This is what we’ve been waiting for

Things look … good?

Yes, indeed they do. We’ll start off with a nice coastal storm. 6-12 inches from the New Hampshire border south. Light, fluffy snow, over, in most places, an icy base, so it won’t just be covering rocks and twigs. Some blowing, but a very nice hit. What’s interesting is that best skiing in New England may well be at places like Great Brook Farm in Massachusetts and Harris Farm in Maine, while parts of Vermont are still mostly barren.

And then? Cold! If the models verify, Boston may not go above freezing for two weeks. No more of the foot-of-snow-and-then-inch-of-rain—we might have some actual winter, at least for the next couple of weeks. More coastal storms appear in the offing, and very little melt looks to take place.

Get out and enjoy, and remember: there are 250 groomed trails in the Northeast. Find yours today.

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