And the verdict is …

We don’t know.

We just. don’t. know.

It’s less than 24 hours from the start of an event, and the models are all over the place. Take three deep breaths and repeat after me: “the models do not handle Norlun/inverted trough/late-developing storms well.” The NWS hasn’t put out advisories for an event which is starting in barely 12 hours. No one knows.

The best case scenario? Six inches for much of New Hampshire and Maine. Maybe a foot somewhere along the line. But the worst case scenario is basically nothing, some flurries along the coast. It’s really that up for grabs. Things were lining up well with the 18Z models: six inches from Saint J to Bangor with a bullseye of a foot over the Whites. The GFS agreed with the NAM. And then, the 00Z NAM came out and just pooped the bed. Pretty much nothing.

So hang tight. Something might happen. Or it might not.

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