A little better all the time

Our last post was rather depressing: we were looking a cold and no snow. Well, today, we bring you a slight improvement: cold and the potential for some snow.

First the cold. It appears that we’re heading in to the polar vortex again, but shifted east a bit so that we won’t see the intrusions of warm air that punctuated our last cold snap. This is good, and should preserve what snow is left.

Second, the potential for some snow. There is a weak disturbance this weekend which has been on and off the models, but recent trends have pointed to some localized heavier Norlun/inverted trough type snows. These systems are notoriously hard to model and predict, and also notorious for surprise inches and sometimes even feet of snow. So if you wake up on Sunday morning with six inches of snow when the forecast called for zero, well, it will be a nice little surprise, won’t it. This is more likely in eastern or central New England.

Third, longer range snow. While storms eight days are are hardly worth mentioning, what is notable is that the midday runs of the American and European models both showed major snowstorms for the Northeast. The timing and existence of these storms will certainly vary, but it’s at least something to look forward to, as opposed to a week in the 40s. Hopefully we won’t see that for some time.

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