Now, will we get snow?

So, it’s been cold. Lovely.

This weekend it might get warm. Close to 50 in Boston, and in to the 30s in most of New England, with a few inches of slop.

Then comes the fun. There are three (3) storms showing up on the models right now for the week from February 3 to 10. The first, on February 3, is way off the coast on the GFS, but the ECMWF gives a few inches of snow to southern New England. We’ll wait and see on that.

The second looks to move west-to-east across New England around February 5. This is not an optimal set-up, but as it redevelops off the coast it should dam up enough cold air that most of New England remains snow, or maybe has some ice on top. It’s an interesting storm with thicknesses which aren’t particularly supportive of snow, but enough cold air to keep thins frozen (and warm air very high aloft, so sleet if it does change). This is not perfect—we’d rather see some explosive development off the coast—but 6 to 12 inches of snow over most of the region is nothing to scoff at.

Looking further out, there is a rumor of a storm around the 9th or 10th. Lots up in the air with this, but models have had it pasting a foot of snow over various parts of New England. Some show a blizzard in New Jersey, some in Vermont. We’ll have to wait and see. And while some slightly warmer temperatures are a bit worrisome, three potential storms in one week is nice to see after a couple of dry weeks.

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