta, MaineGood2012-01-23I classic skied this pm - soft but good cover and an excellent track set on the 5k loop. All 7.5k groomed including the new north face trail and the logging road. I will be out there tomorrow as well to look at the trail conditions after the rain. Bill Rogers
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Good202012-01-221 inch yesterday. powder . base 4-6" 8 of 9 trails open. 20 km . 2 km skate all other classic. Robb's Hut open 12-2:30john
NotchviewWindsor, Mass.Good202012-01-22New powder, good coverage, still soft and a bit lumpy due to snowmobile grooming. Worth the trip.Colin Reuter
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Excellent152012-01-22Almost as good as it gets. Get out today before it rains tomorrow. David Ofsevit
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineGood82012-01-22Beautiful snow, groomed powder. New trails are coming along. River trail and fields are in great shape. Susan Childs
Rangeley Lake XCRangeley, MaineExcellent2012-01-22Good base, wonderful skiing, fantastic grooming!Vicky
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineExcellent8K2012-01-22well groomed for skate skiing. No track set. used my good skis for the first time. Get out today before the rain. caroline
NotchviewWindsor, Mass.Excellent25k2012-01-22Great snow, good track, some of the best skiing I've had this season.neal graves
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Excellent152012-01-22Almost as good as it gets. Get out today before it rains tomorrow. David Ofsevit
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontExcellent65K2012-01-213"-5" of new snow on Thursday night. Groomers have worked dilegently packing, grooming, and tracking the entire trail system for the weekend. Surface: Machine Tilled/Packed Powder/Powder. Base: Frozen Granular. Wax: Swix Green. Classic stride or skate are both excellent.Jan D. Axtell
Wild WingsPeru, VermontGood202012-01-21Double tracked with Piston Bully. Tracy Black
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Good192012-01-213 " snow yesterday. 80% of trails open and groomed. Robb's Hut Open Sunday Noon-2 pm. john
Libby HillGray, MaineExcellent2012-01-21Trails were just groomed yesterday afternoon and are in excellent condition for x-c skiing. Excelllent condition too for snowshoeing on the marked narrow trails. Happy Trails! John Keller
Bond BrookAugusta, MaineGood82012-01-21What nice trails! Conditions were good—there was a fine base and new snow on top of it, but a few sections with dirt and a couple of rocks and roots precluded the use of the best skis. The corkscrew section in the last k of the trail is tricky, but fun! The best access to these trails is via the cemetary; there's a parking lot at the end of the main entrance road, then a long hill down to the trails.
Ari Ofsevit,
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402012-01-21All trails with 6 to 10 inch base, packed powder with skate lane and set tracks. 17 inches new snow in last 72 hours. all 40k open.Hugh Quinn
Wild WingsPeru, VermontExcellent202012-01-20Sno-cat out grooming today! The fresh powder is so beautiful! Skiing on blue or extra blue wax is always a good day.Tracy Black
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Excellent142012-01-203 inches new powder. 6 trails. Open more later in day. js
Lost ValleyAuburn, MaineExcellent122012-01-20five inches of new snow and 100% open. Great classic skiing. Skate lanes are soft but should setup overnight and tomorrow.Jim Wilkins
10th Mountain Ski CenterFort Kent, MaineExcellent2012-01-19Groomed for North Amer. Biathlon championships. Unbelievable skate conditions. Should be excellent for next week's Frostbit 40/20 K marathon (citizen's race), especially after this week's fresh snow and a bit more forecast for thus weekend!Dan Chasse
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontGood65k2012-01-1965K open and groomed. Fast and Firm. Excellent skate conditions. Surface: Machine Tilled/Loose and Frozen Granular. Base: Hard Packed/Frozen Granular Wax: Green Klister. "Groomer's Pick" Trail of the Day: Cabin TrailJan Axtell
Wild WingsPeru, VermontGood102012-01-19Chuck took the Piston Bull, Sno-Cat, out and around the lower trails, with 2 to 4 inches of snow tonight we will be back to skiing!!Tracy Black
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402012-01-1912 inches of fresh snow on an existing 6-12 graded base. 40k of set track and skate trails. excellent conditionsHugh Quinn
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good1.52012-01-19Classic Weston conditions, icy with a significant layer of sugar tilled over the top of it. Best/worst skiing in Eastern Mass.Colin Reuter
Bait Hole TrailsMillinocket, MaineFair2012-01-19Fair skiing, not groomed yetJean
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair4K2012-01-18Decent coverage on River loop and meadow but hard pack.Caroline
GunstockGilford, N.H.Excellent32012-01-17Bring race skis for our snowmaking loop and ski them without a scratch. Wednesday is the 2nd race of Gunstock Nordic Cup. A weekly Wed time trial series. Pick your start time and use the race clock for timing. Course open 9-5 last time card sold at 4 or call us. Race classic or skate or both--same price.
Paul McNeil
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Good122012-01-171/2 inch new snow on top of 6 inch base. 5 trails, 12 km. $12 trail donation. open 9-4:30. john
Great Glen TrailsGorham, N.H.Good2012-01-17Nordic Meisters today! Nice skiing but some gravel/rocks got churned up in a few spots when the groomer went over. Jess
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Fair122012-01-16packed powder, thin base but decent skiing on flatter trails. One new trail open today--better powder. 12 kms. Warming this after to 25. jschlosser
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good1.52012-01-16Machine made loop is now complete. Mount Weston has minimal cover but you can climb it. There's enough cover elsewhere that it's actually slow in places.David Ofsevit
WindblownNew Ipswich, N.H.Good2012-01-16Very nice. A little thin in places. I think that all green and most blue are groomed and open.Tom
NotchviewWindsor, Mass.Fair20?2012-01-16Pretty decent skiing at Notchview on 10 inches of snow. Skate trails are good and race-ski worthy. Classic trails are narrow, windy and lumpy, but still worth checking out. Colin Reuter
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair2012-01-16River loop is treacherous for beginners, icy. Todays snow and grooming by city plus SNOW should make great improvements. Practice field by sheds are good for working on basics.Caroline
Bretton WoodsBretton Woods, N.H.Good2012-01-16Geschmossel race was good, cover a little thin but good shovelling effort in those spots.neal graves
Black Mountain of MaineRumford, MaineExcellent3.72012-01-16great conditions. great lodge. good price only $10.00David
Nordic Heritage CenterPresque Isle, MaineExcellent15+2012-01-16Awesome, good solid track in most places, maybe four dirty spots from the first use of the piston bully. Trails are flat and fast.Paul
Wild WingsPeru, VermontGood202012-01-1520Km groomed-single track. Nice skiing.Chuck Black
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Good102012-01-15Jan 15; Try our Trails Day today Noon- 4:30. Free trail use. Go to for directions. john s
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402012-01-15cold temperature, great snow and perfect track - entire 40k was excellent for skate and classic.Hugh Quinn
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Excellent50+2012-01-15Conditions range from good to superb. A few trails have thin spots and bumps, but others, especially those on forest roads or the race trails, were in mid-winter shape. Good tracks and skate lanes with the cool temperatures overnight.
Ari Ofsevit,
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Good2012-01-1410 km classic tracked; packed powder.3-6" base. Good skiing /Gentler terrain. john
Wild WingsPeru, VermontGood202012-01-1420 of 24 Km open. Single track, powder and windblown surfaceChuck Black
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontExcellent65K2012-01-14Trapp Family Lodge's trail system is 100% open. Connector or Mt Mansfield Touring Center has been groomed. Surface: Powder/Packed Powder/Machine Tilled Base 12-18" Packed Powder/Frozen Granular. Coverage is excellent! 8"-12" of new snow over the last 48 hours.!!! The skiing is phenomenal.Jan Axtell
Libby HillGray, MaineGood2012-01-1414-12 Libby Hill Forest Trails- Gray Trail Conditions Good news for cross country skiers! The trails have been groomed this morning and are ready for skiing! The conditions are good and will only improve with future snowfalls and grooming. Snowshoeing on the narrow marked trails is also good so welcome all skiers and snowshoers to L. Hill for some fun exercise!!! Happy Trails!!!!!! John John Keller
Sleepy HollowHuntington, VermontExcellent2012-01-14Great skiing. We have 15km open. Molly
Lost ValleyAuburn, MaineFair82012-01-14Skating is best, however skiers should use caution as grass, sticks and frost heaves are a factor - especially in all woods trails.Jim
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Good502012-01-14Lots groomed at Jackson. I skied everything groomed in the Ellis corridor. Most in good shape. A couple thin spots (particularly along the river past Winniweta Falls, good stone grind; take the upper trail, and on the Hall Connector). Hall in great shape, however, Maple was NOT groomed despite Jackson's report. Freezing up well as the temp dropped, should be great tomorrow.Ari Ofsevit,
Brattleboro Outing ClubBrattleboro, VermontGood222012-01-14Very good conditions with surface powder. All popular trials have been rolled. Some trails in the deeper woods are ungroomed but skiable. The Ski Hut will be open today and on MLK Monday. Sinbadsrs
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Fair2012-01-13Sleet, 28 degrees, 3 trails, 8 km. thin base but well covered. Easier trails. Snow squalls later today. john
Fahnestock Winter ParkCold Spring, N.Y.Poor2012-01-13Closed - Will open when conditions permit.Paul Kuznia
Quarry Road TrailsWaterville, MaineFair2012-01-13The lower 3.5km loop is rolled. There are some rocks and rough areas, but it is skiable. Skating might be more difficult, but decent on classic skis (although there is no track set)Tracey Cote
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent2012-01-13lake effect snow at a rate of 2-3 inches an hour currently. so far 8 inches and still snowing briskly. 40k open set track and skate with no need for rock skis.Hugh Quinn
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontExcellent2012-01-1345K of open trail network. Snowing hard and accumulating coverage is excellent. Surface: Powder/Packed Powder Base: Frozen Granular/Hard Pack. Best classic kick and glide conditions of the season. "Groomer's Pick" Trail of the Day: Cabin Trail. Looks like tomorrow will be the best ski day of the season thus far. Come on out the skiing is great! Jan Axtell
Wild WingsPeru, VermontGood202012-01-13Packed powder, wind blown. We are so happy to have snow! But, you still need to have rock skiis. Some skiing will be wonderful, and some will be a little scratchy!Tracy Black
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent402012-01-13about 20 inches of lake effect snow in the last 24 hours. Clear and brisk currently. 40k groomed for skate and classic.Hugh Quinn
NansenMilan, N.H.Good8.52012-01-13Most trails groomed, no tracks for classic have been set as the snow is not yet deep enough. Great conditions and beautiful views. Getting ready for the Nansen Milan Winter Festival next Sunday 1/22/12. 14K classic race and 5K locals race with a short kids race as well. Lots of fun last year. Tracy
Cricket Hill TrailsHyde Park, VermontFair2012-01-12It's still pretty thin in the woods but the fields are getting better every day. Marc Gilbertson
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontExcellent2012-01-1245K of trail open. Surface: powder, loose granular, frozen granular Base 4"-12" frozen granular. Excellent coverage. Wax: Swix Blue. New snow falling as I type. Skiing is great. The Cabin is Open! Cabin Trail is skiing awesome; Classic and SkateJan Axtell
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Fair2012-01-125 km open on packed powder. 6" New snow. Will be opening more trails tomorrow.John Schlosser
NotchviewWindsor, Mass.Good2012-01-12Skied Circuit Trail. No track set becuase the snow is thin. But good skiable snow and its open!Jim Caffrey
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Good2012-01-128 km open; classic; 6 inches new snow. easier terrain. Thin but covered base.update john
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Excellent2012-01-12Picture from the trails today during the storm.
Ari via Jess,
Brattleboro Outing ClubBrattleboro, VermontGood2012-01-12SNOW has arrived. Groomed 10K of trails before Wx turned warmer. Will continue grooming an additional 20K of trails once temps drop below freezing. SKI HUT will be open this weekend with rentals of both XC and Snowshoeing equipment.Sinbadsrs
Brattleboro Outing ClubBrattleboro, VermontGood2012-01-12The Brattleboro Outing Club XC Trails at the Bratt. Country Club will be open for the weekend. We received about 6" of snow and have begun packing our trails. Once the temps drop below freezing we will begin grooming again. Forecast calls for below freezing temps over the weekend so most trails will be groomed. If more snow is received, we expect to set tracks on the classic trails and on the outside section of all combined trails. Our BOC Ski Hut will be OPEN with rentals for snowshoeing, XC Classic and Skate skiing available.from Gerald Sears
10th Mountain Ski CenterFort Kent, MaineExcellent20/25 K groomed2012-01-12Excellent skate conditions. Groomed packed powder. Classic tracks improving as snow depth increases. Still, the best snow in the East right now! Biathlon and Green bean loops are fantastic! Violette's loop still need s a bit more snow Another 4 in. promised for tonight.Dan Chasse
GunstockGilford, N.H.Excellent2012-01-11The tracks this morning were in mint condition! Awesome skiing, best in NH by far (if not NE)! Great cover, had two sets of tracks going for a classic Wednesday, klister waxing was super easy. You won't believe how good the skiing is here, if you don't believe me look at the pictures or better yet come ski, promise it will be worth it!
Pics from Paul McNeil:
Sara Ellen Godek
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Good2012-01-11Despite not much snow conditions are good up high. With snow coming they should have good conditions down belowCory
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontExcellent2012-01-11Surface: Loose and Frozen Granular. Base: Frozen Granular 45k of trail open. Wax: Swix blue over binder. Conditions firm and fast excellent skating. FIS homologated race course in excellent condition. 6-10" of new snow forecasted in the next 24-48 hours setting up the MLK weekend to be epic conditions.
Jan Axtell
Kingdom TrailsBurke, VermontGood2012-01-11Darling Hill is rolled and surprisingly good with an ice based and new snow packed (@ 3" new snow). Thin in woods in some areas. Could ski all the way from Harp to Violet's Outback without taking off skis! The crust is strong and can ski in fields and hardwoods as well where it is not groomed. Phil Lawson
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Poor2012-01-11rain - rain go away. we have 20k open but raining at 34 degrees. hard pack trails and thin spots on hills. Lake effect predited for Friday during the day. Weekend looks ok but best to call first. today it would be best to wait a day or two.Hugh Quinn
Harris FarmDayton, MaineGood2012-01-11 6 inches Powder and Packed powder Grooming in progressDixie Harris
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontExcellent2012-01-11Great 2hr ski at Grafton on the snowmaking loop, good track, good terrain.neal graves
Grafton PondsGrafton, VermontExcellent2012-01-11Great 2hr ski at Grafton on the snowmaking loop, good track, good terrain.neal graves
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Excellent2012-01-10Really quite good. They have about 1k of continuous trail and it was holding up quite well despite warm temperatures and a lot of use. Some of the hills were mashed potatoes after a day of racing, but there was good purchase throughout. Let's hope for cold weather and more snow!Ari Ofsevit,
Bretton WoodsBretton Woods, N.H.Fair2012-01-10Fair due to limited trail: 0.5 km manmade at center good cover with trackset. Minor upgrade, mostly flat. Nothing otherwise.Phil L.
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MaineExcellent2012-01-10Outstanding conditions, fresh hard packed powder, great classic track and skate lane.CVJ
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Poor2012-01-09warm weather and than cool with not enough depth in the snow cover to get aggressive in breaking up the hardpack. 20k plus still open so even with a couple of inches of fresh snow, skiing should be good. Hills are thin.Hugh Quinn
Trapp Family LodgeStowe, VermontGood2012-01-08Trapps has the best snow in New England, which is, sadly, only good. Most of their terrain is open and a lot is in very good shape. Avoid the lower trails (Skaters Waltz) and head for the cabin and higher up where there's been a bit more snow. You can use good skis with some caution and there are icy, snowplowed sections on downhills. There are classic tracks in places and people looked to be enjoying the striding.Ari Ofsevit,
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good2012-01-08So, there's manmade base. That's the good part. It froze up when the temperature dropped tonight and was quite icy for the race. Good to get your shins in shape, not-so-good to stay upright, not fun when you fall on it. Hopefully it will groom up better in coming days.Ari
GunstockGilford, N.H.Excellent2012-01-07Best conditions here yet. We did get a whopping 1 inch of snow--but don't worry we have 1-3 feet of machine made snow. Andy Howe polished out some of the sections by spreading more snow. The snow is staying cold and firm. We have a great loop with hills, turns, and flats. We are busiest every day around 3-7 with team training. Wednesday January 11th is classic skiing only. We will double track all trails and a race starts at 2:30.
Paul McNeil
WindblownNew Ipswich, N.H.Good2012-01-06Still powdery and untransformed snow, but thin and scratchy in places. Good time out on the snow, though.Ari (SkiTrailReport)
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2012-01-053 inches fresh on a 3 to 7 inch base. 40k open for skate and classic. 98% of trails excellant. a few of the hills are thin from skiers snowplowing. overall a very nice experienceHugh Quinn
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good2012-01-04Getting better—the snow is blown in a loop around the "treeline" and is in generally good shape, although there are a couple of icy sections and a couple places where it gets pretty rutted. Nice to be there in the evening after the swarms of high schoolers.Ari Ofsevit,
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2012-01-04still skiing on 40k - 95% of trails in very good condition. Thin spots under a few evergreens but skiable. Some of the hills are getting thin from all the skiers snowplowing.Hugh Quinn
Clubhouse TrailsMillinocket, MainePoor2012-01-04No snowJean Boddy
Weston Ski TrackWeston, Mass.Good2012-01-03The currently-skiable section at Weston has some icy patches and some sugary patches and is quite short, but they have six guns blazing and should have more "terrain" open tomorrow with the cold weather.Ari Ofsevit
Bait Hole TrailsMillinocket, MainePoor2012-01-03Jean Boddy
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2012-01-03Suprisingly good. 40k of trails open with set track on 60% of the system. www.uxcski.comHugh Quinn
Cricket Hill TrailsHyde Park, VermontPoor2012-01-02Pretty thin after the pesky rain last night....Marc Gilbertson
Brattleboro Outing ClubBrattleboro, VermontFair2012-01-02Fast Grass, best wax - Nike Cleats, wx-warm but going to freeze tonight. Great running conditions but unfortunately there is no snow and only flurries forecast for the next 10 days. All trails are ready, equipment primed and staff anxious but Ms Nature is not cooperating with the white gold. Talk to you when we see white.Sinbad Srs
GunstockGilford, N.H.Good2012-01-021k loop at Gunstock, short but good coverage and terrain.Frank Hurt
Kingdom TrailsBurke, VermontPoor2012-01-01No trails open yet... but we're ready to rock when the snow does get here!Lilias Ide
GunstockGilford, N.H.Excellent2011-12-31Nordic skied on 1-2 feet of machine made snow. Small loop, but very fun.
Paul Mcneil
Lost ValleyAuburn, MainePoor2011-12-30No Nordic skiing yet. Check Lost Valley website for alpine conditions. Jim Wilkins
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Fair2011-12-27The skiing at Jackson saw a lot of rocks, but a lot of groomed trail as well. In addition to trails listed open, the connections from Eagle Mountain and the South Hall trail in to town were groomed, but sketchy, especially coming down. Still, it beats dryland.Ari Ofsevit
Maranacook High SchoolReadfield, MaineFair2011-12-25About 1k of trail was groomed around the lower fields and connected through the woods making for a usable, if short, skate loop. Some of the trails in the woods were skatable as well. Rock skis for sure.Ari Ofsevit
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CraftsburyCraftsbury Common, VermontFair0000-00-00Warnung vor den Betrьgern Christoph Heuermann und Holocaustleugner Sergio von Facchin, vorbestraft Warnung vor Betrug, negative Erfahrungen mit Christoph Heuermann Staatenlos Warnung vor der ungarischen Prostituierten Dora Eva Hausel Achtung, der verurteilte Kinderpornotдter Christoph Heuermann wird wegen Betruges gesucht. Die Polizei fahndet nach Christoph Heuermann, der sich versteckt. Achtung, Geldwдsche Christoph Heuermann! Erцffnen Sie keine Bankkonten fьr Christoph Heuermann, deutscher Staatsbьrger. Der verurteilte Betrьger Christoph Heuermann kooperiert mit dem vorbestraften Sergio von Facchin sowie dessen Freundin, der ungarischen Prostituierten Dora Hauser, Pseudonym Dora Eva. Warnung, Nutte Dora Hausel, Prostituierte Dora Eva von Facchin, Zuhдlter Sergio von Facchin WARNUNG vor neuem Investmentbetrug. Kinderpornoliebhaber Christoph Heuermann, Iwo Siebert und Sergio von Facchin betrьgen mit einer angeblichen Walnussplantage in Georgien. Alles nur Betrug. Die Hure Dora Hausel, Dora von Facchin, wird auf der Walnussfarm in Georgien versklavt und muss jeden Tag 12 Stunden in sengender Hitze ernten und Heuermann oral befriedigen. Der vorbestrafte und polizeilich gesuchte Christoph Heuermann betreibt Analsex mit Dora Hausel, Freundin seines Businesspartners Sergio von Facchin. Achtung, Staatenlos Betrug Christoph Heuermann Achtung, vorbestrafter Kinderpornotдter Sergio von Facchin Achtung, gepantschter Wein Sergio von Facchin Achtung, Wein selbermachen Betrug Sergio von Facchin ACHTUNG, DORA EVA HAUSEL aus Ungarn ist eine NUTTE, die ab 35 Euro am Budapester Hauptbahnhof Analsex anbietet. Vigyбzat! Dora Hausel egy prostituбlt, aki anбlis szexet kнnбl 35 eurуйrt a budapesti vasъtбllomбson! Vigyбzat! Dora Eva Hausel egy prostituбlt, aki anбlis szexet kнnбl 35 eurуйrt a budapesti vasъtбllomбson! Vigyбzat! Dora von Facchin egy prostituбlt, aki anбlis szexet kнnбl 35 eurуйrt a budapesti vasъtбllomбson! Dringende Warnung auch vor der Nutte Giana Facchin, genannt Giana von Facchin, welche von Sergio von Facchin in sein dreckiges Betrugsbusiness hereingezogen wird. Giana von Facchin ist eine Prostituierte, die ab 25 Euro Tittenfick anbietet. Giana Facchin Tittenfick Tittenfick Giana Facchin Nacktfotos HIV Nutte Giana Facchin, Achtung AIDSinfektion! A C H T U N G, Nutte Hausel Dora zockt Freier ab. Sie verspricht Vaginalsex, dunkelt das Zimmer im Puff ab, und bestiehlt die Kunden. Dora Eva Hausel wird als Diebin und Prostituierte gesucht. Warnung, Nutte Dora Hausel, Frau von Sergio Facchin, ist HIV positiv. AIDS ist bereits ausgebrochen! Warnung vor Richard Bertossa Betrug Warnung vor Christian Funke Betrug Warnung vor Cornelia Scherer Betrug Warnung vor Nia Leveonaire Betrug Warnung vor Susanne Helm Betrug Warnung vor Manuel Haupt Betrug Warnung vor Katharina Tierhardt Betrug Warnung vor Franz Peschel Betrug Warnung vor Matthias Deuerlein Betrug Warnung vor Iwo Siebert Walnuss Betrug WARNING, Eva Hausel is a Hungarian prostitute and is HIV positive. WARNING, Hausel Eva is a Hungarian prostitute and has HIV AIDS. WARNING, Dora Eva Hausel is a criminal Hungarian prostitute and is HIV positive. WARNING, Dora von Facchin is a Hungarian prostitute and has HIV AIDS. WARNING, criminal investment Sergio von Facchin. Dora Hausel offers tit fuck and anal sex for 30 Euro at Budapest main train station. Dora Hausel is WANTED by criminal police authorities. Dora Eva Hausel bietet trotz ihrer winzigen Titten Tittenficks an. Dora Hausel zockt Kunden mit Tokajer Wein ab. Tokaji Aszu Betrugswein. Mit dem Steuerhinterziehungsverein Aktiv Autark zocken Sergio von Facchin und Dora Hausel ahnungslose Kunden ab. Istvan Takacs, vorbestrafter Holocaustleugner, hilft ihnen beim Betrug. Auf dem Lebensfreude Kongress werden die Kunden durch Sergio von Facchin und Chritoph Heuermann verarscht. Giana Facchin bietet Arschfick ab 15 Euro an. Hier Giana Facchins Nacktfotos herunterladen. Der Waffennarr Paul Klenk wurde in den USA gesichtet, wie er mit Rolf Jahnke gemeinsam deutsche Versicherungen GKV und PKV abzockt. Yannick Gallist zockt mit seiner Hongkong Limited Kunden in Austria ab. Dora Hausel hat auf den Philippinen neue Vaginaltechniken gelernt, um die Freier von sich abhaengig zu machen. Die Prostituierte Dora v. Facchin und Sergio v. Facchinwerden international gesucht. Giana v. Facchin ist eine Hure vom Budapester Bahnhof. Angebot, Analsexnutte Heike Facchin heute ab 19 Euro buchen!PatrickSamborskidyeni
CraftsburyCraftsbury Common, VermontFair0000-00-00 ФИНАМ «обиделся» на телеканал «Россия» 22.03.2017 22.03.2017Новости Инвестиционная компания «Финам» подала иск против ВГТРК в Арбитражный суд Москвы. Информация об иске размещена на сайте картотеки арбитражных дел. Иск касается сюжета о мошенниках, продемонстрированного на телеканале «Россия 1», где были показаны офис и сотрудники инвестиционной компании, уточнил RNS юрист «Финама» Максим Терешков. «Подача иска связана с сюжетом на телеканале «Россия 1», где был показан офис нашей компании. Мы считаем, что телеканалом была распространена недостоверная информация о нас. В репортаже, посвященном мошенническим схемам, к которым мы не имеем отношения, был показан наш офис, продемонстрированы наши логотипы, страница нашего сайта», — сообщил RNS Терешков. Он сообщил, что вопрос выдвижения финансовых претензий пока обсуждается. «Сотрудники телеканала осуществляли так называемую «контрольную закупку»: они пришли в наш офис, компрометировали нашего менеджера, задавали ему наводящие вопросы, потом все это вырезали и представили полученную информацию в совершенно другом свете. Мы отправили в ВГТРК официальное письмо несколько недель назад, они на него пока не ответили», — уточнил RNS Терешков. Представитель ВГТРК не прокомментировал информацию об иске к телекомпании. Арбитражный суд Москвы зарегистрировал иск инвестиционной компании «Финам» против ВГТРК 13 марта. Информации о наличии финансовых претензий на сайте картотеки арбитражных дел нет. Сюжет, который стал причиной подачи иска, был показан на телеканале «Россия 1» 19 февраля 2017 года. Название сюжета — «Волки и овцы». Сюжет все еще доступен на сайте ВГТРК. На момент написания материала в сюжете название «Финам» ведущими и корреспондентами не упоминалось, речь шла о компании , имеющую в среде трейдеров репутацию махрового форекс лохотрона... Но страница сайта инвестиционной компании действительно была продемонстрирована в сюжете. «Тысячи москвичей снова и снова отправляются на строительство пирамид. Ушлые дельцы не просто сулят прибыль и фантастические проценты, они обещают сделать суперуспешного брокера и полноценного игрока на рынке», — сообщал ведущий телеканала в подводке к сюжету. Далее следовали кадры из офиса. Терешков утверждает, что это офис инвестиционной компании «Финам». Сюжет, в котором речь идет о том, что пользователи оказываются жертвами мошенников, завершается словами корреспондента: «Фирмы-однодневки играют на эмоциях пользователей... Так начинаются истории обмана». Полностью видеосюжет можно посмотреть здесь. О реакции на сюжет мошенников из пока ничего не известно. Напомним, что мошеннические действия компаний и STForex не раз становились темами новостных сюжетов различных средств массовой информации. По многочисленным фактам мошенничества компании в нескольких регионах страны были возбуждены уголовные дела, летом по офисам этого лжеброкера прокатилась волна обысков, расследование уголовного дела в отношении мошенников из продолжается. WillieInjEs

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