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Yellow = 1 foot. Red = 2. Nice.

This is what we like to see! The storm yesterday was a nice hit for pretty much everyone; a little rain and ice near the coast, but a good foot of snow anywhere north and west. Great skiing abounds. Nearly all of New England has a foot of snow. And there’s another storm right on its heels—just in time for February break. There are some very happy ski center operators this week, you can be sure of that.

The next storm should be an eastern area special. It will graze the only snow-free part of New England (the Cape) and Eastern Mass, which could see several inches of snow. Parts of Maine may really make out; Acadia and downeast may see a good foot from this storm. Beyond then, there are inclinations of some warm weather in about a week, but more snow as well; we may finally build up some snow pack this year for March (and beyond?).

Ooh boy

Somethin’ is a-comin. Somethin’ is a-comin. What is it? We just don’t know.

The storm that is slated to hit on Thursday is bouncing all over the map. Most likely to get hit hard is a swath from the Berkshires through the Southern Greens, Southwest New Hampshire and the southern slopes of the Whites and in to Maine. But the models have been all over the place. If it moves northwest, those areas are on the cusp of the rain-snow line—the coastal plain sees a lot of rain, and the spine of the Greens, Whites and in to Maine sees a good foot of snow. If it moves southeast, they’re on the northern side of the heavy snow, and the coastal plain gets hit hard. With every model run the precipitation is moving around, and the nature of the whole storm is up for grabs. But it’s a good-looking storm, with great timing, and some cool weather coming in after.

Oh, and the chance of another storm next week. Stay tuned …


I went to Minneapolis for weekend of racing. 95k of racing later (with a few beers thrown in, for good measure) I flew in to Boston with a few snowflakes falling.

Now a couple inches have whitened the landscape, and that’s just the start!

First up, Wednesday. This is a nice looking storm. Not perfect—it won’t hit a blocking high and get good and cold and ramped up—but still a good swath of 6 to 12 inches of snow across most of New England, at least south of a Burlington-White Mountains-Augusta line, and perhaps even a bit further north. The sweet spot should be right along the MA-NH/VT border, so the Northfields/Prospects/Windblowns of the world should clean up with close to a foot from this system. Perhaps some nearby skiing this weekend!

Then it gets cold for a few days—it’s not looking like any rain storms this time to eat away at our snow like earlier this winter—and then storm #2 (or is it #3?) comes along. This one will be a bit different, as it redevelops a bit more strongly. Many details to come, but it looks like it could be stronger and dump a foot of snow on a lucky few (or a lucky lot). Either way, someone could easily see 18 inches of snow in the next week. Which is nothing to scoff at.