I went to Minneapolis for weekend of racing. 95k of racing later (with a few beers thrown in, for good measure) I flew in to Boston with a few snowflakes falling.

Now a couple inches have whitened the landscape, and that’s just the start!

First up, Wednesday. This is a nice looking storm. Not perfect—it won’t hit a blocking high and get good and cold and ramped up—but still a good swath of 6 to 12 inches of snow across most of New England, at least south of a Burlington-White Mountains-Augusta line, and perhaps even a bit further north. The sweet spot should be right along the MA-NH/VT border, so the Northfields/Prospects/Windblowns of the world should clean up with close to a foot from this system. Perhaps some nearby skiing this weekend!

Then it gets cold for a few days—it’s not looking like any rain storms this time to eat away at our snow like earlier this winter—and then storm #2 (or is it #3?) comes along. This one will be a bit different, as it redevelops a bit more strongly. Many details to come, but it looks like it could be stronger and dump a foot of snow on a lucky few (or a lucky lot). Either way, someone could easily see 18 inches of snow in the next week. Which is nothing to scoff at.

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