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Recently submitted reports

Trail City Conditions KM Groomed Date Comments Submitter
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2017-01-14Good skating on a loose granular surface. Tracks were shallow but skied nicely with old Toko viola klister.EL
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Fair2017-01-09 Cloudy. Some new powder overnite. Skier tracks. Some debris on lakeside trails Most of the big snow is north of here.Tooboats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Fair2017-01-08Lake effect snow clocked around to the south. Had a few inches this morning. Ski trails marked. Other trails still have hikers.Tooboats
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineExcellent3 k2017-01-07Groomed both loops Sunday from 10:30 to 1:30. Excellent skate conditions. Difficult to lay a good track due to hard under crust and not much new snow. Enjoy while the sund shines.Peter B & Mats
Beaver Lake Nature CenterBaldwinsville, N.Y.Poor2017-01-0620 Clear Only 1 " powder coating today. I hiked Three Meadows.Tooboats
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2017-01-05The lake effect band stayed well north so there was just a bit of new snow. But all trails were groomed and the skating was very nice. And fast! No tracks set today.EL
GunstockGilford, N.H.Good2017-01-02Trails freshly groomed had excellent conditions. Others required rock skis. Good skate deck and classic track: will they survive the rain?Ari
Hampden SchoolsHampden, MaineGood3 k2017-01-02Both major loops were groomed and cleared (hanging alders and birches from snow storm) in a two step process, rolling/compacting, then dragged flat on all 3 km. Conditions were good that day with many skiers out. Rain expected this week, but the cover is very good in almost all areas. After dragging with the Ginzu we expect continued good to excellent conditions.Peter B
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood122017-01-01Groomed regular loops. Classic tracks set on all trails. Classic tracks became a little glazed by the end of the day with the warm temps. No additional grooming planned until after the storm on tuesday.JW
Pine Hill Ski ClubNew London, N.H.Good202017-01-01js
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2017-01-01Great tracks! Red hardwax worked most places, but a covered klister would have been helpful in the more transformed areas. A bit soft for skating.
Greg Harkay
University of MaineOrono, MaineFair2016-12-31A big thanks to the groomers for clearing all the trees that came down and working with tough conditions. That said, the trails are hard/icy and rutted from where where the snowmobile skids sunk in. Heart Attack Hill (watch out for the standing water near the bottom) and the big road are the best. Crust skating on the athletic fields is also great. Greg Harkay
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood2016-12-31Really good skating! Firm and fast but smooth. Nice job with the grooming, JW! Getting it done before all that wet stuff froze solid seems to have been key.Greg Harkay
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Call in sick2016-12-30Lots of new snow. South side freshly groomed and trackset.EL
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood122016-12-30Groomed regular loops for skating. No classic tracks set although we should have plenty of snow to set them after the next storm on saturday night.JW
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Excellent2016-12-28A little new snow, all trails groomed and trackset. Silky smooth skating.EL
Winona ForestPulaski, N.Y.Good2016-12-25Tracks have held up through the thaw and freeze. Frozen and fast! EL
Jackson XCJackson, N.H.Excellent552016-12-24Quite good conditions at Jackson. Tracks were firm and fast to start, but mostly not icy, and not much debris or rocks sticking through. Skied everything on the Ellis side of things that was groomed. A couple rocks by the river out the Ellis, new Kellogg Trail quite a climb, as is Keeney. Last 400m at the top of Popple (from the south) was rocky, the rest not groomed. But better than 70˚ like last year in December!Ari
Osceola Tug HIllOsceola, N.Y.Good2016-12-21Very good skiing. Full coverage, all trails groomed and trackset. Fast!EL
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood102016-12-20Groomed all regular loops. No track set, we need a little more snow. Good skating!JW
Caribou BogOrono, MaineGood52016-12-19Groomed Dump trl, RR Bed Trl, Hedgehog, Upper Beaver, Caribou, Porcupine, and Bunny trail. No track set just groomed it flat for skating. Will try to groom out other trails tomorrow night.JW
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