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I got the idea for this site in 2011, when I couldn't find out who was grooming after the Halloween snowstorm (the answer was, I found out several days after, Prospect Mountain). In the Upper Midwest, I would have been all over Skinnyski (I lived in the Midwest and became a minor celebrity by submitting 90 trail reports in a single year, the most the site has ever received) and found what I was looking for, but nothing like it exists in this region. I wanted a place where Nordic skiers could post trail conditions for trails across New England. And I wanted a database of ski trails, from locally-groomed 5k loops to major touring centers.

The site survived the year without snow (2012) and I've added every trail I could find in the Northeast—from West Virginia and Ohio northeast to Aroostook County in Maine. It is an all-inclusive listing: we don't require any fee or club membership or affiliation to have a trail listed here. If we missed one, please email me at ari.ofsevit@gmail.com and I'll add it in for you.

This site is not affiliated with any ski area or facility, and all of the information provided is provided as-is—we make no guarantee that any information is current or correct, although it is updated to the best of our knowledge. So, use it at your own risk, call places ahead of time to make sure they're open, and don't drive up a sketchy-looking unplowed road just because we said there's a ski trail at the end of it.


Q: My trail isn't listed! How do I get it listed!
A: Email me (ari.ofsevit@gmail). Right now, we're including trails in the Northeast US which are at least occasionally groomed. We may expand as resources permit.

Q: A trail has information that is wrong. How do I get it changed?
A: Please email me (see above) or tweet me (@ofsevit) or something. While I've been to a couple dozen of these ski areas, most of the information came from the web, so despite what you may have heard about the internet, it may be wrong.

Q: My trail is listed, and I don't want it to be.
A: Really? Are you sure? Email me and I'll think about taking it down. If I found the information on the web, though, you really ought to look in to not publicizing it so much.

Q: Aren't these data somewhere else already?
A: It should be, but it isn't. Folks like NENSA and CASTA and the CCSAA have incomplete lists covering certain regions. No one has made an attempt to create a directory of ski trails in the Northeast, and no one provides a forum for first-hand trail reports. Skinnyski didn't want to expand (I asked), so I did my best to throw this together.

Q: Where did you find all this information?
A: Good question. I trolled lists of trails, Googled a lot, and ran through club lists, high school venue lists and the like. And I emailed friends and bugged people. I probably missed some. But I now know of about 250 trails in the Northeast, which is a pretty good number, I think.

Q: I'm interested in one particular trail. Can I link directly to a page?
A: Yes. Each trail has a unique URL, which you can copy, paste and link to.

Q: Can I post a picture?
A:Yes! Use our uploader, or email it. Right now you can't upload more than one picture per trail report.

Q: I'm a [coach/groomer/club/touring center], how should I use this site?
A: If you're a coach, use this site to let the public know when you will be crowding the trails, and if you close the trails for practice, a race or to conserve snow, let them know that as well. For instance, post The trails will be closed on Monday to conserve snow for a race, and on Tuesday until 4:30 p.m. when the race is complete.
If you're a groomer you can use this site to post real-time grooming reports. You don't need to have a blog and remember the log-in, just post here (Groomed the 10k loop for skate and set a classic track on the 5k which froze up well, great skiing!) for the world to see.
If you're a club, encourage your membership to use this as a forum to report on conditions. If the first skier out in the morning notices some ruts on a big downhill, they can let everyone know before they hit the trails in the afternoon.
If you're a touring center, feel free to post your own conditions, but also encourage your customers to post as well. Occasionally there are ski centers which are somewhat optimistic with their trail reports, and some skiers are more trusting of their peers than the ski center owners. Oh, and post a picture to show us that while it might be brown in Boston and New York, it's white up north!

Q: Who/what made this site possible?
A: A very basic knowledge of php/mySQL on my part, and some help from Colin of CrossResults fame. And the aggregators for ski trails across the Northeast. And, good lord, Google. Oh and the ads pay for server space.

Q: What else do you have planned for this page?
A: Better sorting features, for one. So you can show a region, or only trails that groom classic, or only trails with good, recent conditions. A slight redesign of the homepage. Broader geographies, i.e. not just the Northeast US. Oh, and mobile compatibility. That's further down the road.

Q: What is the span of the trails on the site?
A: Do you mean, how far is it from the southwesternmost to the northeasternmost ski trail?
Q: Uh, yeah, that's another way of saying it.
A: Well that's not really a question, but here goes. From Findlay, Ohio to Madawaska, Maine is 1003 miles. Via Canada. Without a passport it's 1214. Elk River Touring Center in West Virginia to Fort Kent is shorter as the crow flies, but a 1083 mile drive. Findlay to Mars Hill is a close second at 1078 miles because there's no way to drive across Northern Maine.
Q: Wait, did you really just spend time figuring that out?
A: No comment

Q: Who are you?
A: Thanks for asking.
Q: You're welcome, now get on with it.
A: My name is Ari Ofsevit, I live in Cambridge, I ski a lot at Weston and hopefully a lot upcountry, too. I have gmail (ari.ofsevit) and a Twitter and homepage a few other websites (BirkieGuide.com and TSA Status) and you may notice that this site is sort of a merger of the two.

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Recently submitted reports

Trail City Conditions KM Groomed Date Comments Submitter
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MaineExcellent2017-04-15Trails groomed for skate.
Four Seasons TrailMadawaska, MaineExcellent9km2017-04-15Trails groomed for skate.
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2017-04-03Excellent yellow glide wax skate conditions up to the top of Bangor Hill on the main trail if you were willing to walk past the pond. Might still be okay today.Susan
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2017-04-02A few bare spots but overall nice spring skiingEL
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2017-03-31No April Fool ! Great spring conditions on the trails beyond the pond. Walk past the pond. All trails here have total coverage, are solid w/ a soft surface. Classic track good. No grooming needed. Suggest buffed paste wax on skis. Sat and Sun. should be great! Ski Club mem. Andy N.
Timber CreekWest Dover, VermontExcellent152017-03-25A couple of inches of snow during the day kept the well-groomed trails in good shape for the day.David Ofsevit (STR Family)
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent202017-03-18DP groomed all regular loops for skating and set track for classic with help from DS. JW set track on the smith farm loop, across the bog and associated loops, and tied into the Bangor City Forest Outer loop trail. So there is groomed classic skiing from the Bangor City Forest all the way to the Taylor Road (CBCA) Trails. Enjoy!JW
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent2017-03-18All trails groomed and trackset. Still a little soft, but a gorgeous day and really nice skiing.
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2017-03-18We went out into the bog, and really appreciated the classic tracks. Thank you to all the groomers!!Rissa
WindblownNew Ipswich, N.H.Excellent2017-03-18All trails open, most groomed. Powder in morning, getting wet in afternoon. If they groom tonight, they should have another good day Sunday. David Ofsevit (STR family)
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Excellent2017-03-1840 deg but much cooler in the forest. Expected clumpy snow but tracks were just right. Big crowd. One of the best days of the season.Tooboats
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