Yellow = 1 foot. Red = 2. Nice.

This is what we like to see! The storm yesterday was a nice hit for pretty much everyone; a little rain and ice near the coast, but a good foot of snow anywhere north and west. Great skiing abounds. Nearly all of New England has a foot of snow. And there’s another storm right on its heels—just in time for February break. There are some very happy ski center operators this week, you can be sure of that.

The next storm should be an eastern area special. It will graze the only snow-free part of New England (the Cape) and Eastern Mass, which could see several inches of snow. Parts of Maine may really make out; Acadia and downeast may see a good foot from this storm. Beyond then, there are inclinations of some warm weather in about a week, but more snow as well; we may finally build up some snow pack this year for March (and beyond?).

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