Floored by this pattern

Winters may come and winters may go—we’ve seen both conditions so far in January. But for at least the next two weeks, it appears that winter may come, and have some staying power.

The #PolarVortex is coming, with plans to stick around. The last few model runs for the GFS have been pretty consistent in showing below normal temperatures for the whole of the northeast for the next two weeks. For instance, the latest 12Z run shows for the next two weeks:

  • Boston: High 34, Low 4, 1.38″ of precipitation (~1-2 feet of snow, mostly week two)
  • Berlin, NH: High 21, Low -22, 1.04″ (~1-2 feet)
  • Burlington, VT: 22, -19, 0.96
  • and similar weather from Caribou to Saranac Lake.

While this isn’t atypical, it’s a very stubborn pattern. I’d much rather take it over the foot-of-snow-inch-of-rain we saw for the start of the winter. If we can squeeze out a foot of snow every two weeks with no thaws, it will set up a very nice second half of the season.

(Oh, and at this rate, the ice on the Charles will be good for skiing in about a week.)


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