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Recently submitted reports

Trail City Conditions KM Groomed Date Comments Submitter
Dublin School TrailsDublin, N.H.Call in sick152019-03-12Skiing is great and trails are empty and free! We have had three good storms since hosting the Eastern Cup.Brad
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2019-03-08Idyllic.
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2019-03-08Idyllic.
NEOC TrailsMillinocket, MaineCall in sick2019-03-08Conditions are excellent, groomed wide for skate and track set - about 20km groomed
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2019-03-07Skied the bog with the fireflies. Beautiful crisp night with perfect tracks throughout bog to old railroad bed and back to Forest Ave. Excellent skiing! Thank you groomers!smc
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2019-03-07Perfect. Call in well!Susan
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood32019-03-06Re-set classic tracks. Groomed Asa Hill. Wind is blowing in tracks in the fields. Watch out for branches. Should be firm enough for bikes by morning.kpv
Bangor Municipal Golf CourseBangor, MaineExcellent142019-03-05Completely groomed and tracked. Best conditions of the season. JK
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood32019-03-05Good skiing. A little soft for bikes. Tracks all around. No Asa hill.kpv
Caribou BogOrono, MaineCall in sick2019-03-05All trails, including the bog itself, are packed and tracked. Enjoy!JWhite
Carter's XC BethelBethel, MaineExcellent2019-03-04All trails groomed Great skiing.JG
Bangor Municipal Golf CourseBangor, MaineExcellent2019-02-28All trails are groomed and tracked. No wind blowing- it is nice out there.JK
Caribou BogOrono, MaineCall in sick2019-02-22All trails, except the bog itself, are packed and tracked. Enjoy!JWhite
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineExcellent32019-02-22Tracks set all around. No Asa hill.kpv
Caribou BogOrono, MaineExcellent2019-02-14All trails, except the bog itself, are packed and tracked. Enjoy!JWhite
Bangor Municipal Golf CourseBangor, MaineExcellent142019-02-14All trails are groomed and numerous skiers are enjoying them today. The best conditions this evening are the trails on the right side of Webster Ave across from the pro shop or down the hill behind the maintenance facility (less drifting). JK
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineFair3.52019-02-07The North loop groomed today. Besides a couple of bare spots, the trail is in surprisingly good shape. All non skier traffic please stay to the edges. Please do not walk down the middle of the groomed trails. Mats
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineFair2+2019-02-06The fields are done for now but there is a skiable loop beginning on the far side of the baseball field. Some really hairball icy sections near the big blow down. Especially the sharp corner at the bottom of the second hill. No classic tracks Ski with care.kpv
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood2.52019-02-03Classic track are fair or maybe not even. Kpv
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineGood2.52019-02-03Classic track are fair or maybe not even. Kpv
Orono SchoolsOrono, MaineFair32019-02-03Between the random snowmobile driving on the tracks, horses, and boot traffic the loop is pretty beat down. Please remind other users to be kind to the tracks.kpv
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